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A dumb idea for opening up library usage data -
Library as a platform: Chattanooga -
The modern technology with the worst signal-to-noise ratio is … -
What does Men, Women & Children think it’s about? -
[d'oh] CSS alpha makes me happy -
The future of libraries won’t be created by libraries -
Nailed it! RT @BrendanMcInnis: @Oracle Oracle will be Hurd 'n Catz without Ellison from now on
The problem is not with our imaginations -
[liveblog] Hendrik Hertzberg on the quick fix for our Constitutional morass -
Something positive about Ronald Reagan -
[liveblog] Robin Sproul, ABC News -
Progress isn’t what it used to be -
In 1968, after Sr. Prom, we went into NYC to see #JoanRivers be funny, and be so much braver than male comedians had to be.
In the Age of the Net, everything looks like a Net. MT @macfound: #galaxies are social creatures #astronomy
Dreams are metadata? Interesting! RT @amyburvall: @dweinberger @tomcoates oh no- I think in tweets and dream in hashtags #lostcause
Great! I can cross "Make Tom Coates cry" off my bucket list! Woohoo! RT @tomcoates: (sobs quietly)
Isn't hashtagging dreams proof enough? MT @tomcoates: We need a hashtag for dreams that reveal our lameness. I've been using #iamanerd.
Last night I had a dream the whole point of which was to end on the pun "Soya Labeouf." I wish I were kidding. #ShiaLabeouf
.@Zeynep's post should be required reading for any Net debate where cynics pose as truth-tellin' realists. #Ferguson
Extraordinary post by @zeynep on algorithmic filtering & #NetNeutrality's importance for events like #Ferguson.
Good point, @kos: Where's the Tea Party outrage over gov't overreach & tyranny in Ferguson?
Must-read: @Ethanz in @TheAtlantic on advertising as the Net's original sin. Brilliant. (Also: brilliantly written)
Doggerel celebrating the ridiculousness of the lovable great blue heron
RT @HistoricalPics: Albert Einstein's final grade certificate that he received at the age of 17. (on a scale of 1-6).
RT @pomeranian99: @kenknudsonken @wikimedia @krelnik @dweinberger @michael_nielsen @suepgardner … to help figure out whether a page is more legit or less.
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