Awesome to catch up with so many good music industry friends tonight.
Huh? Pop-up Xmas jumper store right next to the stand selling fresh coconuts with straws. Can't decide if that's stupid or amazing #oldst
RT @br_ttany: Great reminder from @bpmilne that taking care of yourself as CEO is just as important as #hustle
The kids are growing up fast. Freddie's 2nd birthday
RT @lostmynametech: We're writing about the process of making @Lostmynamebook on @Medium. Here's @asi_sharabi on 'Lean Publishing':
Then to the Art of Brick exhibition at Truman Brewery. I think they're a bit more excited about that tbh :)
Taking the kids to the @ProductHunt meetup in London today. Starting them early #toddlerpreneur
RT @chateau_de_dave: Looking forward to head back to @Strongroom for our #musictechmeetup this Tues! Come along to chat music and tech...
RT @seedcamp: What do startups love most about Seedcamp Week? We asked them...
Best way to screenshare on Slack? Screenhero or something else?
RT @seedcamp: It's your last chance to join Seedcamp in 2014! Apply to Seedcamp Week Berlin by Sunday
RT @guardiantech: SoundCloud confirms licensing deal with Warner Music Group
Wait. Last night I turn the radio on and it's @Eamonn_Forde. Tonight I turn it on and it's @Mark_Mulligan. Tomorrow @mr_trick? #fivelive
This whole Taylor Swift story is really negative for an industry that should be doing all it can to drive more subs. Such a shame.
Entries now open for the @SFMusicTech Startup Innovators Challenge. Past winners include the excellent @LANDR_music
Headed to Berlin Music Week? You need to check out this workshop on dynamic music production with @yulilevtov
If you're a founder you're entering possibly the most attractive period in a decade to start a business:
Missed this until now. Levitating bluetooth speaker?
The fjords are breathtaking but this view is just five minutes away. I don't come here enough.…
Too much awesome on the weekend. Considering following my cat's lead and taking a tactical nap.
RT @hailpixel: .@seedcamp Week London is quickly approaching. Only a few days left to apply!
RT @kacimyers: Please RT! I need a few more participants for my study who have used @hiremyfriend (job candidates & companies).
RT @timexile: Playing this Friday AND Sunday nights at @imogenheap's Reverb Festival, Sunday with the Roundhouse Choir too!
Right then. I'm off to kayak the Norwegian fjords with 12 other awesome people. #plannedoutage
"Don’t ever underestimate the value of enthusiasm. Sometimes it’ll be all you have" < great post by @nickcrocker
Looking forward to mentor at the upcoming @Seedcamp Week London. If you're a startup there's a few days left to apply
RT @jemimakiss: AMAZE RT @ollieglass: Guy calls a telemarketer back and tricks them into resetting their phone
Lunch from Whitecross. Entering food coma.
Good post on making introductions from @roybahat
How much venture capital are Kickstarter and Indiegogo Hardware Projects Raising?: (via @perreau)
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