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Louis Gray
louisgray.com: FestivusFeed: FriendFeed Airs Your Grievances - http://louisgray.com/live...
louisgray.com: FestivusFeed: FriendFeed Airs Your Grievances
I found this fake comment I made 1 year and 1 day ago quite ironic at this point. (Reminded by Susan Beebe's thread) - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
"Robert Scoble joins every network but this one." BUT I kept pushing... and here we are. :-) - Louis Gray
Louis - Wow, your pushing WORKED in a big way...Mike must hate you by now! - of course I love you for that :) - Susan Beebe
Here's the post in my thread Louis is referring to -----> http://friendfeed.com/e... - Susan Beebe
It took me 1.5-years to get RSS after Dave Winer first showed it to me. So, I am getting faster. Took me just a few months to get friendfeed. Glad you kept after me. - Robert Scoble
So how do I access it? <---I take that back. Didn't realize what I was looking at when I went to the site. - Mattie Kenny
Bring back Festivus Feed! - Shawn Farner
Yeah do it! :) - Susan Beebe
My favorite grievance: http://friendfeed.com/e... - Louis Gray
Robert, now we just need to get you to understand auto-follow (the SocialToo way) ;-) - Jesse Stay
LOVE! - David Cook
Josh: it was a seasonal thing last year at this time, so it is no longer possible. We may have to bring it back by popular demand, but for now the entries you see are all from last year. - Bret Taylor
Bret - bring back those cute little red icons next to the FF posts! easy seasonal "flair" feature! - Susan Beebe
and here we are... - Jesse Stay
Jesse I want to like this, but I already liked it in 2008! - Eric Florenzano
Whoa. How did I NOT like this in 2008. Weird. - Lisa L. Seifert
The comments about this on Facebook are illuminating. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Robert Scoble, joins, then leaves, every network, including this one. - Laura Norvig
What Laura said. - Louis Gray
Happy Festivus, everyone. - DGentry
People who revive dead threads. - Bruce Lewis
Robert Scoble
@loudmouthman Microsoft has 320 million users on Hotmail and Messenger. Facebook only has 100 million. Never count Microsoft out.
For now. :-) - Alex Williams
As much as people give Microsoft a hard time. they are still here and as strong as ever. Microsoft is not going away anytime soon. The numbers prove it. - Michael McGimpsey
They looked tired and jaded at Enterprise 2.0 - Dennis Howlett from twhirl
Man, we all know MSN is an empire... - Jack
does anybody have independent studies of whether hotmail, or yahoomail, or gmail actually makes money? - wilsonng
The hosted version of Sharepoint / Exchange is in beta as a service from MS. It will make them billions and establish them almost instantly as the most important "cloud" provider for businesses. - Soulhuntre from twhirl
does anyone consider the yearly growth rate? - Axel Quack
Can you comment on Amanda Chapel http://tinyurl.com/4ptxga - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
And 300 of those 320 million are spammers. - TranceMist
Igor: it's a dude named Brian in Chicago who writes that Blog. - Robert Scoble
How many of those users are active? I have a Hotmail account, but I never use it anymore. - William Beem
Those people are not early, medium or late adopters though, those are people who don't want to embrace anything new... Those users don't typically migrate to better services - why would they be interested in a social network? - Rich
email is a very private matter -- we'll see how well msft does at converting that to a real user relationship. doubtful - Jason Goldberg
People also still put gasoline in their cars... ;-) - Mary Anne Davis
How many of these are throw away accounts or simply abandoned? Still an impressive number but well inflated. - AJ Kohn
AJ: none: those are all accounts which have been used in past 30 days. - Robert Scoble
i still keep my hotmail/msn just so i dont lose contact with some people. its a hard magnet to avoid - Ruben Llibre
I have a bunch of old account running about .. Thankfully they all forward to my Gmail Accoint :) - Tyler (Chacha) from twhirl
This is a good example of an audience's understanding of what the picture looks like our of their immediate demographic. People have a hard time realizing what's outside of their own 'fishtank' so to speak. There are people that like MSFT, there are people that love using their online services, there are people that truly would rather keep things IE/Live/Office/Windows because it's what... more... - No Name from twhirl
Thankfully I don't use Hotmail as my Main Email - Tyler (Chacha) from twhirl
Robert: Really? so we're talking 320MM ACTIVE accounts, plus xMM of lapsed/inactive. Interesting. Thanks for clarifying. - AJ Kohn
I had four accounts , each created when I forgot the password of previous one, I use none now, only gmail. - sirishkumar
I very seriously doubt these would be active or real accounts. Plenty of dead ones or ones used for spamming. Ask them if they can give you a number of accounts that were logged onto in the last 3 months once a week. EDIT, ok, I did not read your article, shame on me, so they have active users. Still don't see how chat accounts can be seen as weapons. - Gerard van Schip
Why did Yahoo self-destruct in regard to Microsoft? Although it is a minority opinion (which I have detailed previously) Yahoo may in fact not need Microsoft to the degree that many think. - Alex Hammer
What is Microsoft's growth though, as compared to Facebook's? - Jesse Stay from twhirl
heh - امیدم
Mona Nomura
Happy to see one of my favorite people in the world! #iloveny (@ Flatiron Lounge) http://foursquare.com/mona...
Louis Gray
Christmas Dinner at Mona's House @monaaa
HAHAHAHA! - Yolanda
Most.Awesome.Post.Ever! - Anthony K. Valley ©
Epic Win - Adam Helweh
Mmmm... fry some of that up in a skillet and I'm THERE! - iTad
ewwww!!! nasty !!!!! Damn the economy really has gone to hell in a handbasket hasn't it?! yikes! - Susan Beebe
Being slightly alergic to Pork, there is so much wrong with that picture - Jesse Stay
Susan, I would argue your statement would be true if I showed you a price tag and an empty rack. But the Spam was still there... and Mona, you're SO in denial. :-) - Louis Gray
How much does that reconstituted junk cost? - Susan Beebe
I can't help but think "Junk E-Mail In A Can" ;) - Tyson Key
Crazy vikings !!!! - Dave Ploch
I've never eaten that one, but I do sometimes eat the lower sodium spam in sandwich with cucumber or tomato - and I so don't eat junk or fast food, but spam at least has taste, which is more than you can say for the meat in a McD etc. - Ian May
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww - Bibi
SPAM?? With Bacon??? Is that Photoshopped???? AUUUUGGGGHHHHH! - Martha
that's why she so GINOURMOUS ;) - sofarsoShawn
This is the most newsworthy post I've read in days! - Pete D
LOL - Josh Haley
Spam and scrambled egg musubi = yum! I think having that substituting regular spam would probably broke da mout to levels unknown before. Must find. - Arlan K.
Bret Taylor
Happy holidays from the FriendFeed crew! - http://blog.friendfeed.com/2008...
Thanks to Kevin for another great logo... - Bret Taylor
YAY! Snowmens! - Yolanda
Cool logo! :) - AJ Batac
I think they need scarves. They look cold. - Yolanda
Great logo! Simple and fun. - Brandon Titus
great :) çok sevdim bu logoyu :) - Burak Budak
Cool :D - Pedram
Kevin - that is an awesome logo!!!!! - Susan Beebe
+102 for Bill Waterson references in picture Kevin or words Sinterclas - Steve C, Team Marina
cute but what happened to festivus this year? - Laura Norvig
Merry Christmas to the FriendFeed team. You guys rock! FriendFeed reacts quickly and you're adding wonderful features all the time (Thanks soooo much for the "edit" feature.) - Mitchell Tsai
Happy Festivus! - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
Happy festive season to you all as well :) - Niki Costantini
Happy Holidays!!! - David Cook
love it~ - Sunny
Love!!! - Bee
Glad you like it! (And glad people picked up on the Waterson influence :-) - Kevin Fox
Merry Christmas! :D - Ron
Happy Holidays FF crue -- you've made this an excellent and memorable year for many of us. Facebook couldn't have done it without you! :) - Christopher Galtenberg
w00t you gave me the best online year in 15 years!!! ;p Thanks a lot, everyone, for what you've done here XD - Zu from AOD
Merry Christmas to all - Craig Eddy
Merry Christmas! - Svein Håvard Djupvik
Haha! I love horrified snowmen. Merry Christmas to FriendFeed! - Chris Lasher
Joyeux Noel a tout le monde! - Mathieu Ayel
Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! - Anne Bouey
happy christmas, chanukah and kwanzaa. - Deniz Eda Goze
happy chrismas and a happy new year!!! - ethan meccage
Awwwww sniff - Kevin Fox
Happy holidays! Take good care of yourselves and... enjoy those days off! <o> \o, - Zu from AOD
Merry Christmas! - Ian May
Tks and love you all !!! - @Renchin@
ahh, the good ol' days. - MikeAmundsen
Happy Holidays FriendFeers! <superbump /> - AJ Batac
cool!! - Ferzvladimir
*bump* - imabonehead
Sigh. Sometimes it is the little touches, like seasonal logos or easter eggs, that mark a site as a living project, and that you really miss when the developers have all moved on to something else. - Michael R. Bernstein
ای جان چقدر خوبه این - WALL.E
Jesse Stay
Recently my cousin's head was run over by a car. This is what's left of her helmet. My cousin completely survived because of this helmet. Please think of this before riding a bike without a helmet next time!
