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Whops! called the NOLA hotel I'm staying in for #ala11, Dialed their 800 number. Must have goofed - got a sex line! Dialed again.
have a pleasant stay ;-) - Valeria Maltoni
Ha! Once I got the actual Marriott, they were very helpful. - David Lee King from email
Mr. Gunn
So, I've just been looking back over the past few months of blog posts I've written for the Mendeley Blog and I've noticed that the first 2 days of pageviews are a small fraction of the eventual readership, and if I re-share the post again after a day or two, I get about as much readership again as I did the first time.
I know some of you are bound to be stats fiends...Anyone else notice this on their blog? - Mr. Gunn
I'm thinking of re-sharing on days 1,2,and 4, at different times of the day to see if this is because people are following so many other folks that stuff scrolls off their page/feed reader before they check. If it gets annoying, please let me know, especially you folks who are in here all day long ;-) - Mr. Gunn
Do like KevinMD and post things several months later, without a clear indication that it's an old post. Really makes me love that blog. Not. - Jenny Reiswig
Stephen Curry re-punts things on twitter quite a lot. I presume because it gets results. I do from time to time because I almost inevitably post on a Sunday as its the only time i have to write anything... - Cameron Neylon
Annoys the crap out of me when David Lee King double-tweets his posts. I have RSS if I don't see the first message and feel like it pollutes the stream. People use twitter differently , so other people's milage may vary. Just my 2c about what it is like for me. - Kathryn is a free elf
I asked my followers before and settled on tweeting my posts *3* times..spread out through the week at diff times :) . Not the lame ones though. For whats it worth, sometimes the 2nd tweet gets retweeted even more than the 1st (depends on time etc) - aaron
From my own personal experience, I share my blog posts a max number of 3 times on Twitter. Two different times in the day because you get different librarians at different times, whether it is people who work the morning shift, the West Coast librarians waking up, Europe coming home from work, etc. The third is usually the night before when I initially post it since I tend to post late... more... - Andy
I try to time a blog post so that NA and Europe can catch it during the day/early evening. Time of day really seems to matter - early-mid afternoon seems for the east coast and midwest seems to be the best time to catch people monitoring social net. The only retweets I get are from others so I haven't retweeted myself. - Elizabeth Brown
As long as I know it's a reshare....it's okay but mildly annoying. I use RSS so I'm not hugely into twitter to pick up new blog posts tho... - Hedgehog
Kathryn ... you could [cough cough] have a chat with me about that [cough cough] ... honestly, I didn't even know I WAS double tweeting my posts. I'll look into that (but it's not high on my priority list). - David Lee King
You need to track the IPs to find out if they're the same damn people... :) - Benjamin Tseng
Thanks everyone for your comments. I guess this is an accepted practice, as long as you're careful. I'll space things out for the US and the UK crowd and please let me know if it gets annoying or if you feel like you're missing stuff. - Mr. Gunn
David, I presumed you knew and was doing it for the reason that Mr Gunn is talking about. Lots of things annoy me a about how people use social media, but unless I think it is something that seems accidental or I think it would piss everyone off or I am directly asked I'll probably not mention it. Sorry if using your name here was not the most diplomatic thing to do though. - Kathryn is a free elf
David Lee King
Collaborative Technology in Libraries Presentation: I lead a seminar on collaborative technology in libraries for... http://www.davidleeking.com/2010...
186 slides. That must have taken a while to put together... - Joe
Yes it did! It was a 6 hour full day gig... David - David Lee King from email
David Lee King
Facebook from a Patron’s Perspective: A day or two ago, we invited a couple of our patrons in for a focus group se... http://www.davidleeking.com/2010...
I want to reply to the comment bemoaning that the library might be single-handedly seducing innocent employees away from spending 480 consecutive minutes totally focused on their work duties (and the assumption that work duties couldn't possibly include keeping informed about the world around one) but I'm probably supposed to be focusing on my work duties right now. - Deborah Fitchett
I thought that comment was extreme ("silly" was my first thought). On the other hand, if an acad. librarian keeps up with trending topics and new tech by having Facebook open all day long, that librarian has discovered a side of FB that's eluded me. - walt crawford
Hee - you're right! Honestly, if the stuff my library posted on our facebook feed was so amazing that we could pull workers away from their jobs ... I'd be good with that. - David Lee King
David Lee King
Video Editing and Annotation | Kaltura: Open Source Video Platform - http://corp.kaltura.com/technol...
