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Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor

Blogger, social media gadabout, public speaker, consultant, film critic and dad.
Hmmm... I'm used to seeing a much more rectilinear signage, @Starbucks :-). #retail #starbucks @…
Thanks to the team at Wiley for sending along these two really interesting looking film books. #movies
Giveaway: Sol Republic Deck Bluetooth Speaker. Easy Twitter-based entry too! #giveaway #free #freebie #spon
This is weird: I go onto my LinkedIn profile and can't find ANY of my status updates. Where are they supposed to be?? #BadUI
What if you lose your gear? #AbsoluteLoJack can help w/ recovery, but what about emotionally? Take this quiz: #ad
Ah, those last days of summer. 9.30am, my 17yo just got up, and my 10yo is still snoozing... Me? I was up at 7am. #DarnWork
RT @HeidiTown: This made me teary. I remember being the girl dancing // Modern Dance Recital, In My Front Hallway via @DaveTaylor
My daughter's impromptu dance recital and how we lose our imaginative lives as we get older... #dance #parenting
Giveaway: Sol Republic Deck Bluetooth Speaker
I gotta say, the TV series @ManhattanWGNA is really growing on me. Surprisingly similar to @UnderTheDomeCBS, actually. #tv #wwii
Hey @spindriftfresh bumped into your product while researching a book on Twitter for marketing. Intrigued. Do you have any CO outlets yet?
One of the many beautiful lakes that dot the #colorado landscape. Lovely! #nature
Seriously, spammers, do you have a 10 year gap in timezones or something? Sheesh. #funny
And that's a wrap! Just finished updating the last chapter of "Wicked Cool Shell Scripts", 10th Anniv. edition now coming SOON! #books
Yes, I'm working at Amante Uptown on a Saturday afternoon. Just trying to keep up with all my writing and video projects, ya know! #busy
MT @datingdad you got me there, Dave. I'll get my twin brother @marrieddad and together we'll be fully armed wit-wise. Cc/ @suzanbond
and I kid you not, the section I'm working on in the book is titled "How to be Interesting on Twitter". Ah, irony! @datingdad @suzanbond
Cant' really be an "MT" battle of wits between @datingdad and I when only one of us (cough) is fully armed, can it @suzanbond?
Well, there's no comedic effect when the "MT" is true, @datingdad. Oh, but that applied to mine too. #ThisStuffIsTricky Cc/ @suzanbond
MT @datingdad You've got me figured out, Dave. You're the superior one. Don't know why I try to debate you. Cc/ @suzanbond (HA!)
Wait a sec, I was deliberate in the humor of "Not Cc'ing". Now you've "MT" changed my words. That's dangerous! @datingdad @suzanbond
Thx for piping up, @datingdad. So it's a "RT" that you've tweaked? Or that you've added something to the end? Cc/ @suzanbond #pedantic?
So hmmm... @suzanbond When did that start being used? Never bumped into it before.. :-)
Hey @suzanbond, serious question: What does "MT" mean in front of a tweet? Typo? Cc/ @seriouspony
Stuck with a weather widget on your #Android phone or tablet that can't figure out your geoloc? Here's the fix:
My daughter decided to see if her shower cap was bathproof. Here's what she found out: #parenting #funny
RT @FullCircles: The Eric Snyder Daily is out! Stories via @therealspunky @GalleonB @DaveTaylor
My daughter decided to see if her shower cap was waterproof. Here's what she found out: #parenting
. @NokiaUS that's great to hear. Every company that can minimize packaging = much better for our environment. Now @ATT what's the scoop?
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