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RT @eingyspark: @tolles @davemcclure Oakland is 28% black, 25% Hispanic but far worse represented in white collar & startup culture. Let's turn this ship!
RT @tolles: @davemcclure AfAm pop %'s: 2% of Palo Alto, 6% of SF & CA, 13% of USA: 25% of NYC, 30% of Maryland subscription personalized vitamins. #YCDemoDay cc @zenamins real-time classifieds 4 iOS. #YCDemoDay connecting bizness + top digital marketers. $3M+ ARR (replacing big agencies w/ SW) #YCDemoDay cc @500Startups
RT @gigaom: You may be at #YCdemoday, but here’s what happens beforehand at the secret YC alumni night:
RT @Jason: next #YCDemoDay: LocalLift is @kickstarter for local businesses getting results: could work! keep pushing team!
RT @bryankchang: Are you at #YCdemoday? @Mattermark has prepared the #YCS14 list for you: (mobile good ;)
RT @chrissyfarr: VCs are investing in a surprising space: Bacteria. Meet @jessicarichman, who is sequencing the microbiome #ycdemoday YC non-profit hacking HIV 2 find vaccine 2 end AIDS. #YCDemoDay smart audio platform that makes computers inside speakers & connects them 2 the web. #YCDemoDay
(sorry folks I'm on #YCDemoDay overload; have 2 jump 2 other shit) "self-healing" server platform; fastest way 2 fix server alerts. #YCDemoDay a/b testing 4 social sharing. "optimizing 4 social is the new SEO" #YCDemoDay smart garden monitors so u don't kill your plants (& they don't kill u). #ConnectedGarden #YCDemoDay on-demand shipping 4 bizness. #YCDemoDay on-demand valet service. #YCDemoDay drip campaigns 4 outbound sales. #YCDemoDay #leadscoring identity verification & fraud prevention platform. #YCDemoDay medical records storage 4 you & your doctor. #YCDemoDay push notifications 4 the web, built into Safari, coming soon 4 Chrome & Firefox. #YCDemoDay "Facebook Connect 4 Bitcoin" #YCDemoDay nuclear fission thermal batteries. #holycrap #YCDemoDay ubiquitous charging 4 mobile phone batteries. #YCDemoDay
RT @dspector: . @Jason @davemcclure @chrissyfarr I count three times we've been told we're being "killed" by something today. #ycdemoday
recurring theme today @YCombinator #YCDemoDay: "Startup ABC helps make sure XYZ doesn't fucking kill you." #want #need
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