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Ben Darnell
"By providing us with new ways to share what we’re doing right now, the real-time web also captures..." -
whats up - Nathanael Armstrong
Bruno C. Vellutini
"Nobody is talking about #open_science yet." <<< Anyone on Diaspora*? Still a bit raw (alpha), but could eventually become the alternative to FF. Let me know if want an invite :) - I have invites on request as well - Lee Worden
Diaspora doesn't seem to do underscores in hashtags so well - I made a post to #openscience there and suggest using that tag instead of #open_science. - Lee Worden
Yes, I changed to #openscience as well. Only saw the thread today :) - Bruno C. Vellutini
Kol Tregaskes
Interesting, tweets are not coming in to FriendFeed now. With this and others, FF is slowing dying as a service. :-(
Delicious links are also broken. - Nils Sandin
Other services are broken today as well, won't login. - Nils Sandin
tweets are importing for me. - Big Joe Silence
Hmm, maybe it's Twitter itself. I'm trying to browse my profile and it's dog-slow, - Kol Tregaskes
In regards to other services, yep. I've just re-added GReader and that works. My YouTube likes go through G|Reader so that's at least fixed YouTube import. - Kol Tregaskes
Youtube favorites have been working for me. I didn't have any issues with delicious today, but I see other people who I'm following did in the past few days. - Andy Bakun
I've heard that some people have to manually update Tumblr but I refuse to verify that. - Akiva
My Flickr and Tumblr imports have been coming in on their own lately. I use Advanced Tweets for Twitter importing, so I'm not sure what's going on with the standard Twitter connection. - John (bird whisperer)
Considering I have the option TO import stuff (working or not)... Still better than Google+ *runs off giggling* - Johnny from iPhone
Google+ never presented itself as an aggregation service, has it? - Akiva
My Twitter import stopped about 2-4 weeks ago. Twitter export stopped well over a month ago. Very well noted in FF feedback room. - Joe from iPod
Akiva, nope, thankfully. - Kol Tregaskes
Most tweets are not importing (look at the news feeds like CNN -- -- last tweet was on September 12, or Wire Update -- -- same date; same with LA Times and NYT, where only their Tumblr and YouTube accounts are coming in). This has happened before. I bet it will happen again. - Stephen Mack
My Twitter import hasn't worked since February. =\ Most other services seem ok if a little slow. - rønin
Gave it a kick start. Thanks for the patience. - Benjamin Golub
Thank you, Benjamin! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Thank you, Benjamin! Any chance of FF-to-Twitter getting fixed? ;) - Victor Ganata
Twitter import still doesn't work for me. =( Any chance you can take a look at it Benjamin? - rønin
Looks like Twitter import is working now. - Kol Tregaskes
Twitter import not working again... - Joe
Oh yeah, boo. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
Una tisana allunga la vita
Non posso fare a meno delle tisane... - Mar@
Mahsum Akbas
Vay be. istediği özelliklerin birini dahi sağlayamıyorum. :) - Cihad
çok çalışmak lazım çook :) - Mahsum Akbas
Çocukken Tarzan’ı neredeyse çıplak seyrettik, Külkedisi eve gece yarısından sonra gelirdi, Pinokyo yalan söylerdi, Batman arabayı saatte 300 km hızla kullanıyordu, Pamuk prenses 7 herifle birlikte yaşıyordu, Red Kit’in ağzında devamlı sigara, Temel Reis'te pipo ve dövmeler vardı, Pacman hapları yutup yutup dijital müzikle patlayıp koşturuyordu.....
Bunları izleyerek büyüdükten sonra suçlu biz miyiz? - AlkolikMelek
Housewives is not disappointing.
There's a clarity that comes from *knowing* it's your last season (and probably guaranteed a full 22 episodes); in this case, I think the writers/directors are getting a little of their mojo back. - Walt Crawford
I sometimes think that network shows should all come with set limits of seven seasons, if they're successful--thus created with a known stopping point. Very few shows make it much more than seven seasons without a little past-sell-by-date setting in. - Walt Crawford
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Ещё полтора года, и приставка «нейро-» будет таким же заезженным мемом и дурным тоном, как сейчас «нано». «Когнитивному» осталось года три, мем пока сложный, ещё не упростили.
Нейротеология и нейроэкономика, да. #мемы - × × ×
Когнитивная нейродинамика (as in "квантовая хромодинамика") - слова слега и свэга
салоны сотовой связи "Нейросеть" - tcharge
Живи на когнитиве! - payalnik
Что делать НИИ Нейрохирургии? - Пупырышка и Нормалёк
Ничего, у них всегда всё хорошо будет. Примерно также, как физики и химики, которые занимаются новыми материалами и устройствами, с которых и пошла вся волна про «нано». Дело же не в них. - × × ×
какое пространство для спекуляций - онейродинамика, онейрохирургия, онейроэкономика! - Tachyonen-Impuls
^ Мазин и Пепперштейн уже об этом писали, см. первую цитату - саньера и икурринья from iPhone
прикольно, в лингвистической среде это произошло уже пару-тройку лет назад, именно благодаря волне некачественных исследований с этими вот словами в названиях - былинина
Ну да. Как только что-то становится модой, возникает вал исследований и применений, часто притянутых за уши, из-за этого пропорция сигнала к шуму резко падает. - × × ×
Zehra Akçaay
staj, organize, fabrika, polisaj,taşlama, nitrizasyon:s:S:S
Wilsent Wert
Waqas Ahmed
Vittorio Pasteris
Sviluppo applicazioni per iPhone e iPad -
Suashish Diamonds Ltd. Stock Price, Charts, Details and Latest Announcements: -
(via ほど良い大きさ on Twitpic) -
(via ほど良い大きさ on Twitpic)
UT Libraries
the cabs‟二月の兵隊” (by zankyorecord) -
the cabs‟二月の兵隊” (by zankyorecord)
UK Parliament
恐るべしAU…もうこんなの用意してる(~_~;) on Twitpic -
恐るべしAU…もうこんなの用意してる(~_~;) on Twitpic
Felhasználók és márkák a Facebookon -
Ryoichi Tanaka
Teresa Koltzenburg
Jim Till
Readership or citation - which is more valuable? #OpenAccess (via @mhbeals)
What does the new Facebook Timeline mean for brands? -
Frederico Monteiro
Deluxe Power Grip bulks up your 3DS with extended battery life, charges over USB -
Thierry Crouzet
Have fun and good luck :) ~@Ethern1ty
SYM Yazılım sitesi yeniden yayında!... sym20 micrositesine adresinden erişebilirsiniz...
stefano stevanato
Tweet for a free @PearlJam iTunes download of "Just Breathe" live at Austin City Limits. #pearljam
Виктор Стародуб
FOO FIGHTERS "White Limo" (The Prodigy rmx) -
FOO FIGHTERS "White Limo" (The Prodigy rmx)
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