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Aug 1: Time to pretend that this summer you're really going to take some quality time off. Really!
"We blog because we care." @GlobalVoices folks are among the bloggers Ethiopia has arrested. #FreeZone9Bloggers
Excellent: @natenatenate on libraries as sharing systems + trenchant on framings by @shannonmattern @rdlankes & me
You never thought alphabetical order could be this complex:
The fight against letting cities provide Net access mirrors what electric co's said 100 yrs ago. Wrong then & now.
Michelle Obama on working parents -
TexasYoungDemocrats have a page at Amazon where you can buy basic goods for children detained at our border @TexasYDs
Visual history of the 277 undersea cables that carry the Internet's traffic:
Hilary Putnam has a blog!!
Google reverses Real Name policy, recognizing that some of us are more vulnerable than others
The @Comcast Challenge, worse than Cinammon Challenge: Can you listen to this entire customer service call? Not me!
Tell Congress to vote NO to taking away FCC authority to reclassify broadband under Title II #NetNeutrality
British spy agency's big bag o' tools for manipulating our Internet. Via @ggreenwald (h/t @Bruce_Schneier)
SCOTUS finds against @Aereo because it acts like a cable co. Aereo: "Cool! SCOTUS says we're a cable co. We're back!"
Request for app: Annotation inhaler -
Collection of phone ads 1910-1970s. Ah, Princess Phone! (No such thing as a King Phone. That was the default.)
Head & Wihbey: College students are poorly trained to navigate the Internet’s glut of info & librarians can help.
Well, on to the semi-finals - and as Xeno proved, there can NEVER BE A FINAL. Philosophy! #worldcup
Just posted a utility (amateur!!) for converting JavaScript to a numbered, embeddable HTML table:
Convert Javascript to an HTML table -
[2b2k] That Facebook experiment -
RT @CNNOpinion: When is @Facebook NOT messing with your head? @dweinberger weighs in on the company's controversial experiment
[aif] Government as platform -
After hearing his interview at #AspenIdeas, I am fully a @BrianChesky fanboy. #airBnB
[aif] Re-imagining public libraries -
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