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Louis Gray
One commenter on my blog: "They meant 'real' journalists and media people. Not guys who stay at home in their pajamas in front of a computer."
So there ya go. - Louis Gray
I can validate the authenticity of this photo. - drew olanoff
Oh, so how am I supposed to take you seriously now?! - Akiva
OMG lol hahaha :D - Apostolos Papadopoulos
Hey you have a shirt I should have! :) (Maybe not the exact one...should that be a requirement of all my interviews? You have to provide me a logo shirt?) Nice Jammies... ;) - Sheryl
LG shirts are here: (And yes, they have ladies designs, Sheryl) - Louis Gray
Oh snap. - Derrick
Jim Lehrer is quite famous for his pajama and hot chocolate series of interviews with world leaders. You are in good company :-) - Todd Hoff
BWHAHAHAHAHA I smell a new meme for bloggers. - Anika
Clever. Would you wear a gabbygeek shirt, though? I believe in reciprocity. ;) - Sheryl
Baby onesies. Hmmm. Tempting. - DGentry
Awesome. Bring it on! :) - Nathan Chase
I thought you were wearing a hat with antlers. - Yolanda
I saw antlers too ;) - Jim Connolly
Strawberry and blackberry drew? - Todd Hoff
Drew: I did. Well Ken did. I'm in it. Just now. Jammie party! - Sheryl
@Yolanda I thought it was a feather in his hat. Pimp baseball cap? - Tamara, #TeamMarina
How rude is that? dang! Ignore and move on... BTW, who doesn't love to blog at night in their jammies? :) - Susan Beebe
Wait - I thought Louis Gray doesn't put stickers on his laptop? - Jesse Stay
So cute Louis-you should see what I wear lol - Myrna
@tamara I thought it was a feather too. @susan We have to wait for night? @Jesse Stickers were pre-baby. - MaryAnn Chick Whiteside
<I>Real</I> journalists stay out of the office - MaryAnn Chick Whiteside
I see you have a pillow and a sheet ready to take a nap! Awwww, working from home....niiiiicccceee. :) - Dawn
.LOLz! - .LAG liked that
excellent. and I see antlers too. :) - Josh Haley
You need to wear a suit and a gray fedora with a card stuck in it that says "PRESS" in all caps. And you need a camera with a big, round flash that makes a big poof sound. Otherwise I'll never take you seriously. - Bruce Lewis
I'm always a little confused by this "pajamas" thing. I guess at newspapers, not every day is Wear Pajamas to Work Day? Here in the tech industry, it pretty much is. - j1m
At least he didn't say "naked" or "in drag", right? - Brett Kelly
Yes, commenting here only makes the thread continue. :) But the pillow and sheet were there because I slept on Drew's couch, and that's our make-do bed. The PJ pants and LG shirt are fairly tame, aren't they? My wife's comment on seeing this? "The subject is observed in his natural habitat." - Louis Gray
Louis can I sleep on your couch when I come out to San Francisco next? - Jesse Stay
It does look comfy :) - Brett Kelly
LMAO. Classic. Good stuff as always....LOL, as I write this, at my my PJs....LOL - Harold Cabezas
Excuse me but My Jammies are NSFW - Brent - Yes I am
Kol Tregaskes
"Ooops they did it again! No, not the Britney Spears fan club! Google did it again...stealing Microsoft's thunder by rolling out Wave, their new communications and collaborative during the same week Microsoft debuted Bing, its new . Google Wave is what email would be like if it were on steroids! It is a little of everything all mashed up into one big giant framework. Wave is part email, IM, calendar, Twitter, wiki, spreadsheets/docs/presentation, picture sharing, social media, forums, maps and just about everything else on the web, but the kitchen sink!" - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
A nice round-up. - Kol Tregaskes
Kol, i sent u video link that day of Wave demo. Saw it? - Roshan Ramachandran
The long video? Yep, thank you, eventually got to see it.. Really eager to try it now though. - Kol Tregaskes
This is a serious game changer for a lot of reasons. FriendFeed is very uniquely positioned to take advantage of this, as are the OMB servers ( etc). The implications for search are huge. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
maybe its time for microsoft to throw in the towel, Google are simply streets (or waves) ahead in everything they do - Neil Ashworth
I've said for some time that microsoft has fallen too far behind in the software market. They aren't the innovators anymore and need to embrace the path that they started on when they started buying into media companies. Google has the upper hand in software and they continually beat Microsoft at the marketing game. Microsoft should have realized long ago the power of giving away software in order to control the nature of the user's experience. Google has that control now. - guruvan (Rob Nelson) from f2p
Scoble's Vanity Feed
@Scobleizer i know you are a #friendfeed junkie. you need to try out Amigo. very robust iphone app for friendfeed -
Palm Responds to Apple's iTunes Syncing Threats | John Paczkowski -
Palm Responds to Apple's iTunes Syncing Threats | John Paczkowski
iPhone Developer
to those who are looking for cheap gas. Here's a free iPhone app. -
[Retweet] Top 40 free iPhone software applications to download - MOBILE.BLORGE: Travel Applications. Cheap Gas!: An...
iPhone app Cheap Gas! pinpoints gas stations near you sorted by distance and price.
