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RT @fadreee: Megang ayam aja masih betwibawa, jkw? :)) RT @ConspiracyWATCH: RT @davewiner: Putin meets with new leader of Ukraine
Let's try that one more time! ;-)
Every programmer of a certain age has lived through a complete reset because the default stack got too complicated.
William Shatner reviews Facebook Mentions.
Israel's Iron Dome: Weapons Expert Warns of Major Flaws.
A Compendium of SVG Information.
The Lakers should try to hire Mike D'Antoni. Jeremy Lin is the kind of point guard he likes.
LOL. - Victor Ganata
RT @johnsheehan: @davewiner there are soooo many attempts to WADL-ize JSON. JSON Schema for instance:
Joel Spolsky warned us of Architecture Astronauts. They're still out there! Lurking in the shadows.
RT @blowdart: @davewiner Oh you mean JSON-WSP? Or JSON Schema?
My favorite thing about JSON is I don't have to think about it.
When JSON gets the equiv of WSDL, it's time to jump ship to the next thing.
Lionfish wreck havoc up and down the food chain.
How to Be a Writer: Hemingway's Advice to Aspiring Authors.
Sweet music: Ripple by the Grateful Dead.
RT @antsilverman: @benullmann @pmarca agreed, @davewiner’s got twitter doing longer form tweets in an effective way. LPC will need to be used with care tho
Jason Calacanis on Little Pork Chop.. Thanks! :-)
RT @Jason: 10/10 My Top 10 Hot List for Week: Little Pork Chop by @DaveWiner allows folks to break/fix twitter like @pmarca
Jon Stewart Learns What Happens When You Criticize Israel.
Here's how the new Simpsons app will change your life.
RT @johnrobb: I always saw a blog/tweet stream as my learning process revealed to the world. How my filter works. RT @mims: @johnrobb how so?
NHL outlines plan to fight climate change.
Re: Bare-bones Heroku do -
"Something I have forgotten to do -- if you're going to use a CNAME for the server, you have to tell Heroku about it, in the Settings page for the app." - Dave Winer
Based on my Twitter stats, images do get you attention. Best images: Wayne's World.
Programming slogan: "Slow down to hurry up."
RT @juliamacfarlane: Uff...Stunning picture gallery of #India seen from the air, using drones. #dronalism
RT @BiIIMurray: Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with slow internet to see who they really are.
Re: Why age in software is bullshit -
"Exactly. I came up with a new slogan during the period I was working on the OPML Editor after forking it from the Frontier-kernel list: "Slow down to hurry up." In the four years or so I was working on it, I re-did a lot of the modules in Frontier.root, amazingly things that I had spent years dealing with, when it came time to rewrite them, almost always took a day or at most two. A great example is scheduler2. I rewrote it in a few hours. Haven't had to touch it in years. It just works." - Dave Winer
Re: Why age in software is bullshit -
"I did, until I learned how to manage it, knock wood. I'm wearing a guard on my right wrist now as I type it. It's become an essential part of my work routine." - Dave Winer
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