Mobile Is Eating the World There is no point in drawing a distinction between the future of technology and the future of mobile. They are the same. In other words, technology is now outgrowing the tech industry. -
RT @TabathaSouthey: Berlin is just cool. 8,000 glowing balloons recreate the Berlin Wall, 25 yrs after its fall:
RT @conradhackett: Twitter users are not representative of the public. Tweets are not representative of public opinion.
RT @Wfendler: I really hope other people realize the potential of @Path Talk's place messaging. Got a bunch of detailed info w/o a phone call today. #rad
RT @foundersfund: We should probably talk about this 60-billion dollar corporation suing a startup for competing with a better product.
RT @jtjdt: Ok, so @Path talk is pretty convenient -
RT @chartier: Schooled by @path Talk Places and @BestBuy on the actual equipment I need to make my TV do a thing. ❤
RT @GoodEggs: "Every single choice we make about food matters, at every level. The right choice saves the world.” -Alice Waters
RT @conradhackett: US adults using the internet: 1995 14% 2014 87%
"The details are not details. They make the product. In the end it is the details that give the product its life." - Charles Eames
RT @sama: quote from @reidhoffman today at #cs183b: "it's very conventional now to be contrarian"
RT @nytvideo: How @MelodyMcC created @styleseat from the ground up, in a male-dominated tech space:
Declaring Twitter bankruptcy. Going back to 0 following and building back up again based on what I remember to follow. #socialexperiments
RT @paulg: It's puzzling how big Silicon Valley's peanut gallery is. Why do so many people who will never start startups care so much about them?
RT @pmarca: Three billion (!) people join the Internet in 20 years; meanwhile inflation drops to broad record lows. Are we sure there's no connection?
Harvard cracks DNA storage, crams 700 terabytes of data into a single gram -
Harvard cracks DNA storage, crams 700 terabytes of data into a single gram
Trampoline Cliff Jumping -
Summer Sand Skiing on Mt. Etna -
Apps are media.
Sad, but true. We have to change that - Keith Teare
If you are not making mistakes, you are probably not doing enough. -
Blue Bottle: Brew Where You Are -
Consumers have taken control of the media and are not giving it back. -
RT @admartinezjr: I tried @path Places last night and it was surprisingly easy and fast.
RT @evandinsmore: So @Path Talk's places is really awesome.
RT @asip: Either I'm very lazy, or @path places is extremely helpful.
RT @rstephens: Conscious Uncoupling 2014: Facebook/Messenger Ebay/Paypal Hewlett/Packard Gwyneth/Chris Path/Talk
RT @path: No more waiting on hold with your dog groomer! Use Places on Path Talk to set up an appointment at the puppy parlor!
With Path Talk, Path Rights Its Course - Gear Patrol -
With Path Talk, Path Rights Its Course - Gear Patrol
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