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Interview: Martin Blaser, Author Of 'Missing Microbes'.
I like it when news orgs advocate for new development in the communities they serve.
RT @_GRRM_: I'm in a rush to finish the next book, so the entire second half will be written from Hodor's perspective.
Powdered alcohol. Coming soon.
NYT proposes a new streetcar along the East River in Brooklyn and Queens.
Why are you all dressed like Robert Deniro? You talking to me?
They're using a hacked up version of Come Get It Bae to promo the NBA. Great song. Wish they wouldn't hack it.
RT @JPBarlow: I should have know better than to tweet a joke in two pieces. Twitter has no continuity.
RT @nbariver: ESPN caused shot clock malfunction in Raptors-Nets
RT @nbariver: NBA: Refs missed foul call in Warriors-Clippers (Yahoo Sports)
City tree almost in full bloom.
Google reveals the simple formula for winning resume. (Also they got rid of the puzzles, good move.)
Define generations by the tech they use (I'm still from a generation that hasn't yet been born).
Define generations by the tech they use.
RT @nbariver: Jeff Teague Just Adds To The Point Guard Rampage vs. Pacers
Why Melo Should Leave the New York Knicks.
RT @jkottke: Google search completion: "How do I know if I'm..."
RT @nbariver: Roy Hibbert: 'I'm the weak link on defense' vs. Atlanta
Dallas developer's A Dark Room app hits No. 1 spot on Apple app store.
RT @kicalaf: @davewiner Just like our local poet Dusko Radovic said:He who know to love,doesn't need anything else to do in his life.It will be enough :D
RT @nzkoz: So yeah, looks like someone’s got a pretty big database of twitter for iPhone OAuth tokens, where’d they get those?
RT @nbariver: Kravitz: Pacers collapse isn't complete but you can see it from here
RT @tkq: @davidsirota’s coverage of Gov. Christie’s pension scandal is journalism at its finest. Worth reading every word.
Loving how Memphis is giving OKC grief. Maybe a visiting team sweep on the opening day of playoffs.
EV Grieve: NBA action on Avenue A.
RT @baznet: Earlier today my 6 yo trying to get his way said "every day you're just a disappointment to your children"
Digital Public Library of America to add millions of records to its archive.
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