Re: When You Are Ready For Nuanced Discussion About Who Has Access To Your API I Am Here -
"Crap! What? There's no controversy? LOL! @GB, thanks for reminding me to check this month's unique visitors for ProgrammableWeb. Whew! Not zero (you had me worried for a second). @kinlane, now *this* analysis equating all mobile apis to public apis (tangentially relevant to this thread) is something I could not agree with more:" - David Berlind
Re: In The Future There Will Be No Public vs. Private APIs -
"Since I'm not in agreement, I've written a rebuttal on ProgrammableWeb;" - David Berlind
In NYC to judge #citimobilechallenge & seeing demos/hacks that use @citi's platform. Very slickly done, produced.
Just saw a bald guy at SFO Airport with a WiFi signal strength indicator tattooed on the back of his head. Couldn't sneak a pic.
OK, #Echo from Amazon looks VERY cool. I want one (and wonder if there are any APIs for it)
OK, #Alexa from Amazon looks VERY cool. I want one (and wonder if there are any APIs for it)
Awesome! Files stored in @Google Drive can now be opened in their app without downloading first. w00t!
With various security pros saying nothing in the cloud is safe (re: recent iCloud issues), will enterprises rethink their cloud plans?
I created a UserID on @CNN hoping that I could set a preference to toggle video auto-play off. But I can't. @CBSNews has it (no login req'd)
I love/hate @Groupon. Love the idea. Hate how you have to pick 1 of 157 US cities (as if everyone is within spitting distance of those 157)
Wow! Android now at 84.7% global smartphone marketshare (hasn't Apple seen this OS/OEM movie before?)
Similar to the recent automotive hacking story, can the Nest Thermostat can be a back door to the host network? #IoT
I've enabled 2-factor Authentication for my @Google stuff & log into other sites (eg: TripIt) w/Google when possible
Re: Swagger, APIs.json, And Review For The New -
"Ah, OK, that makes perfect sense. Under what circumstances does it make sense to list or group non-authoritative listings once authoritative is already listed? I guess the end-user could have the option to filter (provided the search engine U/X allows for that)." - David Berlind
Re: Swagger, APIs.json, And Review For The New -
"Thanks for this post Kin. Could you explain in more detail how publishing via APIs.json+Swagger results in more authority and prominence? For example, more authority and prominence than what? And in what search engines? We ( are of course contemplating APIs.json support in our API search engine. But I'm curious to know why APIs.json-sourced records would be given more prominence or authority over other records in our search engine (or others). Thanks!" - David Berlind
LinkedIn should make it possible to accept AND reply-to invitations (especially nicely worded ones) in one fell swoop
via @programmableweb: Why Node.js is the ideal platform for the Internet of Things
Good example of the lengths tech companies will go to in order to get the right talent
So, Germany scored a field goal and a safety so far?
Node module count passes Java (perhaps calling into question Java long-term outlook under Oracle copyright enforcers)
LOL! Not so fast on those Terms of Service checkboxes! (re: the Facebook psychology experiment that we all agreed to)
Was Crimea worth an EconoWar loss & return to Bloc-ism? Foreign policy/partnerships clearly US #1 priority in new era
It's crazy satisfying to buy food via @Square's POS system & have my @Samsung smartwatch gently buzz my wrist with a receipt within 1 second
After an amazing #APIconSF, we're taking the show to London. Want to attend,speak,sponsor, or hack? Go here #APIconUK
Great how-to for creating a RESTful API using node.js
Awesome video from @Tweetbeam reviewing @ProgrammableWeb's #APIconSF social stats! Thanks guys!
RT @webcodepro: Pinterest Hacked, Details Not Disclosed to Users or Public - by @dberlind on @programmableweb -
My latest: Pinterest Hacked But Company Fails To Disclose Details To Users Or Public
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