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this is a fantastic, deep dive into mobile and responsive design.
RT @mpedson: Lovely, wry vision of the future from 1981: tiny floppy drives.. "We don’t dream big enough."
RT @britishmuseum: But Vikings have left biggest mark on Heavy Metal. Scandinavia has more metal bands per capita than anywhere in the world! #VikingsLive
RT @Techmeme: Anyone Can Buy Google Glass Today, Starting Now (@jme_c / Gizmodo)
RT @dougmillsnyt: Pulitzer Photo winners -Congratulations NYT's Josh Haner and Tyler Hicks
RT @andrewrsorkin: Yes! RT @NickKristof: .@TylerHicksPhoto could have won a Pulitzer any year for his extraordinary photos. Turns out this was the year! Bravo!
RT @guardian: Guardian and Washington Post win Pulitzer prize for NSA revelations:
RT @ONA: Registration is now open for @ONAconf, 3 days of great journalism & tech. #ONA14
RT @CIRonline: For the first time in 13 years, cadets of West Point's graduating class are likely bound for peaceful tours of duty:
RT @jeremybowers: Motion UI design principles: via @brianboyer and probably the whole rest of the internet for all I know.
RT @yurivictor: 16 women whose digital media startups deserve plaudits
A Statistical Analysis of the Work of Bob Ross via @fivethirtyeight
I like how linkedin's feed can change btwn top and recent updates. Wish facebook did this. Dislike how my LI updates don't show on my page.
in house advertising studios innovating for publishers.
this is brilliant. how coders should approach documentation is also a lesson in modern writing and collaboration.
great insight into how a magazine like the new yorker is winning at digital
RT @archaeologynews: (Google) Drones: Archaeology's Newest Tool to Combat Looting - National Geographic
the case for montessori in one infographic: MT @FastCoDesign The periodic table of how kids play:
internet ad sales > broadcast tv
success is how you define it, but happiness is a state of mind.
research and insight on ideal lengths for posts, tweets, headlines, and more
RT @tylrfishr: FYI, the code for Borderland is now public! #workinpublic
Gawker bans 'Internet Slang' - poynterinstitute: "We want to sound like regular adult human beings, not...
RT @oceanexplorer: Fish, canyons, shipwrecks, cold seeps, corals, &...who knows what else?! 8 days to #Okeanos:
RT @theHillisHome: Since summer may actually be on its way...@atlasfitnessdc Open House Saturday
great look at the current state of streaming video
RT @dancow: Look at the shitty code NASA used to land on the moon: Worst variable names and whitespace usage ever
RT @SciencePorn: A chemist in North Dakota prescribed anti-monster spray for a little girl who couldn’t sleep…
RT @Digiday: The creator of the banner ad laments on how the Web has strayed from its idealistic roots:
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