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What is your FF Comments/Likes Ratio? (Comments divided by Likes to 2nd decimal place - as of now) - http://flickr.com/photos...
What is your FF Comments/Likes Ratio? (Comments divided by Likes to 2nd decimal place - as of now)
1.05 (670/633) - Micah from Bookmarklet
Can you remind me again where to find those stats? - Brian Johns
Brian, go to "Me" link (http://friendfeed.com/brianjo...) which defaults to the Feed tab. Look at the sidebar on the right, below Discussion. - Micah
0.75 (926/1226) - still relatively new here - mikepk
I only see my stats for the last week (17/14 = 1.21) Please tell me your 670 number is for more than just a week! - Brian Johns
1.44 (566/391) for brianjohns (after week tally you should see a comma then 'all time' count - I can see it on your page) - Micah
OK, sorry. I'm a total dumbass. I stopped reading after the weekly totals... - Brian Johns
3.74, which seems way off of everybody else's. I wonder what that says. I comment a lot more than I like. - Cyrus Lendvay
FFers use FF with their own strategy or simply default tendencies. The ratio is an interesting snapshot of behaviour. Thanks for joining in everyone, hope more keep flowing in. - Micah from twhirl
0.79 - Brian Roy
0.77 - Shey
0.76 - FFing Enigma
1.39. - Rochelle
1.61 - I only 'like' when I want to throw my support behind a topic but don't have anything constructive to add. - Bjorn Stromberg
5.08 (3181/626) ! - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
0.66 - I tend to 'like' things without needing to comment further, I guess, and I notice I usually like the things upon which I comment. Well, frequently. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
.39 (2457/6242) I guess I don't comment much. I do 'like' a lot of things, it would seem. - Bren
0.62 then again i have over 11,000 comments - Cee Bee
1.23 (5287/4229) - I am put to shame by Cee Bee's participation, good grief! - Lindsay
@Cee Bee I think you meant 0.62 - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
1.27 (902/705) - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
yes, thanks for the correction. lindsay, you're making me feel bad. lol - Cee Bee
0.8576, I only like mostly when I'm going to comment - Molly Song ;)
1.55 endlessly repeating. This Like/Comment included. - Dana D
before this comment: .69 I kid you not. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
So far: Average: 1.27 | Median: 0.81 ... (if you average 1 comment per like, you'd be 1.0 ... if you're 0.xx you might herd content more than discuss ... if you're whole numbers above 1 you may not 'like' much or discuss plenty or both) - Micah
CSV_A: 1.05,0.75,1.44,0.81,3.74,0.79,0.77,0.67,0.77,0.76,1.39,1.8,1.61,1.12,0.141,5.08,2.41,0.66,.39,0.62,.62,1.27,0.8576,1.551,0.69 - Micah
1.83 - Grant Bierman
I tend to like allot of photos which really don't need comments. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
InPerpetualMotion(Gina k), I really liked this 'Like' of yours (in a series of pics, so I flickr fav'd it): http://friendfeed.com/e... and commented. Thanks! - Micah
.37 1002/2708 - Michael Fidler
this is what scobes walls would like if he didnt have FF - sean percival
I haven't seen Marc Canter's fabled fence (just heard about it), but I imagine this but on wood pickets :) - Micah
This week: 2.48 (1162:467) but this is not the norm, my likes usually match or are higher than comments, overall: 0.95 (14228:14846). - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks Michael, Kol! I'll recalculate average/median when we build up some more data points here. - Micah
1.03 748/723 - Keith - @tsudo
.68 6986/10194 Someone wrote a great article on the comment-like ratio a few months ago. Search on FriendFeed is crashing on me... I'll try to get the link. - Mitchell Tsai
Thanks Mitchell (btw, search crashing on me too - lots) - Micah
1316 comments/20221 likes (0.06), according to Windows Calculator, although I probably screwed up. - Tyson Key
*bump* - Micah
Thanks, Mark! - Micah
Thanks Spidra! - Micah
0.95 (1520/1604) - it's 2+ months later, and my ratio flipped (more Likes by .05) - Micah
.7 (1204/1724) - before this comment at least. - Rachel Lea Fox
Thanks, Rachel! - Micah
3.46 (3665/1057) before this comment and like. - Kevin Fox
Thanks, Kevin. 3+ is quite the comment on your commenting activities :) - Micah
I've got stuff to say. - Kevin Fox
3.98 (900/226) - Richard Lawler
1.02 (3538/3484) for sofarsofarshaun - Micah
.34 (600/1747, not counting this comment) - Michael Hocter
Thank you, Siavash and Michael - Micah
.52 overall, but .68 this week. - Rebecca Lasley
Nice, thanks Rebecca. - Micah
1.31 - Rahsheen
0.56 - imabonehead
Rah and imabonehead - rock on! (Richard too!) - Micah
0.16 - Anne Bouey
4.62 (287/62) -- Yikes! I'm chatty. - Ted Roden
Thank you kindly, Anne, jcunwired and Ted. - Micah
2.63 - Bryce Roney
Thanks for joining in, Bryce. - Micah
.15 all time, .13 this week. - Alix May
Thank you, Alix and David! (and Alix, you're tied with Siavash for the Highest Like ratio. Wow). - Micah
2.94 - j1m
Thank you, j1m. Ok, I'm gonna roll this up into a csv and call it a night. - Micah
CSV_B: 0.95,0.7,3.46,3.98,1.02,0.15,0.34,0.52,1.31,0.56,0.16,1.39,4.62,2.63,0.15,0.52,2.94 - Micah
this week = 0.45%, alltime = 6.43% - chaz2b
CSV_B Mean: 1.49 (previous mean for CVS_A: 1.27) - Micah
Of course the numbers can easily lie, but I'm gonna say it anyway: "We're getting more conversational, people!" - Micah
0.49 (493/988) - Bluesun 2600
816 / 2502 = 0.326139089 overall | 50 / 233 = 0.214592275 this week I like much more than I comment. (maths via google) - Chris Loft
3026/5013 = 0.6036 - Roger Chen
chaz2b, Bluesun 2600, Roger, Nicholas — thank you! - Micah
5.25 but I don't know what this *means, yet. maybe I'm just stingy with my "likes" compared to others? - Marg Uerite
Thanks jamar78 and Marg! - Micah
A recent change in FF: now the comment count shows total number of comments (previously multiple comments in one thread only counted as one) http://friendfeed.com/e... so all the numbers above are from the old methodology.... - David HC Soul
My new ratio: 0.76 all time (old methodology .52).... this week 1.39 - David HC Soul
*bump* - Micah
1.26 (2965/2346) - Micah
Thanks, Glen and pea! - Micah
Looks like my ratio as flipped again (comments back to dominating again). Seems to match my own awareness I've lately been commenting without Liking (commenting is my inherent recognition of value to me and the additional Like is when it merits an extra bump to help discovery by others). - Micah
.38 - Ryan Dadey
Ryan, I have to say, that's one high caliber ratio ;) - Micah
An update it's .44 which is an improvement from .36 - Michael Fidler
2.94 1040/354 I have likes set to post to twitter automatically, so I'm careful with them. :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
0.85 - Steven Perez
0.73 up from 0.66 on Jan 08 - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
0.37 for the week past, 0.45 on the whole. - Parth Awasthi
Michael, Anthony, Ahsan, guruvan Steven, sıɹɥɔ and Parth - thanks for dropping in your stats! - Micah
5.81 i'm not using it as does everyone else here. that is fer sure. - Marg Uerite
Ahsan, huh, I'd never considered that. - Micah
17942/30571=.59 - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex, thank you, sir. - Micah
ALmost 2:1 exactly. - Amani
Much obliged, Amani. - Micah
3062/5777 you do the maths. - Will Higgins™
.53 (3062/5777) for Will Higgins #math-on-demand-services - Micah
Thank you, amin/gnu - Micah
1.45 (4374/3026) - Micah
0.92 now. I think the movie reviews have been getting me closer to a 1 to 1 ratio. - Steven Perez
Steven, yep, you were a 0.85 in April. - Micah
2.10 now ... - Amani
0.97 now. - Eric Johnson
Amani, so your comments have climbed a bit. - Micah
Thanks, Eric. - Micah
yes, but i am not consciously "not liking" things - Amani from IM
Probably, just chattier then :) - Micah
I'm down from 7.16 to 6.94 :-) - Ken Sheppardson
the live NBA playoff threads have ALOT to do with it. - Amani from IM
Ken, the FCC may be interested to explore how your "I'm down" may be offensively self-deprecating ;) - Micah
.56 eeep, must try harder - Threepwood
4.52. I don't bother to like things I've commented on, since commenting already flags it as interesting. - Andy Bakun
0.46 (1698/3638) - Glenn Slaven
Threepwood, Andy, Glenn - thanks (Andy, that's my mo too; then I'll Like if it warrants a "double vote"). - Micah
1.31 (4,471/3,401) - Karoli
Thanks, Karoli. And the both of us have a _very_ similar ratio and absolute numbers. wow. - Micah
Thanks, Ryo! - Micah
Andy, scroll upward and you'll see a couple calculations from before (January: Average: 1.27 | Median: 0.81) - Micah
In March the Mean was: 1.49 - Micah
1.021276595744680851063829787234042553191489361702127659... via Wolfram Alpha - tom murphy
Thanks, tom. And though a bit verbose, your friend Wolfram is resourceful :D - Micah
