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Entries now open for the @SFMusicTech Startup Innovators Challenge. Past winners include the excellent @LANDR_music
Headed to Berlin Music Week? You need to check out this workshop on dynamic music production with @yulilevtov
If you're a founder you're entering possibly the most attractive period in a decade to start a business:
Missed this until now. Levitating bluetooth speaker?
The fjords are breathtaking but this view is just five minutes away. I don't come here enough.…
Too much awesome on the weekend. Considering following my cat's lead and taking a tactical nap.
RT @hailpixel: .@seedcamp Week London is quickly approaching. Only a few days left to apply!
RT @kacimyers: Please RT! I need a few more participants for my study who have used @hiremyfriend (job candidates & companies).
RT @timexile: Playing this Friday AND Sunday nights at @imogenheap's Reverb Festival, Sunday with the Roundhouse Choir too!
Right then. I'm off to kayak the Norwegian fjords with 12 other awesome people. #plannedoutage
"Don’t ever underestimate the value of enthusiasm. Sometimes it’ll be all you have" < great post by @nickcrocker
Looking forward to mentor at the upcoming @Seedcamp Week London. If you're a startup there's a few days left to apply
RT @jemimakiss: AMAZE RT @ollieglass: Guy calls a telemarketer back and tricks them into resetting their phone
Lunch from Whitecross. Entering food coma.
Good post on making introductions from @roybahat
How much venture capital are Kickstarter and Indiegogo Hardware Projects Raising?: (via @perreau)
RT @cee: Seedcamp Meet & Greet kicking off! #live on #yevvo
Distinct lack of sleep, followed by waking up to a dead magpie in the lounge. You gotta love Monday mornings.
RT @adrianholovaty: This new "hyperlapse" video technology is amazing. Get ready to see this ad nauseam in music videos and TV shows. :-)
London. At night. From the air. Best. View. Ever.
I love days when I work from home, but it's quite easy to end up spending the *entire* day in front of your laptop.
RT @oakstreetmag: An unlikely trifecta of big data experts & music lovers have turned @LANDR_music into the Instagram of digital music.
Second humorous product vid I've seen today. This time it's
Love the look of Navdy. Mostly cos they don't have a bullsh*t generic, uplifting music, 'in the future' product vid
RT @StevieBuckley: Started using @hiremyfriend an hour ago and already made contact with a really interesting JS developer. Bloody impressed.
Had the privilege of several @jerrycolonna sessions whilst at SoundCloud. Nice video of him in action @sparkcapital
… crazy to think that @songkick were from the same YC batch as @dropbox all those years ago now.
It's midnight on a Saturday, but I'm glad I spent the last half hour reading @soundboy's YC talk:
Best falling asleep music. Goodnight:
Can't beat the view from a kayak... This week, Devon. Soon, Norway.
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