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RT @evgrieve: Free film tonight in Tompkins Square Park: 'Fight Club'
The "open carry" guys should just take off their pants and show us what they're really carrying, openly.
Okay thanks Twitter for the good advice. I will try to find NJTransit. If I miss my flight I'll send you the bill. ;-)
JFK is about $8. Same for downtown SF to SFO.
Train from Penn Station to Newark Airport is $54 one-way. By comparison Uber is about $80.
RT @haaretzcom: With young staffs, #Israeli start-ups hit hard by call-ups to reservists to report to #Gaza border
If you want to say something to me, reply to this tweet. (On Reddit/Live that is.)
I started a Reddit Live thread. Not sure if you can see this.
Selfie Leads to Woman's Arrest.
Reddit Live is for live-blogging events.
There is a road, no simple highway that was not made, by the hand of man
Family Asked To Leave Southwest Flight After Tweet.
The "open carry" guys seem like the nudists in Vt who hung out on Main St in tourist season cause it was legal.
RT @nxthompson: We're hiring an audio producer! Come work on the New Yorker podcasts please.
RT @susankitchens: The free PS Express app for iPhone is excellent at this. Even lets you choose aspect ratio for cropping! @littlecardedit @davewiner
LeBron James has a photographic memory.
RT @susankitchens: Btw, have found that if I pre-crop any foto to 4:3 aspect ratio on iPhone, no prob using it in @littlecardedit cc @davewiner
Public transit from Manhattan to Newark Airport is not as good as the other airports. Expensive, infrequent, not enough rail.
Some pictures are nice without a caption.
Uber offers free WiFi perk for Philadelphia customers.
RT @DanReich: @davewiner under that logic (which I agree with), what did Twitter provide that was so game changing? Better UI?
With RSS, what I see is not tied to a tech company's business model
RSS is basically Twitter, without the big company in the middle.
Dropbox: Shared folder metadata.
RT @dropboxapi: Today we're rolling out new shared folder metadata on the Core API!
Hamas Gambled on War as Its Woes Grew in Gaza.
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