iPhone Developer
@lauralovesart Yes,gas seems to be going up every week. I'm getting $2.99 around my work & home areas.I should use "cheap gas" iphone app=] -
Paul Buchheit
FriendFeed Blog: Popular iPhone apps for FriendFeed -
FriendFeed Blog: Popular iPhone apps for FriendFeed
FriendFeed Blog: Popular iPhone apps for FriendFeed
FriendFeed Blog: Popular iPhone apps for FriendFeed
"Some third party software developers have made good use of the FriendFeed API to create some great FriendFeed iPhone applications. Stay connected to FriendFeed even when you're away from your computer with one of these iPhone apps (at our office, BuddyFeed and Amigo have been really popular)" - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Both paid apps - think I'll wait until after iPhone 3.0 drops before I try them. - Mitch Wagner
BuddyFeed is solid, but sorely lacking a landscape browser option. And it's still a touch crashy. - Roger Benningfield
Gosh, I wish there were popular FriendFeed apps for the Sprint Instinct. -from the mobile wilderness. - Anika
I think the browser would be perfect if you could lock the horizontal scrolling somehow. - Frankie Warren
I wish there was a mention of the two alternative WebApp-proxy apps, which are fully usable on most smartphones, not solely the iPhone. One of them is f2p <>, developed by Nakamura Hiroshi <>; the other <> by FFeeder Benjamin Golub. - ianf ⌘
I have been liking Nambu, still in beta and free - Drew S
I broke down and bought BuddyFeed about a week ago. It has helped me use FriendFeed more but there are features it's lacking (specifically Twitter sharing integration). solid app overall though. - Michael Koby from BuddyFeed
Still looking for the perfect Tri-fecta app: Friendfeed / FaceBook / Twitter "hub". Nambu and Zensify are close on the iPhone, but both are 1/3 short. - eEditor from Nambu
I use Nambu on my iPhone and for Twitter on my Mac and like them both. The Mac version is currently without FriendFeed and Facebook, but both are promised 'soon', like end of June/July when it comes out of beta. - Ken Gidley
BuddyFeed and amigo aren't bad, but they both need serious work on their respective UIs (particularly as it relates to liking and commenting, both of which require about 2 too many taps). I'm excited to see what happens with these in the future. And now I'm actually thinking about building one myself. We'll see. - Brett Kelly
I made some FriendFeed tables for YQL that make it really, really easy to use: - Sam Pullara
How about Android? C'mon developers! Android will be on more devices in the future, including netbooks! - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
These apps all seem to lack some obvious basics, like being able to email a FF item. I own BuddyFeed (and a couple others) and generally like it, but I still bounce to the web app sometimes. - David Chartier
Use Nambu (FREE), or Safari :) - Alp
Great thread - thanks for the pointers everyone. - Mitch Wagner
Is there anything interesting out there for BlackBerry? - Pablo Melchor
Using Nambu myself-primarily to post to FF and great picture integration which the FF/iphone page lacks. It can still hang up a bit--but no complaints since it's free. - Kelly W.
Thanks, Susan: I tried and it does the trick, buy it is a pity that it has not added the improvements in friendfeed's appearance (e.g. fftogo still displays service icons -twitter, facebook- beside each entry instead of people's pictures) - Pablo Melchor
All of them offer less functionality than the website, which is perfect. Therefore, all of them suck. - zio bodhisattva
The website is far from perfect. Posting picture is less than ideal. - Kelly W.
BuddyFeed is my favorite one out of that batch. However, it crashes way too much - Susan Beebe
With respect, the API has several big missing pieces, for example DM, IM, and Email. That's why those features aren't in these apps. - David J. Hinson
If you cannot decide which client to use, ask Hunch: - Lars Trieloff
I second the call for an Android app. - Alex
Brett Kelly
Amigo Version 1.1 submitted to iTunes for review. (via
This is good news! Some cool (and, arguably, necessary) new features in here. - Brett Kelly
Youji Sakai
Popular iPhone apps for FriendFeed : - Youji Sakai
Interview : Jeremy Baines and AlertThingy - Youji Sakai
Rodney Rumford
TweetPhoto Now Supported In The Twittelator Pro #iPhone App. Looks Great!
Evan Williams
@justyn who do you suggest? We need to revamp Suggested Users, but it needs to solve a problem (i.e., giving new users a place to start).
