Gilbert Harding
Dubai from somewhere near the top of the Burj Dubai. Potentially the tallest building on the planet. So far.
Apparently not. So here it is again, no I don't live there, my daughter does, she sent me the picture. We've visited a couple of times. It'll be a nice place when it's finished ;-) - Gilbert Harding
Whoa! It's Bespin! :) - Uche Ogbuji
Seriously, any chance you have this in 1920x1600 or bigger? I'd love to use it as my desktop, and I'd be happy to send you some link love. - Uche Ogbuji
This photo is missing its artist credit. I believe it was taken by photographer David Hobcote or maybe pal, Imre Solt, another fine photographer of the Burj Dubai. If you want to see the month by month progress of the Burj (means tower in Arabic) go to this site The tower is supposed to be complete by this September, 2009 for its planned opening. - Kay Designer
Hasn't it been confirmed that it is infact the tallest building? - Brendan Mclaughlin
Yes= actually built to completion. Others in concept have been put "On Hold" for lack of funds. - Kay Designer
Kay, I don't know who took the photo, it did the rounds by email in Dubai and my daughter sent it to me. This video may interest some. taken 2 days after the opening of the Dubai Mall it shows the building site around that and the Burj Dubai. - Gilbert Harding
Hi, I have a bunch of pics I took for Dubai trip but here is one of mine of the Burj here: - Kay Designer
here are some photos of Dubai taken during my latest trip there - Luca Filigheddu
Dubai is wonderful, but looks like a "fake city"... road works everywhere and in June is HOOOOOT - Luca Filigheddu
Thank you Luca. The problem with Dubai is 90% of the city - is just TOO new and empty. But, Most newly constructed sites, do look fake. But once trees grow (or the sands blow!) people move in - it won't look like that. - Kay Designer