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Excellent conversation @Quora about whether we'd be better off if all spectrum were unlicensed
RT @Suw: Interesting look at Amazon’s current pricing shenanigans. It’s about “reducing the gross revenue in the market”
The loss of starry nights to light pollution is the Earth's biggest filter bubble.
Lend a hand to the @FCC's crowdsourcing of the analysis and visualization of the public #NetNeutrality comments?
Our pills are multicolored. Why aren't our digital appliance cords?
RT @TheDailyEdge: Happy Birthday, Mr. President! Thanks again for creating more jobs in the 1st half of 2014 than Bush did in 8 years!
OH PLEASE GOD YES TELL ME HOW @scott_clitheroe: if you want to wipe the smile off Finder's face, that's on you ;)
Brilliant. It says "ten". But it does not say it's the boss of me :) RT @scott_clitheroe: open terminal, and run the command: say "OS X"
RT @griffey: @dweinberger Nope. I have to remind myself every single time I talk about it. Instinct is to always go with X. Esp with OS X 10.10. :-)
Am I the only one who pronounces the X in "OS X" as the letter, not as "ten"?
RIP Prof. Sturm. And a small poem about the departed.
BTW, The Downfall clip I just tweeted is particularly relevant b/c the UK just protected parodies #openrightsgroup
Brilliant meta-parody by @BradTem using Downfall to parody Downfall's #DMCA takedowns @eff @openrightsgroup
RT @jeffsonderman: "Our view is that the web is a different medium, and it calls for a different form of storytelling." -@PostBaron
Aug 1: Time to pretend that this summer you're really going to take some quality time off. Really!
"We blog because we care." @GlobalVoices folks are among the bloggers Ethiopia has arrested. #FreeZone9Bloggers
Excellent: @natenatenate on libraries as sharing systems + trenchant on framings by @shannonmattern @rdlankes & me
You never thought alphabetical order could be this complex:
The fight against letting cities provide Net access mirrors what electric co's said 100 yrs ago. Wrong then & now.
Michelle Obama on working parents -
TexasYoungDemocrats have a page at Amazon where you can buy basic goods for children detained at our border @TexasYDs
Visual history of the 277 undersea cables that carry the Internet's traffic:
Hilary Putnam has a blog!!
Google reverses Real Name policy, recognizing that some of us are more vulnerable than others
The @Comcast Challenge, worse than Cinammon Challenge: Can you listen to this entire customer service call? Not me!
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