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I had never waited in an airport cell phone lot before today. Of course this being America they've turned into shopping malls.
The easiest way to tweet a storm!
If I knew the way, I would take you home
Chubby Checker and Hewlett-Packard settle penis measurement app lawsuit. (His name will always mean that to me now.)
Israel's Other War. (We have the same arguments in the US about Israel.)
RT @TechCrunchOnion: Early adopter less excited about 7th pivot
Tech is filled with attitude, based on me understanding something that I believe you don't. In other words it has become a con.
RT @codinghorror: So apparently it is more efficient to merge lanes as late as possible? Would not have guessed that.
RT @mcuban: If I own stock in your company and you move offshore for tax reasons I'm selling your stock. There are enough investment choices here
RT @danielbachhuber: Crazy idea: news orgs should deploy Olark on product launches for real-time feedback (and subsequent tweaks)
RT @Jason_Cobb: Here' what I love about @davewiner's tools: he builds more functionality, yet makes it easier Bye bye bloatware.
How Hackers Hid a Money-Mining Botnet in the Clouds of Amazon and Others.
The pen is one old-times thing I actually do miss. I used to love to write with ink. Quaint. Like a monk.
I write notes in my ecosystem notebook more now because I found a pen I absolutely love. Hi-Tec-C 0.3mm... #officesupplylove #weirdthatway - Me
I'm on the (mundane but decent) Pilot G-2 and am looking at Pilot Juice next. Hi-Tec-C is highly rated but I wanted a clicky pen because I often write notes while out hiking, and don't want to deal with the cap. Plus, look at all the colors! :) - Amit Patel
I use Uniball Signo 207's in assorted colors. I like the Pilot G-2's, but I've had issues with them occasionally bleeding during use. - NOT THE CRICKET
I stockpile Pentel Hybrid Technica pens. - joey
Amit, there is a Hi-Tec-C clicky pen. and in colors.. just a bit pricey. - Me
Oh cool, I hadn't seen the Hi-Tec C clicky! - Amit Patel
An example of a political message in a Little Card.
RT @LeviNotik: @davewiner little porkchop is awesome. Little bug though :-(
Little Pork Chop 0.53. Fixed a bug that was probably causing a lot of pain! -
Good morning trouble-makers! :-)
My neighbor just said: "I won't be able to talk with you while I'm on the plane." You can hear the people on the other end celebrating.
It would be nice if you could direct email to "the guy talking loudly on the phone at Gate 39C at EWR."
This is why they MUST NOT allow use of phones on planes. Imagine being captive next to one of these guys for hours.
Pet peeve: People who have loud one-sided phone conversations in airport lounges. You can tell the guy at the other end is bored too.
Oy the airtrain at EWR is broken now on bus getting scenic tour of New Jersey
I made it onto njtransit. Much cheaper, nicer train too.
RT @kasperbergholt: "The power of RSS is that everyone uses it to move news around." -- via @davewiner #rss #syndication #news
RT @pkedrosky: High and low temps in contiguous US only 400km apart yesterday: 121F (49C) at Death Valley, CA; 29F (-1C) at Bodie State Park, CA
Scripting News: How many Facebook users know what RSS is? -
The "open carry" guys should just take off their pants and show us what they're really carrying, openly.
Scripting News: How many Facebook users know what RSS is?
RT @evgrieve: Free film tonight in Tompkins Square Park: 'Fight Club'
The "open carry" guys should just take off their pants and show us what they're really carrying, openly.
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