0.55 (254/444) - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Thank you, Willem. - Micah
In April you were 0.97, so you're liking more / commenting less. - Micah
1.88 (779/414) - Ton Zijp
Thanks, Ton. - Micah
0.43 (3597/8305). - Parth Awasthi
0.74 (1970/2667) - Kristin of Two Everything
And thank you Parth, Scott. - Micah
Parth, compared to your April numbers, you've been consistent. - Micah
Thanks, Rick! - Micah
.54 (4148/7674) Updated! - Michael Fidler
Rick, you mean that face with glasses I photoshopped tint into with an apparently disembodied arm which is actually very much attached to my eldest son? It's mostly just me :) - Micah
Thanks, Michael. Yes, you have a rising tide of comment percentage (oh, wow, you were one of the originals from January - cool!) - Micah
1.82 from 798 comments / 438 likes - David Damore
Thanks, nivé and David! - Micah
2027/1594 = 1.27 - Brome
0.58 - Marc Dong
2.9 (3,242/1,116) mhhh.. time to straighten my use of FF a bit.. thanks for this entry - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Brome, Marc and Thierry - thank you! - Micah
Thierry - yeah, 2.9 is fairly high - got to pick the pace on like side :) [but hey, whatever works for you is fine] - Micah
1.91 - MiniMage
Thank you Nicholas and MiniMage! - Micah
Yeah, that's a decent upward rise in comments, Nicholas. - Micah
.6 (6,000/10,000) 3rd update - Now it's time to flip this on its head. My goal is to have (16,000/16,000) next time I post here. Regardless of what happens, I'm just looking forward to the next 10,000 comments, likes, posts, and new relationships I make here. It's all good! - Michael Fidler
1.76 (7539/4290) My commenting habits haven't chanced much, but it felt like I clicked Like a lot less, and this ratio confirms that for me. - Micah
It's that time again. - Micah
Thanks, Laura! (you're a 50-caliber gal!) - Micah
0.64 - Imabug
Thank you, Imabug. - Micah
4.67 (I'm greedy :p) - directeur
0.99 - Steven Perez
About 1:2 comment to likes at this time - RAPatton from iPod
.63 - metalerik
Thanks Imabug, directeur, Steven, RAPatton, Jim, Brent and metalerik! - Micah
0.78 - Pete D
.82 as of right now. edit: on January 8th it was 0.39 -- when I saw that, I decided to make more of an effort to comment. When I hit 10k "likes" I decided I wouldn't "like" anything else until I also had 10k comments. - Bren
And thank you Jimminy, Pete, Bren and Penguin! - Micah
2.47 as of right now. - Jonas, Leper of FF
Micah, are you doing something with these numbers? If so sounds interesting. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
0.58 - Absentee
Jimminy, I'm copyrighting every single number. It's kind of a honeypot ;) Actually, it was curiosity mostly, but I also hope to build a sampling (small and self-selecting as it may be) for anyone who might want to analyze it. - Micah
Jonas, James and Kurt - thanks you! - Micah
You're welcome. I hope the results do some good. :-) - Absentee
.31. I have almost 4 times as many likes as comments. - edythe
Thank you edythe and Eric! - Micah
195/245 makes 0.8 rounded not including this one which would be 196/245 making 0.8 unrounded, - tom murphy
Thanks, Tom. - Micah
1.98 (588/297) - Bryan Zirkel
1.67 (19,550/11,684) - Mitchell Tsai
Bryan, Mitchell and Jeff P. - thanks, guys! - Micah
1.18 - it's always been close to 1, since day one, for some reason. - Laura Norvig
Wow, Penguin is a prolific liker! - Laura Norvig
2.67 (875/328) - Nathalie
Thank you, Nathalie! - Micah
Thanks, Spidra and Mark! - Micah
0.49 - Jammy Lee
Jammy and Mathew, thank you very much. - Micah
I don't know I just like that picture - Brian Hendrickson
.40 - Ben Hanten
Mine was exactly 2:1 about a week ago. Did a screenshot when I had 2,000 comments and 1,000 likes. - Joe from iPod
SuezanneC, Brian, B E N and Joe - thank you all very much! - Micah
Joe, it's like see the odometer click through a nice round number - it's just inexplicably engaging. :) - Micah
1.40, nearly the square root of two. - Vezquex
Thanks, Raphael and Andy! - Micah
12.23 (844 / 69 ) I guess I take my likes seriously ;) - Chris Myles
Wow I didn't realize I was so out of whack!! 12.23 that's got to be a record (and I don't even import my feeds with the summary as a comment)!! - Chris Myles
Thanks JA, Chris (wow, 12+ is unusual :), Serkan and Nine! - Micah
Micah.. I told you I take my likes seriously; ). You *might* want to ask (in a separate post) what percentage of likes were used to "bookmark" a post or save it for later VS actually "liking it". I NEVER used like for that.. but I did use a private group that if filled with my own topics (and comments).. - Chris Myles
1.78 (8529/4782) - Micah
Likes are down relative to comments, which matches my much lower frequency of liking. I'm a more selective liker than ever. - Micah
I don't think I could argue that any particular kind of ratio is "best", because if Lurkers like to Lurk and cultivate (via Likes) and the Chatty-ites love to chat, to pump out much many more comments than Likes, each can be happy and make for a great social experience. - Micah
383/372 - Ashish
'Just clicking "Like" seems too easy' — Jason, that's because you're from the Chatty-ite tribe :) - Micah
Thanks, ashish. - Micah
wow, what a difference time makes, when i 1st posted on this thread, 6.43%, now = 1.25%, for a 5.18% difference, :o (and this is the earliest post to date i've recovered of my activity on ff) - chaz2b
chaz, I think there's been a big fluctuation for most people (maybe not that much). This is the oldest post on which you commented that you've recovered? - Micah
When I first saw this: 1.91 Sept 28: 1.94 - MiniMage
536 comments in the last month has me at .8736...still creeping toward 1.00 - Bren
Thanks, MiniMage (2x participant!), Bren (3x!) and Shannon (your inaugural visit!) - Micah
Thank you, SustainedEuphoria. - Micah
Thanks, Mark. - Micah
1.45 - Brett Kelly
Thanks, Brett :) - Micah
5.67 all time. Second highest ratio on here. Woot! I love to talk. - Kevin L
Thank you both, Kevin and mridul (the two of you balance it each well :) - Micah
1.80 (10,189 / 5,666) [compared to Likes, my Comments still continue to rise] - Micah
1.02 (10323/10161) - Bren
.5666 currently (30,084/53,093) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Thanks, Bren. - Micah
Thank you, Alex :) - Micah
that was my third post... It's interesting to see how the number has changed. of course, I manipulated the number to a degree, because I stopped "liking" things for a while... - Bren
Bren, the other thing that can seriously throw off someone's stats is a feed that upon each item it imports adds a comment automatically. - Micah
true. that can seriously inflate comment stats, of course. Then you have someone like RAPatton, who posts a gazillion comments, in part because of his playlist posts where he will list each song in a separate comment. I found, after this post in fact, that I tended to "like" things much more frequently than comment on them, that I was lurking instead of participating. I have changed the way I use ff rather considerably, and I think for the better. - Bren
Thanks, Sarah, Tutivillus. - Micah
1.19 - Joe Bonner
Micah this is like 11 months ago, I see you have almost doubled your rate. lets make a graph for everybody now, :) - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
Quick, someone write a greasemonkey script to inline some google charts! (tap-tap-tap...wut? don't look at me ;) - Micah
Thanks, Joe. And you thank you, Mahmood :) - Micah
Thanks, Glen! Your comments in the ratio have gone up too. - Micah
1.70 (it was 1.41 on Jan 8) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
WorldofHiglet, thank you :) The comments are strong in this one. - Micah
0.64 (2,589/4,051) - Chieze Okoye
0.58 - Thomas Page
Chieze and Thomas - thank you! - Micah
*bumpage* - Micah
So, Micah, we never did find out what you were doing with this info.... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
0.27 (5637/20234) - I only see a couple people lower than me. - John (bird whisperer)
4.06 (747/184) - Jan Ole Peek
WoH, World Domination. - Micah
Rene, John and Jan - thank you, all three! :) - Micah
0.97 (6,694/6,929) - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Thank you J., Jimminy and آقای تلخک :) - Micah
2.23 - Paola Bonomo
0.71 (8,200/11,551) updated - Michael Fidler
0.03 (284 / 10378)! - Daniel Rowley
Thanks Paola, Michael, Artemko, J. and Daniel! - Micah
*thanks Christopher thoroughly* - Micah
14.86 (1442/97) I'm going the wrong way!! - Chris Myles
1.77 (11831/6622) - Micah
0.56 (2059/3703) - Joel Webber
0.89 (1,766/1,986) - chrisofspades
Thanks, Joel and Chris! - Micah
In 4 days it will be 1 year since my first recorded stat here. My comments/like were almost a 1:1 ratio then. Now comments are almost double likes for me. - Micah
jamar78, same trend for you, it looks. :) - Micah
1.00 a year later. {edit -- screwed it up the first time. not telling what I did.} - Jim #teamFFrank
Thanks, Jim! - Micah
.52 this year. - LB needs a break.
