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I Spy to the rescue!
Stuck in traffic. Raining. One kid crying. The other crying 'I'm bored'. This is what bank holidays were made for :(
RT @stef: Street philosophers vs train commuters, round one.
RT @betahaus: The biggest event for makers by makers in Europe is happening at betahaus on 2-3. May. Check …
This apartment has such amazing views. Another timely reminder of how beautiful London is.
Youngest son's first visit to A&E this afternoon. Luckily okay. Cut his head and just needed stitches. Did that twice when I was a kid.
Noticing more and more startup folks doing podcasts using SoundCloud. This is a good thing. /
... "who inspires you the most in the startup world?" Who is it for you?
Lovely to be interviewed by @cbm this afternoon. Several questions that I'm still thinking about...
Flight booked. Can't wait to experience a sunny Stockholm in May. Last time I was there was the depths of winter for a @musichackday
RT @choosenick: Here's @stef on the importance of getting away from it all from time to time:
Only a few hours left to register for Midi Hack in Stockholm. Looking forward to getting out there for the weekend:
RT @SrhHswl: hey @SoundCloud stats fanatics, we've now got city data
... turns out that it's a rather nice way to see more of the Grand Union canal and Regents Park, despite getting a bit lost in Angel!
First attempt at running the Old St > Marylebone leg of my commute tonight. Walked a bit though while I figured out the best route...
OH WOW! “@jongold: 🎵 If you help me grow my Klout, I promise that I'll share yours 🎵”
Boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, vaguely interesting, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring.
Eugh. 2hrs to get back home from a meetup in Haggerston. Will be midnight before I'm home. Then 90mins to come back in tomoz. Damn commute.
Son watching lego vids on YouTube. Upside, more creative than most TV. Downside, there's a lot of weird people that make lego videos.
Beautiful view as I finish the Black Park parkrun. And to think I used to lie in on Saturday mornings.…
Getting fleeced at Legoland. But _everything is awesome_! (at @LegolandWindsor w/ 2 others)
Looking forward to the @Makeshift WIP event tonight: Great demos and great feedback are always really valuable.
(goes to fridge for next can of ale)
Hmmm, I guess 33 and planning a trip to Legoland on my kid's day off will have to suffice for now.
… or 24 and DJing at Watergate in Berlin.
Listening to Benji B and feeling the urge to go out clubbing. Oh to be 16 and at the Blue Note for Metalheadz again…
RT @Rosaglover6: Guy decides he has too much stuff Puts it away for a whole year Takes one item back a day What do we REALLY need? <3
When things feel the toughest, it's usually time to either give up or level up. More often than not the latter.
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