Matt Williams needs to do his Babe Ruth impression at #Natsfest. @FightinHydrant @JWerthsBeard let's make it happen.
RT @AceballStats: #Nationals Matt Williams is the first person ever with multiple Silver Slugger & Gold Glove Awards as well as a Manager of the Year Award.
Very excited and happy for Matt Williams. He did a helluva job for the #Nats this year.
RT @JWerthsBeard: ok when do we get the babe Ruth impression
RT @AdamKilgoreWP: "It's a great moment for our guys," Matt Williams says on MLB Network.
RT @MLBGIFs: Matt Williams - NL Manager of the Year AND he swings like Babe Ruth. #MOY
Net Neutrality is actually not like Obamacare at all.
RT @Oatmeal: Dear @SenTedCruz, I'm going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works
GOP has huge opportunity on climate change via a revenue neutral tax swap. It should happen, but probably won't.
Wow, Homeland. Holy crap! Claire Danes earned her paycheck tonight.
Rebranding cannabis consumption in Colorado. good read
Really smart audience segmentation for Twitter in this piece via @gigaom: How to fix Twitter:
Voting against your own self-interests, it's the American way.
.@birbigs in a little over a half an hour you will be telling me jokes in this amazing theater. Thanks in advance!
"Lichtenstein's 'Whaam!' painting is based on one of my panels. He got $4 mil for it. I got zero."
Men Favor, Women Oppose Marijuana Legalization < too many "dates" spent watching Simpsons and listening to The Dead.
Google has huge ambitions to create a singular interactive design language. Thinking bigger than Apple right now.
Great look inside the creative process at Bloomberg Businessweek. Consistently, the best magazine covers going.
"Echo is always ready, connected, and fast. Just say the wake word, "Alexa.'" Why isn't the wake word Echo?
.@BenChartoff @urbaninstitute @Timmeko @jschwabish We'll make awesome things together.
.@BenChartoff I can't express how incredibly excited we are at @urbaninstitute to have you joining us. Seriously, our dream candidate.
The fact that @toppscards don't come with stale, crappy bubble gum anymore is an American tragedy.
Apprenticeships are a great way to keep America manufacturing. Not everyone needs a four-year degree.
"Birthday Boys Ryan Adams And Bryan Adams Are BFFs Now - who knew?
RT @stukantor: Without understanding research methods, can't understand how to judge what u see, re #hollaback video @zeynep
Want to learn a new skill, or move into a new field? Just start. good read
Is Scotland independent yet?
RT @HalfStreetHeart: Dodgers losing. Cardinals losing.
RT @federalbaseball: #Marlins' LHP Brad Hand threw 29P in 3.0 hitless vs the #Nats, then 29P in the 4th as the #Nationals scored 5 R, 4 ER on 6 hits. 5-1 #Nats.
.@MLS introduces new branding/logo to be rolled out next year. They did a nice job here:
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