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Brands don't make clothes, people do. Support the victims of last year's tragedy in Bangladesh:
RT @hackersfounders: See everyone later this afternoon at @shakeshack for #48! Still time to RSVP:
Added a few new new apps to my "Clothing Marketplace" collection for iOS
it's an amazing time to be a SMB due to explosion of (consumer) data and understanding unique customer profiles:
"Messing w. your operations during operations isn't a terribly great idea." re. deep integration w. POS for @coverpay
"Pinterest, which is in the very early stages of monetizing, wants $30 to $40 CPMs" v. avg. of ~$3 CPM across web
Re. Weebly's Series C: Tencent made one of the smartest, strategic investment to build US profile and infrastructure of web.
.@jwegener's @Timehop friends and family emails every few quarters are one of my favorite "status" messages I receive
"The 5 things scaring the shit out of me as I raise funds [any early stage startup]" via @JonathanMoyal
well, this is interesting via @googleseed
Planning a Trip That’s Socially Acceptable --> congrats @gillianim and @hitlist_app!
RT @loganlahive: 6/ Investment into building mobile strategy w/o consideration of consumer behavioral trends will be death of many b&m.
RT @loganlahive: 4/ Raise ur hand if u believe consumers third screen of phone will include 10+ b&m apps. Everywhere you go you have a diff app?
RT @loganlahive: 3/ There is NO scenario where consumers will allow themselves to have a retailer specific OR white label app for everywhere they go.
"Transactional liquidity is the real measure for whether a marketplace works." via @chudson
RT @hackersfounders: RSVP: we're back to @shakeshack this Thur., 4/24 for #48 + announcing Grand Central Tech
RT @thegothamgal: New blog post: Grand Central Tech: I met with Charles Bonello and Matt Harrigan to talk about their accelerato...
Hopefully VCs don't start using this service to *really* send exploding term sheets:
3/ finally, as an investor, your reputation is your currency (not “AUM" aka Assets Under Management). speak truth, be helpful to founders.
2/ although true that the best products don't need to chase “OPM" (aka Other People's Money), referrals btw like-minded make me :)
1/ what's great about vocally sharing your passions as a VC (ie @hunterwalk for local), 2nd degree founders do what it takes to get in front
“Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with passion." via @bchesky
.@howardlindzon "I do know that I want to invest in areas where money is flowing. That is part of my job." ie public mkts to private trades
"Facebook’s broad approach to sharing feels blunt and imprecise." v. email and the address book
Most interesting part about the Airbnb round of $500m wasn't the sheer size, but seeing how early @eniacvc got in via @Fondu acquisition.
Just completed a 32.25 mi bike with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
spring time, country rollin'
"Instead, @mbharrigan and @CVBonello are out to strengthen New York’s tech community."
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