Thank you, Laura =) - Micah
75,415 comments/1,286 likes = 58.64 - i wish the auto inserted comments didn't get counted... the true number is probably much much close ot my number of likes - Chris Heath
1.09 (11910/10953) - Bren
1.97%. thanks again micah, this has been a great metric to measure my first year here on ff. As the year went (this being the first record of me being here that i've found): , 6.43%:1.25%:1.97% - chaz2b
Chris, Bren, thank you. And chaz2b, thank you too - glad it's a special marker for you. :) - Micah
1.79 (13620/7618) - Micah from iPhone
0.91 - Bruce Lewis
0.13 - Morton Fox
1.69 now (1.70 on Nov 10th and 1.41 on Jan 8, 2009) - - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
0.23 - Mark H
Thanks Bruce, Morton, Higlet, Brent and Mark! - Micah from iPhone
How is this thread doing in the longest-lived-ff-comment-thresds-ever contest? - j1m
5.76 right now - Kevin L
0.53 - Rodfather
j1m, I wonder how many threads over a year old are regularly updated by an asoetment of users. - Micah from iPhone
Kevin, Cecily and Rodfather - thanks! - Micah from iPhone
1.49 (2,222/1488) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
"I must not ask Micah questions" written out a bajillion times.... :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
LOL @Higlet - Correct. (but Brent, you can also ask the Mathematics Dept of West Bohemian University in Pilsen, Czech http://www.fav.zcu.cz/en... [via http://maisonbisson.com/blog... ]) - Micah
0.32 (2011/6291) Looks like I need to comment more. =) - Beau Liening
Thank you, Beau. And, by stating you want to comment more you're already helping the cause :) - Micah
2.09329564 (10366:4952) I don't think that I'm the norm here - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
*bump* - It's that time again, folks. - Micah
1.71 (16,017/9,357) - Micah
0.91 (13,933/15,222) - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
2.66 - Marissa
1.48 (2,469/1,669) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Thanks, Jimminy, Marissa and Daryl. :) - Micah
1.21 - Jenny
Thanks, Jenny! - Micah
1.10 (4874/4448) - DGentry
2.13(7957/3734) - Melanie Reed
Thank you, Denton, Glen and Melanie! - Micah
63.58 (97,534/1,534) -- interesting that my last three digits are the same there, eh? (note, i already posted a month or two ago when i first saw this thread) - Chris Heath
Thanks, Chris! - Micah
0.87 (3770/4312), so I'm either getting more commenty or less likey. [0.74 (1970/2667) was what I previously reported back in June] - Kristin of Two Everything
Thanks Scott, pea and T. Brent. - Micah
Brent, interesting. Look forward to more commentary. :) - Micah
1433/1161 = 1.23 - cdogzilla | downgraded
1.19 (5132/4316) - Ruchira S. Datta
Thank you, cdogzilla and Ruchira! - Micah
0.94(15045/15978) 0.83, (28.August.2009); 0.97, (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (17.April.2010); 0.94, (11.May.2010). - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
1.65 (18,070 / 10,970) - Micah
*bump* It's that time again, folks. - Micah
1.05 (1710/1625) - cdogzilla | downgraded
1.66 here. Chattyites 4ever! - Lo
Thanks cdogzilla and Lo! - Micah
Last year my comments were around 7000 and likes around 2500, for a ratio of 2.80. I consciously chose to do more liking over the last year. As of today my comments number 10,782 and likes number 7,666, for a ratio of 1.41. - Stephen Mack
Jason, Stephen - cool. Thanks for keeping updated here. :) - Micah
Thanks, RG - Micah
1.03. Micah you've made over 18000 comments since you first posted this. - chrisofspades
0.76 (3,624/4,766) Egad that's only .1 improvement since 2009-01-08 :-P but at least it's moving in the right direction. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
3.25 No wonder I always had to stand in the hall in school for talking ;-) - Shannon - GlassMistress
Still right at 1:1. W00t. - Jim #teamFFrank
1.15 (14662/12739) - Bren
chrisofspades, crazy isn't it. :) - Micah
kima, tortoise wins and all that ;) Thanks, Shannon. Jim, you have maintained balanced in the force you have. Thanks, Bren. - Micah
2.33 :( my new yr's resolution was to "like" more, imma not doing sucha good job, :( - chaz2b
Thanks, Mark, and chaz, you'll get there. :) - Micah
1.61 (20,661 / 12,818) - Micah
*BUMP* - It's that time again. THANKS! - Micah
1.76 (15,652/8,886) - Jenny
Thanks, Jenny and hollyrai! - Micah
Thank you, Glen. - Micah
0.77 - Steven Perez
0.31 (14566/47299) - John (bird whisperer)
John, you're a 'liking' fool! :D - Jenny
Apparently I'm the human version of FALOB - John (bird whisperer)
Ha! (and thanks, John) - Micah
Double ha! - Jenny
Thank you Steven. - Micah
2.28 - Jesse Stay
1.66 (updated) - Eric - Final Countdown
Thanks Scott, Jesse, Eric and holly! - Micah
58,144/3,749=15.509, basically due to multiple feed imports. - Daniel Mietchen
*BUMP* - Micah
1.60 (22,066/13,819) - Micah
:) @Jason. - Micah
0.69 - Absentee
0.76 - Steven Perez
slightly off of my usual this time: 1.01 - Jim #teamFFrank
Thanks James, Steven and Jim "STAY-ON-TAR-GET" Jannotti. :) - Micah
.98(20,405/20,834) - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
1.36 (20684/15224) - Bren from iPhone
Thank you, Jimminy, Greg and Bren! - Micah
1.88 (21954/11691) Chatty Cathy, apparently. - Jenny
11289/9010 = 1.25 (wonder if some comments are from imported feeds) - Mike Chelen
Thanks Jenny and Mike. :) - Micah
Sorry - Micah .... but the math is just too complicated :) - Charlie Anzman
Charlie, I'm make it simple. I'll do the talking, you drive the get-away car—we'll split it even: 80/20. - Micah
Damn, More Homework. - Brent - Yes I am
including this comment (119,119C/1677L) ... 71.03 - Chris Heath
1.21 - Joe Bonner
1.56 (24,076/15,472) - Micah
*BUMP* - it's that time again. Also, I passed 24K comments recently. - Micah
Thanks, Micahel. - Micah
113,457 comments / 166,887 likes = .68 - RAPatton
2.02 (31627/15675) I need to start liking more and shut the hell up. - Jenny
1:1.618, of course. - Josh Haley from iPhone
2.60 - Jack&Cleo
I was waiting for that from you, Mr. Haley. - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
Those are some heavy hitter numbers there, RAPatton. Thanks. :) - Micah
I've been on FF for a long time, Michah, because I am really, really old. - RAPatton
LOL Josh. These aren't the maths you looking for. [lateral hand wave] - Micah
Jenny, do not take your own advice; not advisable. - Micah
Thanks, Jack & Cleo. - Micah
RAPatton, you're not old—you triple-comment-excerpt every bookmarklet post :)) - Micah
Cristo, this post is an ancient relic. Handle with care. - Micah
0.13 - Morton Fox
Okay, Micah. <----I had to resist the urge not to post that because I know it's going to up my comment count. ;) - Jenny
But how many of those primordial, high interest posts are still active. Uh huh. :) - Micah
Thanks, Morton. BTW, when you posted in February, it was exactly 0.13 also. - Micah
Jenny, resistance is futile; embrace the rising tide of comments. - Micah
Comments are more difficult and time consuming than Likes. I'd be happy about a high comment:likes ratio except that many are surely imported from feeds, while every Like is manual. - Mike Chelen
