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Former Colorado Jail Might Transform Into a Massive Marijuana Grow Facility.
Almost Everything in "Dr. Strangelove" Was True.
Haaretz: Israel's moral defeat will haunt us for years.
Now that it's almost officially legal, here's how to unlock your phone on all four U.S. carriers.
OK Cupid deliberately mismatching people is like a car repair shop putting bad brakes in your car. There are laws against that, btw.
Your 'Craft' Whiskey Is Probably From a Factory Distillery in Indiana.
Ex-NSA Chief Hayden Finally Admits Snowden Is a Whistleblower.
That's Not OK, Cupid: Dating Site Says It Mismatches Members as 'Tests'.
Haaretz: The country that wouldn't grow up.
Snowden asylum in Russia set to expire.
RT @Nero: @davewiner Dave—what was the name of your terrific multi-part tweet tool? I've been trying to remember for days.
Scott Adams: The Illusion of Intelligence.
Amazon's 3D printing store.
Chinese Retiree Described as Too Old for E-Commerce.
Deal Is Said to Be Near to Expand Bike Sharing in New York.
Facebook's privacy pivot: Mark Zuckerberg's plan to win back trust.
I'm Uncle Sam. That's who I am.
Fox News Contributor Calls On U.S. To Welcome Immigrant Children.
The war on marijuana is racist. So is the rest of the war on drugs.
Why Twitter is drifting: they've got a great sports stadium. But no one has invented any sports.
Someday we'll have privacy-enhanced resorts. And privacy-as-a-service. Only the super rich will be able to afford privacy.
Sometimes it's obvious that none of the people who respond to a tweet clicked the link and even skimmed the article.
Why do Palestinians continue to support Hamas despite such devastating losses?
6 Reasons Nobody Uses Your App.
RT @laktek: Awesome to see @davewiner's Little Card Editor using the Really Simple Color Picker plugin -
RT @KenSmith: @davewiner I never heard of a airport cell phone lot until I read your tweet. Then I looked up and saw we were passing one at that moment.
RT @JoeMoreno: @davewiner This entire Hemingway book on advice to writers is filled with tweets.
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