For one thing, you could expand the list and randomize who you show by category. For instance, the New York Times is suggested. Why not alternative a newspaper account among a variety of top providers -- Wall St. Journal, LA Times and so on? Is there more than one mommy blogger to be represented other than Heather Armstrong? Just how many celebrities do you need to suggest? Do People... more... - dannysullivan
How about some people in several different categories, like wefollow does. - Francine Hardaway
I think that David Owen is right. Why re-invent the wheel? - Anita Cohen-Williams
Suggested users could be a highly useful feature if you built logic into design to help users discover other users based on categories, keywords, profile bio data, location, etc - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Not that you're reading this but how about enabling users to enter their Facebook credentials or Gmail contact list, or others and just find people on Twitter that they're already contacts with elsewhere? That will be the strongest suggested user list you can come up with. Then, look up the #followfriday and retweets of posts by those users. This can be done intelligently, and dynamically for each user. - Jesse Stay
I hope the list doesn't change at all *cough*. Actually, in all seriousness I like the list as is from the vantage point that "It's a start" for new users. For older users, I'd love to see something more contextual based on their tweets over time with the service. *Edit- Susan, I didn't see your post before mine but I totally agree.* - B.J. Mendelson
How about using hunch? Seriously, ask people a few questions, and use that to collaboratively filter. It improves over time as you see who people who answered those questions a year ago are still following and replying to today. - Daniel Dulitz
Most Canadians don't know Twitter exists -
A new study released this week from Ipsos Reid has found that three out of four (74 per cent) of online Canadians are unwaware of Twitter. Of the 26% of online Canadians who were aware of Twitter, only 6 per cent reported using the social networking tool. Add it up and it means that only 1.45% of the Internet population, or about one percent of the population as a whole actually use Twitter. - Shey from Bookmarklet
Not surprisingly, awareness of Twitter is higher among 18-34 year olds (32% aware). Awareness is also significantly higher among those online Canadians with University educations (34%, compared to only 19% of those with a high school education or less). Interestingly, awareness is significantly lower in Quebec (only 7%). - Shey
huh, what? - .LAG liked that
Yeah that number seems ridiculously high to me - Shey
Doesn't surprise me at all. As people involved in tech I think our circle of friends/acquaintances is not indicative of the "average" Canadian. - Kenton
Very true. But even my RL non-techie friends know about Twitter, even if they don't use it and think it's stupid. - Shey
But Shey, I would guess you are also University educated and live in a large metropolitan area. I think if you went out into more rural areas you'd find plenty of people who hardly even use a computer. - Kenton
That is also very true - Shey
1% translates to 330,000 - does that pass the smell test? - Brian Sullivan
That's interesting given that Toronto was one of the major early Facebook adopters. - Jed
The historic Facebook uptake would lead you to think it odd. But, to put another layer of perspective on it, Orkut is a google product and BIG in Brazil, for instance, but how many Canadians would even know what you just pronounced. Exactly. - Micah
That is true, but that happened in Brazil. I assume Brazilians would know about it. - Jed
OTOH, there's been lots of national newspaper coverage and local radio station personalities seem to be all over it, so maybe there's a middle ground to the stats as reported and the geek surprise. - Micah
Twitter is going to be remembered in the same way ICQ is as a step in evolution for communication software. Keep a watch of this Google Wave tech. coming, it'll probably be the next cool Internet term to throw around. " Yeah was "Waving" my friends the other day...." - Jim Geary
So sorry about your father.My prayers and thoughts are with you. - Lynda Thornhill
^^^ Who's Twitter's father? - Micah
? operator error - Jim Geary
Anthony Citrano
Flickr Founder Calls Nuked User 'A Dick' | Gawker -
Flickr Founder Calls Nuked User 'A Dick' | Gawker
Look, I think flickR should be able to control their network and its content however they wish. But this policy is ridiculous and evil (wiping out all user data and not letting them get it back) and they deserve all the negative press that comes with it, especially when they act like dismissive assholes. - Anthony Citrano from Bookmarklet
Is he the guy that wrote that hilarious exit letter re: silver mining? - anna sauce
Same dude anna. - vijay
god, I love Stuart (finally read post) nice way to stand behind your colleague. - anna sauce
exactly. : ) Title is misleading. - vijay
I'm not a fan of Flickr but it's hard for me to summon any outrage on behalf of that dick. - Chester
Check this out.. last line from Johnson- "Ask Heather to fill you in". lol! Credit to Stewart for showing the level of restraint he did. - vijay
flickr is a great service but their terms of use and the ways they enforce them makes them much bigger dicks than any justifiably irate user. And I am not trying to compliment them. But it's typical corporate internet arrogance. - Rick Powell
What a great chance to respond to a CR issue without having to represent the company admirably... given a chance to say what he actually felt, I think Stewart's response was maybe not totally called for, but totally funny and he has the right. Way to back up your former peeps too. - SAM
Well, whatever. I think Stewart is a dick, but far fewer people will read that than have read and will read his e-mail and will make their own minds up. - Rick Powell
So, if somebody emailed me to ask me to mediate a problem they were having with my former employer, I suspect that my response would both be ruder and shorter. - Wirehead
@Wirehead Well, in that case, you, just like Stewart, would be going out of your way to be a dick yourself. All he really needed to write was the first sentence, or not respond at all. But flickr's policy of deleting a user's photos without warning and without appeal, pretty much sums up corporate assholism for me. - Rick Powell