bike helmet.jpg
I've ridden only once without a helmet in as long as I can remember. Felt vulnerable! - Adam Loving from StumbleRead
It's true. They work. - Andrew Feinberg
wow... that's amazing. how old is your cousin jesse? - dave mcclure
dave, my cousin's 30, just 1 year younger than me - Jesse Stay from twhirl
You can read her story, in her own words here. I'm inspired: http://thetopotheworld.blogspot.com/ - Jesse Stay from twhirl
This happened to a friend of mine at the beginning of the month. He didn't do so good in the accident, but the helmet obviously saved his life. Thankfully is on his way home tomorrow: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit... - Steve Lacey
I used to ride my bike without the helmet even though it is mandatory in Chennai, India. But after reading this I am not even going to the next street in my bike without helmet. - Sudar
I never wear a helmet. When hearing things like this, I always think of this article.http://news.bbc.co.uk/1.... In the Netherlands no one wears a helmet. It seems safe to me. - Peter Stuifzand
I was hit while riding to work in summer 2006 & did not want anyone to touch my helmet at all costs. If my brain was scrambled, I did not want anyone to touch my egg:) I highly recommend a helmet especially if you think you will not need one! Mine was almost the same color too & manufacturer, but there is no conspiracy there:) - Roney Smith
Bicyclists/motorcyclists that don't wear helmets are better called future organ donors - Brian Sullivan
Thanks for sharing. I ride often at traffic time between cars. always wear my helmet...itsg good to know that It does work :) - jonathan from twhirl
that's incredible... - Jamie Allen from twhirl
Wow, glad to hear your friend is doing well after that. I agree, helmets save lives. Regardless, I've many intentional close-calls by drivers who don't want to share the road. Unfortunately, this is the common attitude where I live (southern US). - pete
we wear helmets for everything: mtb, snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding & even surfing - skulls are fragile why not put a protective layer around it (i also try real hard to not ride on streets - a high percentage of drivers are oblivious to bike riders)... - mike "glemak" dunn
I always ride in my helmet and stay to bike lanes as much as possible. Nice to know the safety tools work. Now, if I can just avoid that NYPD cop with a penchant for knocking people off their bikes. Hopefully, he won't transfer to LAPD. - Jason Toney
Peter Stuifzand, my cousin would be dead if she did not wear her helmet. That article is BS. Wear your helmet! - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Point blank. You are a moron if you ride without a helmet. Sorry, but that's true and you're just going to play into Darwinian theory should you continue to ride without one. Any 'real' cyclist (e.g - you've been hit by a car - and yes, I have been) will tell you this without reservation. Helmets work without a doubt. - AJ Kohn
I survived a nasty motorcycle crash in my youth and would also be dead without that helmet - which cracked in 2 like an egg (that would have been my head, as the nurse aptly put it!). - Susan Beebe
A friend who's a cop refers to motorcycles as donorcycles whenever she sees someone riding without a helmet. I figure that applies for bicycles, too. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I was on the way to work Monday morning while it was raining, when the third car in front of me spun out of control and flipped twice into a ditch. When I pulled over to help her out she was just fine. She only had a scratch on her left shoulder from the broken window and was not hurt anywhere else. THE REASON: She was wearing her seat belt. It's nice to hear that these devices are actually helping us! - David Cook
Wow! I wear mine! Didn't for years - I was lucky I guess. Thanks for posting that! - matthew hunt
OMG... Jesse, do you have a link other than here on FF? I have friends whose kids refuse to wear theirs, and seeing this may help. - Cyndy
Cyndy why not just link here - http://friendfeed.com/e... - Brian Sullivan
Dutch don't wear helmets and they don't get killed by cars http://www.ski-epic.com/amsterd.... - Peter Stuifzand
Actually they do get killed by cars. But culturally they are not inclined to wear helmets. - Brian Sullivan
Cyndy, with this being dug out of the grave, I just noticed your question. That particular picture is from my cousin's blog here: http://thetopotheworld.blogspot.com/2008... You can read the full story here: http://thetopotheworld.blogspot.com/2008... Search for "run over by car" and you can read about her entire ordeal. - Jesse Stay
My brother would not be alive today if he did not wear his helmet while riding his motorcycle; please wear a helmet! - Sandra
man - Shey
If it's nice enough to ride, I probably won't be bothering with the human-powered bike any longer. I always wear a helmet on my gas-powered bike. - MiniMage
As long as we won't have mountains, we Dutch will not wear those things. Otherwise we won't be able to recognise the tourists on bikes. - Ton Zijp
Thanks for sharing - I had a mishap with a car, wasn't wearing a helmet at the time, was lucky. If they don't see you, it doesn't matter either way. Wear the helmet! - Rick Bucich
This isn't as extreme as this but when I fell off my bike onto a sidewalk and broke my arm, I thought I was fine for a while. Later, my dad noticed that the whole front of my helmet was all scratched up and the visor in front was torn off! I realized that if I wasn't wearing my helmet on the 2 minute trip down the road, I probably wouldn't be typing this comment right now! Not that I'd be dead but I would have suffered some head damage, limiting my ability to do most things. - Kevin Lyons
Helmets for cyclists are mandatory in Australia. Still gives me the shudders when I'm travelling and see bareheaded bicyclists on the roads. - Kate Foy
Thomas Hawk
My 16,000th Photo Uploaded to Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
My 16,000th Photo Uploaded to Flickr
16,000 down, 984,000 to go. - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
Not long to go! - Andrew Trinh
And what a fine one it is! Congrats - Michael Fidler
it'd definitely going to take me a while to get to a million. I'm publishing about 200 photos to flickr a week right now and at this pace it will take 92 years to get there. I'll get the pace up to 400-500 a week in the future though. Better technology should make processing easier and someday my kids will be grown and I'll be able to quit my day job and focus on this even more. The best photos have yet to be taken. - Thomas Hawk
When I think about this I realize your best days are ahead of you. - Russellreno
That is a great photo - Darin aka iGoByDoc
What's your shot/publish ratio? I mean, on average how many shots do you take to produce those you publish? - Yuval Atzmon
atzmon, I probably average about 2,000 shots a week that I shoot. And I'm probably processing 300 or so of those a week at present, so I'm probably keeping about 15%. The other 85% never get processed and are kept in my archives. I'm trying only to process and publish the shots that I think meet a certain quality criteria. - Thomas Hawk
Wow and Congrats!! - Vox
Dude, you're a machine. - Zee.
Jauder, the good news is that processing will only get easier in the future. I've watched it get better with each successive Adobe release. Lightroom 2.0 is the best processing tool yet. It's not necessarily faster per se though because with more tools there are yet even more ways to tweak a photo hence even more time. But the tools to speed things up are coming too. auto geotagging, better anti dust tech, faster processing speeds, easier online tools with faster broadband are all around the corner. - Thomas Hawk
16,000 ?? Yikes. Cool number. Congrats. - Charlie Anzman
big numbers don't mean squat - Ivan Pope from twhirl
big numbers means someone (Thomas) is dedicated to his art. He is pretty talented as well! - Michael VanDervort from twhirl
Perseverance furthers. - Michael Markman
This photo is total awesome. It is made even more awesome by the knowledge that there are 15,999 more photos just as awesome as this one. EDIT: This photo is now my desktop background. :) - James Rishabh Mishra
Congrats! - J. McConnell
Awesome!! Keep going Thomas!! beutiful work... YOU are such an inspiration... thanks! - Susan Beebe
congrats Thomas! - Shey
Damn that is all kinds of awesome. - Mattb4rd
Wow, quite an accomplishment! - Jeff P. Henderson
Great job Thomas. Keep it up. - Andrew Smith
Congratulations.. keep going! we'll be watching :) - Juan Pablo González
Congratulations Thomas! - Holger Eilhard
Congrats & cheers TH. Your images confirm, you are, indeed, sui generis. - Dave Martin
Beautiful shot! Congrats for achieving this landmark! - Muhammad Ahmed
Congrats, I even don't think I took so many photos in my life. :) - Ferhad Fidan from fftogo
@thomas: Yahoo should be giving Flickr to you for free. You'd do a great job with it. And it would be historical: the first user-generated (company) acquisition :))) - Alberto D'Ottavi from fftogo
Beautiful!!!! - Rafael Montilla
awesome!! - Rhoda Meek
wow from last year, I'm almost at 29,000 photos uploaded to flickr now. - Thomas Hawk
Keep 'em comin' Thomas! - Charlie Anzman
I guess the metier of 'photo editor' is kaput...or, at least, greatly altered.... - Chris Gulker
You know they are going to delete your account without warning once you hit 999,999, right? :) - Ace
Ace, I hope not, I'd be so pissed. Actually I think alot of what gets me so upset about all the content/account deletion issues is that I really do worry that it actually will happen to me. Flickr staff hates me and they'd *love* to delete my account. I worry that I'll wake up one morning and everything will have been nuked. I suppose that's why I'd like to see them enact the ability to... more... - Thomas Hawk
Holyshit! You have taked just couple of photos... - k00pa
Why your flickr page says 28,974 items ? - k00pa
Because this post is from September last year k00pa :) - Simon Wicks
@Chris Gulker. Someday I hope to work with a photo editor. God knows I need to. I like to think of my Flickrstream today more as the raw material in a lot of ways for future projects. A good photo editor adds tremendous value to shaping a photographer's imagery. - Thomas Hawk
Scott Loftesness
If an airplane full of payments geeks went on an around the world tour for a week, where would they go/stop? - Discuss it here!
I've been watching the tweets from Dave McClure's GeeksonaPlane tour of Japan and China - and it brought to mind the question of where in the world a group of geeky payments types would want to go to observe new and interesting developments and opportunities in the world of electronic payments? - Scott Loftesness
Perhaps a first stop at PayPal? - Scott Loftesness
Then off to San Francisco for a visit to Twitter? And a related stop at Wells Fargo to see all of their social media efforts up close? - Scott Loftesness
Next, to Marin County for visits to the mobile players: mFoundry, ClairMail? - Scott Loftesness
Maybe a swing over to the East Bay to visit AccountNow and Javelin for some unbanked/prepaid and consumer research inputs? - Scott Loftesness
Then a stop by Visa on the way to SFO. - Scott Loftesness
From SFO - to where in the world next? - Scott Loftesness
Larry Lebofsky writes: "after the bay area, next would be a puddle jumper to LA to visit green dot then take a tour of all the start up ISO's started by ex-CardService executives." - Scott Loftesness
@tjmazurek writes: Toronto (Guestlogix - Pay on Plane); Nigeria (Mobile Payments); Europe (Chip-N-Pin); India (Micropayments) - Scott Loftesness
Dave Glaser writes: Today they'd be in New York City at the W in Union Square for the 2nd Annual CyberSource NYC Customer Summit. - Scott Loftesness
If you are in a Bay area tour, don't forget SeerGate! Bringing banking payments to social networks, we can show you how the future of banking payments' architecture should look :) - Alicia Roisman Ismach
I also think that Brazil and its online banking system is a great destination, we can arrange a great tour there, who joins? I am in. - Alicia Roisman Ismach
Ah, I overlooked at stop at Zong Mobile Payments in Palo Alto! - Scott Loftesness
James Van Dyke writes: to the far east, to some mythical city recently visited by a conference speaker's brother-in-law's friend, who swore that everyone is paying for everything with a mobile phone. - Scott Loftesness
Charlie Jadallah writes: hmmm - geeks huh - how about Fresno, CA where the first merchant was signed up then to San Mateo, CA, where the fist data center was (basically a low end PC in todays world), on to Omaha, NE, for FDC's first headquarters, Amex in NYC....then - more later. - Scott Loftesness
Abe Kleinfeld writes: Avoid air travel and head to Starbucks, where having a Starbucks payment card now gets you free WiFi! - Scott Loftesness
Martin Haeberli at 8:53am June 11 Martin Haeberli writes: Kenya. Check out M-PESA. (For virtual tour, see the talk http://etech.blip.tv/#1878503 at OReilly ETEch this year). Also check out AITI: aiti.mit.edu Talk of the Nation in the last week or two had a "talk of the world" where they talked about payments and cellphones. South Africa was also cited as a great example - Scott Loftesness
Would be interested in South American countries Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Argentina... Asia: Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia... Africa: Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa.... that's just a start.. :) - Albert Drouart
Count me in to help with the SF Bay Area, at least, and hopefully beyond. I've done some interesting things with Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America over the last three years and have some good contacts. - David Snyder
Robert Scoble
I've uploaded six videos from the flight deck of the USS #Nimitz -- make sure you watch them in HD. Details here: - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
I've uploaded six videos from the flight deck of the USS #Nimitz -- make sure you watch them in HD. Details here:
Click on each video, then make sure that you click on the "HD" button to see them in HD goodness. I was using a Canon 5D MKII with a 16-35 mm F2.8 L series lens for these because we were so close (literally feet away). I also had a Rode microphone on my camera to try to get better audio (although the audio doesn't do the actual experience justice and at home you can't smell the jet fuel fumes). - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
Seems that sound is an issue with the Canon 5D MKII, anything else that you noticed that one should know about? - courtney benson
Reason the sound is total bonkers is that it's so loud (jet engines, right...) that you get the equivalent of +140dB or smth, where +-0dB is the absolute maximum without distorsion. A compressor would do the trick, but that's not something I see Canon installing by default. Let's just say the Canon 5D MkII sound recording works fine in most "normal" circumstances... - Oskar Lissheim-Boethius
that cable about hit you. Neat. - wowfreeze.blogspot.com
Mona Nomura
LOVE STORY (Taylor Swift) meets VIVA LA VIDA (Coldplay) - Piano Cello - by Jon Schmidt - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
LOVE STORY (Taylor Swift) meets VIVA LA VIDA (Coldplay) - Piano Cello - by Jon Schmidt
Long-time fan of Jon Schmidt - Jesse Stay
Ya, this particular one made me cry. I think it's because of the dedication to his daughter. lolll - Mona Nomura from IM
Very nicely done. - rønin
I love music -- especially when you can feel the emotions. I've had it on repeat and it *still* makes me cry. - Mona Nomura
I'm not ashamed to admit that I like that romeo and juliet song...it's a catchy tune. If you see a car driving around with a FriendFeed logo on the back and hear someone singing poorly it's probably me. - Benjamin Golub
Mona Nomura
FriendFeed? This is me. - http://friendfeed.com/e...
