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Wow. Well done @VictoriaCoren Two time winner of #EPTLive makes history too. Gripped by live coverage.
Matthew Rees got away with a stamp there.
Scarlets not in the game at all. #ScrumV need to score next.
The crowd at MillStad looks desperately poor. 25 to 30k?
“@BenedictEvans: smartphone space now reminds me of early 2007. nicely stabilising, clear dynamics... and whispers of incoming meteorites”
Come on Swansea!!
“@JohnWilliams004: Yes! Yes! Yes! #twitterjacks”
What's the best way and best platform to introduce my 6yo to Mincecraft?
Finding series two of The Trip so desperately contrived while the first felt like eavesdropping on a real journey.
Why is The Trip to Italy using actresses pretending to be ordinary people? Odd.
Speak to @brianmoore666 “@ugomonye: After you've taken one quick tap u can't take a second. Fact”
On second thoughts, perhaps Jurassic Park wasn't suitable for my 6yo. #scared #wontsleep #fb
It's a back doors open, grubby kids in and out, garden hacking, Bob Dylan on the stereo kind of afternoon. #easter
Terrific interview RT @lonereaderblog: Paris Review - The Art of Fiction No. 69, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
RT @janinegibson: Many years later, in front of the firing squad, Col Aureliano Buendía would remember that distant afternoon his father took him to see ice.
Idly searching the Pathe archive on YouTube. Some absolute gems. Just pick an event and/or event and search
Is Gatland really thinking of playing Bradley Davies at 6? Bonkers.
Kermit sings Moves Like Jagger. My son is delighted. #sonos #easterholidays
Any of the Cardiff mob heading to rugby on Sunday with the kids?
Natural History Museum displays great but surprised not adapted to social media age. Tweetable/shareable facts? Signed in experience?
Eh? “@MartyTheElder: I'm saddened to say that Bungie's board of directors terminated me without cause on April 11, 2014.”
Holding hands with my daughter as she falls asleep Wondrous.
'Can the station environmental operative please contact the duty manager?'
You could also spell tonight correctly RT @Jon_Favreau: Out of respect for our friends in UK I will refrain from reacting to tonite's #GoT
Today's probably not the day to boast I've got a PB in the 5K, right? #fb
Awesome photo “@SteveJonesITV: Mile 13. Nearly halfway! #extramile #dontcallitaselfie”
RT @BCCare: Good luck to all our amazing runners in the @londonmarathon today! See you at miles 9, 18.3 and 24.5 then the post marathon party! #teambcc
Good luck to @SteveJonesITV
Good luck to everyone running the London marathon. Next year I'll be there.... maybe. #VLM2014
Forget benefit tourism, it's #BGT tourism we need to be concerned with
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