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Re: Do you love the Talking Heads? -
"Isn't it!" - Dave Winer
Re: Next Wednesday in NYC -
"Depends on how it goes. ;-)" - Dave Winer
"Everyone has heard that opinion, it's what gets said over and over. Try to add new ideas." - Dave Winer
Re: Source code for content -
"No clue." - Dave Winer
Re: Little Pork Chop coming back -
"I'm going to start insisting that people include the full url to their twitter account, as requested above. This keeps my clerical work to a minimum. Thanks." - Dave Winer
Re: will have no web presence -
"+1" - Dave Winer
Re: Marco wants Noderunner -
"Rude. RTFM." - Dave Winer
Re: Blogger of the Year -
"Could you edit out the stuff about me not liking it. You can feel however you want about Facebook. And you haven't said anything other than you see it differently from me, which is fine." - Dave Winer
It feels like a trip into the past, commenting on FriendFeed. Thanks for all your great writing and honoring the bloggers and be an Evangelist for RSS - Happy New Year! - Birgit Pauli-Haack
Re: Fitting in or reaching for the stars? -
"I think they're both stagnant, waiting to be completely superceded by something new that wasn't designed 15 years ago without much evolution since beyond getting more complex and requiring more expensive consultants to operate. This is how layers in tech are created." - Dave Winer
Re: The disconnect with NYPD and the people -
"If you want to argue with people do it via email or on your blog. If you have a SHORT idea or fact to add, please leave a comment. Otherwise take it elsewhere. We have comment guidelines here, linked into every page. Please read them, or don't bother commenting. This isn't like every other site. Thanks." - Dave Winer
Re: Networking has costs -
"That's very true!" - Dave Winer
Re: The disconnect with NYPD and the people -
"This should really be a blog post. But I strongly disagree that there's a diff betw the police and the military. As I say in the piece, once you're willing to treat one group of people as sub-human, you basically have degraded everyone. The lines you draw are insignificant. And very dangerous imho. Please continue this on your blog and post a link here if you like." - Dave Winer
Re: Little Pork Chop coming back -
"Here's a test storm. Dave" - Dave Winer
Re: Stuck in the middle -
"Thanks Ted! Nice to "see" you. ;-)" - Dave Winer
Re: Chrome is dying, day 3 -
"I've done this. Hopefully I will get use of the clipboard back. Fingers crossed." - Dave Winer
Macy's Black Friday line at 6pm on Thanksgiving day -
Macy's Black Friday line at 6pm on Thanksgiving day
Re: An idea for comments -
"Putting people in boxes. Ugh. I want quality discourse. I'm tired of being spammed. That's all." - Dave Winer
Re: Project Maelstrom -
"It's a browser that uses BitTorrent to get web pages." - Dave Winer
Re: Heroku deploy puzzle -
"Update: Changing it to "*" worked. Whew. Thank you Dan! :-)" - Dave Winer
Re: Heroku deploy puzzle -
"How about if I just say "*" for the version? (I'll try that.)" - Dave Winer
Re: Heroku deploy puzzle -
"I don't think so. I ran the text through a JSON parser, and it says it's valid JSON. Also, I got the same results beforehand with a few items in the dependencies array, it became empty when I simplified, to factor out any possible problems in packages. So, no -- I don't think this is the problem." - Dave Winer
Re: How "dislike" might work -
"I'm aware of it, of course -- but it's unclear exactly what it does, so I use it very sparingly." - Dave Winer
"We have comment guidelines here, linked into the menu bar on every page on the site. It's your responsibility to read them." - Dave Winer
"Perfect example. They caught Dean being human. Fatal flaw. I was actually at Dean HQ in Vermont when it happened. They had the tape that showed what it sounded like from the audience but wouldn't publish it. They hoped the story would die on its own. They over-estimated journalism. And since then it's only gotten worse!" - Dave Winer
"You're one of the idiots I'm talking about in this post. Just so you know. ;-)" - Dave Winer
Re: I gave $100 to Wikipedia -
"That's really cool! ;-)" - Dave Winer
Re: What do to do about NYPD -
"I don't think that's the actual deal we have with police, or if they would do the job if it were. A lot of states treat the murder of a cop as a greater crime than the murder of a non-cop. I've never fully understood the rationale for it, but it does kind of make sense. If you want people to protect everyone, we ought to do something to support them. Making them more dangerous to kill is one way we do that." - Dave Winer
Re: I gave $100 to Wikipedia -
"I didn't keep the links. Sorry." - Dave Winer
Re: An idea for comments -
"I really want people to think before they write. If their minds work like mine, the first version of an idea is rough. It gets better with a little time. i know people are lazy, but I don't like the result of lazy. I put a lot of thought into the pieces people are commenting on. Most of the commenting is as thoughtful as graffiti." - Dave Winer
Re: An idea for comments -
"I just care about this site." - Dave Winer
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