what a lovely couple - break out the USB rings! :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
hahahhahaa! Hey wof? I thought I was subscribed to you but your bubble's white. Bizarre! Fixed. - Mona Nomura
@WoH - anna sauce
thats totally me right now. - Anika
TOTAL Night crew status omg HAHAHAHA - Mona Nomura
LMFAO!!! I do that with my laptop in the bed - Rahsheen
I.do.that. I bought an Asus EEE just to do that. *frowns, sighs, hangs head, turns around and walks into the distance* - The Fat Oracle
genius! ... I'm definitely gonna try this tonight! - Jay
hahaha - Kyle Lacy
oh goodness I just really looked at this picture. it so fits me right now becuase i am trying to stay awake until the season premiere of House - R. Ferguson
how can I get my setup like so? - Justin Korn
22inch screen rotated to portrait ---> - Johnny
You know, if you are looking at your monitor rotated clockwise and look at this, it looks normal :) - Justin Korn
HAHHHAHAHAHA Jason, I'm on a conference call and LAUGHED OUT LOUD! - Mona Nomura
@Jason hilarious! - anna sauce
Painfully true - Majento
You have to tell me.. is FriendFeed as good as everyone says in bed? :P - Tim Hoeck
I don't think Mona is the kiss and tell type... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
hang on, I think I've just about got the configuration mapped... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
that's hardcore friendfeeding :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Hahahhahaa And a few months later, this is *still* me! - Mona Nomura
...and you're still a lovely couple :D - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Hahaha! Looking at all the older posts is making me nostalgic. My feed is now boring filled with Tweets. I'm going to start posting fun stuff again. - Mona Nomura
Why not do that with an iPhone or something? - James Rishabh Mishra
Because it wouldn't be as funny! - Mona Nomura
iPhone won't work in this application anyway: it keeps rotating the screen...don't ask me why I know that.... - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
That is me except with the blanket pulled over my head and iphone in hand when I'm supposed to be sleeping! - Violet Mae Lim
That is beautiful! (I was doing this last night but on my back with the computer on my tummy) - Martha
=))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) - Saop
this is a real photo of every friendfeed user :)) - Alooché
you really should have a flat-panel mounted on the wall. - shaun mclane
Scott - jealous - I want 8 gb of memory - Brent - Yes I am
I would have used keyboard as pillow! :-) - Rohit Shah
Hilarious! Great post Mona! - Fossil Huntress
man, this is so old - amazing! :) September time...imagine someone replying to a tweet that long ago. #WHYILOVEFRIENDFEED - Zee.
This is total win. But an aside: how is that pillow thingy, or anything else, _that_ much fuchsia?! - Micah
Love! Make it fftogo on a phone and it's me at night. - David Cook
Robert Scoble
A dollar bill taped to the floor of friendfeed's offices: - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
This is a dollar bill taped to the floor of FriendFeed's headquarters. It's a bit of social engineering. They figured out it kept people from tripping on the cord cover because people noticed the money on the floor. - Robert Scoble
Hahaha, now that is brilliant stuff. Awesome. - James Mowery from twhirl
This is a fantastic idea. - Jeremy Botter
Wouldn't last long in my office. - Ralph Whitbeck
Amazing.. think I could use this idea in a few places. - Roberto Bonini
Clever! i love it. - Federico [Kurai] from twhirl
Simple, clever, great idea. That FriendFeed crew is a bunch of smart fellers! - Brandon Wood
My employer is too frugal to do that. - Jonathon
Inexpensive risk management. - Dave Pelland
Ha! Very clever. - Brent Newhall
brilliant - mjc
Wow! I'm speechless. - directeur from NoiseRiver
nice - Mike Collett
The dollar bill trick doesn’t work with strippers though ;) - Tony C (Unrated)
@Earl: Consider it a stripper-filter, then. You know someone's a stripper if they trip over it. - April Buchheit
for some reason i expect a "stripper filter" to be something coded using regular expressions. sad, i know. - Karim
The message here is that Web 2.0 companies are so ignorant of money and revenue that they even step over a dollar on the floor - Jason Carreira from twhirl
Genius!!! - Joe Dawson
Interesting. The photo has been viewed more than 500 times, but has only earned 62 likes and 19 comments. So, for every 1 thing we can see here there's another 9 people hanging out lurking in the shadows. - Robert Scoble
@Scoble the old 90-9-1 rule :) (well almost) - Naor Mark
You could always just superglue some road kill to those things. Nothing gets people's attention more than a dead opossum. - Andrew Leyden
wow, that's funny smart! - Susan Beebe
I stubbed my toe on that dollar. - Michael Muller
Heath And Safety in the UK would not approve....but I do! - Toby Graham
"but has only earned 62 likes". This currently stands as the most-liked Flickr photo of all time. - Vezquex
I forgot about that photo. It does work, though. Everytime I visit friendfeed's offices I see the dollar and I'm careful not to trip over it. :-) - Robert Scoble
As an IE I can state that's definitely not something to publicize. Definitely not OSHA Kosher. - Arawak
Great idea will have to remember this. - Laura Gonzalez
Reminds me of the deli counter in grocery store in Scotts Valley across the street from NorCal offices of MetaCreations (the Fractal Design arm of it). Local companies'd go there for lunch daily. PROBLEM: Deli counter pencils (for marking your sandwich menu) disappeared at frightful rate. SOLUTION: Deli affixed pencils with price label. Price: $100.00. Pencils stayed at store. :) - Susan A. Kitchens
Haha I like that trick for keeping Pens from going missing Susan! - Garin Kilpatrick
FFing Enigma
My theory of cooking: garlic and onion are like cowbell. You can always use more.
Especially garlic! - Kevin L
hear, hear - Michael W. May
That's the way to go. - Christian (Simply X)
Don't forget the basil! - Mattie Kenny
I'll leave the basil for you, Mattie, too much of it winds up tasting like licorice to me =P - FFing Enigma
Mmm, it's coriander (cilantro) for me. Can't get enough!! - Bec Rowe @d0tski
God yes. The more sauteed onion and garlic the better. *sigh* Now I want some steak. - EricaJoy
If I could handle the chopping time it would take, I could eat a full dinner of sauteed onions and garlic. Throw in some mushrooms, a smidge of butter, and lots of cracked black pepper... NOM! - FFing Enigma
Is that your prescription? :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Same with cilantro, BBQ sauce and ginger - Scoble, Alex Scoble
and Diet Coke - Josh Haley
I'd have to add some meat to that, Tina. - MiniMage
In their appropriate cuisines, I agree on the cilantro, BBQ, and ginger everyone has mentioned. However, I can't make any thing without garlic and onion. Except candy. - FFing Enigma
This post finally go made me see why the hell everyone goes on about cowbell. I really could have done without seeing Ferrell's belly, but it was slightly amusing. The funniest was the drummer. - MiniMage
I HAVE A FEVER! - Terry O'Fee
OMG that' s the funniest skit ever! - Dawn
THE Bruce Dickinson - Terry O'Fee
and when I put on my pants I make gold records... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Definitely Garlic! - David Cook
yeah... onion and theonion ftw - Prashant
Bumping this because I'm making spaghetti tonight with about 1.5 cups of chopped onion and a good .25 cups minced garlic. NOM! - FFing Enigma
YES! Love the garlic and the cowbell...so how awesome would a garlic cowbell be? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Garlic and onion shepherd's cowpie. Err, bell. - Daniel Dulitz
Robert Scoble
A famous VC told me this week that Facebook is raising another round of funding at about the $6 billion valuation mark. I wish I could invest! Would you?