it has changed to 2.2256 now as Sep, 6 2010.Labor Day. :) I added the date for future references. - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
IN HONOUR OF DERRICK'S 100,000th LIKE: http://friendfeed.com/micahwi... - Micah
1.54 (25,102/16,257) - Micah
Thanks, Alex. - Micah
2.29.... 26 HR, 89 RBI - .LAG liked that
.15 on March 21, 2009. Now .19. - Alix May
Thanks, MarkJ, .LAG and Alix! :) - Micah
Thank you, Deepak! - Micah
1.47 (24757/16749) - Bren
I make a lot of comments but no one like me, so I guess the ratio is infinite or undefined. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
1.45 (29653/20444) *BUMP* - Micah
1.22 (31900/26233) - holly #ravingfangirl
.59 (58,923/99,251) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
6.61 (2825/427 )... I'm a wee bit chatty - Shannon - GlassMistress
I had exactly a 2:1 ratio as previously reported [Aug 30, '09], now I am at: 1.7241:1 ratio. 6,067 comments to 3,519 likes. - Joe
0.79 as of 6 Jan 2011. - John E. Bredehoft
my brain hurts - Morgan
Two years later and my ratio has climbed from 3.4 to 4.675. I've got a lot to say, apparently. - Kevin Fox
Funnily, I didn't notice until after leaving that comment that when I reported my stat in 2009 I also followed it up with "I've got stuff to say." I didn't say it was *new* stuff... - Kevin Fox
1.000 (27093/27080) - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I've had an improvement since the last few times this has come up. I was .49 or close to it, now I'm running a .57 ratio - Bluesun 2600
1.68 (55826/33281) - Jenny
81.1 - rising consistently - Chris Heath
I think this is the oldest thread I see that still gets new comments added. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
*BUMP* - Micah
1.40 (32175/22968) - Micah
I dunno, I'm not good with math - sofarsoShawn
0.35 ... Apparently I'm not very talkative. - John (bird whisperer)
Thanks, John and Shawn. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
1.459 (33067/22667) - Bren from iPhone
looks familiar... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
2.6 (wow, this thread is like my yearly checkup; thanks micah and friendfeed, 3+years and going strong [6.4%, 2.33%]) - chaz2b
1.02 (38,615, 37,927) 9/27/11 - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
1.29 (36,959 / 28,580) - Micah
Thanks, Jimminy, Bren, WoH, and chaz2b. :) - Micah
.46 now. :) - LB needs a break.
Thank you, LB. - Micah
0.33 (34741/105115) - John (bird whisperer)
Thanks John. Gracias, caj. - Micah
The likes dim and comms brim. - Micah
2.91; 6.43% (@ 2yrs ago) 2.33% (@ 1yr ago). for history's sake, this thread was started shortly after i found friendfeed, or friendfeed found me, so it holds a special place in my heart. thanks for keeping it around mr micah - chaz2b
You're certainly welcome, chaz2b. In some way it feels like a living heirloom to me. :) - Micah
*BUMP* - Micah
1.25 (40,008/31,895) - Micah
1.15 - Kristin
1.41 - Melly
5.12 - Julian
3 (2.991) (and now the list has become too lengthy for me to track my progress, ;) [dumb me, i have a post not 10 lines ago in history, from 090711 2.91; 6.43% (@ 2yrs ago) 2.33% (@ 1yr ago) ;) ] - chaz2b
.79 - Shevonne
24 072 / 35 095 = 0.685909674 - AJ Batac
0,77 (before and after this comment) - loi
2.65 (69,814 comments/26,281 likes) - Spidra Webster
*BUMP* - Micah
0.174 (6966/40022) - Not much of a talker. - Kevin Johnson
1.23 (41,476 / 33,845) - Micah
1.43 - Tamara J. B.
.15 on March 21, 2009, .19. on September 18, 2010, and .22 today (March 8, 2012). - Alix May
*BUMP* for Ross - Micah
2.83 - Ross Miller
1.97 on 2012-04-24 - ؛ patrick
0.99 (44,752, 45,200) 4/24/11 || 0.83, (?, ?), (28.August.2009); 0.97, (6,694, 6,929), (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (13,933, 15,222), (17.April.2010); 0.94, (15,045, 15,978), (11.May.2010); .98, (20,405, 20,834), (03.August.2010); 1.00, (27,093, 27,080), (06.January.2011); 1.02, (38,615, 37,927), (27.September.2011); 0.99 (44,752, 45,200), (24.April.2012); - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
1.6 - AJ Batac
1.34 Did you finish all your profiling yet, Micah? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
1.22 (42,526 / 34,975) - Micah
Glad to see you here, Ross. Thanks for the updates everyone. WoH, the master plan is coming together nicely. - Micah
Excellent *steeples fingers* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
*staples fingers* - John (bird whisperer)
Hmm, can you order finger-steeples on Amazon? - Micah
*readies the Band-Aids* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Micah: I can sell you some, cheap. Just fax your credit card, SIN and maiden name to the usual number. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
My facsimile machine is in dry dock at the moment, but I'll pigeon over a small scroll with all the requisite datums. - Micah
Done and done. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
0.31 <-- about the same as usual - John (bird whisperer)
After the last 19+ hours, it's high time to log-in your stats again. - Micah
1.20 (45878 / 38084) - Micah
Thanks, Tinfoil. - Micah
Try dividing by zero and find out (http://friendfeed.com/micahwi... ) - Micah
1.04 (10778 / 10303) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Thanks, DB. - Micah
Currently 0.3. - John (bird whisperer)
Thanks, John. - Micah
1.01 (47,240, 46,956) 9/13/12 || 0.83, (?, ?), (28.August.2009); 0.97, (6,694, 6,929), (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (13,933, 15,222), (17.April.2010); 0.94, (15,045, 15,978), (11.May.2010); .98, (20,405, 20,834), (03.August.2010); 1.00, (27,093, 27,080), (06.January.2011); 1.02, (38,615, 37,927), (27.September.2011); 0.99 (44,752, 45,200), (24.April.2012); 1.01, (47,240, 46,956), (14.September.2012); - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Thanks, Jimminy and Zulema. - Micah
BUMP - in honor of Kevin's 8K comment threshold. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
.38 - March 15, 2013 - Jennifer Dittrich
0.279 (58096/208087) - John (bird whisperer)
0.172283 (8005/46464) - Kevin Johnson
0.75 (38,250 comments / 50,175 likes) (My entry above from 2 years ago said I had 10,782 comments and 7,666 likes for a ratio of 1.41. I've been busy, and my pattern seems to have changed.) - Stephen Mack
Thanks, Jennifer, John, Kevin and Stephen. :) - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
0.51 (6,883/13,438) - Stephan Planken from iPhone
5.72, though I deleted my first account, like, 3 years ago - Meg VMeg
1.03 (51,436, 50,018) 3/15/13 || 0.83, (?, ?), (28.August.2009); 0.97, (6,694, 6,929), (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (13,933, 15,222), (17.April.2010); 0.94, (15,045, 15,978), (11.May.2010); .98, (20,405, 20,834), (03.August.2010); 1.00, (27,093, 27,080), (06.January.2011); 1.02, (38,615, 37,927), (27.September.2011); 0.99 (44,752, 45,200), (24.April.2012); 1.01, (47,240, 46,956), (14.September.2012); 1.03 (51,436, 50,018), (15.March.2013); - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
.44. I guess I'm getting lazy. - LB needs a break.
