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Stumbling and Mumbling: Internalizing constraints - http://stumblingandmumbling.ty...
via Stumbling and Mumbling http://stumblingandmumbling.ty... - Dave Levy
Britain's commitment to human rights is in severe peril | Sadiq Khan | Comment is free | The Observer -
via Comment is free | The Guardian - Sadiq Kahn looks at the balance of forces in the Tory Party after the dismissal of Dominic Grieve with respect to the Human Rights Act and the European Convention. Kahn proposes reform but draws a rainbow line in the sand on membership and commits Labour to staying in. (One piece of PLP stampeding that I approve of.) - Dave Levy
The state of package management on Mac OS X | On the lambda -
A review by On the Lambda, of MacOSpackage managers as he moved to 10.0 - Dave Levy
Infamy, Infamy, they’ve all got it in for me! | Paul Bernal's Blog -
Me thinks Google do protest too much. - Dave Levy
a bar on the roundabout - Dave Levy
UN to Five Eyes nations: Your mass surveillance is breaking the law • The Register -
busted - Dave Levy
Schneier on Security: NASDAQ Hack -
via Schneier on Security - Dave Levy
SRoC: Slightly Right of Centre: Emergency Data Retention Legislation DRIP v Europe - now this could get interesting.. -
via SRoC: Slightly Right of Centre - Dave Levy
Civil liberties tossed out of the window as Labour is mesmerised by the security services | Left Futures -
London's Authentic Munich Beer Hall - Dave Levy
A German Pub in the heart of London's West End - Dave Levy
Katzenjammers Bierkeller & Restaurant -
London's Coolest Bavarian Bier Keller, Borough Market - Dave Levy
Bavarian Beerhouse London -
Old Street and Tower Hill - Dave Levy
A german pub/restaurant in London - Dave Levy
VisioCafe free visio stencils download site -
the source for all things visio, although mainly vendors - Dave Levy
Stumbling and Mumbling: Why idiots succeed - http://stumblingandmumbling.ty...
these mechanisms are not universal, although they are sufficiently widespread to explain the obvious fact that some idiots and charlatans survive and thrive in many organizations. It is, of course, the case that competition does sometimes improve quality. But this Econ 101 view is only a partial truth. The notion that we live in a meritocracy - or even that a meritocracy is possible - is just... - Dave Levy
Protecting information in the cloud | McKinsey & Company -
IT and business executives need to apply a risk-management approach that balances economic value against risks. - Dave Levy
File-Sharing Doesn't Hurt Box Office Revenue, Research Finds | TorrentFreak -
via TorrentFreak - Dave Levy
Soundcloud Doing a Deal With Record Labels Not to Get Sued | TorrentFreak -
via TorrentFreak - Dave Levy
Schneier on Security: GCHQ Catalog of Exploit Tools -
via Schneier on Security - Dave Levy
20,000 Days on Earth: watch the exclusive trailer for the film that chases the myth of Nick Cave - video | Film | -
via Network Front | The Guardian - Dave Levy
All That Is Solid ...: The Comment Awards 2014: Vote Solid - http://averypublicsociologist....
What did the IPPR really say? -
Oh Shit! You mean spying on everyone is illegal? -
You Can Only Be Against Basic Income Based On Morals, Not Evidence -
via Falkvinge on Infopolicy - bit light on evidence themselves - Dave Levy
MPAA Pulls "Popcorn Time" Repositories Off GitHub | TorrentFreak -
via TorrentFreak - Dave Levy
Germany Instructs Its Companies To Limit Cooperation, Procurement Orders With The US | Zero Hedge -
via Zero Hedge - Germany plan to amend their public procurement policies to test for and minimise US back doors and limit spying by the US - Dave Levy
The Condition of Britain: Strategies for social renewal -
This landmark report argues for a new approach to politics and public action driven by the goals of spreading power, fostering contribution and strengthening shared institutions. Covering a wide range of policy issues, it makes proposals for reshaping the systems of support for families, young people, older people and those facing deep exclusion from society, while also setting out reforms to social security, employment support and housing policy. - Dave Levy
IPPR Condiotion of Britain, Summary of recomendations -
IPPR Condition of Britain, Summary of Recommendations - Dave Levy
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