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Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor

Blogger, social media gadabout, public speaker, consultant, film critic and dad.
Got a Young Scientist In the House? Then check out the Young Scientist Challenge: #YoungSciChallenge #dadchat
How to disable Nest Protect “Nest Wave” feature?
RT @workat_homedad: Great Fun with Classic Games for the kids via @davetaylor
gotta go. my 10yo needs help with her English (dinosaurs! oh yeah!) Cheers everyone, and good luck with your T-level. #dadchat
I get hot flashes when, um, it's hot out. Does that count? :-) #dadchat
I'll volunteer to help women check for breast cancer. Grudgingly, of course. Right Bruce? :-) Cc/ @MimiBakerMN @MarcieMom #dadchat
A big question for you, @johnlapuma :: WHY do we need to keep our T level up? I mean, if we naturally have less when we age... #dadchat
Concur with @BruceSallan, @johnlapuma :: what's "low T" and what does "no T restart" mean? #dadchat
Yeah, @MimiBakerMN you should just drizzle some testosterone on the quiche before you eat it. (Ewwww!) Cc/ @GinaValley #dadchat
Uh oh, what's CYCYP mean? #darnAcronyms Cc/ @johnlapuma @GinaValley #dadchat
. @johnlapuma Ah, so low testosterone means I don't have to shave as often? Hmm... possibly a good tradeoff. :-) #dadchat
Trendy or legit: low testosterone in men? Dunno, I'll answer when I'm less lethargic. :-) Yes @johnlapuma? #dadchat
Btw, Dads, if you're looking for community, start tracking #dadchat right. now. Having a twitter chat for the next hour...
Hey #dadchat gang, I think I can show up for a bit. Special Hi to our guest tonight too!
Mets infielder Daniel Murphy Criticized for Taking Paternity Leave. That's just stupid. My commentary: #dadchat
How do you embed Instagram photos on your blog?
How to embed @Instagram photos on your blog or other Web pages, a super-easy tutorial: #useful #instagram
Ahhh spring in Colorado. The good news? It'll likely all be gone by late afternoon. #snow #weather
RT @workat_homedad: What to expect as a Single Father via @davetaylor
Can I share my custom Gmail theme?
Can I share my custom Gmail theme? You sure can with a cool new #Gmail feature. The scoop: #help #tech
My review of the provocative, albeit flawed "The Immortal Augustus Gladstone" from MYST co-creator Robyn C. Miller:
Why do bloggers help promote a company's product or service without any benefit to themselves? #dadchat #blogging
hey @socialspark, why is the site so painfully slow? Noticed it for months and it's by far the slowest site I know. :-(
RT @EcommerceBoy: Internet Marketing Aggregate is out! Stories via @DaveTaylor
Easiest way to shred a lot of paper? Fellowes AutoMax
Run Sun Solaris 11 on your Mac or PC. For free. No kidding. Here's the scoop: #testing #unix #linux #programming
Can I run Solaris Unix on my Mac or PC?
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