2.22. I use YouFeed a lot, and liking takes an inordinate amount of time on the app.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
3.10 up from 2.83 a year ago. - Ross Miller
Thanks, Ross. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
BUMP - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
1.07 - Kristin
1.03 - Bren from iPhone
This thread is amazing. What a treasure trove of information - Bren from iPhone
0.62 (5077/8197) as of 4/29/13 - bentley
2.49 today - Marissa
1.0591 Comments per like (16,230 / 15,324). - Joe
0.47 (10,057/21,354) - Zu from AOD
0.98 (48000/48933) - Bren
1.08 (53,901/50,006) — this is over 6 years old now. - Micah
1.45 - Melly
1.16 - Friar Will
7.04. I'd bet italians must have values way above the average non-italian user. - mentegatto
Thanks, Melly, Friar. Thanks, mentegatto—you're probably right. - Micah
0.63 (12948/20268) as of 2/28/2015. I'm consistent. My previous comment of 4/29/13 has my ratio at 0.62. - bentley
Thanks, bently. - Micah
Compiled a little stat of my comments over the years. Averaged 4,600/year in the last three years. In the year 2010 I made 30,000 comments. http://friendfeed.com/micahwi... - Micah
14,613:11,129 (prior to posting this comment) - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Thanks, cgrymala. - Micah
Currently I'm at 0.223 (68214/306389). - John (bird whisperer)
1.09 (25689/23595) on 03/01/15 - Previously 1.07 (04/29/13) & 1.15 (01/04/12) - Kristin
Currently (2015-0301): 0.658 (74,615:113,471) - Michael W. May
.15 on March 21, 2009, .19. on September 18, 2010, .22 March 8, 2012, and 0.25 today (March 1, 2015). - Alix May
0.36 on March 01, 2015... I've become a lurker! - Brent Schaus
35,56 on March 02, 2015 - Snowdog ★ ★ ★
*BUMP* One last time. :( - Micah
0.60 as of March 18, 2015, 53,302 comments divided by 89,074 likes. (Previously: 2.80 in 2009, 1.41 in 2010, 0.75 in 2013.) - Stephen Mack
.243, 3/18/2015 - 57,655 comments/236,575 likes. - Jennifer Dittrich
0.22 (68474/308798) as of 3/18/2015. - John (bird whisperer)
David HC Soul
Re: Introducing Templates: Great looking maps right out of the box - http://blog.kumu.io/introdu...
"i've been on 2 moth hiatus due "real world urgent" driving out "real world important (via Kumu)" but it seems I picked exactly the right day to come out of the cave with its mere shadows of reality.... templates seem to be a hit 'right out of the park'" - David HC Soul
David HC Soul
Re: OUR VIEW: An apology for dog column insensitivity - http://www.thenownewspaper.com/news...
"Opinion pieces are exactly that and have a place to encourage healthy debate. No matter how I try to change perspectives to view this, however, I cannot see that healthy debate was the editors intent in letting the opinion piece go through in the form as written. Given the inportance of a free press it is very unfortunate when the editor seems to believe that the purpose of his rag is to create the news rather than to report the news. I do hope that the editor has at least achieved some personal pleasure from his minutes of fame," - David HC Soul
David HC Soul
Re: Les Leyne: Carbon audit starts storm of criticism - http://www.timescolonist.com/opinion...
"Well put. Unfortunately critical thinking is in short supply in much of the response to this story" - David HC Soul
David HC Soul
Where To Find Jumping Puzzles « Hunter's Insight – A Guild Wars 2 Blog - http://huntersinsight.com/where-t...
?log=out - David HC Soul
michael sean wright
The completely unauthorized, uncalled for nightcrew logo
LOL! This one doesn't look like a convenience store sign - Rahsheen
You're going to make Lacy jealous - Pete D
Can someone make a list of the Night Crew ;) - Brandon
no no Brandon, let's not to do that...anyone should be welcome and making a list will just exclude people... - Zee.
Now thats a logo! - Michael Fidler
Yeah, NightCrew is just anyone who is around at ungodly hours... - Rahsheen
Does Kyle know about this? ;-) - Justin Korn
Ooooh, noice! - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Cool Logo! - Jeff P. Henderson
@zee oh yes... you're right. lol - Brandon
Very, very nice! - Daynah
Okay... come on people.. I say we vote on it.. :) - Kyle Lacy
Just remember- this is not a competition, just an exhibition. @Kyle - ever been to Culver, IN? Grew up there before moving to Chicago. - michael sean wright
Nice: I have been to Culver! You are in Chicago now? I will have to let you know next time I am up your way. - Kyle Lacy
LOVE - Mona Nomura
love it - anna sauce
Now on West Coast, Dana Point, CA. Family still in Chicago, visit as often as I can. - michael sean wright
That's us, all right. - Steven Perez
*** KEEPER!! Love it!! *** we should update the Facebook Night Crew page with this one!! Just wait till Kyle shows up! LOL - Susan Beebe
There's a Facebook Night Crew page? url please. - michael sean wright
I love it. :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
has it really been nearly 6 months since we've seen this? - michael sean wright
like a flash, nff - Pete D
Wow, blast from the past. - Rochelle
WTF? Damn, How'd I miss this? - tehKenny
Yeah, baby! Makes me wanna stay up a little lo.....*snoooooooooooooooooooore* - Rahsheen
have no idea how you east coasters do it. but dang it's fun to be around ff at night! - michael sean wright
A lot of coke...uh...caffeine... - Rahsheen
It looks like at least 5 or 6 yes votes, and 0 no votes. The logo is official. Now put it back into storage. - Pete D
Is there a theme song? - Rebecca Lasley
The theme song to Mr. Belvedere. - Pete D
I remember... :) - Micah
is it time? - michael sean wright
"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so." - Douglas Adams . So I think I'll go have some lunch. - David HC Soul
isn't time universal? - michael sean wright
Not sure about that, but: "Time present and time past are both perhaps present in time future and time future contained in time past. If all time is eternally present all time is unredeemable." - Swatch, Always Now, 1997 (and yes my lunch, at 1:42am local, is consisting of a double martini so that actually makes some sense to me) - David HC Soul
are you saying that time "now" has no meaning? i (obv.) reject this but toast your willingness to acknowledge the wisdom of a dean martin martini. now, for you sir, on to the work of most importance. focus on the permanent. - michael sean wright
Well, I will grant that the sentiment of French Marshall Lyautey has some merit (he asked his gardener to plant a tree and when the gardener objected that the tree was slow growing and would not reach maturity for 100 years the Marshall was said to have replied, 'In that case, there is no time to lose; plant it this afternoon!').... So I am off to plant some trees.... - David HC Soul
you, i like. and will point you to Hermann Hesse before he won the Nobel Prize for 'The Glass Bead Game' in which he wrote in in the idyllic poem "Hours in the Garden" (1936)- 'I hear music and see men of the past and future. I see wise men and poets and scholars and artists harmoniously building the hundred-gated cathedral of the Mind." - (forword to Glass Bead Game by by Hermann Hesse by Theodore Ziolkowski.) - michael sean wright
Thanks for the pointer - I'll go search it out. - David HC Soul
this is about conversation right? - michael sean wright from IM
I hope so. The thought is consuming much of my waking hours these days.... But I have to be up in 5 hours... so will have to return to the 'nightcrew' tomorrow night. One thing about time is it does seem to age one.... - David HC Soul
sleep perchance to dream, a wise man said. Billy Shakespeare. - michael sean wright
Then pause now to ask yourself the following question: "Am I dreaming or awake, right now?" - David HC Soul
remember when? - michael sean wright
Yes, sir. - Akiva
You bet I remember. :) - Micah from FFHound!
HAH!!! - Rahsheen
WHAT! WHAT!!!! - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Attention friendfeed nightcrew: have we circled each other yet on @GooglePlusTweet (google +) ? http://gplus.to/nicefishfilms - michael sean wright
man, most of the ppl who liked this i haven't seen on FF in ages. maybe i'm doing it wrong. - Big Joe Silenced
for most of us we met here, stayed loyal here but the sun set long ago : ( what a rush of a time that was! now we find ourselves over at g+ telling stories of the good ol' days! - michael sean wright
Why, hello there, 2008. :) - Micah
...and keep the fire alive by finding each other again in a new place. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
yep.. scoble and i talked about that in my first post at g+ : ) - michael sean wright
Hi Michael :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Meme-inless no more! always been an interesting world with you! - michael sean wright
oh and... i do have some google+ invites left - email me nicefishfilms at g ma i l dot co m - michael sean wright
I'm curious now - did google + make you come back to FF? Because that is v interesting. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
yes, we did the podcast when ff was acquired by the book of face.. watched them absorb the real-time elements and i check in from time to time usually through this post as it brings back very fond memories. google + reminds me of the early days of ff - haven't felt that way about any of the social nets that have come since the facedbooked swallow up. heaven knows we've been on them all and they seem so ancient now -- quora anyone? google got it right with +. think it marks the next era for them. - michael sean wright
Google + right now does remind me of the FF glory days and I am curious to see what happens next. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
:) - Anne Bouey
David HC Soul
[now this is a book! Can't wait for more] RT @newscientist: Man, our solar system looking *rockin* in this new iPad app http://www.newscientist.com/blogs...
iWouldn't know since my non iPhone devices are crap - Morgan
I was so angry at Apple on the first major os update and MobileMe I swore that when Android was available I would make the switch at first opportunity... But things have got so much better ... Now my iPad has pretty much relegated my tablet pc to the role of backing up my iPad and I've moved up to iPhone 4 on the phone side.... The AppStore and apps like this this make all the... more... - David HC Soul from email
David HC Soul
Currently reading how to cripple a state: http://m.npr.org/story...