Can't wait to see how big their round will be... - Daniel Brusilovsky
not sure I'd invest as the upside would now be relatively limited - Shannon Clark
He told me he was considering putting in $25 million. Asked me if I would do that with my money, if I had it. I said "yes." Of course it wasn't my money, but Facebook is the success story. Far bigger than Twitter and thanks to Thursday's announcement I can see a way for them to make a ton of money. - Robert Scoble
I'm still not convinced that they will ever make decent revenue. That being said, if they were public I'd probably pick up a few shares. - Blake
Nope. Too late to make the bib gux - Francine Hardaway from twhirl
No i would invest in twitter. - Mark Overy
Blake: I wonder if we thought about that when the yellow pages first came out when the telephone was very new? - Robert Scoble
Is there information involved in that yes that isn't public? Like what the books look like (how much revenue are they generating anyway?) - What is the burn rate? etc - or just because you think they will "get there"? - Brian Roy
Brian: he didn't give me any other information than this. I'm just going over their growth rate, they are growing a service the size of Twitter every 10 days or so. - Robert Scoble
what is their annual profit value? how much of that money would you be likely to get back in real terms - "potential" doesn't count, I would want a real idea on how much money their business is generating before ever considering investing. (I don't have the cash so it'd be a moot point anyway) - alphaxion
I call Facebook "the velcro of social software services." They have tons of ways to hook you onto the service. Far more sticky than Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Invest in a company that lost $8 billion from its valuation 16 months ago? No thanks. - Mark Frost
alphaxion: in 1991 could you have answered that question for Google? No. That's why VC investing is risky. - Robert Scoble
Robert: 25 million seems small for Facebook, considering their last round was $100M, but of course that is only one VC. Did he tell you how many where in this round? - Daniel Brusilovsky
Mark: every company has lost billions in values in the past 16 months. That attitude toward investing seems pretty stupid. - Robert Scoble
Robert - totally agree with the stick factor. My question is how good is the plan to turn lots of users into actual dollars. If that plan is good (in a non-obvious way) I'd invest. - Brian Roy
Daniel: no, he just told me what he was considering. I'm sure if it's a $6 billion valuation there will be a large pool of folks in there. - Robert Scoble
Scoble: Good analogy. I'd like to be optimistic about it, but I just feel in my gut that the whole social networking business model still hasn't been perfected. I definitely agree that Facebook will eventually crush Twitter. - Blake
Brian: you have to read between the lines, but now they are letting brands be full members of the social graph. I see a TON of ways to make money with that. - Robert Scoble
Brian: here's my audio report from the Facebook announcements this week. http://friendfeed.com/e... -- in there I explain a bit about how I think Facebook will make money. - Robert Scoble
No, at least not in long term. - andrei_c
This doesn't seem like a good idea. $6 billion?! Robert, when you say Facebook's announcement last Thursday are you referring to the new page layout for companies? How much money can that bring in? - Nidhi Makhija
Robert - agree. But revenue is about execution. So it isn't just seeing how you might/can do it but being able to get to it effectively. That is Google's genius. I'm guessing they have the team/leadership to do it... which is why I'd invest (once I heard the plan). - Brian Roy
Nidhi: my bet? Over next 10 years? 100's of billions. Look at Google. Facebook is facing an opportunity that's in Google's neighborhood. Of course a lot of implementation is to come and they might not get there. But I see a way that they'll make billions. - Robert Scoble
If they monetized as well/heavily as Myspace, they would only have $1B revenue. Is he really going to get a 10x return with a $60B exit? Common or preferred? - Andy Beard
Brian: right. And who is on executive team at Facebook? They are executing pretty damn well. Just go see Sheryl Sandberg. She was an executive at Google and knows the secrets to delivering value. - Robert Scoble
depends on liquidation prefs, but assuming i got at least 1x preference i'd be an investor for anything south of $10B. at $6B i'd be pretty bullish; that seems like a reasonable number if you look out 3-5 years. - dave mcclure
A $6 billion valuation would make Facebook more valuable than: Salesforce.com, Sun Microsystems, or NetApp. In fact, you could buy Sun + eTrade + Sirius Radio + TiVo and still have more than a billion in pocket change left over. - Louis Gray
Not a chance. I'd run screaming from the building before I invested in Facebook. Sticky does not mean profitable. I remember that 1.0 adage "Get the eyeballs first and then monetize". Lots got the eyeballs - few figured out how to monetize. - AJ Kohn
Andy: the opportunity here is a lot bigger than $1 billion. MySpace is small change compared to what Facebook is going to do. - Robert Scoble
Andy: When I go to MySpace it tells me NOTHING about my friends' behavior when it comes to other businesses. The social graph is very powerful for businesses. Much better than what MySpace built, which is why key executives are now leaving MySpace. - Robert Scoble
I'd invest too yeah - Kaysha
I would invest. I believe Facebook is the OS for social media and something more. They are the White Pages of the Internet. And with an upside limited only to the imagination. - Jeff Pulver
Robert - You'd really feel safe investing in a company whose valuation isn't stable though? - Mark Frost
Negative. not at $6bn. We have absolutely no idea what it's worth, let's be honest. Nobody does. It's a straight gamble. I'd prefer spend the cash on buying into cloud-enabling companies like Cisco and server manufacturers, and the best placed players in the cloud ie Google and MS. Maybe... - john conroy
"going to do" ... Digg, Facebook, Twitter ... they all say they're "going" to figure it out. Show me a profit stream (even a small one) and I'd invest to help scale it but ... until then Cuba Gooding man ... Cuba Gooding. - AJ Kohn
Mark: that's why it's investing and not a "safe bet." VC is risky. So is buying stocks in companies. - Robert Scoble
Does anyone know for sure - does Facebook lose money every time they sign up a new user? In other words, is the reason they're raising money because their revenues are not growing to cover the costs of their growth? - Simon Brocklehurst
...further to my comment above: I guess what I'm really saying is that at $6bn you're talking about a blue-chip, and Facebook isn't a blue chip. It just isn't. - john conroy
Only tonight I glanced down my 'All Friends' list in Facebook and noticed how many have no status. They have not logged in for 7 days or more. In many cases a lot more. The fascination is on the wane. My money? No chance. - Darren
Robert: Oh I know that, I'm just speaking as someone with a very light wallet. ^_^ - Mark Frost
Darren: tell me how that is any different from this: http://twitter.com/TechCru... -- I bet your Facebook friends are more engaged with you than these Twitter followers of TechCrunch. Click on 100 followers of Techcrunch. How many have more than one Tweet? 2%? 10%? Not more. - Robert Scoble
john: Facebook is signing up 700,000 new users PER DAY. They are growing the size of Twitter every 12 days! Blue chip? Absolutely. Just like Google was. (We had the same arguments over Google six years ago). - Robert Scoble
Sticking the money into GOOG currently would be a better deal, or AMZN - GOOG 2008 revenues were close to $22B http://finance.yahoo.com/q... - based on similar can you see Facebook making $15B yearly revenue? - AMZN is currently worth only 6x gross profit - but then the VC neds to invest his money somewhere, and GOOG and AMZN are not an option - at the end of the day FB is relatively low risk and an easy way to do your job as noone will criticize you for it - Andy Beard
Andy: you probably said that sticking money into Alta Vista back in 1999 was better than Google. Wrong. - Robert Scoble
and yet - the fact they are raising money shows that we have not found a revenue model that can cope with the costs they incur - they could self-implode in 1-2 years unless they find an effective route to making break even - Nick Halstead
Read today in Times magazine an interview with Zuckenberg stating that monetization is not a priority yet while Facebook is not getting break even. By the way, did you notice that the fan pages are changing and look now as profile pages??? - Zack Brandit
Zack, yes. That's exactly what I was talking about here: http://friendfeed.com/e... - Robert Scoble
Chris: that's wrong. Everyone on my forums were talking about Google in 1999. Google didn't have a business model until 2004. - Robert Scoble
The problem Facebook has is that people seem to get bored of it. Most people I know are using Facebook less today than they were a year ago. I never saw this pattern with Google. - Simon Brocklehurst
Scobe: Are you saying that Twitter's model isn't working, so Facebook's will? Twitter v Facebook comparisons are fruitless. - Darren
Darren: no, I know that Facebook has 175 million who has signed in in the past 30 days. How many does Twitter have? - Robert Scoble
Chris: OK, I'll grant you the 2003 Google. Same points still hold. You're not feeling it? I look at how addicted my wife is to Facebook (and all her friends). This is the Google of this time. - Robert Scoble
VC is certainly risky.. but a good VC wouldn't fritter their money away on something that wouldn't give even a little bit of ROI. Otherwise they simply wouldn't be a VC for very long. It's all well and good saying "I can see a lot of ways to make money", but visions and actual money making are 2 different things. So again, please answer the question and say how much they're currently making. - alphaxion
"Everyone on my forums", is exactly what White said, "hardly anyone" and he is correct. - coldbrew
I am not saying it is a bad investment, but just imagine Facebook had already IPOed last year, and had managed to figure out their revenue to bring it up to Myspace level, which would then make a $6B valuation on $1B revenue in line with GOOG and AMZN current market valuations. - that isn't necessarily a VC deal - unless they were looking to use the money for a cash purchase of Twitter at a much lower valuation than $500M - Andy Beard
coldbrew: this whole conversation sounds exactly like the ones we had about Google in 1999-2004. - Robert Scoble
I seem to remember a company called Netscape was all the rage once. - Jan Simmonds
@Robert: No, Facebook is not the Google of it's time. Why? Because Google had a very clear business plan. Sell relevant ads on search results. Direct marketers (me) got it and ran with it. It took time to build but it was a clear business plan. Facebook doesn't have that. Unless of course they turn Facebook into a search portal - if they did that then the size and stickiness of the site benefits them. Outside of that, SocNet advertising doesn't seem like a viable business plan. - AJ Kohn
I have concerns about Google if I'm honest. They too fritter their money away on investments that fizzle out to nothing (look at how many companies they've bought for massive amounts of money), they're limited by the size of the advertising market (think as to why they've been slashing their returns on adwords). Now, their positioning as a content delivery caching network is a far more promising one. - alphaxion
Robert - "no, I know that Facebook has 175 million who has signed in in the past 30 days. How many does Twitter have? "- you're still doing it! Comparing Facebook favourably to Twitter does not mean Facebook have a good long-term model. I'm not saying they don't, but if a Twitter comparison is the best these dudes can come up with then "I'm out" as they say on Dragons Den. Using your sort of comparison, who is to say that Facebook is now Google 2003, whilst Twitter is Google 2000. Which one has more upside? - Darren
AJ: you are totally wrong. Google didn't have a clear business model until 2004. I know the guy at Exodus who almost shut down Google because Google couldn't pay its bills. - Robert Scoble
I think most of you people hang out mostly with technophiles; I do not. - coldbrew
Chris: I'll never been that rich. I'll buy you a mojito at the Ritz, though! - Robert Scoble
@Robert: Just because they couldn't pay their bills doesn't mean they didn't have a model or plan. It took time to build the momentum ... the world of search had to 'tip' - and when it did Google was well positioned *because* of their plan. I just don't see that with Facebook. What are they positioning for? - AJ Kohn
I can say most of my 30-something friends only found FB w/in the last 6 months. - coldbrew
Facebook fatigue has certainly been kicking in for myself over the last few months whereas as my Twittering has been increasingly steadily; it is just more "useful". That said, they certainly do appear to be functionally converging, so who knows where we'll end up... - Kevin Bluer
Who cares about Facebook or 6 billion. What are your plans after Fast Company? Is it true they fired you? - Bruce Curley
Kevin: I can see an argument about why you're right, too. On Gillmor Gang right now is Paul Buchheit of friendfeed and he points out that Twitter's API is far easier to develop on. That ease is turning into all sorts of interesting apps which make Twitter more useful. Well, we'll see. That's why VC is risky. - Robert Scoble
If I were a VC I would definetly ask for a clear plan of privacy policies before investing. This might be an issue. I would also ask for some guidelines on future updates since FB seems to change its homepage very frequently, which might result in a potential failure. - denizoktar
Bruce: I was not fired. I resigned my video show to do something else. I still am working part time for Fast Company. I have plans, but will not disclose them in public until SXSW on Monday. - Robert Scoble
@Robert: BTW - this famous VC you mention ... are *they* investing or not? - AJ Kohn
AJ: they didn't say, they said they were considering it, but sounded like they were going to the way they were talking. - Robert Scoble
At this point, I would not invest in anything except gold. Do I sound like a nut? Just check out this video. Actually look at a bunch of his video over the years. Peter Schiff called it all. http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Dan Cornish
