20 Developers To Follow In 2014 from @DigitalOcean http://t.co/xkRmBEq5Rg great to see @ednapiranha + @snipeyhead on this list - David Crow
Oooo00 @audi Sport Quattro with 690bhp and 2.5L/100km (94MPG) + lasers http://t.co/aLPcIyGkLA cc @QueenswayAudi http://t.co/BmzugZhpxK - David Crow
A Primer on Startup Metrics – Which Analytics Tool to pick by @andreasklinger http://t.co/MoSATD957X #mustread - David Crow
A Glimpse Into The Future Of NPR, From Its First-Ever Creative Director @bobulate http://t.co/J16bkRFzV9 - David Crow
947 different companies! --> Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2014) http://t.co/4fvzeF0icJ #marketing #CMO - David Crow
Nice upgrades! RT @jfedor: some pretty sweet updates to Elastic MapReduce http://t.co/eIVRRjP0r7 - David Crow
Breakfast @steveorenos heading to @voltaeffect - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
Breakfast @steveorenos heading to @voltaeffect
Why Your Projects Don't Have Follow Through and Aren't Moving Forward http://t.co/PrAfkksC7w via @prismatic - David Crow
What Is an Entrepreneur in Residence and Why You Need One - http://t.co/NCwMtZOKAG http://t.co/2mUlk68NSJ - David Crow
Your marketing job is about to become an engineering job. Get ready. http://t.co/d2EXFDyHWm by @julien - David Crow
“Find businesses where you can grow profitably makes raising to capital to scale much easier” @davegoldberg http://t.co/fpsMm6iN7d - David Crow
RT @paulsingh: AngelList Syndicates: Three Examples of Their Powerful Future http://t.co/eEniufFOGv by @hunterwalk - David Crow
Infographic: The Dizzying Galaxy Of NES Games. http://t.co/9E82RLEheD H/t @fastcompany - David Crow
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