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… ie. instead of having to open a browser etc to respond.
I need a tool that sends a one question survey via email that only requires you to click on one link to respond. Suggestions?
RT @brisbourne: Congrats to our own Matt Buckland (aka @elsatanico)! Top of the Top 100 Startup Recruiters list
RT @copybymatt: Wow, unmissable if you want to do a startup - Seedcamp are doing a Reddit AMA:
RT @bfeld: Feld Thoughts: Mentors 3/18: Be Authentic – Practice What You Preach
RT @ElSatanico: Every message I have received from a recruiter... ever...
Can't remember the last time my body ached this much. And it was only a half- not a full-marathon. Worth it though:
YEAH. First half-marathon done! That was epic. Nice to have the family cheering me on. #godaddygo
Turns out that @cms and I have the same stylist. Thanks @thread ;)
RT @RoundhouseLDN: Fancy getting involved in @ImogenHeap's #Reverb2014? @LeafcutterJohn & @TimExile tell us how you can take part
…oh and congrats to all my friends in germany!
tweet about the world cup which will be represented on some sort of dull infographic somewhere tomorrow. #WorldCupFinal
RT @hypebot: Rap Genius Adds $40 Million, Expands Beyond Rap #musicbusiness #music
Feature Friday: SoundCloud on Sonos
RT @neilswmurray: London based entrepreneur/startup? Come hear @dhh speak via VoIP two weeks today: (Signup just opened+limited to 150)
Mind blown whilst talking with @colinstrickland about nuts at lunch. Cashews come from apples?
Can't sleep. And am now tweeting, which surely won't help.
RT @mogees: Would you like a #job that enables to enjoy Music, Technology & Creativity? Well, check our Events Producer role:
RT @OohBrilliant: This has been shared fairly conclusively already but if you've not read this Taylor Swift piece then you should
A VC following the crowd is like a drunk looking for his keys under a streetlight,when his keys are across the street
Right, that's my tickets for the Stockholm half-marathon in September booked! Can't wait.
Yes. Finally booked my flights for Norway. Kayaking in the fjords, here we come. #plannedoutage
RT @davemcclure: best damn post I've read all year: "Betting on the Ponies: non-Unicorn Investing" @ganeumann
YouTube, apps and Minecraft: digital kids and the future of children’s media
Love the fruit guy in Old St tube stubbornly selling delicious fresh OJ for £1, whilst all around him hipsters sell overpriced nonsense
Ace. Just reading that an old SoundCloud colleague of mine flew a gigantic blimp over an NSA data center. Go @xor
Loving being a drone tourist. Some of these videos are breathtaking:
Just locked myself out of the house without any of my keys, 20 mins before a hospital appointment. Smooth Dave, smooth.
Another interesting take on LANDR from @weswalls: Why Smart Music Technology Should Win
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