I'll point out again that while VC is an inherently risky business, it's still not a case of blindfold and a dartboard. A real VC would do at least a bit of research and see if they're likely to make a return. If not then they're not a real VC and would either be someone who can afford to lose the money as it's merely a diversion (kinda like how some people will play the lottery) or a fool. - alphaxion
Dan: Gold and Guns sounds like a good investment strategy over next year. Me? I'd rather be in Facebook, but then I have a front-row seat. - Robert Scoble
Chris: that's funny! But no. :-) - Robert Scoble
@Robert: Interesting. Always appreciate the information and opinion. I disagree and don't see it myself but ... I've been wrong before. Been right before too though ;) - AJ Kohn
You all need to read this: http://www.techcrunch.com/2009... Indie Facebook Developers are making over $700,000 per month. Like I said, there were billions and billions here. - Robert Scoble
Chris: I do not have any compensation or investments coming from or going to Facebook. I was invited to a press conference on Thursday and I have a front row seat because I know many of the players involved and I read a lot of RSS feeds. :-) - Robert Scoble
YES, I would invest!!!!! - Susan Beebe
how many of the indie developers are making those figures compared to the rest? also, advertising revenues, again, are the core of it. How about revenues that don't involve advertising, as in real and repeat direct spending of the users not the whim of other companies? And of this, how much money are facebook themselves making, since this money fountain could all vanish should facebook itself fold. - alphaxion
I bet the sum of the people advertising using Adwrods are making more than Google in total as well - the people using Paypal owned by Ebay are most certainly making bank, but for some reason Ebay isn't even worth 2x their revenue. Facebook developers making $700,000 is nice, great return, invest in the app developers if there is longevity. - Andy Beard
@chris that's my fault.. I called it adwords in a previous comment - that's what 5 beers does to my word association skills! >.< - alphaxion
coldbrew: sorry, I just fixed it. NO need to keep an error in my comments here. - Robert Scoble
Was just watching you on TWiT Live, streaming to my 52" TV via my PS3. Look fwd to seeing more of your stuff on TWiT Live in the future Scoble. - Jason Cartwright
am I the only one who seems to feel a certain air of "ponzi scheme" when your questions are met with answers of "look at these people, they're making money from it" without actually answering your question? And don't think I'm being snarky for snarks sake. I'm really trying to gain an idea of why people are yelling "buy this!" without really backing their claim up beyond "trust us". - alphaxion
I'd rather buy Citi stocks. - Mona Nomura from fftogo
alphaxion: when you are getting 700,000 new people a day you'll figure out a business model, especially since you know so much about each of those people. People who understand media understand the very real value that Facebook is aggregating. - Robert Scoble
again with the vague "well, we'll figure something out... just keep pumping us with money" answer. It doesn't matter how many new people you are getting onto your service if there's no tangiable sense of where the money to pay for it all is going to come from. It is very similar to youtube. They were burning through cash, plenty of people were saying "it'll make loads of money somehow" and yet google are *still* looking for ways of making it profitable. It's the kind of economics that leads to bubbles. - alphaxion
there simply aren't enough people that sit down and ask "so, how much money are you making and how much do you project this to grow realistically". Which is the basic tenet on which all companies have been founded upon. - alphaxion
@scoble... yes, people who understand media understand the real value that Facebook is aggregating, but not if they understand it in the OLD way. if this just turns out to be another advertising play, because they've 2 billion+ eyes, another way to sell people products they don't need, then, hell, I may as well pull the plug and turn Amish... not really, but all of the stuff I've been hearing so far doesn't make be feel confident that FB will end up being anything we haven't already seen... time will tell. - .LAG liked that
Robert this question sparked such interesting comment you should ask more like this. FB to me is a fad unless they buy Twitter which with Twitter Search could be a new Google. Agree with Chris White MS-Facebook is a likely outcome. Google must acquire Twitter before Vodafone wise up. Keep leading the debate Rob. - Thomas Power
What are they spending all that money on? Or is just banking money to survive the future? - Brian Sullivan
@chris actually, I'd say google was all about weaving themselves into the sites they lead you to and the apps you use to access this info. Having dealt with administrating systems, it's scary just how many apps and system builders integrate their toolbar and desktop apps and how many sites use their services that then collect data on the visitors/users. A question I don't see asked and answered often enough is "why?" - alphaxion
@ChrisWhite I certainly meant Adwords not Adsense - people advertise to make money (well unless they are Auto manufacturers) - I look on the Facebook App platform in many ways as an advertising platform, though the transaction that takes place between Facebook and the App developers isn't currently a financial one. Maybe things would be different if Facebook had their "FacePal" payment... more... - Andy Beard
Chris: that's an interesting question. CEOs should never say never when it comes to future business decisions. - Robert Scoble
Social networking seems like a commodity to me. Glorified address book + activity stream. Long term, why is it likely that one company will continue to command a proprietary premium on this? Do we not forget the staggering claims for these companies made doing the last bubble? Lots of similar claims by many companies in the 90s about # of user signups, stickiness, etc. If social networking platforms are so valuable, they're gonna get commodified. Wordpress isn't the only way to host RSS now is it? - Ray Cromwell
I can feel a Metcalf's law retort coming. :) It's like Godwin, but for business model debates. - Ray Cromwell
Chris: really? I don't agree with you. If you can survive through a depression you'll come out of it with rocket burners on. Google gained steam through the dotcom bust. Facebook is gaining steam through this downturn. - Robert Scoble
Chris: agreed. Facebook is not going to have an IPO this year. I can assure you of that. The investors will keep them going for two more years at minimum. - Robert Scoble
Can I buy Twitter instead? - Patrick from twhirl
@Robert: You're thinking "aggregated rich user data" is going to be the Facebook gold mine? Advertisers and brands I chat with think it's of marginal value. Big brands already have deep databases with multiple reporting lines. Prizm data gets you 75% of the way there most of the time. Facebook might be another reporting line but it's not going to be a game changer. Search re-targeting has more value IMO. - AJ Kohn
@Steven: Exactly! Air Miles. Grocery Cards. Credit Cards. Warranty Information. Rebate Information. (You'd be amazed how many people register their stuff!) It's a bit scary what can be obtained from credit bureaus as well. Facebook is the corner, the stoop - it's where people stop to talk and shoot the breeze. Not much gets sold there. I need to connect with them when they're walking past the mall. - AJ Kohn
Think about the data a company like Mint.com or Quicken Online collects and compare it to the data that FB has on spending patterns and interests. They know enough (but currently don't use this info) to definitively tell you that you're spending $50 a month on BlockBuster, and could reduce it to $20 a month if you change to Netflix, saving you $30. - Ray Cromwell
How many more rounds of funding would you expect? It seems like you might get washed out by later rounds. - Todd Hoff
Everything you hear lately makes it sound like he's had to change that point of view about $15b if he wants capital. - Hutch Carpenter
Great discussion. Some points: the "No one can monetize this space" argument is false. As an advertiser (and a top 3 one at that), We are. And, quite well. #2--However, I wouldn't discount MySpace just yet. FaceBook is a wonderful white pages, it's possible MySpace will be a wonderful Yellow pages. We'll see. $6B is steep, but one difference this data has from the others mentioned (credit cards, gas cards, etc) is it's voluntarily provided--which is a much different data stream. - Alan Edgett
I would, in an instant. Many Facebook apps alone have 10 times the number of users Twitter has. - Jesse Stay
If they gave me a way to keep certain people unaware of my presence, I'd go back - Aaman (Clone of FF)
If I had the choice, I would rather invest in LinkedIn. Facebook has a phenomenal growth there are still a lot of open questions: You talk about businesses creating pages in facebook. This is probably a good idea in the sort term but in the long term as a company you probably want more control and ownership over your community and like AOL had to open up the walled garden, Facebook will have to do it to or someone else with do it for them. In that more open world, monetizing the graph will become even harde - Edwin Khodabakchian
wow...another around... - Kenyth
Interesting. Most seasoned entrepreneurs will tell you funding isn't an ideal expansion, that multiple rounds is not a good sign. Means it isn't making money. Social networks are nothing more than message boards with different user features - and have always been very hard to monetize. New competition is coming fast into the market from places none of y'all are looking at, and we're... more... - Patricia
Patricia: Google had multiple rounds. So did many other big Silicon Valley companies. - Robert Scoble
Chris: I know all about dilution. The reason Zuckerberg is so smart is he's taken a few rounds without getting diluted much at all. Got $300 million from Microsoft and only gave up, what, 1% or so of Facebook? That's brilliant. - Robert Scoble
Robert, yes, i know. it can be an asset. it just depends on if they can find a way to make money. google found it. let's hope facebook does too. i root for all businesses to succeed! - Patricia
still all I am seeing is the taking of money with no idea on how it'll generate money back, which is the whole point of investment. It seems to be the whole mantra of web apps "get users, then figure out how to make money" instead of the way every other industry functions. Do you really think this is a lasting way of doing business or will the web have to mature and show they can make money with their creations before investors will part with large sums of money? - alphaxion
when thinking about it, it is a particularly Valley way of doing business - I don't see this kind of investment internationally, they demand to see what will happen with their money and how it is likely to generate its own revenue instead of going cap in hand back to the investors. - alphaxion
and I do agree that this way of investing does lead to some really innovative things that ordinarily wouldn't stand a chance of making it. But, it is a big concern that the sites can't stand on their own without VC's propping them up by pouring round after round into them with nothing more than "it's gonna be huge!" as the reason. It'll only ever be huge if a cogent business plan exists, otherwise the only huge thing will be the bill VC's nurse at the end of it. - alphaxion
Facebook is finished - paul mooney
FB has the most chance of success because that's where non geeks go. It's the one service they want to use. - Richard A.
I don't get what non geeks has to do with FB's sucess ? - Asankhaya Sharma
Asankhaya: one word: "mainstream" - Claudio Cicali
Interesting to note Apple could pony up $6 billion for Facebook and still have some $18 billion left over. - Mike Reynolds
well i would not invest, fb has been for sometime now in a few years what ever profit could be made should have been made by now, the next big idea will kill fb forever, with the investment totally sunked in - briandsouza
UPDATE on this: Investors in Facebook are telling friends of mine that Facebook is not raising another round. It's possible that this is an opportunity that's being offered by someone who has stock already and is looking to get out. I'll try to find out more and report back. - Robert Scoble
I definitely would! - Pico Seno
Robert - whoa, "someone ... looking to get out." wow. yes, more info please. What is their rationale? - Susan Beebe
I wouldn't. I would rather invest in something simpler like twitter or friendfeed. - Siddharth Mitra
Mona Nomura
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Happy VDay!!!! - Shevonne
*drools* Happy Valentine's Day, Mona! - Lola Bean (Penguin)
You too 'vonne and Penguin!!!!! :) - Mona Nomura from IM
Happy Valentine's :) - Rodfather
You too, Rodfather!! :D - Mona Nomura from IM
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Happy V-day to everyone! for me it's another working day! - imabonehead
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Happy Valentines Day! I refuse to call it VDay because nobody wants VD on Valentines ;) - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
I'm sitting here with friends and we're drooling, gazing at the lemon cupcakes and this site with weakening macaroons, NSFHP it is, Sweet Valentine's Mona! - Majento
The best I can do virtually! Shower you guys with food p*rn!! :) - Mona Nomura
<3 Mona! Happy VDay Miss M. (hey have you ever shopped here....everything looks so good.....WANT!) - Carlos Ayala
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Happy Valentine's, Los!! :) I've tried their macarons - too chewy (imho) but the packaging is SO ultra pretty and the marshmallows are BOMB. - Mona Nomura
FF's gesture of heart icons is cuter than any google logo - Majento
And their holiday logos are TOP notch. The attention to detail blows me away. Little things :) - Mona Nomura
thanks for the hook up...that Sucré Bark is callin me. - Carlos Ayala
I love pretty food. :) Keep us posted! All right FF, I'm off to a late lunch - see you guys later and sorry my feed is filled with food porn today. Happy Valentine's! - Mona Nomura
Happy Cupid's birthday!! - Amani
Gabe Rivera
According to Google, @kevinmarks's spoken English is somewhat incomprehensible to Americans and requires captions: http://google-code-updates.blogspot.com/2009...
Mona Nomura
We All Fail, Get Used To It - http://pixelbits.wordpress.com/2009...
