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Help #FightEbola. For every $1 you give, Google will give $2. Donate here:
Even better: @Obama: "the FCC should make these rules fully applicable to mobile broadband as well..." #NetNeutrality
RT @SarahMcGiverin: Grateful for clear, strong, and detailed support for #NetNeutrality from @Obama: HT @dweinberger @AKMA
Here's a better link for the President's #NetNeutrality statement:
YAY! @Obama sez: "the FCC should reclassify consumer broadband service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act"
RT @thegarance: Pretty cool @Twitter is collaborating w @womenactmedia on a pilot project to help stop gendered harassment on Twitter
Italy's draft "Declaration of Internet Rights" makes the positive case for the Net to our Internet Overlords:
The Blogosphere Lives - the continuing value of blogs in a world with Twitter, Facebook, and @Medium
13 reasons hyping cyberthreats is bad for security (via @Bruce_Schneier) #cybersecurity
[liveblog] CV Harquail on generative business -
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Paul McCartney’s end of the end -
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[clickbait] Copyright is sodomy -
What we could do with a gigabit -
A dumb idea for opening up library usage data -
Library as a platform: Chattanooga -
The modern technology with the worst signal-to-noise ratio is … -
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[d'oh] CSS alpha makes me happy -
The future of libraries won’t be created by libraries -
Nailed it! RT @BrendanMcInnis: @Oracle Oracle will be Hurd 'n Catz without Ellison from now on
The problem is not with our imaginations -
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