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David Rothman (☤)

David Rothman (☤)

MedLib Geek in Syracuse, NY | Peevish & Prickly
I have a faculty member who wants to get up to speed on Moodle quickly. Any suggestions for resources?
Kudos to Michelle Canipe and colleagues at Washburn University -
RAND: The Evolving Role of Emergency Departments in the United States -
1994 Video Predicts iPad -
Never happen. - Joe
Dr. Eric Topol on The Colbert Report -
I first read that as "Dr Epic Tool," and thought, "that is one fantastic name." - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
“Social media has changed Emergency Medicine Education” (free resources) -
Fwd: an open letter to the Edwin Mellen Press - (via
Medlib folks: I want to slap together a quick web application to let users quickly look up a journal title or abbreviation (look up either from either). What's the easiest way to get such a list in tabular format (csv, excel, whatever) with which to make this? Using the NLM catalog will only give me 200 records at a time, and not in an especially...
is this something more like what you were hoping for? Journal Lists by FTP: - ~Courtney F
Could you start with something like which is the Journal Terms for Endnote from Queensland? That's the most comprehensive list of journal names and abbreviations that I've found. - Hedgehog
How does one say Great Grandmother in Spanish? Julie?
EDIT: nope, that was great great grandmother. Great grandmother is bisabuela. - bentley
Inspired by Jenica P. Rogers, I'm setting an autoreply rule in my email. Any time someone emails me and mentions professional sports, the...
Edie. Lovely. :)
Syracuse folks- If anyone can recommend a babysitter for tomorrow (Thurs) from 1:30 to about 4:00, I'd be hugely grateful.
Remember How EHRs Were Going to Save Money and Improve Care? -
Is it possible that part of the problem is the medical insurance industry's making sure it hangs on to its 30% of health care dollars by keeping things fragmented? By all reports, Kaiser Permanente makes effective use of EHR across the system, which suggests that it can be done if you can avoid Big Insurance's stranglehold. (Says I as a UHC member, like it or not.) - Walt Crawford
The ED’s “Most Wanted” -
Emergency Medicine on Twitter (according to LittleBird) -
Nick Genes on Electronic Decision Support -
Rising Use of Social & Mobile in Healthcare -
Highlights of BMJ’s Annual Christmas Issue (2012) -
BioMed Central’s “Cases Database” -
SoundGecko: Listen to Any Text -
AMIA States Blatantly Obvious as if News -
Hospital Gives iPads to Kids in the ED -
‘SimWars’ competition puts medical pros to the test -
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