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I have the new style Twitter profile page.
NYT: The Broadband Revolution Is Not Nigh. (AT&T's war of words with Google.)
Sherpas at Mount Everest say they will abandon climbing season in honour of dead colleagues.
What a gorgeous day in NYC! Up early for some reason. ;-)
How "Happy" Became the Surprising Protest Song of Our Generation.
We're seriously in playoff mode now. Great game in OKC.
RT @nbariver: Knicks' Herb not spared ax
Jon Krakauer: Sherpas, Death, and Anger on Everest.
Poll reveals majority of Americans distrust Big Bang theory.
Are there any Memphis fans in OKC? Do they have to wear Thunder colors?
Great to see Knicks reject beno udrih in the post season playing for Memphis.
Here comes The Upshot, the new explanatory journalism effort from the New York Times.
indeed -- @foundhistory -- it's a collection of audio files attached to items in a feed. It's the serial nature that makes it a podcast.
podcasting was started willfully, like a tech startup, but as open technology. it wasn't an accident.
Google App Engine Gets GitHub Push-To-Deploy Support.
The Airbnb/New York spat is coming to a head.
For world's biggest troll, first patent case ends up in tatters.
RT @stevenbjohnson: Plus I would love to see Apple reinvent the Finder from scratch for multitouch UI. Wide open space for new visual metaphors, etc
Scared of legal pot? Hold on. Let's talk about tobacco.
inessential: Atom XHTML Content Considered Jerky.
It was a lovely day here in NYC, finally I think we have arrived at spring.
RT @nbariver: Why your team will (or won't) win the NBA title
A New Zealand Trail Is Open for Cyclists.
People who think of themselves as super geniuses are awful at listening.
Google Glass says something about the person wearing it.
Today's ride: 48 minutes, 6.91 miles.
This Is a Generic Brand Video.
Sunset on the domes: how Silicon Valley is losing its futuristic past.
RT @Mickeleh: How long till NBC management cleans up the horrid mess that @DavidGregory has made of @meetthepress?
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