that's for you @KrisPetersen, sending love your way from LA (realize I took *terrible* angles in this Morsel, I was hungry)
how to validate new markets as a VC: 1. identify 10x founders 2. identify existing friction 3. dream (+ support 10x founders)
a terribly sad stat: "47% of all eating occasions in the U.S. occur alone"
a terribly sad stat: "47% of all eating occasions in the U.S. occur alone"
a few thousand miles away from my first #PhoCusWright (@ John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK))
if a startup has to pay a fee to pitch at an event, what does that say about the event organizers? or the startup?
“Single most deadly killer to startups is a bad cofounder."
.@MOOTSCYCLES dreaming Pennsylvania, feeling New Jersey fall
dream: an on-demand travel agent, w. you pre-trip and in-destination. this is close, but clunky.
(2) for seed funds, capital calls need to happen sooner to exercise pro-rata. 12-18 month cycles shrink to 6-9 month re-investment pattern.
Two observations emerge: (1) founders are getting smarter about impact of public markets to private, which is a very good thing
Via these accelerated rounds, seeing "first money in" from seed funds (and even angels) re-upping for co's showing strong fundamentals.
Where a "traditional" seed round would get 12-18 mo's of runway, noticing more founders hunting for capital mid-year through burn cycle.
Inspired by @davemorin's tweet yesterday, I began to trim down my Timeline. A liberating feeling.
at current levels, SEA (big 5 based on GDP: ID, TH, ML, SG and PH) will likely surpass US timetable of <5 days to launch co. in next 2 yrs
"time required to start a business." look at southeast asia (!) over last 10 years. via @worldbank h/t @JustinSoffer
startups like @rocketrip, @trippeo, @expensify, @abacuslabs and @tripscanner are building around this data point
per an earlier discussion w. @evankonwiser, to win in business travel, give employees optionality to book outside of structured channels
one of the most thoughtful pieces re. open booking and managed business travel from @jay_campbell of @thecodime
one of the most thoughtul pieces re. travel management co's from @jay_campell of @thecodime
RT @TheCoDime: Introducing The Company Dime!
every time I meet w. @tdavidson: 👯
RT @AccountsNetwork: We've officially launched. This is an exciting day for us!
"Pot tourism poised to grow" --> looking forward to seeing a new @angellist market for startups in this space
.@peteyorn at @GramercyTheatre playing “for us"
grabbing a burrito w. @peteyorn and @amandakuzma tonight (at @GramercyTheatre in New York, NY)
RT @dominicru: Innovation focused "on changing existing industries — not creating new ones," fun talk with @tigesavage @daveambrose
.@SeanAmmirati unpacks lessons on growth from his class at @CarnegieMellon:
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