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Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor

Blogger, social media gadabout, public speaker, consultant, film critic and dad.
Thursday! Please join me on an important Twitter conversation about WORK/LIFE BALANCE, along with @Experian_US
RT @cibelesishtar: The Social Media Now Daily is out! Stories via @DaveTaylor
Wifi in all new Chevrolet cars? Cool idea if you keep in mind that sometimes it's okay to...
Big handful of spinach + banana + 1/2 cup blueberries + teaspoon of peanut butter + 1% milk + ice cubes -> Ninja blender = morning smoothie!
How do I stop Facebook Video Autoplay?
RT @lil_lady_dz: @DaveTaylor D.E.C.K. - DANCING EARS CAN KICK. #ADTDeckGiveaway
My summer of soccer. Lots of soccer! So far, so good. And BPL is just starting up too. Nice! #soccer
Please join me on an important Twitter conversation about WORK/LIFE BALANCE later this week. Sponsor: @Experian_US
Find my iPhone can help you locate your stolen gear. But should you try to get it yourself? NO! #AbsoluteUncovered
Found your stolen device with Find my iPhone? Now what??
Review: Verykool s505 Unlocked Android Smartphone. Surprisingly slick, very Galaxy S5-like: #smartphones #samsung
RT @jayrosen_nyu: Best piece of writing I have yet read about Ferguson.
RT @OReillyMedia: Join the O'Reilly Affiliate Program. Send people to us, and we'll send money to you.
Padlock fail at the gym. Thank goodness they had bolt cutters or I would be walking home! #fail
RT @DadHype: The Dad Hype Daily is out! Stories via @BradLawless @DaveTaylor @coolmomtech
Are screens messing up our kids eyes? They sure are, but the reason why is rather surprising: #parenting
Funny to hear the tension between the two @NBCSN commentators on the Newcastle v. ManCity match re: their pick for #1 BPL team. :-)
RT @joebones265: @DaveTaylor D did E everyone C choose K kardashians #ADTDeckGiveaway
My brilliant summer of soccer. So far, so good. And BPL is just starting up too. Nice! #soccer #coys
I guess when they host something as alien as live soccer it's understandable that they wouldn't know…
Sometimes parenting a teen is about watching the train wreck and helping with the survivors: #dadchat #parenting
I'm in scenic Golden Colorado. Now where's the Coors beer? #Colorado #golden
Lovely last minute goal by Dier gives us out first match of the season! #Spurs #COYS
Can I change the Twitter Trending Now List?
. @ItsTomOBrien I want them to end top five. I expect them to end top ten. Just another year as a Spurs fan... Your take?
Totally bogus red card on Naughton, karma that the penalty kick went wide. Sheesh! #coys #bpl
First game of the BPL season, watching Spurs on a really, really big (movie theater!) screen. I'm the only one here.
playing around looking at the different "trending" words and hashtags here on Twitter. Interesting regional variations! #trendingnow
A pager! In the wild, not a museum! What is the world coming to?? #retro #funny #tech
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