I can't see this working out well. Would likely be the end to politics, as we know it in this country, for a while as well. Seems like the Republicans would stand to lose the most if they go down that route. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
In other words, you don't think that the Democrats have the balls to allow the Republicans to paint themselves in to this corner. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Yeah, we'll see how this all shakes out. Hope cooler heads will prevail. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Unfortunately I don't think the remedy is as 'simple' as allowing the painting of the one group if itself into a corner the potential ramifications are more severe; I fear that with support of many of the committee chairs, and perhaps Speaker - the new faces will so aggressively pursue their perceived mandate that they will bring forward a process that will more resemble the collapse of a wave than that of a semi/ static end such as painted into a corner. - David HC Soul from email
Yeah, it's not a good remedy to be sure, but we may not have much choice. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
David HC Soul
struggle against viability multifront: RT @USATODAY: Republican: New U.S. House will go after Obama's health care bill http://content.usatoday.com/communi...
To no avail. I don't see how this will lead to anything besides gridlock. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
++Alex - Ruchira S. Datta
Some theorize that they will get this failed undertaking out of the way quickly and move on to real business. Let's hope. - Ruchira S. Datta
gridlock. Exactly. Hence my comment that it is part of the struggle against viability- and I meant, btw, against the viability of the US system if governance. It will be interesting to see how long it can sustain attacks that come quicker than the relaxation time of its individual components. - David HC Soul from email
David HC Soul
On the edge of interstellar space Voyager 1, returns data suggesting it is very close to leaving the Solar System. - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news...
Every time I hear about Voyager, I think Star Trek, The Motion Picture. #VGER - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I think Carl Sagan's Golden Record on Voyager is coolest http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... In a Saturday Night Live segment, Steve Martin announced that the first message from extraterrestrials was being received. Once decoded, the message stated, "Send more Chuck Berry." - WarLord
i don't think he meant Persis Khambatta's shaved head. - Big Joe Silenced
back on topic, tho...this is fscking awesome. - Big Joe Silenced
I was thinking exactly that as I sent the tweet ...... :) sent from my mobile - David HC Soul from email
Kol Tregaskes
Could we please have sorting options on the search page? I'd like to sort by 'best of' or by number of comments, number of likes, date of original post, etc.
Any other sorting options? #betakoltag-sg-searches - Kol Tregaskes
Date of last comment - David HC Soul
Daniel, so to ignore the last comment activity and sort by latest comment only? Yep, could be useful. - Kol Tregaskes
Another sort that would be *really* useful is sort by last reference of the search term in the comments. - Kol Tregaskes
So, for example, I have a vanity search which picks up posts where my name is mentioned in the comments. I would like to have newest references of my name at the top (i.e. sorted by the time of the latest comment which mentions my name). - Kol Tregaskes
At the moment it is ordered by last comment (any comment). My name might not have been mentioned for ages and I probably would have seen it already and responded. Ordering like this means I seen newer references instead of older ones that I've probably already checked. - Kol Tregaskes
Hope that makes sense? - Kol Tregaskes
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
Anthony Citrano
Scientists create cell based on man-made genetic instructions | Washington Post - http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...
Scientists create cell based on man-made genetic instructions | Washington Post
"Scientists reported Thursday that they have created a cell controlled entirely by man-made genetic instructions -- the latest step toward creating life from scratch." - Anthony Citrano from Bookmarklet
in man's image ..... - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
Anthony Citrano
Fed official: Europe's crisis poses risks to US | AP - http://finance.yahoo.com/news...
"Almost all of the U.S. exposure is held by 10 large bank holding companies, Tarullo said. Their balance sheet exposure of $60 billion accounts for only 9 percent of the core capital that regulators value the most, known as Tier 1 capital. He didn't identify those banks." - Anthony Citrano from Bookmarklet
Greece is stomping on our "green shoots". - Morton Fox
I doubt the exposure can truly be that low; if indirect exposure tallied in as well it would be enough to make one drink. - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
One of the volunteers at the library is trying to convince me that unicorns were real. #ProveIt
Have you ever NOT seen a unicorn? - Johnny
She a mess. - Derrick from iPhone
but they are real! I saw one yesterday carrying a leprechaun - Sir Shuping is just sir
You need a maiden. - laura x
yah, Mia Sara killed the last one by cutting off its horn for Tim Curry. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE HER! - Big Joe Silenced
She said that we discovered the bones of the dinosaurs; we'll find the remains of the unicorns too. WATCH. - Derrick from iPhone
http://www.metro.co.uk/weird... here's a horn for you - maʀtha
I hope she's right. :) - Yolanda
If I said 150 years ago that there were huge massive animals roaming around, the size of 3 buses, I would be laughed at too. While we know Unicorns aren't real, the idea of a horned horse, possible? (remove the magic and fantasy) - Johnny
I know that Moosicorns are real! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
We probably already have, but the horns fell off during decomposition, so we just thought they were horses. :) - Jandy
all of the unicorns were hunted for their horns so we could test potions. Clearly it is the fault of wizards that there are no more unicorns. Curse the alchemists and their potion tests! - Shawna Benson
It's not so strange that a KJV reader believes in unicorns, is it? (I mean compared to believing some of the other stuff in there) - Eivind
The real debate is whether or not they sparkled! - Katy S
Perhaps the sparkling ones actually didn't make it onto the ark! - MiniMage
@Eivind, reading the KJV is one thing. Forming one's faith based on a specific word from one specific version is something else entirely. There are many bible versions, and while I'll quite willingly say that all are equally useful, NOT all are equally good. - Ordinarybug Heather
The quality of different translations or forming of faith is beside my point. Reading the KJV and believing that what is says is true will lead one to believe that unicorns are/were real. That is all I'm saying. - Eivind
Elvind, reading the KJV could lead one to believe that roosters lay eggs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... - April Russo (FForever!)
To address Johnny's take, I'm sure there have been horses with horn-like growths contributing to the myth, similarly to the rabbits with growths on their heads leading to the concept of the jackelope: http://sites.lafayette.edu/hollida... - Rob H.
The moon took them all back home, Derrick. That's why you can't find any on earth. - Steven Perez
Jackelopes aren't real?! - Ken Morley
Unicorns are real in my dreams. I did think they were real after I watched "Legend." When I was a kid...haha - Shevonne
the Irish Rover's jingle goes something to the effect "playing while the Arc was being born.... the rain started fallin.... them Unicorns were hiding... playing silly games.... and that's why you'll never see a unicorn ... to this very day?" - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
The Unicorn Song was written by Shel Silverstein. Lyrics here -- http://www.thebards.net/music... [P.S. I love The Bards' version, because they end it with a bit of hope.] - Ordinarybug Heather
Anthony Citrano
The US dollar as "safe haven" from Eurozone debt is like Ben & Jerry's as a safe haven for diabetics.
well put. further, anyone who things that the p&g trade fiasco and it's aftermath leading to wildly escalating US $ today is a silver lining really is at best whistling by the graveyard. - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
I don't know what it means, David, but yeah if getting kicked in the crotch vs shot in the knees is a silver lining...I'll take it, I guess. :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
the us dollar climbing right now is more like a "six pack" than a simple shot to the knees ... (term for those not aquainted with it goes back to days of Red Brigade group in Italy who would shoot kidnapped victims through the wrists, knees and ankles in fashion that left them "wards of the state" for life rather than killing them in the belief thus had greater economic impact.) - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
Scoble, Alex Scoble
Sorry bears, but the markets don't go south like that for no reason and there was no reason for that sudden tank. From what I am hearing it was a computer glitch.