My capital rules of staying on the internet: 1. be nice. 2. if you can't be nice, be civil. 3. if you can't be civil, be offline. They served me well in the last 15 years. (and - honestly - I trust Heather's judgement in managing communities a wee bit more than a random guy trolling comment threads, being nuked from existence and throwing a tantrum about it) - dario
There is usually little difference between a nice person enforcing bad corporate policy and a bad person doing it, except for the style in which it's done. Apologies to "Heather," I'm sure, since I don't know her personally. [insert eye rolls here.] - Rick Powell
this is why i stopped using flikr. They dont CARE. - Jim Hague
As somebody who manages online communities for a living, I'm going to have to say that the response here was probably the right one (granted I haven't seen the original threads, and he could have afforded to be a little more civil with his language). Trolls live for this shit. And most of them are dicks. - mike fabio
Troll is a dismissive word, used ubiquitously and uncritically. It's been MY experience that while there are genuine trolls, the word is not infrequently used to dismiss someone who brings up an uncomfortable political issue. No excuse for being a dick, of course. - Rick Powell
What concerns me in this issue is that if someone at Yahoo decides that they disagree with something I said or the way I said it, they are willing to completely remove my account. It makes me distrustful of the cloud as a place to store my data. With that said, Yahoo was perfectly within their rights to make this move. It just seems like they don't care to engender confidence in the integrity of the data on their servers. - Scott Ohlemacher
I have wondered if flickr so easily deletes paying customers photos because they have never provided an easy way for anyone to download all of their collection once it's in the cloud. I guess they think, why would anyone want to do that? - Rick Powell
@Rick Powell: You're right that there is no excuse for being a dick, but dickery is subjective. - Scott Ohlemacher
And I think deleting a paying customer's photos, even if he violated terms of service, and not the law, for instance, is simply bad corporate policy. That is really being a dick, in my opinion. - Rick Powell
Amen, Rick, Amen. Perhaps the real issue was that flickr was afraid of losing the White House photostream? - Scott Ohlemacher
Wow, just wow. Just goes to show you that money (or talent for that matter) and class don't always go hand in hand. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Finally Flickr's actions as Judge, Jury and Executioner in deleting unwanted members is getting some mainstream coverage due to the political angle. Even if some disagree whether it was the correct forum to air his grievances on the WH's detainee photo policy, it appears to have been measured and civil. Certainly not grounds for a non-appealable deletion. So exactly how does Flickr safeguard our photos (i.e. backups), if deleted members cannot be retrieved? Cloud-computing, or merely dust? - Nils Sandin
Yeah- seems like a draconian move by Yahoo. - anna sauce
another Community Manager from a different site chiming in... Flickr was totally within their rights to toast this guy *and* his account. The TOS on any site is not just an agreement between a single user and the company with regard to their own content, but also between the community at large and the company that OTHER users will be subjected to the TOS. This guy was spamming and... more... - Edubya
Spam? What exactly was he selling? If I read the accounts right, every American needs to have those pictures shoved under their noses until they wake the frak up. Really, the vagueness in rhetoric that everyone just accepts here is amazing. They were pictures of torture. It was a political protest. Yahoo was certainly within their "rights," although the idea of assigning rights to a corporation makes me queasy, but that doesn't mean I think the world is better off because Yahoo gets to do what it wants. - Rick Powell
@Edubya They have a right and obligation to uphold their TOS. However, asymmetrical responses like this are not a good way to keep up a good image. - Scott Ohlemacher
Yeah, this definitely falls under the definition of protected speech in my opinion. Yahoo isn't looking good over this. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
"protected speech"? I don't think the constitution said you were guaranteed the right be able to post on flickr. The constitution doesn't mean everyone has to put up with your shit. A political protest in flickr comments is a pretty lazy freedom fighter anyway. That said, wiping out a paying customers stored images without a warning is really messed up, and it seems like they do that quite frequently. - Richard Lawler
It may not be constitutionally protected speech in this context, but in another it would be. That should at least make Yahoo pause and handle the situation carefully and diplomatically just to avoid the backlash. - Scott Ohlemacher
The constitution says that political speech is protected. It doesn't specify forum. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I think that Anthony's first comment here sums up the situation admirably. Flickr did something legal that was morally ambiguous. - Scott Ohlemacher
Just because speech is protect by the constitution doesn't mean that a private service has to allow unfettered expression of it. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
No, it's not protected speech but it just points out why we can't trust corporations with our data, with anything. They don't give a shit and they don't have to. - Rick Powell
Ah, I love it when people speak up to defend the rights of corporations! Give them exemptions to all moral obligations! So encouraging for our democracy. Whether or not they have the legal right is irrelevant if we are talking about ethics. This is, however, the kind of culture we have. - Rick Powell
A rule against spamming comments != a law prohibiting free speech. How is a corporation morally obligated to put up with spammers, no matter what the content is they're spamming? - Richard Lawler
This may not hold up to scrutiny, but as a publicly traded company reliant on their image to maintain a user base and therefore profits, don't they have an obligation to shareholders to handle situations like this in the most diplomatic way possible? - Scott Ohlemacher
Corporations are not morally obligated to do anything. That's the point. That is why they cannot be trusted. Further, I didn't make that equivalency between spam and free speech. You did. Not to mention which the word "spam" is debatable in this case, not least because corporate policies disdain politics, by default, a position which, of course, always favors the powerful. - Rick Powell
