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[liveblog] Hendrik Hertzberg on the quick fix for our Constitutional morass -
Something positive about Ronald Reagan -
[liveblog] Robin Sproul, ABC News -
Progress isn’t what it used to be -
In 1968, after Sr. Prom, we went into NYC to see #JoanRivers be funny, and be so much braver than male comedians had to be.
In the Age of the Net, everything looks like a Net. MT @macfound: #galaxies are social creatures #astronomy
Dreams are metadata? Interesting! RT @amyburvall: @dweinberger @tomcoates oh no- I think in tweets and dream in hashtags #lostcause
Great! I can cross "Make Tom Coates cry" off my bucket list! Woohoo! RT @tomcoates: (sobs quietly)
Isn't hashtagging dreams proof enough? MT @tomcoates: We need a hashtag for dreams that reveal our lameness. I've been using #iamanerd.
Last night I had a dream the whole point of which was to end on the pun "Soya Labeouf." I wish I were kidding. #ShiaLabeouf
.@Zeynep's post should be required reading for any Net debate where cynics pose as truth-tellin' realists. #Ferguson
Extraordinary post by @zeynep on algorithmic filtering & #NetNeutrality's importance for events like #Ferguson.
Good point, @kos: Where's the Tea Party outrage over gov't overreach & tyranny in Ferguson?
Must-read: @Ethanz in @TheAtlantic on advertising as the Net's original sin. Brilliant. (Also: brilliantly written)
Doggerel celebrating the ridiculousness of the lovable great blue heron
RT @HistoricalPics: Albert Einstein's final grade certificate that he received at the age of 17. (on a scale of 1-6).
RT @pomeranian99: @kenknudsonken @wikimedia @krelnik @dweinberger @michael_nielsen @suepgardner … to help figure out whether a page is more legit or less.
Excellent conversation @Quora about whether we'd be better off if all spectrum were unlicensed
RT @Suw: Interesting look at Amazon’s current pricing shenanigans. It’s about “reducing the gross revenue in the market”
The loss of starry nights to light pollution is the Earth's biggest filter bubble.
Lend a hand to the @FCC's crowdsourcing of the analysis and visualization of the public #NetNeutrality comments?
Our pills are multicolored. Why aren't our digital appliance cords?
RT @TheDailyEdge: Happy Birthday, Mr. President! Thanks again for creating more jobs in the 1st half of 2014 than Bush did in 8 years!
OH PLEASE GOD YES TELL ME HOW @scott_clitheroe: if you want to wipe the smile off Finder's face, that's on you ;)
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