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Re: Fargo outage cleared -
"That about sums up my feelings. ;-)" - Dave Winer
Times Square costumed characters stage protest in New York City.
Twitter now officially says your timeline is more than just tweets from people you follow.
Twitter is turning into Faye Dunaway's Network.
Jeff Barr: My First 12 Years at
You know I think Steve Ballmer should have been an NBA owner from the beginning. Programmers don't really respond to yelling that well.
Howto: About Little Facebook Editor.
The new software: Little Facebook Editor.
The new software: Little Facebook Editor.
Re: An alternate view of Jay Rosen's demo -
"What I'm saying isn't that fancy -- I'm a friend of his, and I am following him on Facebook. I have a motto that says "don't slam the door on the way out" but it's always a conundrum. Would the person want to know why I'm unfollowing him? In the other cases, other friends I unfollowed because they were being excessively spammy, I said nothing. But I sense that Jay might have been doing it to make a point or to see what happens, and this is one of the thing that happens. People who really ARE your friends, unfollow you. I've done my bit, and let him know why I was unfollowing. I still get him on Twitter and subscribe to his feed. The only danger is that he might start using Facebook in a more personal way, and I'll miss that." - Dave Winer
The patent system is making decisions about processes it doesn't understand. No wonder it gets it so wrong.
Scripting News: Podcasting grew out of blogging.
Tennis, Unlike Baseball, Has No Set Way for Keeping Score.
Tennis, Unlike Baseball, Has No Set Way for Keeping Score.
Dave Winer on Facebook: I have a new piece of software coming later today.
St. Louis Police arrested Hedy Epstein, a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor, for failure to disperse.
I have another perhaps surprising piece of software coming later today. Surprising in that it shows openness on the part of Facebook.
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Adam Carolla's Settlement with the Podcasting Troll.
JavaScript quality guide.
Good morning Mr Gates.
11 Disney Princesses With Steve Buscemi Eyes To Give You Nightmares.
E-Bike Sales Are Surging in Europe.
RT @charlesornstein: Sigh. RT @jasoncherkis: America RT @mtracey: Sniper aiming at #Ferguson demonstrators live on CNN
And why do you suppose he was called Mr Natural?
A question for Mr Natural.
Angry Birds/friends is getting really awesome
Make way for Mr Natural!
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