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Helena (@helena) is truly talented. @like_knows_like does a really nice job of telling her story:
"Everything you can imagine is real." - Pablo Picasso (at @britandco) [pic] —
The singularity has already happened on Wall Street with high frequency trading.
“Hacking Sonos” by @nathanborror
RT @zachklein: Flow, in more detail.
Easter Sunday. (with Fred at City Church at Davies Symphony Hall) [pic] —
Banksy with an hauntingly prescient comment on our time.
How To Craft A Concise Pitch Investors Will Care About, by @bingfish
.@Quip has become an indispensable part of my work life and has become one of my favorite work collaboration tools I have ever used.
I will believe the singularity is coming when we actually solve the contacts problem.
Project Ara is such a cool idea.
RT @arstechnica: Windows Phone 8.1 is so robust it really should be Windows Phone 9.0, according to @DrPizza
RT @arstechnica: Windows Phone 8.1 review: a magnificent smartphone platform by @drpizza
RT @msquinn: 1 billion matches, $5 billion valuation. Turns out you can put a price on love: $5.
RT @usskiteam: Friends and legends at US Ski Hall of Fame induction in #parkcity #skihalloffame
"The details are not the details. They make the product. It will in the end be the details that give the product its life." - Charles Eames
RT @asymco: Shares vs volumes of smartphone ecosystems.
Life is only short once.
RT @naval: Cryptocurrencies are a native language for value transfer in networks more than they are a currency for humans:
RT @PATHtweets: We bring people together, but not the same way the social network @path does. Connect #allthePATHs!
RT @3DRobotics: You can accept the world as it is, or you can accept the extraordinary responsibility of changing it.
RT @brendanbaker: Crazy chart. Most striking: lack of browser use, place of Facebook in our lives. via @jyarow, cc @johnolilly
RT @conradhackett: % of country using internet Explore the data:
RT @johnmaeda: Steve Jobs on the disease of believing that 90% of the work is having a great idea … via @cdixon
RT @EdwardTufte: Tim Berners-Lee, founding document of web The diagram replaces noun hierarchies with flat verbs/links #visualization
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