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Staying up for the bottom of the ninth? Werth it again! #Nats
Amen. RT @NationalsDSP: Much like the #Caps this past season, the #Nats whole isn't as good as the sum of its parts right now.
If you can't hit, bunt. #Nats
Welcome @LauraGreenback to the best Comm team in #wonkcomms!
"The government is too afraid to say it, but the internet is a utility." #netneutrality
Oh shit, text is dead. @felixsalmon is joining Fusion. I'll miss him on the text-heavy @counterparties.
The @FCC is getting ready to curb-stomp innovation, competition and free markets in favor of broadband monopolies.
Richard Turley, the designer who made Businessweek relevant again is headed to MTV. Can he do the same for them?
Damn. RT @jfdulac: All of the African American writers at @UpshotNYT, @voxdotcom and @FiveThirtyEight, in one chart:
Nationals: Committing errors, giving up early leads, and can't score. Other than that, they're great. #nats
Zach Walters instantly becomes my favorite National with "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" as his walk-up song. Previously, "Let It Go." #nats
SCOTUS doesn't understand the basics of broadcast television. Can't wait to see how they rule in the Aero case.
YES! So psyched to welcome @jschwabish to @urbaninstitute. Big things are happening here, folks. #BRACEYOURSELF
The @nytimes TV Recaps are delightful. Insightful for serious fans, but never forgetting TV should be FUN.
.@ThomasBoswellWP nails the Bryce Harper benching. Of course.
RT @pourmecoffee: I am really glad George R.R. Martin wrote Game of Thrones because I feel like otherwise he would be doing something very nasty.
The sacred texts of corporate graphic design. < @Timmeko @bridgetlowell Epic brand books.
A brief and fascinating history of beer. True story: Light beer was born during WWII to appeal to Rosy Riveters.
UGH. American Europhile soccer fans get the full NYTimes Style treatment.
Peace out, Joffrey. Your death was not nearly as long and painful as it should have been. #GameofThrones
RT @AmyVernon: Finally, someone who deserves to die, dies #GameOfThrones
Inside Baseball: NYTimes photos using cameras taped to umpire masks, drilled into bats, and flown in drones:
Watching Harry Potter with the kids and folding laundry. Argus Filch and Walder Frey are one in the same. #GoT
"My Name is Dick Whitman and I'm an alcoholic." For my money, the only way @MadMen_AMC can end. cc @ftrain
RT @cdixon: Heartbleed is the best branded security bug since Y2K.
The detailed site map, hand-crafted in Excel is the most painful, satisfying, horrible, wonderful necessities in all of web redevelopment.
LBJ on founding @UrbanInstitute: "The search for truth must be uncompromising, unhindered by partisan coloration."
Awash in a sea of amazing television, @MadMen_amc still rises above them all. Cannot wait for Sunday.
Staying up to watch Jayson Werth hit that grand slam, totally "Werth" it.
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