Dave Winer
Just heard that @ev said some stuff about the SUL. Look forward to hearing exactly what was said before commenting.
He was asked about Scoble's post on the SUL http://scobleizer.com/2009... Susan Mernit said Twitter announced its new list feature shortly after, so was there a connection? He did not directly say that, but he did say "we don't think it's our job to editorialize." That guys like Dave Winer and Scoble are always thinking ahead (and so you can't ignore what they're saying) that the SUL was just a hack in response to the problem of getting new users engaged, and they knew it wasn't a great solution. The new lists feature is partly a response to that, he said. Also, he said that once they implement new features Scoble and Winer will be asking for something else, which is the way it goes in tech. There was no rancor in his tone. - Jay Rosen
Watched through the video several times and the SUL discussion isn't in it. Video started late so perhaps it was earlier in the event. - Ryan Tate