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"That's correct. The edits or deletions just affect the RSS feed." - Dave Winer
Re: A professional obligation -
"Some things Dan gets incredibly right -- this is one of them." - Dave Winer
Another bike movie in Hyperlapse -
Another bike movie in Hyperlapse
Re: Facebook's algorithm isn't news -
"I agree with your second paragraph. It's been hugely frustrating to me, as a developer who comes from tech, but doesn't have a conflict of interest, that they've ignored all my attempts to work with them. The press admires money, they're drawn to it, so they love having the CEOs of big tech companies as guests, especially the ones that represent the greatest threats to them. They want to hear everything will be all right, so the CEOs are happy to tell them that (or let them believe that). It would take courage they don't have to meet the challenge head-on. However, I don't think it's too late. I don't think either Twitter or Facebook deliver anything close to a good news experience. There's so much important stuff that goes right over their heads. I know because I've watched this story sail over the heads of the news industry itself. That said, there are smart people at Google and Facebook, I don't see that much smartness at Twitter, but the train hasn't actually left the station yet...." - Dave Winer
Hyperlapse video of a bike ride on the Hudson -
Hyperlapse video of a bike ride on the Hudson
thats really cool - kellyscott
Ride through Central Park in Hyperlapse -
Ride through Central Park in Hyperlapse
Re: Come on a bike ride with me! -
"That's why I like doing things like this. It helps us see how different things are in different places. Today was unusually crowded on the path." - Dave Winer
Re: Did Amazon leverage their APIs in Zocalo? -
"Why this would be amazing.." - Dave Winer
Re: The Personal Blog -
"Thanks for this Fred. Blogging is important, and doing it in someone else's namespace doesn't cut it. You're a guest. On your own blog you are The Boss, and the buck starts and stops with you. And if you don't like what the technology is doing to you, you can move. If you're writing under someone else's name, you're stuck with them." - Dave Winer
Re: Posting to WordPress and Facebook -
"This post explains the project. Basically the API has the ability to update posts, the docs in this case have not kept up with the service. There's a link on that page to a bit of sample code that shows you how to do it. What software are you hooking up to FB?" - Dave Winer
Re: What "coder" means to me -
"Interesting! ;-)" - Dave Winer
Re: Scripting News: [Is Medium a good deal?] -
"Heh" - Dave Winer
Re: The Personal Blog -
"You da man William! :-)" - Dave Winer
Re: The Personal Blog -
"But the writing doesn't have to live on for them to do that. They could find readers for my writing without me having to lock my writing into their space. They're doing you the big favor of finding you readers in exchange for the lock-in. BTW, I've tried out that theory, and it didn't work for me. My ideas get no more exposure on than they do anywhere else. It's really up to me to promote my writing, where ever it lives. I learned this lesson, as did many others, years ago on Huffington Post, where they had the same pitch. Create your content here and we'll get you readers. I did eventually get a hot piece on Huffington, but they basically took all the flow and redirected it to their directory of pieces on the topic I was writing about. So even when I win, I didn't really win. That was the last piece I posted to their site. From then on, it was just my blog. These days, however -- I do write stuff for posting on Facebook because there are more readers there, and..." - Dave Winer
Re: How the storage system should work -
"Can't they read my blog post?" - Dave Winer
Re: How the storage system should work -
"You're very right, the data is named. I will update this immediately. I didn't look at my Twitter code as I was writing this. Bad Dave." - Dave Winer
Re: Little Facebook Editor -
"Save is supposed to be enabled initially. It saves when you click the Save button. Remember this is a demo app. Not trying to achieve perfection, just to show the feature is there and it works." - Dave Winer
Re: An alternate view of Jay Rosen's demo -
"I use River4 and connect through the existing social networks." - Dave Winer
Re: The dog days of summer -
"Basically if you post a comment that asks a question that's answered in the second paragraph of the post you're commenting on, then the comment doesn't need to be here. You're just asking me to rewrite the post for you, and I don't think that's very efficient. ;-)" - Dave Winer
Re: The dog days of summer -
"These are on my list. ;-)" - Dave Winer
Re: Little Facebook Editor -
"All code and storage is on your computer, I'm not even running a server for this application. So my servers never even get any of your information, or credentials." - Dave Winer
Re: Fargo outage cleared -
"That about sums up my feelings. ;-)" - Dave Winer
Times Square costumed characters stage protest in New York City.
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Twitter is turning into Faye Dunaway's Network.
Jeff Barr: My First 12 Years at
You know I think Steve Ballmer should have been an NBA owner from the beginning. Programmers don't really respond to yelling that well.
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