Stock market plunge - Check the news: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1... PLUS General election in UK - Markets hate uncertainty ?? - Jim Connolly
Buy? - Todd Hoff
I'd say so, Todd. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I'm actually surprised that they haven't halted trading after that nonsense. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex, that doesn't mean the 280 point drop earlier was nothing. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
The question is what :-) - Todd Hoff
Correct, Jimminy. That wasn't nonsense...but that 800 point drop is redonkulous. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Yeah, I'll agree, I was refreshing the chart every few seconds and it would lose about 150 points. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Yeah, there are lots of reasons for the markets to be down 2 to 4%, there's no reason for the huge drop we just saw. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
There *is* a reason. - Anthony Citrano
Yeah, a computer glitch...that's not a real reason, Anthony. :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Unless the bankers know something we don't, the UK political situation should have already been factored into the markets. - CdL Creative
The Plunge Protection Team can get quite creative - to make a 500-point drop not seem so bad, they take it down another 500 and everyone's happy when it recovers. ;) - Aviv
Then you have CNBC cheering the Dow comeback. We've been there before.. - Aviv
Hmm, well now we are all waiting for the real reason for the dip since it's being reported that it wasn't caused by a computer glitch. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
No, Alex, I think its much more serious. - Melanie Reed
Alex, I agree with what Melanie said and also with Aviv's implication. Stay tuned. - Anthony Citrano
Greece is going to default and then be kicked out of the EU. The EU will then bail out what is left of the PIIGS. - Dave Hodson
The tumult and the shouting dies; The Captains and the Kings depart: Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice, An humble and a contrite heart. Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet, Lest we forget lest we forget! - Rudyard Kipling - Melanie Reed
Dave, that's if Germany doesn't leave the EU, first. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
@Dave: joining the Eurozone is a one-way street (excepting lunacy). We're witnessing the flip side of the coin with regard to unified currency with no unified policymaking authority. When fundamentals are good, it's really good. When fundamentals are bad.... whatthefuckyougonnado? - Anthony Citrano
CNBC is reporting that someone at CITI made a "fat finger error" trading P&G stock. They intended to sell 1million sales, but entered 1 BILLION instead. - Dave Hodson
@Anthony - this is simple. The people of Greece won't take to the austerity measures approved by their govt today. They will throw them out of office, elect a new crew who will have Greece unilaterally leave the EU. - Dave Hodson
Simple, I guess, if one doesn't bother to consider the ramifications of bond defaults, bank runs, devalued currencies, and the resultant socioeconomic unrest. - Anthony Citrano
@Anthony - obviously, leaving the EU, defaulting on debt etc won't be "simple" for Greece. The impact will be horrific - Dave Hodson
Blame the quant funds. - DJ Stevie Steve from Android
Plus when the IMF does their magic trick- demand goes in the crapper and that stalls recovery here and elswhere - WarLord
Looks like Accenture traded as low as $0.01 - this is obviously a bug somewhere. Prediction - good growth in payroll announced tomorrow, market jumps - Dave Hodson
CNBC is reporting that the selloff may have been triggered by a trader error. Looks like someone is taking one for the team. ;) - Aviv
an error in one trade (proctor and gamble; b for billion instead if m for million) should not have this dramatic an impact. it does because trading is, and has been for some time, been based on the psychology of speculation rather than underlying value. market traders di not believe in "the efficient market" and so no one bothers to care if news is good or bad, movement sets off trades... more... - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
Now they're saying (CNBC that is) there were 7 major stocks that fell to an intraday low of $0.01. This followed by a bunch of rocket scientists proclaiming the mkt is doomed. Hilarious - Dave Hodson
7 stocks is now 9 stocks trading at $0.01 - Dave Hodson
Milkshakes at Burgerville in the Pacific Northwest - http://www.seriouseats.com/2010...
Milkshakes at Burgerville in the Pacific Northwest
Milkshakes at Burgerville in the Pacific Northwest
"Burgerville first opened in Vancouver, Washington, in 1961 and they now have 39 locations in Washington and Oregon. With the mantra of "Fresh. Local. Sustainable." emblazoned across their mostly recyclable and compostable packaging, Burgerville champions their sources—the local farmers, suppliers, and sustainability partners who help them bring the word "fresh" to fast food. (" - Derrick from Bookmarklet
Yow, I've never even heard of this place. - Akiva
Follow the link and see they even shouted out Pine State Biscuits. - Derrick
Bring it on down to Burgerville! - Eric - Final Countdown
I really, really with Burgerville were closer - I think they'd do awesome in the Olympia through Seattle area, but alas. The closest is Centralia. - Jennifer Dittrich
Akiva, the closest is Centralia. - Rochelle
Yeah, just saw that. We don't go south of Seattle unless we're forced to. - Akiva
If only Dicks had turkey burgers. - Akiva
Fatburger does - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
So does The Counter. Oh man. The Counter. [engage drool mode] - Akiva
I think we actually ate at the Woodland Burgerville on our way to Lacey a few years back.... It was good, as I recall. I'm pretty sure I had fish of some kind.... - Jenthemum
dang it, stop bumping this, people! I am trying to resist going to BV for lunch! ;) - holly #ravingfangirl
Yeah...me too - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Sigh... now I wish we could go. All we have here is In-n-Out *grimaces* - Jenthemum
Their seasonal berry shakes and sweet potatoes fries in the summer are great. - Bluesun 2600
mmmm, burgerville. a highlight of any trip to Portland. :) - Elaine is trying to write
In 'n Out is great old school food. But, Burgerville in the last 10-15 years has totally changed how they are. Their head chef took them into local seasonal food, like fresh seasonal berry shacks, Walla Walla onion Rings in late summer, Pumpkin shakes in the fall. Stuff that you'd never see in any other fast food place. 20 years ago their food was totally different in its quality, they are eons better now. - Bluesun 2600
The fresh strawberry shakes and smoothies are awesome. Cassie and I would have one daily if we could. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
for me a trip to Portland always includes a stop in the Centralia location - whether I need it or not! seasonal items are always great as is the Tillimuck Cheese burger. - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
Scoble, Alex Scoble
So far the winners are: Jimminy, CW, Imabonehead, Jimminy, Reformed Goadkicker, CW, CW, TrafficBug, Jimminy, Davis Freeburg, FLEMING, Raphae˥, FLEMING, CW, FLEMING, Davis Freeberg, Scott of Two Countries, Alex Scoble, Imabonehead, Davis Freeburg, MVB, April Russo(app103), CW, Davis Freeberg, Scott of Two Countries...
MVB, Alex Scoble, Scott of Two Countries, LogEx, Glen Campbell, John Flynn, Chris Greene, Alex Scoble, Imabonehead, Veƶqueӽ: Blank of FF, Jimminy Fuller, John Flynn, Imabonehead, genieyclo, Nicholas James, Dave - SustainedEuphoria, Davis Freeberg, jcunwired, Davis Freeberg, genieyclo, Mike Reynolds, Alex Scoble, Dave - SustainedEuphoria, John Flynn, jcunwired, David HC Soul, John Flynn, Shey, Mike Reynolds, Nicholas James, Mike Reynolds, Jason T Fleming, John Flynn, Vezquez, John Flynn, Andrew, Steven Perez, Aviv and David HC Soul. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Bumping for the memories.... - David HC Soul
Heh, right now you are the alpha and the omega, eh, David? - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Doesn't happen often ;) note the date on this post.... I was at front and back on March 6; now its official on May 15. - David HC Soul
Yeah, well, ok...but it is what it is. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
Now on to week 65! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Anthony Citrano
Are you a serial or parallel reader? Me, parallel. Too parallel, in fact - books can take forever this way.
Serial. - Mark H
Serial. But I do a lot of skimming. - Nathaniel Thurston
I try to read serially, otherwise long books don't get finished (even though I read very quickly). - Jennifer Dittrich
One audio book and one regular, so I guess parallel. - Eivind
Parallel and ditto on some books taking way too long to finish. I should probably try to read one at a time but I am really easily distracted. "Oooh, new book? Shiny!" *puts down old book* - Jenny
Parallel. We were taught speed reading in grade school. I was never good at it-I wanted to say the words in my mind. But I loved to read. I always checked out the limit- 6 from the book mobile at our school. I usually started them all at once. Sometimes I read back to front or skipped around till done. My father quizzed me on each book and I could tell him all of them. I finished all in... more... - Melanie Reed
Mostly serial. The only time I'll read more than one book at a time (and then, it's only 2) is when there's a book club book to read. - Nathalie
@Jenny: YES, I do that!! I'm embarrassed to admit how many unfinished books I have because of that exact behavior... :) - Anthony Citrano
science fiction (when I still read it ) is pretty much cover to cover. everything else is massively parallel. I'm afflicted not only with the shiny syndrome but more importantly by books forcing their way into my hands by leaping out as I pass the shelves - I can't let them hit the floor after all. Some of my best finds have been this way - and these always turn out to bring new insights on the books I'm reading and serve to bring organization and "clustering" to the concepts I'm juggling. - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
Anthony Citrano
Review: No misconduct for Bush interrogation lawyers | USA Today - http://www.usatoday.com/news...
Review: No misconduct for Bush interrogation lawyers | USA Today
“Justice Department lawyers showed ‘poor judgment’ but did not commit professional misconduct when they authorized CIA interrogators to use waterboarding and other harsh tactics at the height of the U.S. war on terrorism, an internal review released Friday found...” - Anthony Citrano from Bookmarklet
so no one is accountable - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
yeah this is a big disappointment - Chris Heath
agreed. - Anthony Citrano
LOL, I'm amazed people imagined anything would come of this at all. As long as we remain at war, those people are untouchable. Sorry, but I'm just a realist, not an idealist. - LANjackal
@LANjackal: which means forever. - Anthony Citrano
Pretty much, yes. I guess this is the point at which belief in God/higher power may actually be "comforting" for those of a certain persuasion who might want to see some sort of punishment meted out. I-ron-ic. - LANjackal
if you touch them, they could start talking... nobody need it - A. T.
