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Today's background image is a Boulder bike trail. -
Re: My manifesto for web writing -
"That's right. That's because there really is just one web, and the artificial attempts to divide things up can't last forever. Eventually the users get wise to it, and will start living outside the little nests the tech companies create for them." - Dave Winer
Re: My manifesto for web writing -
"It's technically totally possible." - Dave Winer
I will go Kevin ,,its possible ,, - Hussein Larroca
Re: My manifesto for web writing -
"I'm not demanding anything." - Dave Winer
Why services launch without APIs -
Scripting News: My manifesto for web writing. -
Scripting News: Cuban cottages in Jamaica. -
Jeffrey Kishner: Running River4 Locally with Dropbox. -
A Facebook federation would be killer -
Scripting News: 20-year milestone coming soon. -
Re: 20-year milestone coming soon -
"I think Chinese Household for sure is on any list. I'll have to re-read the others. I love the title of the one about Senor Bezos, but I have to admit I've given a lot of pesos to him over the years. ;-( How to Make Money on the Internet was an important piece that was unfortunately ignored by the journalism industry. To this day, it would be the advice I would give to any news organization. None of them are doing it though. None, not a single one. But I'm still sure that the one that did would clean up the whole market. They're having their ONA meeting right now, trying to convince themselves they're still on the right track. Oy." - Dave Winer
Re: 20-year milestone coming soon -
"Thanks Michael! I don't think I've ever re-read that piece, but I like it. I think we're right back there at this point in the loop with Facebook. Google, completely missed that possibility, instead betting on Google Plus. I think Facebook was their Netscape. Much better run than Netscape was (possibly because Andreessen is advising Zuckerberg, and he learned from the Netscape experience). I'm still optimistic. And it's nice to know this writing helped. ;-)" - Dave Winer
Re: Running River4 On the Cheap: Locally and with Dropbox -
"This is great. I'm glad you guys are working together, and this is what I hoped would come from the work I did making it work with the filesystem." - Dave Winer
Scripting News: When do you have enough money? -
Re: Waiter, there's a tweet in my river! -
"I don't know, you can see for yourself -- there's a link to the river in the post." - Dave Winer
Re: What should a linkblog look like in 2015 -
"Very nice! Thank you. Thing is that I have a lot more content that isn't showing up anywhere. So I'm afraid it's going to be more like the linkblog and less like today's scripting news. However that does not mean fewer pictures, because with Little Card Editor, I am generally doing more pictures, not fewer. They just have to be part of the flow at the linkblog in a nice perhaps even beautiful way. I love That's exactly the kind of input I'm looking for." - Dave Winer
Re: Where's Circa's RSS feed? -
"Wow! Wish I had thought of that! :-)" - Dave Winer
Re: What should a linkblog look like in 2015 -
"You could read the linkblog instead. Everything that's on Scripting News is on the linkblog, without the pictures that you dislike so much. My blog isn't really about the reader experience, btw. It's a place for me to develop ideas about blogging. I know that might be confusing, because most other people's blogs have different goals. But I do it for me, not you. Sorry." - Dave Winer
Re: Bare bones River4 howto -
"Interesting idea. Is there a howto somewhere that says how to do that?" - Dave Winer
Re: Bare bones River4 howto -
"The contents of the folder are designed to work if the whole folder is accessible over the web, which was the only configuration possible until this change. So index.html won't work when you try to open it locally. We will fix this, but not in the next few days. If you can arrange to have that folder accessible through a web server it will work." - Dave Winer
Re: Bare bones River4 howto -
"To stop the river from running, just press Cmd-C. If it works, it's the best way. ;-)" - Dave Winer
River4 blog: Bare bones River4 howto. -
Today's background image is a bridge over a river. -
River4 blog: River4 and the local filesystem. -
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