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David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz

Director of Emerging Media & Client Strategy at agency 360i, blogger at, speaker (over 80 events and counting)
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MRY Lands Del Monte Account, Heads West 10/22/2014 -
MRY Lands Del Monte Account, Heads West - David Berkowitz
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Why It Always Pays to Celebrate Small Victories | -
More than this, a formal celebration--say, for a company anniversary or milestone--can help you move away from the art of storytelling (a term that is all the rage these days) and into the art of storymaking. Storytelling, as most brands use it, is a one-way street, in which the brand monologues its tale to potential customers. By contrast, storymaking is inclusive and collaborative, according to David Berkowitz, CMO of Manhattan branding consultancy MRY. - David Berkowitz
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Event Schedule & Agenda Builder App | Sched -
Create a mobile app for your events $99 - looks like a useful tool - David Berkowitz
Is Vine's Loop Counter Useful or 'Weird' Marketing Math? | Adweek -
nstead, Heidi Miller, group director of analytics at MRY, said revines—a feature that lets users re-post videos to their own account—are better at gauging the success of videos. Instead of solely looking at views, revines show how many consumers watched a clip and then chose to share it to their followers. Likewise, Vine videos also have a "like" button that marketers can use to benchmark how consumers interact with content. "You don’t know if it’s three people watching it a lot or 100 hundred people watching it less times. I’d like to see Twitter come out and say something about how many unique devices are actually doing the viewing, because it does rack up very quickly," Miller said. - David Berkowitz
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Vivian Schiller resigns as Twitter head of news | Technology | -
Vivian Schiller, shown with Mark Cuban and Bob Garfield, speaks at a 2009 media summit. Photograph: David Berkowitz/flickr - David Berkowitz
Primer | Knock Some Sense into Marketing -
By Google: Primer helps startups learn marketing, fast; whenever and wherever they have 5 minutes free. Designed for people who like things straight and to-the-point, Primer’s case studies and interactive quizzes teach big picture strategies that take the frustration out of marketing. - David Berkowitz
Marketers Identify the Pros and Cons of Snapchat Taking on Ads | Adweek -
Added Vishal Sapra, vp of global brand development at MRY: "Snapchat ads won't be able to contend with Facebook and Google until brands can precisely target their desired audience." - David Berkowitz
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Infographic: This Is How Brands Can Get More Millennial Love | Adweek -
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Golf Brands Are Trying to Bring Millennials Back to the Game With New Digital Focus | Adweek -
Matt Rednor, creative agency MRY’s chief innovation officer, had some far more radical advice. “They need to digitize the course,” said Rednor. “Maybe lights go up so you can see the putting line to help you make it. The clubs could show you how to swing better, so it’s like there’s a coach with you.” - David Berkowitz
Top Quotes and Takeways from Inbound 2014 -
GifBook — Animated GIFs as Flip Books -
Print GIFs as paper flip books - cute idea - David Berkowitz
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Spring - Go Shopping -
A new way to go shopping on your phone. New shops opening weekly. - David Berkowitz
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Key Takeaways from INBOUND 2014 -
Quote featured here in this Inbound roundup - David Berkowitz
The Best Quotes From Inbound 2014 | CrowdlyCrowdly -
Why It Matters:  Marketing should be collaborative. By allowing the consumer to become the story, brands are both finding out more about their best customers and obtaining new ones in the process. By having an open and engaged community, brands have the ability to nurture a fanbase of advocates that will create with them for years to come. Instead of storytelling, they’re creating their own success story together with their customers. - David Berkowitz
Google Maps | Smarty Pins -
A geography trivia game by Google - David Berkowitz
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