I guess the big thing is the failing is an end point. Life continues, and so do new opportunities. The hard thing to realize is that you only get those opportunities because of every single decision and experience you have ever made or had up unto this point. In that sense, you only fail if you stop, so don't stop. - James Fridley
As well as deciding how and waht you choose to do with the feelings that comes with failing... - Mona Nomura from IM
I guess my point is failure is not possible as you never know what "bumps in the road" it might lead to. So the feelings of sorry, embarrassment, heart-ache, or whatever, that are all just stepping stones to what you going to feel/do/experience next. - James Fridley
But it takes a lot to reach that point. ;) - Mona Nomura
True enough. Hindsight makes it alot easier (and I am not saying that I have not wallowed in my own pity before), but at the end of the day, I can either stay drunk, drugged or unhappy, or I can find a direction and go for it. It is kind of funny though. I have stopped making goals and started choosing directions. I find that along the way I will change direction many times, and end up somewhere, but so long as I stay focused on a direction, the the distance that I have traveled is meaningful. - James Fridley
very true sentiment, Mona! - anna sauce
And for agreeing, you get my butt crack plant, Anna! - Mona Nomura from IM
I'll add it to my butt crack collection... in my butt crack - anna sauce
I used to want to get used to the being made fun of. But, that probably isn't a good idea because then we might lose our compassion and empathy. *hugs* - Yolanda
Louis Gray
Happy Birthday to Mona Nomura - A Fascinating, Unique, Lady Geek @Mona
Mona Nomura - Awesome FriendFeeder: http://www.friendfeed.com/monasfe... - Louis Gray
I was first introduced to Mona's feed through Chris Pirillo, who said he found her entries most fascinating. I checked out what she was posting, and it was like nobody else on FriendFeed. FriendFeed, which had largely been the refuge for geeks who liked to talk about tech, all things Google, Apple and social media, all of a sudden had a new voice. - Louis Gray
So I subscribed to this interesting person. New pictures, comics, food items, and silliness ensued. I watched, but didn't really like it. So I unsubscribed. (True!) - Louis Gray
But Mona noticed, and hit me up on Facebook - what's the deal?, she asked. I said we were focused on different things, and tried to talk my way out of it. Didn't work. Days later, I resubscribed. - Louis Gray
And as Mona's feed got more activity, I could sense there was a sharp, tech-oriented geek hiding underneath the bacon and the giggles. Her first blog post, which wasn't even fed into FriendFeed, made Techmeme. - Louis Gray
But, as she says, Pixel Bits is "a hot mess", so I asked her to take her tech talk to my site, and she's been a perfect fit ever since. Mona has become more than just another popular FriendFeeder. She's a real friend. I probably average a few e-mails with her every single day. And not just always about tech. - Louis Gray
Mona is fun because she is real. She is silly, but she is sharp. She is lonely, but she is friendly. She is easily excited, but can also get annoyed. And she has a radar for fun items that have become her trademark. Bacon. Star Wars. Lego. Mobile phone news. - Louis Gray
I could probably highlight a FriendFeeder a day this way, as many of you add real value to my online life, but Mona stands out and on this, her birthday, we thought we'd tell you why. I hope we continue to keep her feeling valued, and that she wants to be part of this community for a long time. - Louis Gray
Happy Birthday, Mona! - Louis Gray
It's finally here on east coast time! Happy Birthday Mona! - FFing Enigma
Happy birthday Mona - Brian Roy
Mona, I love you!!!!! Happy Birthday my bacon-lovin' gal! <3 - Daynah
Happy Birthday, Mona - ·[▪_▪]·
happy birthday Mona. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I heart Mona with all 4 chambers and the aorta. Happy Birthday, Mona!!!! - The Fat Oracle
That was the best bday story I've seen. Happy birthday Mona (even though it's not quite your bday here yet) - Tamara, #TeamMarina
Louis - you are my rock, my mentor - and the big brother I never had. Thank you for seeing through all the 'fluff' and I... don't even have the words. Reading through what you wrote made me LOL. I remember when my feelings were SO hurt you unsubscribed haha! Now that I think about it, you're the reason I turned off FF notifications. ;) But thank you so much for the love. And to the FF community I HEART YOU GUYS!!! - Mona Nomura
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONA!!!!! we love you too :) you make my day - everyday!! :) thanks!! - Susan Beebe
happy birthday Mona! - Duncan Riley
誕生日おめでとう Mona-san. :D - Randy
Happy Birthday Mona! - Jesse Stay
Louis created this graphic and I have to tell you I LOVE seeing it pop up on Friendfeed! totally makes me smile! Louis I am totally digging this "carpet of bacon" concept!! LOL :) nice!! - Susan Beebe
MONA!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A whole lot of awesomeness wished your way! <333 - Parth Awasthi
Happy Bday!! - Sarah Perez
Happy B'Day Mona - sirishkumar
Happy birthday again :) - Niki Costantini
Happy birthday mona :) - ژنرال فرهاد
Happppppppppppppppppppppppppy birthday mona :) تولدت مبارک مونا جان / با دو زبان هم گفتم - MAS
Happy Happy Joy Joy Wifey!!! :-D - Live4Emma (L4S)
Happy Birthday Mona! - Igor Poltavskiy
Happy birthday!!! - Tyler Gillies
Happy Birthday! - Anne Bouey
Happy birthday, Mona! - Kristin of Two Everything
Happy birthday to you Mona, from Belgium. Thanks for your delicious posts ! - Guy Vander Heyden
Happy Birthday Mona! - Rob Diana
Happy Birthday to Mona!!!!!! :D - Sasha Kovaliov
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO!!! - Michael Forian
Happy Birthday Mona :D - ♥ Stephiepooos ♥
Happy Birthday!! - Robert Couture from twhirl
happy birthday! - Nathan Rein from twhirl
Happy Birthday you amazing powerhouse of womanhood, you! - Cheryl Allin from twhirl
Happy birthday!! - Bob Gannon
Happy Birthday :) - Yuvi
Happy B'day Mona! :) - vijay
Many happy returns, Mona! Have an awesome day :-) - Sally Church
Happy Birthday, Mona! - Mike Fruchter
Happy birthday, Mona. And here's to many more! - Derrick Burns
awesome ! Happy Birthday - Mattb4rd
Happy birthday! - Christian (Simply X)
Happy Birthday Mona!! MUAH!!! - Shey
Happy Birthday Mona! - Iain Baker
I said it b4 Ill say it again - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! - Martha
Happy Birthday! - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Happy birthday Mona! - Chris Charabaruk
Happy Birthday! - Tyson Key
Happy Birthday! :) - teleken
Happpy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Thomas Hawk
Happy Birthday, Mona! - Heidi Jeffers Thibodeau
It's fairly clear that Mona is a superstar (that is what you are). Happy Birthday :) - Bob M. Montgomery from twhirl
Happy b-day! Let the b-day meme begin :p - Jim Goldstein
Happy Birthday, Judge I'm late to the party. Mona your one of the reasons I pretty much still am on here. - ЯIИGҜIИG
happy birthday! - andy brudtkuhl
Happy birthday!?!?!!??!!?!?!? - "Joey"
Mona: have an extra terrific day for your birthday :-)! - asiriusgeek
Lolomgwtfnsfw! Happy! Birth! Day! Mo! Na! - Pete D
Happy Birthday! - jho
Happy b-day Ms. Mona! - Hutch Carpenter
Happy birthday! - Eric P
Happy Birthday Mona! - Nate Pilling from twhirl
Happy Birthday. Hope the day's been great, despite cauliflower smells and such ... - Patrick Jordan
Happy birthday monaaa!!!! - Alemsah Ozturk
Happy birthday Mona! You rock! - Andrew
What everyone else said. Mona. - Russellreno
Happy B-Day. You are so nice to people you've never met. We feel the love. - Eric - Final Countdown
Happy Birthday Mona! - Justin Korn
Happy Birthday Mona! - TheHenry
Many happy returns of the day Mona! - Morgan
Yay! Happy Birthday Mona! - Melissa Davis
Mona Nomura
HULK SMASH PC (literally) - most useful USB gadget yet. [ Windows only ] - http://www.dreamcheeky.com/index...
I want! - Shemp DeYoung
it's not easy being green. I mean mean. I mean green. - dave mcclure
Jeremiah Owyang
Hawaii! - Susan Beebe
gotta look at these before heading out and start up my snow thrower to clear the driveway..... - Joe Buhler from twhirl
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Yes, it's true - I'm now the Tech Expert for CNN.com. :) http://www.cnn.com/2009... - I should find a better photo...
Chris that brilliant! The gig, that is. You are right about the pic....:) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Congrats! - Anika
Awesome news. Congrats man! - Thomas Hawk
Fantastic. - Russellreno
Cool, big time! Keep them from going left wing on tech reporting. - Douglas Hopkins
Congrats! I disagree with that article, but hey congrats anyway!! :) Yeah, that photo... yeah... it's ok..but...yeah..you can do better :) - Bwana ☠
Congratulations, Chris!!! - Lindsay
Congratulations! - Karoli
Congrats! - Hutch Carpenter
Congratulations - Kreg Steppe
Excellent!! Congratulations Chris! - Tracy Lee Carroll
And you thought I wasn't participating in FF as frequently because I didn't like you... :) - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
@Norwood - I'm actually a registered Republican. :) - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Congrats Chris =) Perhaps we'll be seeing CNN on FF sometime n the future? - FFing Enigma
Cha ching? You deserve it, bro. Go get 'em. - Josh Haley
that should help that MASSIVE new monthly expense eh? - andy brudtkuhl
gratz Chris! - timepilot
Chris, that's awesome! Congrats!! - David Finch
Fantastic, congratulations! - Ginger Kenney
well done - Mattb4rd
How cool is that? Congrats Chris - Charlie Anzman
Nice! - Jennifer Leggio
Chris had to engage in hand-to-hand combat with Miles O'brien to secure this position. - iTad
you have come a long way my friend :) - mike "glemak" dunn
Good job! - RAPatton
Does it pay anything? If not, turn it down:-) - Francine Hardaway from twhirl
Congrats Chris - that's great to hear, and you're perfect for the job. - Jesse Stay
Congrats! nice! - mikepk
Yeah!!!!! CONGRATS Chris!! that is soooo cooool! - Susan Beebe
A better photo? Like this one? http://img185.imageshack.us/img185... (sorry, had to. go ahead and delete this comment) - Josh Haley
OMG! BAD JOSH! I much preferred the one with Palin, didn't know that one was out there :( - MiniMage
Congratulations on the gig and the article, both excellent. - Rubin Sfadj
Congratulations! Looks like they found the best! - Cheryl Allin from twhirl
Congrats! :D - Ron
Brilliant. Just brilliant. - Phil Glockner
Congrats! - Igor Poltavskiy
well deserved, congratulations! - Rajiv Doshi
Awesome. Us geeks are taking over. - Mark Krynsky
Article on FriendFeed forthcoming, we'll assume. Yes, and congrats are in order. Nice one, Chris! - Pete D
Congratilations! - Neya
Make that money and make us proud...in that order :) - Anthony Farrior
I sure hope they don't make you wear a suit and a serious face! - Glenn Batuyong
Congrats, Chris! I want to see you duet with Andrerson Cooper sometime! - susan mernit
Great! It will be great to see you there! ;-) - Erhan Erdoğan
Mona Nomura
HELLO? There is a major Facebook scam and we (FB users) haven't been notified. If you're on Facebook, this applies to you. - Mona Nomura
thanks... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
It was covered by TechCrunch on the 20th and WSJ yesterday - my friend almost fell for it today. This is no joke... - Mona Nomura
They've gotta be in a quandry - if they say something, they may cause a panic and severe loss of confidence in the whole system. If they don't, the problem gets worse. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
They need to at least put in chat: "Do not give money to anyone asking via Facebook chat." - Mona Nomura
on the other hand, if you want to scam your friends out of some money, use facebook and in a few days just blame it on getting hacked. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Serious! They have so many PR problems, and now more without putting out a warning - sofarsoShawn
If I saw a friend's status as: "Need urgent help, I've been robbed." I would help them right away - this is scary. - Mona Nomura
reshared it and shared it on facebook. - Rob Sellen :o)
Thanks, Rob. :) - Mona Nomura from IM
What is the most baffling is, Facebook knew about it for a few days. How many people need to be scammed before Facebook finally notifies us? I guess we'll find out — on the six o’clock news. Unacceptable. Thanks Carmen. :) - Mona Nomura from IM
I've tweeted it, weird it doesn't show a dupe - sofarsoShawn
Thanks you guys - it just sucks that there are people who take advantage of good hearted people. :( - Mona Nomura from IM
I'm good hearted, but none of these hot women will take advantage of me - Josh Haley
@Mona & that those who can help prevent it don't do so ie Zuckerbum it's pissing me off enough I"m going to bookmark it everywhere - sofarsoShawn
Sean - Facebook has a lot of problems. My friend's friend had issues finding the contact form to report the fraud... :\ - Mona Nomura
for sure, contacting them is next to impossible & response time is forever ~ I just sent that pic though w/ the URL through both slide & funspace I know I'm a troublemaker - sofarsoShawn
:o not good. - Neya
Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt spoke to WSJ. - Mona Nomura
reshared on Twitter - Leslie Poston
Thanks, Leslie. A lot of people are commenting amongst the lines of: "If they're stupid enough to fall for that scam, they deserve it." I disagree. If the Facebook spokesman can address the WSJ, they should warn users. - Mona Nomura
How blogging was born (by Hugh Macleod) - http://www.gapingvoid.com/
How blogging was born (by Hugh Macleod)
i think this has been shared on here before...but am sharing it again all the same... - Zee. from Bookmarklet
I think Hugh could update this cartoon and use Twitter or FriendFeed instead of blogging -- would work just as well. - Brian Sullivan
I am so gonna blog this. - Steven Perez
brilliant! - MicahBear78
It came from Dave Winer's Sripting News. He posted it yesterday. - Jordi Soler
Dave Winer posted this yesterday? I didn't realize. I just got it from the above mentioned site. I would have linked from there if I'd seen it there. - Zee.