debating whether this is a free speech issue or not is moot. Flickr (or pretty much anywhere else different from your own site) is private property, they have community guidelines which are designed for "the greater good" (which translates nicely to: having the largest number of satisfied users/customers possible). Flickr community guidelines basically boil down to "Behave. If you don't, it may very well be one strike, you're out". - dario
Rick, not to defend Flickr because I think they've handled this poorly (from a PR point of view if nothing else). But if you sign up to use a service and agree to the TOS, you are voluntarily agreeing to a certain code of conduct. If you violate the TOS, you are subject to the penalties of doing so. Johnson is free to take his protest to another venue. That said, Flickr could be a bit more accommodating and give the guy his images back. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
and yes, losing your stuff sucks bad, and yes, they probably should implement some sort of "pre-ban" which lets you download your content back on - say - a two weeks notice before the termination of your account. - dario
Is it an appropriate solution for us to "vote with our eyeballs" and boycott the service until they change some of these policies in a public way? - Scott Ohlemacher
Peeps, the First Amendment protects you against government action. You have no constitutional right to a flickR account. There's a difference between saying "flickR sucks for doing this" and "flickR has no right to do this." They certainly do have a right to do it, and I have a right to think they're assholes because of it. But I guess that's what I said initially (sorry.) - Anthony Citrano
@Kevin Have you read the TOS lately? Do you know what NIPSA means? I certainly don't know, after reading it a dozen times. Their TOS is not as arcane, opaque and just plain retarded as ebay's, which must set some sort of record in the history of incomprehensible corporate jargon, but it's not exactly transparent. I think they can ban me if they want. But after accepting my money and... more... - Rick Powell
also, on the "morally reprehensible" issue: this has nothing to do with ethics. Turning over your users' personal data to the chinese government IS unethical, and still, as a publicly shared company, you have to answer to your shareholders first, which might -or might not- be interested in your moral high ground - dario
@dario What you described is why, in my youth, I believed in economic democracy, which, I think, only the Zapatistas actually advocate now. - Rick Powell
I think you people are confusing how the flickr software is presently implemented with an arbitrary policy decision. This is common with people who don't know what they are talking about but like to sound like they do. I twittered this on Tuesday... unless you've actually hacked big software that runs on large server farms, STFU about how you'd change how a large website that runs on large server farms would work. - Wirehead
Oh, I love that one! Technological barriers, the last refuge of the nihilist. Give me a frakin break. This thread has seen it all, right? First-name dropping, specious arguments about the rights of corporations, equating speech with spam, and now claiming the high ground for those who "have hacked big software." I believe I'll have another beer and thank the gods I have never been anywhere near large server farms. Big cow farms, yes. - Rick Powell
Anthony...I agree. Chalk it up to another Festivus miracle, my friend! lol - Carlton Hackett
@Wirehead That was needlessly vitriolic. Couldn't be civil and say something like "There are technological limitations related to policy implementation in communities of this size" rather than making assumptions about the skills and experiences of the people in the discussion and then disparaging them? You didn't contribute to this conversation at all, you detracted from it. @everyone else: sorry for feeding the troll. - Scott Ohlemacher
Dude, I'm just stating an unpleasant truth. But it's very popular amongst people with a little grain of knowledge to assume that they can apply this everywhere. Do I sit here and make suggestions for how cattle ranchers might improve production? No, because I recognize that I don't know a damn thing about cattle ranching and would probably suggest something really stupid. - Wirehead
On that note, I'm going to go have a beer and watch the hockey game. - Scott Ohlemacher
@Pat I would guess that a large percentage of the world's dissidents would say that the normal rules don't apply to them, and they would be right, else they would not be dissidents. As for your comment, your rhetoric is precious (alas? a bit sad?) and your argument, if I can call it that, empty. Anyone else? - Rick Powell
Alex: The constitution defines how government must act. The speech is protected from the government squelching it. No private company is obligated to allow anyone to speak in any way other than the way it wants. Period. The constitution does not give you the right to make the New York Times print anything and everything you want, nor does it give you the right to make flickr do it either. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Most law, and most particularly, the Constitution points back to principles that Dick Cheney, among others, refers to as "quaint," but that doesn't mean they're not valued or have no value, or don't constitute, get that word, the basis for understanding moral behavior. Most citizens understand this. Corporations, unique in history we will eventually realize, are somehow allowed to opt... more... - Rick Powell
Big, scary, god-like (it's a technology, Captain, but none like we've ever seen) server farm or not, I expect backups have to be available. Maybe only for a week (I think that's how long I was told Sprint's picture mail server kept backups), but for some period of time. - MiniMage
See, you are just proving my point, BoringMage. There is a difference between backups and restoring deleted accounts. Given the expected failure rate of disk drives, if flickr didn't keep backups, you'd know. :) - Wirehead
Flickr could disable the account and prevent harmful activity without deletion of customer data, and that is what they should be doing in these cases. This is more about consumer rights than freedom of speech. - Mike Chelen
I'm afraid it cannot be "protected speech" if you spam the same comment 10, 20 more times on individual pictures. Then it becomes heckling. These are the flickr terms: "Don’t vent your frustrations, rant, or bore the brains out of other members. Flickr is not a venue for you to harass, abuse, impersonate, or intimidate others. If we receive a valid complaint about your conduct, we’ll... more... - Iphigenie
