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[AIF] Beau Willimon on “House of Cards” -
Julie Taymor’s Midsummer film -
Support the Voting Rights Act Amendment -
Despite Boehner's show of outrage, Prez. #Obama has signed fewer exec orders per day since Grover Cleveland.
This Week in Law: Not all that legal -
RT @dhowell: Here's #TWiL 264 with @ninapaley and @dweinberger! (Mascot Caramel comments:
[platform] Denmark recreated in Minecraft -
[platform] Unreal Tournament 2014 to provide market for mods -
Getting YouTube’s “ban” on indie music wrong and right -
[2b2k] The Despair of Knowledge -
Long dream last night about a GREAT idea for a basketball-themed 30-sec spot for @HillaryClinton. Twist: Awoke and it was a terrible idea.
Annotate, curate, augment collections: Curarium (from @metaLAB):
Harvard Art Museum API's plus cool examples:
Children not looking at art. (via @MofRIT)
RT @jackschofield: @dweinberger @SpaceToWriteIn The Guardian did this as a great weekly series a few years ago eg
Enjoying blog series "The Space I Write In" by working writers. I'd be too ashamed to post mine. @SpacetoWriteIn
Restaurants are googling their customers, so I write a supposed humor piece.
A story in a single tweet: RT @joshgondelman: "I'll never leave you again," he whispered to the carton of ice cream.
Tough-love post by @mathewi asks Twitter to decide what it wants to be. Always hard for a platform to answer.
(I assume folks know that "Markets are conversations" is Doc Searls' brilliant insight.) @dsearls @ComradeNortski @clockerb @ricklevine
Cookies are conversations. @dsearls @ComradeNortski @clockerb @ricklevine
So sad. Too sad. So sorry. RT @edsu: thinking about @meyerweb and his family lots today #663399
Reenactment of absurd legal wrangle over photocopier def. Plus the real lawyer's comment. @nytimes h/t @wseltzer
Would a networked Google robot car sacrifice you for the greater good? And what about Networked Road Neutrality?
Will a Google car sacrifice you for the sake of the many? (And Networked Road Neutrality) -
RT @pahlkadot: This is the story you should read, by @stevenlevy. Ad Hoc = simple, beautiful, and easy to use
"40 Maps that Explain the Internet" @binarybits
To mark tonight's Jewish holiday I plan on engaging in a period of silent meditation on the spiritual question "Wait, which one is Shavuos?"
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