Tamar Weinberg
Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2008 - http://www.techipedia.com/2009...
Have been waiting for this post of yours for quite sometime. Last time's post was overwhelming and quite fruitful :-) - Sampad Swain
This is a GIGA list. - Sam Fefer
funny, i was looking for this on your blog just 3-4 hours ago & couldn't find it yet... guess you must have heard the psychic request :) - dave mcclure
Bumping this one up cuz the Twitter message is getting all the love. And yeah, Dave, I saw you online at that ungodly hour. I was tweaking it then and kick-starting my birthday ;) - Tamar Weinberg
Oh this is sweet. - Mike Fruchter
fabulous selection of articles - thanks. - andrei_c
Paul Buchheit
Overnight success takes a long time - http://paulbuchheit.blogspot.com/2009...
Thanks Paul... great post. - Brian Roy
Most overnight successes take an Alaskan winter. - Akiva
Great post, Paul. One of the running themes of a lot of the posts yesterday seemed to come from "well, it's been a year: FriendFeed should be in a much different place," but great things take time to do. - Mark Trapp
Scott Berkun wrote a really fine book entitled "the myths of innovaiton" (http://www.amazon.com/Myths-I...). He points out that perhaps the greatest myth of innovation is that the innovation arrives in it's entirety in a single moment in time. Essentially that the innovation was a single flash of insight and execution. The reality is it comes piecemeal over time. - Brian Roy
Nice Paul, there are a whole boatload of startup / project myths I wish we could bust. The "overnight success" is one of the worst. - mikepk
Brain, exactly, and the myth there is the "one idea" that precipitates success drives me crazy too. I wrote a post (and reposted it a few months ago) about this one. http://mikepk.com/2008... - mikepk
Amen!! Peeps tend to see "web celebs," for example, once they're up there ... but no one sees the *years* of hard work prior! I like to say I'm an overnight success 10 years in the making!! :) - Mari Smith
Another interesting effect is that the VC cycle is predicated on hyper growth and 2 to 5 year return on investment. That helps push some ideas to failure even though, if given a more natural growth curve, they might have succeeded. - mikepk
+1 Mikepk - VC funding creates a hyper-focus on geometric growth instead of creating a sustainable company... Those two are NOT the same thing. - Brian Roy
Hyper-growth is dangerous because it forces a lot of short term moves, such as hiring the wrong people because you need them _now_. I suspect that better companies come out of busts than booms because they are able to grow at a reasonable pace. - Paul Buchheit
Epitome of why I love, trust, and believe in FriendFeed. Classy, Paul and thank you for sharing with the community. - Mona Nomura
Tell me about it. I got the arrows in my back to prove it. :-) - Dave Winer
Nice summary, Paul. As I mentioned in a comment on the post, it's clear you understand we care, and that we didn't intend to open the door for those clamoring for you to fail - but it was a natural result. - Louis Gray
"Once we launched, the response was surprisingly positive, except from the people who hated it for a variety of reasons. " - Clare Dibble
@Paul - "Yes, technically you're doing my work for me, but it's mutually beneficial because we'll do our best to create a product that you like". Was this supposed to be an indirect response to Dave W asking you to pay him consulting for his ideas? - kartik vaithyanathan
Paul Buchheit +1 - Duncan Riley
So true. People think that from registering a domain to becoming a millonaire takes 1 idea and a couple of months. It took our company 10-years to do something "successful". - Martin Añazco
Been around this block a few times myself Paul. There is a pheneomenon out there around second ventures after the first was a winner. Let's have a talk about this over a beer after the outcome of FF is known. And also, I wouldn't necessarily count on the experience of selling a "product" inside a juggernaut like Google as being the same thing as making something work in the blogosphere or where ever it is FF is supposed to be planted. - Dave Winer
One more thing -- you're a very good writer -- but there's something else that isn't in your post. The odds against all startups are overwhelmingly against them. Ask Ev about Odeo someday. Your post is remarkably like the things he was writing about that product. And like the stuff I was saying after my company's IPO and was starting my second company. Unfortunately this was before blogs, so you'll have to take my word for it. I didn't really consider the possibility of failure. And of course we did fail. - Dave Winer
at least 24 hrs... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Great post Paul. Too many companies (see Webvan and slew of others) thought rapid growth was enough. But good businesses grow slowly, even on the Internet. - AJ Kohn
Nice post and great perspective. Nice position to be able to compare your own gmail experience to your FF experience. - Vernonkell
Here's Joel Spolsky talking about the same thing: http://www.joelonsoftware.com/article... - Piaw Na
The comments on your blog are awesome, e.g. "Gmail would be a lot better if it allowed registration of usernames < 6 characters wide." Proposed reply, "Oh, you can, but every single one has already been taken" - j1m
I commented in the post, but I saw a comment in FriendFeed that noted how another well-known service had a well-executed marketing introduction, followed by rapid growth, followed by severe technical failures. Not to imply that one growth model is always right and another one is always wrong (plus, that company solved its technical issues). - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
Paul, keep up the good fight to properly manage FF for optimal growth, scalability and integration of features. Rushed products typically fail. However, a healthy burn rate is good too. Release timely updates in response to user demand. There are some important UIX features that should be released soon as users are clamoring for ease of use features and FF could risk losing more users if these basic UI features are not implemented within a reasonable amount of time. Good Luck! :) - Susan Beebe
I commented over at the post. Really nice entry, with great perspective. - Martha
Paul: I've read this post three times and it's a work of art. Thank you and thank you for creating a service that has addicted me for almost a year now. - Robert Scoble
Not to one up Scoble, but it's the service itself that is the work of art. - Jim #teamFFrank
i appreciate this blended perspective. today i am dealing with the often elusive "balancing" objective, i.e., what is an acceptable pace towards those "goals posts", while honoring the organic nature of the quest! - Gregg
+2 Paul - Varun Mahajan
Paul, FriendFeed just rocks... It's already great today... - Aad 't Hart
Nice stuff.... some great comments etc.. thanks to mona for pointing me to it. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Paul's piece got reprinted at All Things D. Nice exposure: http://voices.allthingsd.com/2009010... - Louis Gray
Paul, I think FriendFeed is the best thing that I saw in 2008 on the web. It is still rough and needs to figure out how to best reel in the casual user, but there is so much promise in this service. The core of it is so powerful really and you guys are months if not years ahead of anyone else working in this area right now. Good luck to you and your team! - Thomas Hawk
+1 Thomas! Couldn't agree more... keep up great work FF team!! :) - Susan Beebe
Dave Winer
Haven't gotten a piece on TechMeme in ages even though I was posting all thru Xmas and know what -- I'm fine so fcuk off Gabe.
See, you didn't need to write a whole blog post about what is wrong with techmeme... you 140 chars sums it up nicely :) - Brian Roy
I've never had something on TechMeme, Slashdot, or Mashable. :P - MarkCarras
you don't need him. You were there before Techmeme, and you'll be with us long after they delete the techmeme entry from Wikipedia. - Duncan Riley
Loic: lol - Eric Florenzano
Andy -- it does, for at least the moment when I wrote it. I had just read something insipid on TM that no one was pointing to. When ever I see that I think what poor taste Gabe has. And I'm reminded that Scoble says, and I agree, that TechMeme is just Gabe's blog, and absolutely nothing more than that. He's got a lot of people snowed into thinking it's got some magic, but I don't buy it. - Dave Winer
Yes Loic, and that moment too. Thank you for reminding me that I am an imperfect human being. :-) - Dave Winer
Duncan I'm not so sure about that, but thank you for the vote of confidence. - Dave Winer
Dave we all are :-) happy new year to you. I will not that sentence you used for my next imperfection! - Loic Le Meur
c'est pas grave :) - Richard Walker
http://www.techfuga.com probably will have this. - Robert Scoble
+1 Loic - Karim
interesting line on it being Gabe's blog. Good line from Scoble, and very much accurate. Why people believe it's some sort of magic ranking system is beyond me, given the evidence to the contrary. Sad thing for Gabe: the advertisers will work this out soon as well - Duncan Riley
I meant "note" of course - Loic Le Meur from twhirl
@DaveWiner: i bet if you upped ante on "fuck off gabe" tweet -> a blog rant it makes @TechMeme (pulls up chair & some popcorn ;) - dave mcclure
dave, most times i don't care -- i had just read something idiotic (like what you suggest) on tm and thought what a waste. then i got over it and went on.save the popcorn for arrington's latest shoe bomb. - Dave Winer
@davewiner lots of people have issues with techmeme. Duncan Riley even has a new name for it CRUNCHMEME - Sidharth Dassani from fftogo
To be fair, Dave, you didn't break any important news or start a bitchmeme lately. I am sad that you've joined the mob in shooting the messenger on this one. It's not Gabe's fault that people aren't linking to you. People aren't linking to anyone much any more on their blogs, be that the Twitter/FriendFeed effect or just that there is a real news drought underway. Bitching at Gabe is pointless. - Paul Montgomery
Paul -- I'm just sharing my point of view, and that is never pointless. That's the credo of blogging. - Dave Winer
Paul, what Dave is pointing out is that exactly because of the news drought, at least some of the stuff that he put out while other didn't should have been there. - Amit Morson
Paul, Dave's proposed among other things a Feedburner alternative. A 2 second check of his link profile refutes your entire comment. But I do agree with one point: bitching at Gabe is pointless. He won't hear, his heads to far up Arrrington's arse to notice - Duncan Riley
Duncan: Are other bloggers picking up on any of the things Dave is writing? Bitter comments from slighted bloggers aside, TechMeme is algorithmic, even if Gabe selects stories manually as well. None of the blogs I've read have been linking to Scripting News lately, so I wouldn't expect Dave's blog to register as noteworthy by TM (no offense intended). - John Zipp
John, have you been watching TechMeme -- they include quite a few posts that no one is pointing to. Just FYI. (And I could use some perjorative terms to describe you, but I won't -- just note that it's not generally a great thing to do to someone who's right here -- if you want non-flamey discourse.) - Dave Winer
John, it's not exclusively algorithmic. It's a mixture of link profiles and hand picked links. And it weighs links depending on the source: I'm completely banned, and as I've proved in numbers before, it treats sites like Mashable poorly as well, as it is with Dave. Context: Loic LeMeur is on the leaderboard. Love Loic, but numbers and links vs Dave...do some homework - Duncan Riley
They like Fred Wilson too, and inexplicably (ha) two posts from the TechMeme blog ranked highly as well, even though no one was pointing to them. And that's just from memory. If I were taking notes there would be lots more, but I'm working on other things. - Dave Winer
Josh, agree. - Duncan Riley
Who cares? Techmeme is artificial and stupid. My RSS feeds are way better any day of the week. - Andru Edwards
Good one, Mark. Doubt he's ever heard that one before. - Akiva
Techmeme tried to be fully automatic but couldn't pull it off. The human intervention there however is partly motivated by ego and personal "issues". - Amit Morson
Dave: telling someone to F off is usually pointless, and hardly constitutes a cogent point of view. I think I might have to (gasp!) blog about this issue to get my point across more intelligently. - Paul Montgomery
Tips on getting past the velvet rope. Advice from social engineers http://tinyurl.com/7kc9bl - Jim Posner
Looking for a way to shoehorn this quote in "Dance like no one's watching." - Eddy Cole
Paul thanks for the personal advice. I got it. If you don't stop soon I'm going to tell you to fcuk off. :-) - Dave Winer
Wouldn't be the first time, Dave. :) - Paul Montgomery
You don't say. What was the first time? - Dave Winer
I've got into minor squabbles on your blog comments. Plus there was some mailing list shenanigans, I seem to recall. Nothing too severe. It's all part of the rough and tumble, no hard feelings. - Paul Montgomery
Cool. BTW, I meant to say that Gabe should fcuk off -- with lots of love! :-) - Dave Winer
TechMeme is like Head-On. Love the product or is that I hate the product. Can never figure it out. But it makes me feel like shit, except when I'm number 1 then I feel great. Most often it makes me feel like shit. Give me a way to kill it and I'll go for it. I'll even put some money behind killing it. Not a lot, but some. And with that I bid you all a good night. :-) - Dave Winer
Dave Winer is being discussed over here by Gabe Rivera: http://friendfeed.com/e... - Robert Scoble
Winer? - David Beach
Enough about Dave. Lets talk about Dave - gfurry
Louis Gray
The Gray Effect: Got Apple? Apparently, being a Mac fan is genetic. - http://www.thegrayeffect.com/2009...