online video editing - David Lee King
David Lee King
Upload videos! Free home video sharing and editing. Secure Home Movie Archiving, Hosting and Storage. - http://www.motionbox.com/
online video editing - David Lee King
David Lee King
Movie Masher: Free Open Source Online Video Editor - http://moviemasher.com/
online video editor - David Lee King
David Lee King
The PAC - Library Catalog at San Diego State University - http://libpac.sdsu.edu/
QR Codes for everything in the collection!!! - David Lee King
David Lee King
I was resistant to Twitter in the first round, but I decided to play around with it this time, thinking that I'd probably drop it after a few weeks. Ha - I should have known better. Twitter is a lot of fun - even when self appointed "Library Theorists" (aka DLK) don't approve of what you say. Of course, if he worked in a real library, he'd perhaps find a semblance of a clue. I had never really heard of this guy before the reading for thing 34, and have seen nothing from him that's worth the time it takes to read it. Self promoting, ignorant blowhard. Other than this, I'm really enjoying Twitter. - David Lee King
David Lee King
What The F**K is Social Media? - http://www.slideshare.net/mzkagan...
pull out some ideas! - David Lee King
Wow Wow! 2009 Annual Report *POP-UP BOOK* Topeka & Shawnee County PL http://www.tscpl.org/images...
Apparently only intended for those with VERY high-speed connections. On my 2MB DSL, I waited for more than a minute, and it was still loading...so can't actually comment. - walt crawford
*insert picture of cat yawning in front of a computer screen* Walt can haz upgraded connections? - Libraryman
You offering to pay for faster broadband for me? 2MB is more than fast enough for oh, 99.9% of sites I've looked at, including streaming video. And, given my earned income (or lack thereof), $30/month sounds about right... - walt crawford
Hmm. Tried again. Timed it for 60 full seconds. Firefox says it's transferring, but this time the white bars aren't even turning. Won't try again. Fortunately, I'm not a TSCPL patron or taxpayer. (They presumably all have 30MB broadband.) - walt crawford
Not just you, Walt. It's also very slow for me. I'm not sure off the top of my head what level I pay for with the cable internet, but I hope they also have an alternative version for those who want/have to read the version without the bells and whistles. - ellbeecee
Oh, there it goes. 2 minutes for it to load on my machine. - ellbeecee
Ellbeecee: If you're paying for cable broadband, it should certainly be at least 6MB--although I can't guarantee that (and cable BB is more sensitive to number of users than DSL). The second and third time, it wasn't even showing signs of loading, so I've given up. Wow wow! indeed. - walt crawford
Is it the file type/size that is the issue? It was a little hiccup-y for me. There is a link to the report that isn't so hungry though. Maybe it is more in the "nice idea" category as Cecily says. Still good to see them trying interesting things like this. Especially when it looks like they let an intern do a hunk of the packaging work for this version of the report. - Libraryman
Who knows what the issue is? I'm using Windows 7 and Firefox 3.6.3., both automatically updated. If a filetype or size issue locks me out, chances are it's going to lock out a pretty substantial percentage of users. If it was my public library, I'd be pissed...but it isn't. - walt crawford
Cecily: I was a systems analyst/designer/programmer for five decades. I'm aware of the spirit of iterative design. And if I was part of the design or testing team, I'd be trying to figure that out. - walt crawford
No, saying "Who knows what the issue is?" is an honest user/patron response. Particularly since I have no reason to believe that TSCPL is involved in this discussion. And it's late Friday afternoon, and I think it's time to get off the internet for the day. - walt crawford
took almost 3 minutes to load for me (Firefox/WinXP on a cable modem), but once it loaded the only time it hung was when playing the video at the beginning. - holly #ravingfangirl
Anecdote point: loaded for me at home on Cable, Mac, Firefox, in <30 seconds. - Jason Griffey
Hey guys! It's working fine for me at home on dsl, both on vista and mac systems. Worked on firefox/mac/AT&T wifi connection too. Tested it? Iterative design? This is an annual report - no one ever looks at these. The ones that are truly interested in the numbers can find those elsewhere. This was a test - the board (and the local paper) thought it was cool, so we passed. Next time... more... - David Lee King from iPhone
Not that I want to continue flogging this dead horse of a thread, but this is relevant - here's what an actual patron thinks of it - "The best annual report ever! Thanks for the interactive report and for another great year. I love our library; can—and do—spend hours there. Such a wonderful selection of books and other media to choose from! Although I’ve had to pay 2-3 fines for overdue... more... - David Lee King
David, you and your fellow Topeka folks should hold your heads up high because your annual report kicks a$$. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
David Lee King
The Cornerstone of Social Media Strategy is Clarity | Community Organizer 2.0 - http://www.communityorganizer20.com/2010...
