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Re: Getting started with Radio3 -
"They're stored on your computer. So they're as secure as your computer is. The Twitter access tokens pass through our server, but we do not retain a copy of them. For Facebook access, we don't even have a server." - Dave Winer
Re: Getting started with Radio3 -
"Thanks for that report. An unforeseen consequence of the robustness changes I just made." - Dave Winer
Re: Radio3 works with Facebook -
"Thanks! :-)" - Dave Winer
Re: Radio3 works with Facebook -
"That's too low level. Someone in the WordPress community should look at FB.api, and do what they've done. Create a browser-based JavaScript library that loads dynamically at startup. It's super elegant, and packages all the OAuth ugliness behind the API. I never want to program the OAuth dance again for someone else's API. Super inefficient. Is there some way to bounce this message back to the WordPress community?" - Dave Winer
Re: Radio3 works with Facebook -
"Link??" - Dave Winer
Re: Getting started with Radio3 -
"You need to try harder at reading the docs Don. ;-)" - Dave Winer
Re: Email to Gruber -
"I am turning off comments. We have comment guidelines and you guys are ignoring them. Not interested in hosting what's rapidly turning into a permathread." - Dave Winer
Re: Email to Gruber -
"We have guidelines for comments here. It's not a very liberal place. If you want to talk about personal issues, write a blog post in your own space. We don't do that here. And I'm not interested in hearing justifications for a hijack. I think it's dishonest. And any attempt to justify it is even more dishonest. We're not idiots here and I don't tolerate open-ended debates about whose wiener is bigger or tastes better." - Dave Winer
Re: Email to Gruber -
"Take that somewhere else. Not interested." - Dave Winer
Re: Email to Gruber -
"But you're assuming that the "Venezia" fork (a name I grabbed out of thin air) or Markdown is going to have a happy life, and become the most wonderful thing ever. And then Murphy's Law happened. And Winer's Law of Shitty Software (as in I make shitty software, and so do you). The only software that's perfect is the stuff you dream of. RIght now Venezia is wonderful, flawless and perfect, the antidote to everything Gruber, which is ugly and sucks (but it's shipping)." - Dave Winer
Re: Email to Gruber -
"JG, I think this is a great moment to start moving Markdown, in whatever ways and directions you feel are appropriate. Back in the RSS flame-war days I got too wrapped up in the other people, and didn't focus enough on what I wanted to do. When I finally realized they didn't want to work with me, despite what they were saying, I just said why shouldn't I do a 2.0, since they think they had the right to do the 1.0. And people were ready for it, and tired of all the bullshit, so it worked. Markdown is great, as-is. I think your challenge, if you want to take it on, is to make it look as stable as it is, and come up with good ways for other people to create a stake in it. The forkers have no idea what's waiting for them. There will be a lot of arguments in their future, because of the way they presented it. Your strength is that you can do what you think is right, and you don't have to ask anyone for permission. I'm not going to read the piece about Atwood because I don't care. I used to..." - Dave Winer
Re: Email to Gruber -
"Who knows what the reasons are. I keep wondering what's underneath this, because the personality issues are a trick and irrelevant. When you ask why, they say We Don't Like Gruber. That's a playground reason for stealing another kid's pail and shovel. Not something adults use as a reason. The only rational answer, absent any reasonable explanation, is that they want to kill Markdown. Because that's what happens when you create something new with the same name as something that came before. All of a sudden you can't talk about it. Which Markdown are we talking about now? I can't bring in a new partner I care about because I don't want to drag them into an Internet war. It just means the name Markdown becomes too radioactive to talk about. Their fork of Markdown will start life as meaning "That terrible thing I don't want anything to do with." I'm sure that's great marketing (sarcasm). Leaving Markdown to be a peaceful if flawed village, and creating something new they can kvell about,..." - Dave Winer
Re: Email to Gruber -
"I didn't know Atwood had an issue with it. I've read his comments on his blog. Before this, I thought he was someone you could work with. Whatever his feelings for Gruber are, he's hurting himself a lot more by taking the name of the project. It isn't his to take. If he wants to make a contribution, let it stand on its own and accept competition from others. Gruber did the hard work, had the vision, and used his goodwill to get Markdown to happen. He can't and shouldn't stop anyone from building on what he did (and as far as I can tell he doesn't want to), but they shouldn't stop him either. He might be inspired now to make Markdown better. That's his right, not Atwood's." - Dave Winer
FCC Chairman Says Broadband Market Isn't Competitive..
Joan Rivers, a Comedic Stiletto, Dies at 81.
WordPress 4.0 “Benny”.
Today's tech companies seem to only deliver bad news to users. This stuff is easy to position, you just have to ease people into change.
Sort of like having a command line behind a graphic user interface. Lift the hood to see what the experts are doing. Win-win.
Why doesn't Twitter come up with a front page for newbies with news of general interest, and position the timeline as an expert environment.
My iPad thought I meant "font" when I typed "dont".
It's not that hard to come up with a creative colorful name. I named a product Little Pork Chop recently. People font seem to mind. :-)
Why didn't TwitPic just change the name? Instagram did okay w/o "twit" in their name.
Twitpic is shutting down.
The Innocent on Death Row.
How standards proliferate.
How the NFL could destroy traditional TV—if it wanted to.
Re: How popular will Facebook's API be? -
"That's what I think. The current situation has turned me into a book keeper, having to manage all the different locations for my writing, manually." - Dave Winer
Re: The Personal Blog -
"Thanks for this Fred. Blogging is important, and doing it in someone else's namespace doesn't cut it. You're a guest. On your own blog you are The Boss, and the buck starts and stops with you. And if you don't like what the technology is doing to you, you can move. If you're writing under someone else's name, you're stuck with them." - Dave Winer
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