Get CERTIFIED in 2012 to work on the Internet!
My tribute to Eunice Kennedy Shriver, one of history's greats, is on the editorial page of today's Seattle Times:
Taking a day off in exchange for working NEA RA last week. Junior @ doggy day care; Willard sleeping @ my feet: bliss!
Sitting in a WEA board meeting. Going through medical benefits, insurance information. Important, but a little mind-numbing
Follow Friday @aaronemyers; @noebie; @iconjohn; @feeman; @foodimentaryguy (he's great!); and @westseattleblog -- my new town!
Follow Friday @vancouverea @seattleea @aaronmyers @lisakodama @mystic23 @nationhahn -- all great to follow!
Willard improving, fingers crossed! He + Jr to doggy day care this AM, me to #seattleea for a morning of messaging assistance. Good group!
@mikesigner: congrats on great campaign. Credit goes to those who get into the arena to fight for their beliefs. JEFP alum are proud of you
@nationhahn: thanks! Just brought him home. Gastroenteritis. What kind of rescue did you get?
Willard is sick. Having a day in the hospital for IV fluids and meds. No sign of parasites, just lots of blood. Doggie gastro?
Encourage you to follow @vancouverea @seattleea and @washingtonea
or call 435-819-0143
Sophie is with me, Junior + Willard: 9603 47th Avenue SW, West Seattle. I've called name on tag (thank you for the tag!)
Just found a little dog named Sophie at front of house. I recall flier around the neighborhood about 1 month ago. Thin, dirty, otherwise ok
@mystic23: thanks! Weather is great, books are terrific. Junior+Willard+me about to go for 'car-ride.' Hope things are good in Chapel Hill!
Deeply moving interactive map honoring our servicemen + women lost in Iraq/Afghanistan: Take time to reflect
Advantage to being sick? Catching up on reading. Enjoying 'Before the Storm' & 'Nixonland' (both Perlstein). Dipping into 'Army of Davids'
Great quiet sleepy warm reading Perry Mason marathon day with Junior + Willard. After WEA RA, it's nice to be home. Back into it tomorrow
Motion passes: 444 yes, 401 noes, 28 abstentions
Now it's Raining Men as the floor music!!!
The floor is exploding! Members pole dancing to Abba
So now the floor music is Dancing Queen from Abba as the votes are tallied. My comms team have a wicked sense of humor
The question is whether WEA should amend a continuing resolution calling for reflection and discussion on marriage equality by members
Individual councils caucusing in roll call vote -- first WEA roll call vote in 5 years
Close vote on marriage equality. Doors closed. Division called
Intense debate on floor of WEA Representative Assembly over marriage equality. Passionate arguments on all sides
Looking forward to getting home and seeing Junior + Willard. Have enjoyed my first WEA RA: but missing the pups after 5 days!
@maknight21 is now on Twitter! She's our terrific and wonderful CFO at WEA
As a former Edwards staffer, these are funny: RT@dcagle We have a new collection of cartoons called "The Edwards'"
Getting inspired again by #JoeTrippi presentation at our WEA-PAC meeting. I love WA -- but he made me homesick for the Eastern Shore
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