Dave Winer
I don't have time to write a blog post about RSS being dead. I'm too busy writing apps that move RSS from here to there in new ways.
That was a pretty silly statement by Steve Gillmor. Maybe RSS readers are dead, but RSS is certainly long-term glue--as you are proving. - Bill Rice
How else was he going to generate the pageviews? - coldbrew
so RSS is *un*dead? braiiins. :) I'm sure you've encountered the same thing, but I don't think RSS will ever be consumer tech in it's raw (RSS reader) form. It was destined from the beginning to be plumbing. - mikepk
I used to describe it as the defacto web data API. Perfect? no, but darn useful. - mikepk
Mike, it's like HTTP. - Dave Winer
wow, thats great. Would like to know more about it through one of your blog posts - Sampad Swain
You know since Steve was adopting a musical theme, I went looking, and I haven't found it yet. I think it's on the Love You Live album where Mick Jagger responds to some people carrying on in the audience with a dismissive even derisive "Everything okay in the critics section?" He has a picture of the Beatles, they did some great music, but RSS is more like the Stones, rough and dirty. But it rocks. - Dave Winer
If RSS is dead I must be in heaven - 722 feeds and rising. - Michael Turro
I can feel the shift, I also just made mention of RSS feeling different now with TWITTER and other real time aggregators on my account @mattaphillips - Matthew