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Here comes generation z, no need to wait, they're already here.
How do you scale art-directed longform storytelling? via @VoxProduct
feels the same as the feed variance on @facebook between mobile, tablet and browser. totally different people and posts on each.
and also a lesson in how to engage readers... holy comments! Why I left newspapers | Almighty Link via @ksablan
Photoset: usnatarchives: Summer Camp at the National Archives! This week budding genealogists are joining...
Four Data Visualization Tools Focused on Design
“What Is Public?” by @anildash
holy crap is @dansinker awesome...
RT @EllnMllr: Congrats @publicintegrity awarded $2.9 million grant for coverage of state government
RT @DeveloperDrive: 24 Of Design's Most Important Principles, Animated
RT @brainpicker: Tolkien on the psychology of fantasy and why there's no such thing as writing "for children"
RT @mediatwit: Twitter is “so closely intertwined with news now that it’s hard to imagine journalism without it." ~@Sulliview
as the old saying goes: if you want to make the sale, you have to sell mom.
Marketers: Hire journalists. Digital journalists. You need their skills.
are @yurivictor #srccon auto favs potentially gaming klout scores a wee bit? cause that would be hilarious.
RT @danielbachhuber: Two million dollars and one hour: Can you design a new news org that doesn’t shit the bed? #srccon
absolutely no desire to ever visit india. did george harrison know about this kind effed up thing:
hey @voxdotcom - do you have any photographers on staff?
RT @MediaPost: .@facebook Revenue Soars 61% On Mobile Ads @lauriesullivan
my feed just lit up like a scroll of linux bootup lines. looks like #srccon is getting underway.
RT @TodaysDocument: #Apollo11 astronauts are recovered after splashing down in the Pacific Ocean 45 yrs ago #TDiH 1969 #Apollo45
Why Do Other Rich Nations Spend So Much Less on Healthcare? - Victor R. Fuchs - The Atlantic
RT @chinatowncoffee: Honored to be named one of best #coffee shops in US by Men's Journal. Tribute to our #baristas and customers
RT @SunFoundation: Hey, #datainnovation folks - Here's the doc that explores the real-world impacts of #opendata: http://assets.sunlightfoundati...
RT @JulieWestfall: This is so awesome. Congrats @mjenkins and @Storyful
RT @briansolis: Most Companies Expect CMO to Lead Digital Transformation
Time-Lapse: Mesmerizing “Stormscapes” Dominate Skies -
"Ms. Ramos said hiring journalists can help improve content marketing efforts..."
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