If they did warn him and he kept spamming, then he deserved what happened. If he didn't back up his own data after being warned and continued doing the same thing, who can he blame? - Richard Lawler
Jeez, I keep commenting, since so many people find so many creative or not-so-creative ways of avoiding the real points. There is no easy way to back up one's flickr collection, which in some cases involves clicking twice for each photo - which can run into thousands of clicks. If you knew what you were talking about, then you would already know this. flickr's API does not allow... more... - Rick Powell
Yes, we've heard your opinion Rick. That's great. It still doesn't justify the guy's behavior. It doesn't entirely pardon flickr, and I don't think anyone is, but he made his choice. - Richard Lawler
Well, Richard, if anyone had actually heard my opinion then they would comment as if they understood the contents of my opinion, which you clearly haven't. I have not made justifications about his behavior, mostly because I really don't fully know the extent and content of his behavior. Do you? Perhaps you can fill us all in? It seems clear he was obnoxious, as many people are who want... more... - Rick Powell
Rick, I am not sure about your point - in order to upload to Flickr you need to have the image in the first place, so the assumption is you still have the originals and could re-upload to a new account (I certainly have my images on 2 drives here plus several places online). If you somehow lose the originals you should take copies back out of Flickr immediately, not rely on Flickr (or anything) as your sole copy. PS: have you tried - Iphigenie
Congratulations, Joelle, your life is a lot more stable than mine was. I started uploading to flickr when I was homeless and had no computer of my own. Borrowed cameras, with personal images, and gift memberships from readers of my blog. This year will be the first time I have to decide whether to flip the bird to flickr or pay up. 4 years of connections, not to mention photos. Not an... more... - Rick Powell
Just for the purpose of backup perhaps you can switch the images from private to public (but w. adult warning to avoid people being offended) - run the backup, then change it back? Just circumvent the system temporarily so you have your images at least! I totally agree with you that the feeling that the plug can be pulled under you is an uneasy one, but the cases where flickr has done... more... - Iphigenie
You have totally disarmed me. ;-) I will think about trying that, and any indie, open, distributed options you have would be welcome. - Rick Powell
I have a lot of thoughts on this as some might expect. May have to break them down into a few posts. I saw this letter from Stewart well before it appeared in Valleywag. It first appeared in the DeleteMe Uncensored group that I admin on Flickr. My first problem with the letter is that I don't think Shepherd should have posted it there or anywhere at all. It was private correspondence... more... - Thomas Hawk
Had Shepherd asked Stewart for permission to post it and Stewart said yes I think that'd probably be ok then. But I don't think Shepherd did that and I don't think Stewart gave permission for it to be published. While I support Shepard's fight against Flickr, I did tell him that I didn't think it was right that he published this email. I know that I personally won't publish emails... more... - Thomas Hawk
Stewart and Heather are friends so I'd think it fair to assume that he'd stick up for Heather in this case without admittedly knowing many of the specific details. I think a lot of us might as our first reaction stick up for our friends. Unfortunately, I think Stewart's response turns this debate more into a personality thing than it should be. I think there are three problems with the way that Flickr handled the Shepherd Johnson case. - Thomas Hawk
1. Obama campaigned on a platform of transparency in Govt. Deleting critical comments is not transparency. Obama is using social media to enhance his transparency. Deleting critical comments doesn't add much to his credibility in that department. This is not an Obama campaign photostream. It's the official Whitehouse photostream produced by your and my tax dollars. The Obama... more... - Thomas Hawk
2. Shepherd Johnson should not have had his account deleted over the comments that he posted. He linked to a photo (not his but from another photostream as allowed by flickr that was also nuked) depicting detainee prison abuse with a message protesting Obama's support of a new law to suppress additional photos from being released. Of all speech political speech should be given the... more... - Thomas Hawk
3. Flickr should not be deleting *any* accounts permanently and irrevocably. To be so arrogant that they would assume that they will never make a mistake in an account deletion is mind numbing. The fact that they refuse to address this issue and simply dismiss anyone who suggests otherwise is an equally horrible position of arrogance. Instead Flickr should change their policy with... more... - Thomas Hawk
+++ @TH - Nils Sandin
Scott, this is not just about a Flickr account deletion. According to Shepherd, Heather was not aware of some of the comments that were deleted on the President's stream. The only way those comments could have been deleted (if not by flickr) would have been by Shepherd himself or someone who controls the President's stream. I've personally written to the White House on it and posted a... more... - Thomas Hawk
And there is no political bias on my part in this one. I voted for Obama and support him as my President even if I might not vote for him again. I'm a Democrat who believes strongly that censorship is wrong, even if it's done by a popular Democratic President. - Thomas Hawk
Political speech does not and should not deserve a wider berth if the guy was breaking the rules. That should be entirely content agnostic. - Richard Lawler
When are you going to realize that Obama and Bush policy wise are one and the same? - John Blanton from twhirl
Richard, the problem with that position is that the "rules" at flickr are very, very subjective. According to Shepherd, Heather told him his account was deleted because he posted a link to a detainee abuse photo and because he was "spamming" flickr, and yet Heather refused to define what "spamming" was and there is definitely no specific rule about not linking to detainee abuse photos.... more... - Thomas Hawk
