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One of Wikimedia's largest donors accused in paid editing scandal.
RT @JenD1974: Ever notice how Occupy Wall St protesters are pepper sprayed, arrested & abused and right wing domestic terrorists get their cows back?
So the next Occupy protestors should start packing heat then? - ronin from FFHound!
I guess so. And they need to use women as human shields, too, probably. - Victor Ganata
Krugman & Moyers: How the United States is becoming the Very System Our Founders Revolted Against.
BTW, the NYT piece re 'Next Generation Young and Rich' was written by a participant, so is more of a blog post.
Can't believe I'm actually rooting for Paul Pierce.
RT @donhodges: @davewiner Times have changed. My daughter went to a tea on the White House lawn with Reagan because she was a merit Presidential Scholar.
Wow major technology failure at the Toronto playoff game. No shot clocks.
Wow major technology failure at the Toronto playoff gain. No shot clocks.
It would be great to see a @vox report on Twitter follower counts. We place a lot of value on them, but what do they mean?
Netcraft: Chrome users oblivious to Heartbleed revocation tsunami.
RT @pbump: It is impossible to find a more concise manifestation of privilege than this. via @davewiner
White House Hosts 'Next Generation' Young and Rich. #oligarchs
A great story from Jay.
Wow some great marketing in Toronto. We The North. Like game of thrones.
Word of the day: egregious.
RT @TelegraphNews: New pictures show moment Everest ice avalanche struck (Pic: Buddahbir Rai/AFP)
Deadliest Day: Sherpas Bear Everest's Risks.
RT @bobstep: @davewiner idea: hire Twitter-savvy independent minded reporter to spend a month w/ Twitter engineers & analysts. Kickstart the news. :-)
RT @hunterwalk: OpenSSL operates on $2000 annual budget from individual donations.
Tribeca Film Festival: What to see this week.
Berkman Center announces leadership transition.
With all the reporters on Twitter, have there been any stories about how the follower counts actually work? It would be a popular story.
Sneaking suspicion this is not anything like a meritocracy. Twitter decides how many followers each of us gets. In many ways.
In the early days of Twitter I was regularly in the top 10. Now I'm not even in the top 100K.
I've gained a net 100 followers this year on Twitter. Something happened a while back. Other people's followers growing at normal pace.
Around the Unisphere at the World's Fair, Lives Changed.
Princeton Study: U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy.
Heartbleed maliciously exploited to hack network with multifactor authentication.
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