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@Mad_Science_Guy Let me put it another way: It makes Prometheus seem like a master work.
Planning on seeing #Transcendence? Heed a line from Morgan Freeman in the movie: "Run from this place" (Don't say no one warned you...)
RT @stevesilberman: One last time: Do not miss these pics of a 13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia.
The @washingtonpost has joined @USATODAY on the blood moon woo wagon. But good on @latimes for snarky rational humor.
@JATetro @MackayIM @maiamajumder Due an international licensing agreement - which we're working to fix on multiple levels… stay tuned.
RT @edyong209: AYFKM? MT @aatishb: How to lie w/ data viz Surely one of the most misleading figures ever!
RT @Nick_Offerman: A Jackass on the cover of @PopSci as a guy who might could find his ass with both hands. Photo by @FScottSchafer
RT @PopSci: Cherry tree seed that went to space is now blooming—6 years early. And there's something strange about the flowers...
Is this the most irresponsible story I've seen so far in 2014? Yes: Q: Is anyone at @USATODAY supervising @dstanglin?
Explore the deep ocean while you eat lunch (@okeanosexplorer is currently poking around a reef w/ an ROV):
An infectious explainer by @susannahlocke MT @ezraklein: Scientists just pubbed the recipe for weaponizing bird flu:
RT @AnthonyMasonCBS: A collapsible Bike helmet. One of @PopSci's #BestNewInventions. Thx to @DaveMosher for showing it on @CBSThisMorning
At @cbsthismorning showing off @popsci's crazy cool #InventionAwards winners @ CBS This Morning
Don't worry, Internet. I'm not going to dismiss intern @CaptainIna0328 for stealing my @PopSci mayorship on @foursquare. Yet. *glares*
"The vaginas sound wonderfully personalized."
RT @Gothamist: This Is What Dr. Zizmor Looks Like In 2014
@solepowertech in the spotlight at ap TV (for the @popsci #InventionAwards) @ The Associated Press,…
@williaqj Hate me now (see photo). More hatred available here: @susanematthews @CorinneIOZO
@williaqj @susanematthews @CorinneIOZO Ha, yes she should. Also: I'm a lucky boy who's been to the sloth sanctuary:
RT @LadyBits: Identifying cities by their light signature. Beautiful & fascinating science from @roseveleth:
RT @PopSci: Missiles and rockets might soon smell like pine trees
Com-moon colonies! Superb roundup of Soviet space art by @grofjardanhazy: h/t @alexismadrigal
This seems like something to be concerned about: h/t to @CaptainIna0328 for sharing
Photo boothin' with my boo at the 2014 #ShortyAwards @ Shorty Awards
RT @tnyCloseRead: Fatal, mesmerizing: @coreyspowell Every major earthquake since 1898 showing how Earth's put together via @DavidGrann
RT @RosePastore: That invention for sealing gunshot wounds? It just got FDA approval:
RT @carlfranzen: How to force a CEO out in 11 days: via @caseynewton
@jameshutson We're working on it. Hang in there. @popsciAU
This virtual head follows your cursor + stares at you + is horribly creepy (via @RosePastore):
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