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Is Scotland independent yet?
RT @HalfStreetHeart: Dodgers losing. Cardinals losing.
RT @federalbaseball: #Marlins' LHP Brad Hand threw 29P in 3.0 hitless vs the #Nats, then 29P in the 4th as the #Nationals scored 5 R, 4 ER on 6 hits. 5-1 #Nats.
.@MLS introduces new branding/logo to be rolled out next year. They did a nice job here:
I am really rooting for Scotland to vote “yes,” on independence. I just can’t wait to see how that plays out.
Gatorade's Derek Jeter ad hits it out of the park. (See what I did there?)
RT @AdamKilgoreWP: The Nats see Florimon as an elite defensive shortstop. They had more outfield depth than infield, hence the Perez swap. Dotting every i.
.@CapehartJ @MikeWiseguy Burn... You touch on it, yes. I am just expressing my opinion that that is what it would do.
.@MikeWiseguy @CapehartJ Many would see such a move as obvious pandering and an attempt to "change the subject." May do more harm than good.
RT @_cingraham: Key insight here: DC marijuana legalization could spur broader national debate
Oh, dear God >> Wearables could make the “glance” a new subatomic unit of news via @NiemanLab
Jon Hamm is America's greatest baseball fan. Even if he is a Cardinals fan.
ALS research gets so little federal funding, the ice bucket challenge could have a real impact:
RT @Jim_Moran: ICYMI From @urbaninstitute, states that denied Medicaid expansion to neediest in their communities lost out on $423B
RT @md_dc: Meanwhile, Calvin gets in trouble for getting excited over the #Nats win #CalvinAndHobbesDC
.@JWerthsBeard is amazing.
Jam? What jam? #Nats
RT @JackoBeam: I’ve had just about enough of these “good games.”
RT @ChrisMottram: Doug Fister has a Jayson Werth rally gnome in his jersey.
Oooh Clippard in for the close... #Nats
Tough Nate for Jordan Zimmerman. Let's hope for another comeback. #Nats
RT @HalfStreetHeart: Baseball game that matters > Football game that doesn't
We all want high-quality data visualizations so vote for "The Challenge of Teaching Data Visualization" at #SXSWi:
Dungy's a complicated dude: Phil Simms and Tony Dungy say they likely won't use term "Redskins" during broadcasts - via @SportsCenter
Ctrl + ← Incongruous Police, Poverty And Poker. Featuring the excellent @UrbanInstitute poverty and race map.
.@ngreenberg at WaPo Fancy Stats rockin' the highcharts: cc @Timmeko @jschwabish
The other side of Sad Pirate Kid, happy #Nats kids. cc @JWerthsBeard
Should we arm citizens and let them police themselves? The data points to, "probably not."
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