*headdesk* - Steven Perez
Anthony Citrano
Storm could mean snow on ground in all 50 states | USATODAY.com - http://www.usatoday.com/weather...
Storm could mean snow on ground in all 50 states | USATODAY.com
“An Oklahoma forecaster is predicting an unusual weather phenomenon — snow on the ground in all 50 states at the same time.” - Anthony Citrano from Bookmarklet
@Brent: sure. [e.g. Mauna Kea] - Anthony Citrano
meanwhile in balmy Vancouver the snow trucked in from far away made for a great Women's mogul event despite the Hawaiian Express (i.e. monsoon) at the top of the mountain. - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
Brent, it snow in Hawaii every winter. - Jeff P. Henderson
Anthony Citrano
Fed in Talks With Money Market Funds to Help Drain $1 Trillion | Bloomberg.com - http://www.bloomberg.com/apps...
Fed in Talks With Money Market Funds to Help Drain $1 Trillion | Bloomberg.com
"The Federal Reserve is in talks with money-market mutual funds on agreements to help drain as much as $1 trillion from the financial system as policy makers prepare for the first interest-rate increase since June 2006, according to a person familiar with the discussions." - Anthony Citrano from Bookmarklet
watch the US $.... we'll see over the next several months whether the blind flight to the never never land of make believe (ie ficticious safe haven) has worsened things or alternatively whthet we'll see that a fantasy, when no other hope can exist, can be real enough to subvert reality. Blessed to live in interesting times say the sages. - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
Scoble, Alex Scoble
In a surprise twist Vezquez won this week's Dow Jones guessing game with a guess of 7203. He beat out MVB's roommate by 2 points. DJIA ended the week at 7274.40. http://friendfeed.com/e...
Please leave your guesses for next week's game here. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
6950 is my guess again this week. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I don't know anything about anything in stock things, but I'd say 7245, I know I won't be close anyway... - directeur
7311, me neither directeur, it's only an estimation from the post's details (guessed only 2 times) - Zu from AOD
7601 the rally will continue - John Flynn
http://cnnwire.blogs.cnn.com/2009...; market will hold awaiting this. Then light surge for 2 days....Then we'll see if the market is ready to continue its game of lets destroy capitalism by inflating the derivative bubble even more ..... but back to the topic at hand: guessing that the announcement will be Wed. leads me to 7500 at week's end - David HC Soul
6200. - Steven Perez
Interesting guesses. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
7100 - imabonehead
7350 - Chieze Okoye
Its now being said that the "Toxic Asset Buyout Plan" will be unveiled tomorrow. Which means the market will have time for momentary euphoria and a crunch back to realism all within the course of the week..... too late to change my guess, I guess, so I'll save the doom and gloom...well, no I won't ... here's what it's all comes down to, one side or the other:... more... - David HC Soul
Alex, after a few more rounds, I want to see your tally of how many times the majority guess here(simplified to rising/falling) agreed with what actually happened. - Mr. Gunn
7425 - dbcohen
Guesses after this comment will not be accepted. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Missed this one... My guess remains 5800.. rolled over automatically each week until it hits. - Aviv
What do you expect investors to do on the day the government announces plans to get rid of toxic assets? It's happened before, back when the Dow was at 5-digits. Nothing new here.. And with a mere 300-point jump after waiting a month for this plan, the markets seem to be fed up of all this nonsense. It's gonna come crashing in a week or so. - Aviv
As long as you guys remain as bullish as ever in the midst of a severe recession, there's a huge downside and plenty of doom to foresee. - Aviv
Geoff, heck, when I get bullish, *I* will be worried. - Aviv
The jump was 500 points, btw. All three major indexes went up about 7% - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Mr. Gunn, you want me to do work? Sheesh, can't you do it for me? - Scoble, Alex Scoble
300, 500, same difference. It's very easy to have a rally in financial stocks when the government tells you they'll print away the banks' debt. - Aviv
I hope you are right, Aviv. My net worth is depending on it. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Well, the rally I was referring to ended today. A 500-point rally after the government reveals pretty much their only major plan in the coming months is very bad news for the bulls IMO. - Aviv
7650 - Johnny
Totally not far for me to venture a guess on Wednesday night, so I'll go with 8192 (a power of 2). - Mike Reynolds
Mike, your comment has been deleted...never mind that you can still see it... - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Thanks Alex, will try again next week. But things are indeed getting closer and closer to 2^13. - Mike Reynolds
well how 'bout that - Vezquex
Anthony Citrano
Experts: Dollar Crisis Looms if US Doesn't Curb Debt | CNBC - http://www.cnbc.com/id...
Experts: Dollar Crisis Looms if US Doesn't Curb Debt | CNBC
“It has got to be done. It will be done some day. It may be done with enormous pain. Or it may be done more rationally,” said Rudolph Penner, a former head of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget office who co-chaired the 24-strong Committee on the Fiscal Future of the United States... - Anthony Citrano from Bookmarklet
heading s/b truncated after word "looms" - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
+1 David - Anthony Citrano
Debt is unimportant we are in a job depression in consumer economy without significant Gov spending this ends up a double dip a very deep traumatic second dip... Deficit hawks are about 1 year early but mostly they are too dumb to read the signs - WarLord
@WarLord - even *with* gov't spending it's going to be a traumatic second dip. postponing the inevitable... - Anthony Citrano
Anthony Citrano
For Wall St., Question on Top Bonuses Is 7 Figures or 8 | New York Times - http://www.nytimes.com/2010...
“Industry executives acknowledge that the numbers being tossed around — six-, seven- and even eight-figure sums for some chief executives and top producers — will probably stun the many Americans still hurting from the financial collapse and ensuing Great Recession. Goldman Sachs is expected to pay its employees an average of about $595,000 apiece for 2009, one of the most profitable years in its 141-year history. Workers in the investment bank of JPMorgan Chase stand to collect about $463,000 on average.” - Anthony Citrano from Bookmarklet
ensuring systemic failure of nation states can indeed be most profitable in the short run. - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
David HC Soul
Report: Radical Imam Detained at JFK Airport in 2002 http://flne.ws/22757884 on Fluent News
i'll be interested to see ir there are comments from any of m. Rudi, Karl or Dick on how this didn't happen on "watch" either. - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
Dave Winer
I have a question for ABC. Why didn't your turn of Giuliani's mike and go to commercial? What's your oblication to truth? http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2010...
the powerof the repeated lie is not to be underestimated; more critically the talk shows want the guests and so support the lies to get the guests; the lessons of history when the mutual dependence of media and politicians reaches this point are manifest. - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
Jay Rosen
Your adversarial press: Giuliani says, "We Had No Domestic Attacks Under Bush." Stephanopoulos lets him. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010...
and Rudi's message reached his audience...no matter the 'clarification' issued by his flacks later. Time honoured tactic and George supports it's use (his later mea culpa also irrelevant to undoing mistake in having promoted Rudi's message) - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
Jay Rosen
Can someone who knows both him and the book please tell @davewiner he should read The Human Use of Human Beings? http://www.amazon.com/Human-U... Thanks.
perhaps to be followed by God and Golem - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
Giuliani Update - George's Bottom Line - http://blogs.abcnews.com/george...
Giuliani Update - George's Bottom Line
"The Mayor’s spokesman says that the remark “didn't come across as it was intended” and that Giuliani was “clearly talking post-9/11 with regards to Islamic terrorist attacks on our soil.” Whatever the Mayor meant, it’s not what he said.  All of you who have pointed out that I should have pressed him on that misstatement in the moment are right.  My mistake, my responsibility." - Russellreno from Bookmarklet
Don't book liars, Stephanopolous. There were so many lies in that single paragraph that Giuliani should simply not be considered a credible media guest. Come on. The "terrorism recividism rate" estimate of Guantanamo releasees is one of the all time liars' statistics around. Everyone should know those numbers are so inflated that the Uighurs released to Britain were counted as... more... - Andrew C (✔)
But Giuliani has neither! - Andrew C (✔)
it doesn't matter if Rudi (or his flacks) issue a correction; he got message to his intended audience; "wonderful" tactic. - David HC Soul from BuddyFeed
Join the protest against conservatives in congress. You cannot get ignored or get arrested. Go here http://liberal.posterous.com/the-lib... - democratz
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