The Gray Effect: Got Apple? Apparently, being a Mac fan is genetic.
Picture taken at a recent family post-Christmas gathering. L-R (me, my sister, brother and sister in law) - Louis Gray
CREEPY - Mona Nomura
it's like a CULT - sofarsoShawn
I hope you were all sending IMs to each other. - Shawn Farner
no shawn - they were all on friendfeed liking each other's stuff :) btw what mac laptop is the woman in the middle btw the two guys using? looks small - Allen Stern
Awesome picture... - Dennis Goedegebuure
1) Nobody was using IM. 2) At one point, my brother asked us to play a Monopoly game online (much faster than the board game) and 3) the MacBook being used in the middle is one of the new 13.3" models, while we have the 15.2" Pro versions. - Louis Gray
haha! - David Cook
It's true. All of my offspring are Macfans. What you grow up with is important. - Phil Boiarski
Heck, other than the apple logos, looks like my living room on a typical afternoon -- wife, stepdaughter and I all bathed in the light of our laptop screens . . . I guess we aren't as weird as we thought! 8-) - LJF Wolffe
we play boardgames around christmas - right low tech - Iphigenie
If smart is genetic, being a Mac-fan must be :P - ·[▪_▪]·
Same as my family. All got mac laptops. a couple of mac mini's and g4 cubes around too :) - Simon Wicks
True, Jason... not pictured would include my mother's Mac desktop and laptop, my wife's laptop, my iPhone, my sister's iPhone, and a small variety of iPods also in the house. - Louis Gray
Cult of Gray. But I say it's nurture not nature. :) - Josh Haley
"Hi! We're a Mac!" .LOLz - .LAG liked that
But are they all running Windows Vistas on those Macs? ;) - Jemm
love it! amazing... you guys do like your Macs ...I guess :) hehehee! - Susan Beebe
Funny! That's exactly what my brother's house looked like for a couple of hours after Christmas dinner. Well, except that he has a Mac and I don't. :-( - Lisa L. Seifert
Love the pic. Looks like our house- more variety on the mac front iBook, MBP, mini - Elliot Christenson
Amusingly, my wife asks, "is there any way to get these comments back on my blog?" Maybe I should send her some of my previous posts. - Louis Gray
can someone please hide this permanently; it's like "Children of the Corn(Mac)" - sofarsoShawn
Shouldn't you guys be taking advantage of the face-to-face gathering rather than interacting via your respective Mac? - Vinko
@Vinko: When conversing through computers, they can check from logs who said what first, when things get heated. - Jemm
Tamar Weinberg
It's my birthday today!
happy birthday tamar! - Rob Diana
Happy Birthday !!! - Nir Ben Yona from twhirl
happy birthday - have a lovely day - ♥ Stephiepooos ♥
THANKS :) - Tamar Weinberg
Happy Birthday girl! - Orli Yakuel
happy birthday. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
happy birthday tamar!!! - DanDan
Happy birthday, Tamar! - Erhan Erdoğan
happy b'day - MiniMage
Happy birthday! - Zulkarnain K.
Happy Birthday :) - MugeCerman
Hoppy Birdie! - Michael R. Bernstein
Happy Birthday! - Anthony K. Valley © from twhirl
Happy birthday! - Yolanda
Happy birthday!!! - AJ Batac
Many happy returns of the day! - vimoh
A very happy birthday to u!!!! - kunwar
Happy Happy BD! :) - Sasha Kovaliov
~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMAR!!!~~~ Wishing you a fabulous day !! eat cake!! :) - Susan Beebe
Happy Birthday, Tamar! :) - Dee @ Holycool.net
Happy BDAY - Shevonne
happy day to you - Nathan Chase
happy b-day! - Shey
Happy birthday!!! - Shawn Farner
and yet, you gave *US* the present: your post summarizing best internet marketing posts of 2008! (happy bday tamar :) - dave mcclure
Happy Birthday Tamar! - Web20Critic from twhirl
thanks Dave, now I hope you're available this week ;) (and thanks to everyone else too!!!) - Tamar Weinberg
Happy birthday :) - Joe Dawson
Tamar, Happy birthday! - Mike Fruchter
happy birthday!!! - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
happy birthday! - Sarah Perez
Happy birthday Tamar! - Mitchell Tsai
Happy Birthday, Tamar! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
yay! happy birthday! - Marshall Kirkpatrick
happy bday tamar - MG Siegler
Happy bday! - Matt Cutts
Think I did this already somewhere else this morning ... but Happy Birthday Tamar! (anyway :) - Charlie Anzman
thanks everyone :) - Tamar Weinberg
PS: This is turning into a great 'starter kit' of people to follow on Friendfeed ! - Charlie Anzman
Happy Birthday! - Trish Haley
Happy birthday! - Morton Fox
Happy Birthday to you! -
Happy Happy, Joy Joy to you!!! :-) - Live4Emma (L4S)
Happy Birthday !! - Mo Kargas
Happy Birthday :) - The Fat Oracle
Happy Birthday! - Rodfather
Happy Birthday. - Todd Jordan
Happy Birthday again! Hope you're having a great day. Any chocolate cake? Carrot with cream cheese icing? Candles? - Gail Gardner
hsapp[y b-day - MikeAmundsen
Go shorty it's your birfday! - BEX
Happy bday! And remember, no matter how old you get, if you were a turtle, you'd still be too young to leave home. :-P - April Russo (FForever!)
Happy Birthday!! - Lindsay
happy birthday - Cee Bee
Happy birthday! - Phil Glockner
What Phil Said! - Bill Sanders
gonna party like it's your birthday - Eric - Final Countdown
Happy Birthday! - Pete D
Happy Birthday ... pick an ascii art cake: http://www.geocities.com/soho... (and turn up speaker volume) - Micah
Happy Birthday to you Tamar! =) - Randy
Happy belated b-day! - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Happy Birthday!! (10 minutes left...) - Justin Korn
sorry i missed this Tamar, happy birthday! - Zee.
Mike Fruchter
Isn't it funny the ones predicting FriendFeeds death, are the same ones who wonder why there are no comments and likes on their FriendFeed feed. This is someone who does NOT even participate on FriendFeed at all.
I figured with the subtle clues most would know who it is :) - Mike Fruchter
Should we tell him? ;) - Tamar Weinberg
Eyeroll. His last FF post was Nov. 25. You can't complain about a service if you're not even using it. - Rochelle
Yeah I was surprised by this whole thing. I unsubbed from his twitter and blog. C ya! - Richard Walker
I like Stowe, but I have to agree here. You only get out of a service what you put into it. - Duncan Riley
Methinks he aggregates his feeds into FF and expects comments just like that. Unfollowed from his Twitter when he kept live tweeting about various 'bloggers blogging about blogging' conferences and filled my stream with blah. - Sally Church
Sally, exactly. It's just like Duncan stated, you only get out of service what you input in. I'm surprised Stowe does not understand this. - Mike Fruchter
who is stowe? :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Only FF old timers can see how retroactively amusing Duncan's comment is. :-) Good work, Duncan! - Louis Gray
LG - I was just about to say how funny Duncan's comment was!!! - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Imagine if tomorrow, FF wasn't here. Mike F would probably need a 'social readjustment' ! :) (Keep 'em comin' MF) - Charlie Anzman
Charlie, could you imagine? I would have to check myself into a mental asylum. Happy new years, and good morning :) - Mike Fruchter
Seriously. I can't figure out what's so hard for people to understand about FF. But then I'm one of those folks who tried Twitter and never got into it, then tried FF and I never, ever want to let it go. It better not die. Where would all of us go?? - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
There certainly is community here in FriendFeed, but it's actually mix of many since people use service in different ways. I have feeling that while conversation is mainly in English, there should be more language specific Rooms so that location specific conversations could also be more actively apparent in FF even while most of the system is in English. - Daniel Schildt
I dunno, I didn't partake in pownce and could guess that was going under, and plurk probably won't last and I don't partake there - I disagree that FF will go the same way but don't agree you need to use a service to predict demisii - Mark Edmondson
There might be slowdown in some part (at least I have certainly been using FriendFeed much less than previously) but it might be that usage is growing up (not in numbers but in level of thought). - Daniel Schildt
I know this is kind of off topic, but I found a bug! There's a person on this thread blocked me via FF and I can see his FF comment here. That is all. kthxbai. - Tamar Weinberg
who would block you Tamar? weird and dumb IMO! - Susan Beebe
Duncan did. - Tamar Weinberg
Maybe he unblocked you? - Mike Fruchter
Maybe we should all tweet him links to some newbie guides to FF. Then he might understand why he doesn't get any comments. - April Russo (FForever!)
April, he will just delete them, as he did with the comments I left on his post. - Mike Fruchter
Mike, no, because I can't see anything else of his. I checked before I wrote my comment on this FF message. - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
finally! after 4 weeks, my "best internet marketing posts of 2008" is live. http://www.techipedia.com/2009...
great work ! a ver si alguien hace algo parecido en español :) - Juan Luis
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