Facebook is the tool to support your organization’s goals, not the objective in and of itself. Facebook is a tactic, not a goal, and it’s important not to confuse shiny new tools with where you want or need them to take you. Furthermore, the number of fans isn’t half as important as what you want the fans to do once they like your page. Numbers mean nothing without engagement. - David Lee King
David Lee King
Google FeedFetcher subscriber counts erratic - http://feedburnerstatus.blogspot.com/2010...
Yes1 I noticed that a day or so ago - but it happens all the time with feedburner. Glad they're on it. - David Lee King
David Lee King
Visiting the Omaha Zoo - http://blip.tv/file/3646108
Recently visited the Omaha Zoo. This is what I saw! - David Lee King
David Lee King
Freegal Music : Your New Music Library : Home - http://www.freegalmusic.com/homes...
When we finally saw the pricing model, we crossed them off the list of "ooh, awesome!" - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
So I'm guessing they're pricey! - David Lee King from email
No downloads under $1. It would kill our AV budget in a couple of months. Not a sustainable or even considerable model when you look at how many times our CDs circ--the value we get from them is tremendous. I was afraid it was too good to be true when I first read about them, and it was. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
David Lee King
Bagworm Control Initiative - http://lancaster.unl.edu/hort...
Dipel or Thuricide - David Lee King
David Lee King
How to Control Bagworms | eHow.com - http://www.ehow.com/how_937...
Bacillus thuringiensis - David Lee King
David Lee King
Hunting for Morel mushrooms in northern rural Missouri on a lovely spring day. We didn't find any, I - David Lee King
David Lee King
A twitter bio - "I guide companies to perpetually regenerate to achieve persistent competitive advantage." what does that even mean?
(Sounds like an English PhD trying to repurpose *grin*) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
"I fuck around with stuff then run like hell" - Pete's Got To Go
"I charge companies to confuse them" - Amit Morson
Now that's a good translation! - David Lee King from email
"I have businesses pay me an indecent amount of money to constantly futz with their web site with the sole purpose of confounding and confusing the general viewing public." - Renee Hendricks
David Lee King
How to Not Really Win an Argument | Donald Miller's Blog - http://donmilleris.com/2010...
Great article on what not to do during an argument... - David Lee King
David Lee King
I agree with him - Facebook tends to act as one of those "I know what's best for you" people, when they should be simply asking their users "what do you want to do?" ... then build that. - David Lee King
David Lee King
Visiting the DOK Library Concept Centre - http://blip.tv/file/3518531
I recently visited the DOK Library Concept Centre in Delft, Netherlands. Here's a video showing some - David Lee King
David Lee King
No, Actually, You’re Out of Balance - http://weblogg-ed.com/2010...
I love this - "well, actually, you're out of balance too" - might start using that! - David Lee King
David Lee King
Keep Topeka/Shawnee County Beautiful - Home - http://www.kabtopsh.org/
recycling info for topeka - David Lee King
David Lee King
Did the flat-tax party vote you in after Bobbi resigned? - Jason P
Ha! maybe so - David Lee King from email
David Lee King
open source computer kiosk management system - David Lee King
David Lee King
Thinking & Taking Notes - http://blip.tv/file/3475327
Still at Computers in Libraries, sitting in a conference session, taking notes and thinking about st - David Lee King
David Lee King
Teaching Video During Videoblogging Week 2010! - http://blip.tv/file/3472100
How funny - it's Videoblogging Week 2010 - and I'm at a library/techie conference, teaching a "basic - David Lee King
David Lee King
Apple's iPad iBookstore offers low-cost e-book self publishing - http://www.pheedcontent.com/click...
wow - watch apple try to go around publishers. Very similar to how you can post a free mp3 or video file to itunes, too. Interesting... - David Lee King
David Lee King
Share and mark up documents online | crocodoc - http://crocodoc.com/
online pdf tool! - David Lee King
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