Dave Winer
Inexplicable. I thought @arrington got his name pre-reserved by FB. http://twitter.com/arringt...
I'll bet the twit army got there first, ha! - Ken Power
Nope, he commented that in the interest of integrity he WOULD NOT take advantage of the early access for journalists. - David Lloyd
This should make for biting shenanigans and theater on the G Gang show today when they pick up where they left off last week on the Great Day of Hurt Feelings... - Thom Kennon
I was in irc.twit.tv last night at midnight and i don't think it was until about 10 or 15 minutes after the hour that someone mentioned squatting on the arrington fb names (in jest i assumed) - Chris Heath
Matthew, I don't think it was the TWiT Army that secured the arrington fb names, there's certainly no proof of who it was since if you type up those urls nothing comes up (private profiles i guess?) - Chris Heath
I don't think anyone is squatting on facebook.com/arrington. Like Walt said, I believe Facebook actually reserved it. If you try to go to that page it doesn't exist. - Laura Norvig