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I don't know what @HoneyMaidSnacks makes, but now it's the only thing I'm ever going to buy
Why hackathons are awesome
Crocuses showing their heads today in Boston. Tomorrow's headline: Foolish crocuses learn their lesson.
Saw a neurologist this morning. Her diagnosis: I'm an old man. Also, anyone see where I left my car keys?
Startup Weekend: Library Edition (Toronto) presentations vid live at #SWTOLib
About to be a judge at Startup Weekend Library Edition in Toronto. Been a great weekend. Amazing to see ideas come together @SWTOLib
RT @mathewi: RT @poniewozik: Wait, the TWoP archives won't even be available to the public? This is some b.s.
4 people fainted on my flight from Munich to Boston last night. Not normal.
Thanks for responding! RT @BLQairport: @bolsoblog @dailykos Sorry for the inconvenience, we are checking the problem with our provider
(oops. mh3709 should have been mh370. And while I'm here, balloon boy =
As #MH3709 story ends, @CNN fills air with Balloon Boy story reruns as it scrambles to find some actual goddamn news.
Bologna airport blocks access to @DailyKos for "not respecting" its rules. I wonder why.
#WebEconomyForum: Q: Culture doesn't attract visitors. American youth know Rome only through Assassin's Creed.
3) " honest servants to our will,not as traitors and spies working for criminals, thugs, and control freaks"
2)...for them; to examine and terminate the software processes that runs on them; and to maintain them as ...
1) "Freedom in the future will require us to have the capacity to monitor our devices & set meaningful policies ..."
Must read: "Lockdown: The Coming War on General-Purpose Computing" by @Doctorow. Copyright is just the first battle.
RT @Adrastea_it: This sculpture by Issac Cordal in Berlin is called "Politicians discussing global warming." #environment
A short report from the world's oldest public library, the Biblioteca Malatestiana
March: In like a lion, out like frozen lamb chops.
Possible snow tomorrow in Boston? C'mon, March! You're better than this!
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