so in Flickr's subjective implementation of their rules? Yes, I do think that political speech should be given a wider berth. Not directly relevant, but U.S. Courts have consistently given political speech a wider berth when dealing with First Amendment issues. - Thomas Hawk
If you think flickrs rules are bad then thats great, but its not censorship for them to have and enforce rules on their own website.This is not a first amendment issue and flickr shouldn't treat it as one, that amendment does not give you the rights being implied here. If your Dad sent a complaint to flickr about you posting his photo and you continued to repost it, then sure your stream should be deleted. - Richard Lawler
Richard it is actually censorship if Flickr deletes an account. It might not be Govt. censorship (which also may or may not have taken place in this case). Censorship doesn't have to be Govt sponsored to be considered censorship. It may be *justifiable* censorship to you but it is still censorship. - Thomas Hawk
No, it's censorship if they remove it because of the content, which is exactly why whether it is political speech or not should never come into play. - Richard Lawler
Richard, Flickr did remove Shepherds account because of content. That's exactly why his account was deleted. Content of an image (detainee torture abuse) and content of his words (protesting the Obama administration) that they called spam but would not define. - Thomas Hawk
You've decided it was the content based on their lack of a hard definition for spam, but that doesn't make it so. What he was doing doesn't serve for justification for how he went about doing it. - Richard Lawler
Not sure anyone in this long thread has corrected the assumption that this is "censorship." Censorship is inherently a government act. If it's not an act of government, by definition, it isn't censorship. - Jon Lebkowsky
At least, if you folow the strict, original defnition of the term. There's a huge issue here, but I don't see it as an issue of censorship. - Jon Lebkowsky
Censorship by any definition is anyone preventing anyone else from fully using our right to free speech. .this is censorship of the worst kind. - John Blanton from twhirl
Jon: Censorship is not limited to government accts. Your confusing "censorship" with "government censorship," a common mistake that people make. Since you mention the definition of the term, check out the definition in the dictionary. Richard, according to Shepherd, his account was deleted in part for the photo and in part for what they call spamming (without any notice or warning I... more... - Thomas Hawk
Again, you have a right to free speech in /public/ - Flickr is a /private/ place. Just as you can dictate the speech that goes on in your own home, so can Flickr in their message boards. It may be censorship, but it is not infringing on your right to free speech We are all free to bitch about Flickr in public. So's the guy they dumped. Flickr is free to censor any damn thing they like... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
It is censorship, but it's perfectly legal and "fine" for them to do, however offensive and inadvisable it may be - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob, I've never said his speech on Flickr is protected. I've never said that what Flickr did her was illegal. Flickr can censor me for wearing a green shirt if they want to. Nobody's disputing that. I'm saying it's bad policy and as one of the most active community members who has put thousands of hours into the site and thousands of pieces of content into the site, I think their... more... - Thomas Hawk
I do wish actually though that the White House would in fact address the question of whether or not they censor comments on their own Flickrstream. I think it's a fair question in light of Obama's oft promised new "transparency" in Govt. - Thomas Hawk
Thomas: no you never said any of those things. And i have to agree that it's bad policy. I think in general censorship sucks no matter who does it. And definitely I think you're correct that the Obama Administration should address that question. It's a fair question regardless of promised "transparency" - it's a fair question because it is OUR government. (of, for, and BY the people, right?)But, we've sen on several occasions already that the Obama White House cannot & will not live up to it's promises. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Thanks Pat :) Well said. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Pat, calling it *government* censorship (which in fact may or may not have taken place here) implies that it's a First Amendment freedom-of-speech issue. Calling it censorship is simply stating what it is. If FriendFeed decided to delete a user's account for posting images of prison detainee abuse that would also be censorship. Fortunately for all of us, Friendfeed doesn't seem to be... more... - Thomas Hawk
It does suck, but we do have to remember that this type of censorship is also an exercise of freedom as well. No matter how much it sucks, it is Flickr's right to do it. (no matter how bad it is for their users, or their own company it's still their right -we are all free to engage in our own stupidity) "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." -Voltaire - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
"I will defend your right to say it" indeed - but I won't defend your right to yell it, say it over and over right in someone's face, or heckle in a public space. And I wont defend your right to say it by force to people who dont want to hear it. None of these are free speech - As soon as your speech infringes on the free speech or freedom of others, it's no longer free speech. If... more... - Iphigenie
Sorry, Joelle, I can only say you've never encountered an issue where your passion and your politics overrode your sense of propriety, (I have) because that is what you are talking about now. Unless you have suddenly become a public figure at the level of the President of the United States. Free speech as a right protects us against the government, not against corporate assholes, which... more... - Rick Powell
Nir Ben Yona
Your Facebook vanity URL might turn to be your Facebook vanity mail
I'm more than suspecting this is Facebook's next target. - Nir Ben Yona
What's 'vanity' mail? - Myrna
Your next Facebook mailbox. - Nir Ben Yona
and what is that? LOL not kidding - Myrna
Myrna, in that case you should read the link first :) - Nir Ben Yona
Thanks Nir will do :) - Myrna
Pleasure :) - Nir Ben Yona
Julian Seery Gude
Want to avoid Twitpic & similar tools? You can now post by email or Flickr directly to Twitter. 1/2
Friday Night Cheers, FriendFeed!
