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RT @KimWilsonBuck: @davewiner Truman Capote would have been a great blogger.
That's the Salt Lake City main public library in the background image. -
Re: Bloggers who made a difference -
"Philip is a great story teller, as is Doc." - Dave Winer
Interesting use of Fargo, not exactly sure what's going on.
The Internet is great because it's something we create together, and no one owns it.
In Depths of Columbus Circle, a Retail Hub Blooms.
Ask not what the Internet can do for you. -
Ecuador’s president is going “soft” on drug mules.
Joe Moreno on the first 20 years of blogging.
Why Facebook and Twitter should fear productivity apps.
RT @NateSilver538: The bullshitter's trick is to talk in generalities when questioned about details and to litigate trivia when questioned about principles.
Scion Loves Young People Who 'Get Off the Hamster Wheel'.
RT @Dries: 20 years of blogging by @davewiner. An amazing blog post in many ways.
Todd Lappin, a colleague of mine at Wired in 1995, explained what DaveNet meant to him. -
DaveNet is where it started, on October 7, 1994. -
Scripting News: 20 years of blogging. -
Re: Bloggers who made a difference -
"Thanks for the suggestion of Aaron Swartz. It got me thinking that it's finally time to write something, and I did." - Dave Winer
Scripting News: Why developers should use Facebook. -
I just described, in email, how I develop to a guy I used to work with a very long time ago. It was so concise, I felt it should be in the archive. -
Scripting News: Are Twitter and Facebook silos? -
Scripting News: Why I generally don't tag. -
Re: Must-watch: Connections -
"I hope more people watch it Britt. There's so much BS about how new stuff happens." - Dave Winer
Re: What is Ello? -
"I totally agree. You have to let these things find their own place in the world. Very well put! :-) Let's get together sometime, I have a feeling we'd have a lot to talk about." - Dave Winer
Scripting News: Bloggers who made a difference. -
If you want to understand innovators, about the actual of character of the persistent folk who bring out new stuff, watch the James Burke series Connections. It's... -
Re: Must-watch: Connections -
"I put the wrong URL in the post. Try this one." - Dave Winer
The Mighty Algorithm God -
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