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.@sherpa recently published a "must read" covering the emerging on-demand economy, popularized by comp…
New restaurant ticketing app (pre-launch): @BEELINENOW
So, Shake Shack is reportedly filing to go public (via @Johnnerkell) and all I can think about is the potential ticker symbol of $NOM (!)
.@keep "places the order for you, manages any shipping or payment issues, and makes sure the product is on its way to you within minutes."
similar to @lyst's universal shopping cart on mobile, @keep is also offering a seamless take on the mobile transaction.
wild: @bookingcom (an OTA) is now powering @marriott's reservation engine in Italy.
.@jeress features the excellent @ProductHunt newsletter in this week's edition of "Recommend A Newsletter For Me"
.@tnooz hosting their 3rd THack at @flysfo on Oct. 4 and Oct. 5. Neat themes to be built around.
ran into Denver frame builder, Ryan of @AlchemyBicycles, during first half of this view. thanks for the ride!
ran into Denver frame builder, Ryan of @alchemybicyles, during first half of this view. thanks for the ride!
Fascinating (and concerning) look into how digital scheduling tools strain labor (and family) efficiency at $SBUX:
when there's limited connectivity, we get a chance to slow down and take in the views cc @vailmtn
For beacons to prevail in local commerce, does that mean our phones must default to Bluetooth “always on" right out of packaging?
Sounds like @urbanspoon and @eatmorsel are on collision course to surface dish-level recs in-restaurant. via @triciad
Looking back at the ups and downs of flash sale commerce, this time a lens on @ruelala.
.@AliBHamed why we're closely watching these two mega shifts in travel startups: and (2/2)
.@AliBHamed this slide, in particular, makes me all excited esp. the rising costs of marketing for hotels. (1/2)
.@AliBHamed provides a good look at what drives hotel economics (and opportunity for startups entering this segment):
.@fancy pushing subscription boxes aggressively. subtle hint they're thinking of taking on @plated + @blueapron soon?
Seeing who upvotes a @ProductHunt submission and then viewing the user's collection of hunts = says a lot about implicit interests of person
Looks like @iaindodsworth (founder of TweetDeck) is building something interesting w. @gathers re. how we consume news.
.@ruther44 and @nowaitapp featured in @EntMagazine this month. Putting restaurants in control!
motoring around this view today w. @MOOTSCYCLES and friends
mr. @MOOTSCYCLES first trip to the home state of CO! (@ Denver International Airport (DEN))
such a great email from @lyst incl. subject line, body copy and associated image. nice work @chrismorton!
"Can Midtown be where the cool kids hang out?" from @marksbirch feat. @gctech
.@rsarver on the learning curve from operator to investor and why venture is an "imperfect" science.
if tech speak like "unbundling" and "app constellations" could apply to print journalism, this would be it:
One of my favorite apps (used daily) was just set free in the wild from @kane. Meet @SendWithNoto, the easiest way to take mobile notes.
RT @trippeo: Brand new now live - have you had a chance to download our iOS app? #business #travel
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