snapshot (3).jpg
Cheers mate - Mo Kargas
Chhhhheeeeers! :) - Sasha Kovaliov
XXXX?? Serious?! Johnny! - Bec Rowe @d0tski
It's what I had in the fridge... - Johnny
Just rub it in why don'tcha?? ;P - Yolanda
*sends real beer* - Bec Rowe @d0tski
*also sends chocolate. beer needs chocolate* - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Oh... you mean that VB crap... * ralphs* - Johnny
*hides cheap cask of de bortoli* - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Nah, not VB. How about some Coopers? - Bec Rowe @d0tski
I have choclate waffer fingers... does that count? - Johnny
Only if you eat enough of them. - Bec Rowe @d0tski
I'll give it a fair shake - Johnny
Don't forget to pull the old dustbuster out on your beard, later :) - Bec Rowe @d0tski
I have to shampoo it later. Forgot this morning - Johnny
You shampoo it?" That's awesome! Hey, have you thought about taking a straightener to it? I bet it'd reach your chest! - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Shampoo and conditioner everyday... Longest hair is 1 1/2 inches, just under the chin :D - Johnny
Oooooh, so it's all soft and sweet smelling? Too cool! - Bec Rowe @d0tski
It's part of the 'deal'... Keep it clean and it can stay - Johnny
Ah. Well that's fair. - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Cheers Johnny!! :D Having a good friday night? - Penny
It's reeeeeeeeally cold but I have my uggies on. As soon as Rach goes to bed I'm gonna fire up the Xbox and play till I fall asleep. You? - Johnny
It's no doubt even colder here (it's beyond freezing). I too have my uggies on, we're watching Grease, drinking wine and I'm cooking some Golden Syrup Dumplings :D - Penny
Yum... - Johnny
Post Haircut [Beard Untouched]
Awesome that the beard is untouched by human shears. - DGentry
Soon your beard is going to get searched before you´re allowed on a flight ;) - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
When you get older and your beard turns white, you would make a very nice Santa Claus. I mean that with the utmost love and respect. - Trish Haley
<3 - Johnny
Rodney Rumford
@duncanriley have u seen the new FF iphone app called Amigo ? amazing app. review here
Wendy Kurtz
@davidjhinson see recent tweets from @michaelhyatt. I think you can help him.
Robert Scoble
We lost a great developer… -
Steve Rider, who developed most of the early versions, passed away June 5. Way too young. Tragic. - Robert Scoble
Thank you Robert for reminding us all that this is about LIFE - not just work or marketing. Steve Rider will be missed - Ric Johnson
Condolences to Steve Rider's family and to Sanaz Ahari's families - Eran Even-Kesef
Losing some good people this year. Lifetimes dedicated to information access. Very sad. - Carolyn Wood
Seriously as a developer I am feeling like to cry, my condolences to Steve Rider's Family. - Hameedullah Khan
I am very serious in my sympathy. Emotion is often difficult to convey in typed characters. - Carolyn Wood
Sad :-( - Susan Beebe
Rob Williams
Digest Post: Hey Amigo Check Out this Amazing Friend Feed iPhone App: Amigo for FriendFeed Rating: 4.. -
Kevin Shannon
RT @svartling: A new great looking FriendFeed client for the iPhone called Amigo is now available in App Store #iPhone #svpt
RT @svartling: A new great looking FriendFeed client for the iPhone called Amigo is now available in App Store #iPhone #svpt -
Tim Moore
Thanks Matt! Had been using Nambu - RT @MKMartin: @TimMoore Friendfeed client for the iPhone just hit the app store, called Amigo.
Rodney Rumford
NEWS: NEW Friend Feed client called Amigo just listed in itunes today. this app is insane U must have. i tested it
Why are they asking you to test it when you rarely use FriendFeed? ;-) (That's a hint to come use FriendFeed more Rodney!) - Jesse Stay
I've purchased it but haven't had a chance to mess with it yet. I can tell you this, though: I hate the red. HATE IT. - Akiva
LPH™ and his dog P™
[Amigo]: Giving this FF app a go.
The speed of liking is a bit slower than on BuddyFeed - LPH™ and his dog P™
Getting to the actual story from the open screen is easier on Amigo because there is an > - LPH™ and his dog P™
The main screen has the word "Link" to click and follow - LPH™ and his dog P™
Is it free or paid? - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
IRT Amigo, I'd love to be able to add a photo from my iPhone into a post .. BlogPress is able to do this ... - LPH™ and his dog P™
Zulema - another important point. Amigo and BuddyFeed are $2.99 while AlertThingy is $0.99 - LPH™ and his dog P™
There is a "-" sign in line with the comment and like button to unsubscribe to the person ... - LPH™ and his dog P™
I like that the main screen has a "Me" link .. BuddyFeed "hides" that area - LPH™ and his dog P™
The public button is a good way to see "new" people you are not subscribed. If you are interested then just click on the "+" - LPH™ and his dog P™
The "more" takes you to options such as "subscriptions" but be careful if you tap ... you might be waiting awhile on that one ... - LPH™ and his dog P™
BuddyFeed refresh is far superior. On Amigo, a refresh removes the previously viewed stories whereas BF adds to the ones on the feed ... - LPH™ and his dog P™
I've been trying out Amigo also, and so far I like BuddyFeed a lot better. I can customize the menu bar at the bottom on BuddyFeed, and I don't like Amigo's "real-time" view. Part of why I like BuddyFeed is because its interface doesn't mimic FF real-time. Also the subscribe/unsub button in Amigo is a little confusing, since a thread from a person who I follow was marked with the "sub", implying I'm not already subbed to her. - Cheryl Jones
Excellent points Cheryl - and yes - the view on Amigo isn't working for me either. - LPH™ and his dog P™
I wish some of the BlogPress features were added into the FF apps ... being able to add photos at the time of creating an entry ... - LPH™ and his dog P™
Angry iPhone Owners Twitition for Lower 3G S Upgrade Prices -
I guess they never heard of "Buyer Beware" - Rustic Thoughts
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