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Pulp - Common People (Reading 2011) -
Pulp - Common People (Reading 2011)
So You Want To Be A Consultant -
So You Want To Be A Consultant
Living Wage campaign continues across Picturehouse -
organised by BECTU, this is a pause for thought - Dave Levy
Schneier on Security: How the Internet Affects National Sovereignty -
via Schneier on Security points at Melissa Hathaway's white paper on the shrinking power of the nation state in internet governance - Dave Levy
Popcorn Time Now "Impossible" to Shut Down | TorrentFreak -
via TorrentFreak - so they go after the domain registrars - the internet treats failure to connect as a bug, it'll re-route the signal - see also the Borg and Mr Universe - Dave Levy
Connected Choices: How the Internet Is Challenging Sovereign Decisions -
written for "American Foreign Policy Interests" - Dave Levy
Retired NSA Technical Director Explains Snowden Docs -
I had an opportunity to attend a presentation by a retired technical director at the NSA, William Binney, which provided context for some of the published documents released by former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden. - Dave Levy
Which Messaging Technologies Are Truly Safe and Secure? | Electronic Frontier Foundation -
EFF's 'Secure Messaging Scorecard' Rates Digital Communication Tools - Dave Levy
Best Rooftop Bars & Restaurants -
need to make a crawl - Dave Levy
Badassify your terminal and shell -
mainly for Mac, replace the gterm program and use zsh - Dave Levy
Add Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets to Windows 8 -
Just noticed the big clock has gone - Dave Levy
Schneier on Security: Verizon Tracking Mobile Internet Use -
via Schneier on Security - Dave Levy
Gordon's Wine Bar -
the oldest wine bar in London - Dave Levy
MS-DOS del command help -
it's got switches too - Dave Levy
How countries compare - Expat Explorer Survey -
- world's largest expat survey from HSBC Expat, not optimised for Firefox it would seem, maybe just me - Dave Levy
The Entrance to New York's Halls of Justice -
The Entrance to New York's Halls of Justice
Scots wondering how England rigged whisky contest -
VMware vCenter Converter Standalone User's Guide -
How to do a P2V - Dave Levy
BTAgent - CPE backdoor -
Google Takedown Requests Surge After New Anti-Piracy Measures | TorrentFreak -
via TorrentFreak - Dave Levy
Crosswhatfields?: TFL Consultation: Deptford Broadway junction improvements -
Katy Clark will run for Scottish Labour deputy leader | LabourList -
via LabourList - Dave Levy
Changing The Rules Of E-Commerce | TechCrunch -
via TechCrunch - Dave Levy
How to Create a Custom WordPress Widget -
In this article, we will show you how to create your own custom WordPress widget. - Dave Levy
How to Create a Bar Chart Archive Widget In WordPress - -
needs a widget a container - Dave Levy
ISO Master for Ubuntu -
The Ultimate CD/DVD image (iso,nrg) Editor | Ubuntu Geek - Dave Levy
ThinkGeek :: Light Show Fountain Speakers -
via ThinkGeek - What's New - Dave Levy
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