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Alibaba dinging Tencent's investment into messaging: "chat users have zero commercial intent" via @chengevelyn
.@sherpa recently published a "must read" covering the emerging on-demand economy, popularized by comp…
Sherpa Ventures recently published a “must read" covering... -
"The Internet is a dream for someone with a growth mindset. Between Khan Academy, MOOCs, and others,..." -
According to Bloomberg Reserve (their dining reviews and... -
"In contrast, waiting until you ship a product to embark on traction development usually results in..." -
"And, today people book in lots of different places. Nobody will contest that more than 50% of hotels..." -
New restaurant ticketing app (pre-launch): @BEELINENOW
So, Shake Shack is reportedly filing to go public (via @Johnnerkell) and all I can think about is the potential ticker symbol of $NOM (!)
.@keep "places the order for you, manages any shipping or payment issues, and makes sure the product is on its way to you within minutes."
similar to @lyst's universal shopping cart on mobile, @keep is also offering a seamless take on the mobile transaction.
wild: @bookingcom (an OTA) is now powering @marriott's reservation engine in Italy.
.@jeress features the excellent @ProductHunt newsletter in this week's edition of "Recommend A Newsletter For Me"
.@tnooz hosting their 3rd THack at @flysfo on Oct. 4 and Oct. 5. Neat themes to be built around.
ran into Denver frame builder, Ryan of @AlchemyBicycles, during first half of this view. thanks for the ride!
ran into Denver frame builder, Ryan of @alchemybicyles, during first half of this view. thanks for the ride!
Fascinating (and concerning) look into how digital scheduling tools strain labor (and family) efficiency at $SBUX:
when there's limited connectivity, we get a chance to slow down and take in the views cc @vailmtn
For beacons to prevail in local commerce, does that mean our phones must default to Bluetooth “always on" right out of packaging?
Sounds like @urbanspoon and @eatmorsel are on collision course to surface dish-level recs in-restaurant. via @triciad
Looking back at the ups and downs of flash sale commerce, this time a lens on @ruelala.
.@AliBHamed why we're closely watching these two mega shifts in travel startups: and (2/2)
.@AliBHamed this slide, in particular, makes me all excited esp. the rising costs of marketing for hotels. (1/2)
.@AliBHamed provides a good look at what drives hotel economics (and opportunity for startups entering this segment):
.@fancy pushing subscription boxes aggressively. subtle hint they're thinking of taking on @plated + @blueapron soon?
Seeing who upvotes a @ProductHunt submission and then viewing the user's collection of hunts = says a lot about implicit interests of person
Looks like @iaindodsworth (founder of TweetDeck) is building something interesting w. @gathers re. how we consume news.
.@ruther44 and @nowaitapp featured in @EntMagazine this month. Putting restaurants in control!
motoring around this view today w. @MOOTSCYCLES and friends
mr. @MOOTSCYCLES first trip to the home state of CO! (@ Denver International Airport (DEN))
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