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Re: We are breaking your city. Deal with it. -
"Yes!" - Dave Winer
Re: Design – 1 - http://localhost/wordpre...
"test" - Dave Winer
Re: Turned off Little Pork Chop -
"It's clear that these people were using my server to try to circumvent normal spam detection. The net result would have been the same but i would have had to prove to Twitter that I wasn't the spammer." - Dave Winer
Re: UserTalk in JavaScript? -
"The UserTalk interpreter C code was designed to run on a 1 megahertz CPU with 1 megabyte of memory! :-)" - Dave Winer
Re: Turned off Little Pork Chop -
"Sorry. I'll get to the whitelisting code as soon as I can." - Dave Winer
Re: Chrome is dying -
"NOTE: I TRASHED CANARY. I'm running the regular Chrome. I was able to close a couple of tabs! Amazing. It feels futuristic. Hopefully some other things work? I don't want to think about the browser in 2014. I am busy building stuff that assumes the browser fucking works." - Dave Winer
Re: Chrome is dying -
"Ask Chuck -- he's here. He's the one who said Canary is the thing to use, that they're not maintaining the old version. I'm fed up with broken software, and getting conflicting advice from people who supposedly know what they're doing. It's 2014. The FUCKING BROWSER SHOULD FUCKING WORK." - Dave Winer
Re: Chrome is dying -
"BTW, I hope this doesn't harsh your mellow, but after disabling Flash, and re-launching the browser, I tried closing a tab, and of course (you knew this was coming) the browser crashed." - Dave Winer
Re: Chrome is dying -
"I've disabled it. Of course when I closed the tab that I disabled it from.. drumroll please -- Chrome crashed. Let's just hope that's a "residual" crash. Or Flash saying a final "fuck off" before it trails off. I seem to remember another vendor blaming Flash for all its problems, one that has a broken clipboard now just like Chrome! :-) BTW, I can't use Safari, because I depend on dropzones, and they don't have em." - Dave Winer
Re: Chrome is dying -
"Any clues on how to disable Flash runtime?" - Dave Winer
Re: Radio3 v0.49 works with WordPress -
"For right now that's what we do. I'm just one person covering a huge amount of territory." - Dave Winer
Re: A smart phone with no phone -
"I don't trust Firefox." - Dave Winer
Re: Turned off Little Pork Chop -
"Ken, that's what I wanted to hear. I'll bring it back, but with a whitelist -- which you will be on. Thanks. ;-)" - Dave Winer
"We're breaking your city. Deal with it."
The Descent of Philae Toward the Comet in Tweets.
Re: Netflix neutrality -
"This should really be a blog post on your site.." - Dave Winer
Re: Where do you put your curly braces? -
"It's not just for commenting, it's also moving. If you can put the cursor on a branch of code, whether it's a for, else, switch, and drag it to a new location, and be done with it, that makes for more error-free coding, and more complex structures of code that work. I find this is esp important in JS, where you must indent, where in most other languages you wouldn't have to, because of the requirement of using callbacks." - Dave Winer
Re: Where do you put your curly braces? -
"You know if we got a do-over, this is what's really going on -- it's a switch statement with two branches, and that as far as I know has never been an edge case for indenting. switch (val) { case 1: case 2: } Of course it has it's own design bug -- the requirement of a break. In UserTalk we fixed this, btw." - Dave Winer
Re: Where do you put your curly braces? -
"If you worked in an outliner, as I do, you'd do it my way (or else we couldn't work together). ;-)" - Dave Winer
Oatmeal tells a fairy tale about net neutrality, as misleading as the Ted Cruz tweet they ridicule.
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RT @mikefarrell: Cities feel a lot less welcoming when you highlight the places pedestrians aren't supposed to go like this.
Scripting News: Netflix neutrality.
Re: Netflix neutrality -
"I think they're being taken out of it, that's the big picture. You probably don't have to worry about that so much. ;-)" - Dave Winer
Re: Does tech have critics? -
"No. That's not even slightly what I have in mind. What an awful thought." - Dave Winer
Scripting News: "We're breaking your city. Deal with it."
The Three Breakthroughs That Have Finally Unleashed AI on the World.
SF hipster office photo takes Reddit by storm.
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