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Peace out, Joffrey. Your death was not nearly as long and painful as it should have been. #GameofThrones
RT @AmyVernon: Finally, someone who deserves to die, dies #GameOfThrones
Inside Baseball: NYTimes photos using cameras taped to umpire masks, drilled into bats, and flown in drones:
Watching Harry Potter with the kids and folding laundry. Argus Filch and Walder Frey are one in the same. #GoT
"My Name is Dick Whitman and I'm an alcoholic." For my money, the only way @MadMen_AMC can end. cc @ftrain
RT @cdixon: Heartbleed is the best branded security bug since Y2K.
The detailed site map, hand-crafted in Excel is the most painful, satisfying, horrible, wonderful necessities in all of web redevelopment.
LBJ on founding @UrbanInstitute: "The search for truth must be uncompromising, unhindered by partisan coloration."
Awash in a sea of amazing television, @MadMen_amc still rises above them all. Cannot wait for Sunday.
Staying up to watch Jayson Werth hit that grand slam, totally "Werth" it.
A visualization of Game of Thrones's IMDb episode ratings. #graphtv (via @kevinwuhoo) CC @Timmeko
Finally, someone got it right! NSA surveillance is much more Philip K. Dick than George Orwell. This is NOT 1984.
Bob Dylan at his best playing "North Country Blues" with Pete Seger watching from behind.
Absolutely fascinating discussion of the historical Jesus and how he came to be seen as God. via @nprfreshair
"Did he kill his partner and sleep with the enemy? Sure. Because that’s how things get done out on the ice."
Nine #GameofThrones locations you can visit right now. Northern Ireland is heavily represented.
Just occurred to me: #GameofThrones is 100 percent setting Jaimie up to be the man to kill Joffrey. He is the King Slayer after all.
I just earned the 'Land of the Free' badge on @untappd!
Sitedrop turns a Dropbox folder Into a visual workspace for collaboration. cc @Timmeko @sadbumblebee
Americans are going to the World Cup because it's relatively close and we love a sports spectacle. Not these >
Just found out about @CBackstreets through the great @10QsWeAlwaysAsk Follow and subscribe.
Gawker editor channels Monty Burns with "I know what I hate" memo.
.@nicolevins @urbaninstitute Krugman's one-word link drove 404 visits to our page, so better than a kick in the teeth.
Experts agree on one thing: the @nationals should be good this year.
The "Game Of Thrones" Cast As Normal Humans Is Completely Mesmerizing < I could look at this every hour of every day.
Kruguman cites @UrbanInstitute paper on #ACA uninsured rates using one-word link to the source. Yay?
Four Strikes And You’re Out: A batter faces two strategic opponents at the plate: the pitcher and the umpire.
The 10 counties with the highest Disability Insurance rates are in just three states: KY, VA, WVA. #ThePowerOfCoal
DI rates in VA are so stark. Poor western counties among the highest in the country, Rich northern among the lowest.
RT @urbaninstitute: .@Wonkblog's number of the day: 5.4 million Find out why: #ACA
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