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Android is so intuitive. "Do you wan to store on sdcard0 or extsdcard?" What?
England thrash India in the test match.
A friend says: "@npowerhq insisted on doing a safety check on my gas meter.. A man came. He *sniffed* the meter. That was it."
Good to see England overtake Australia to move to the top of the Commonwealth Games medal table.
RT @pauljwpb: No saving it now. Heartbreaking for Eastbourne.
Alistair Cooks has scored 150 and counting this match and still @piersmorgan is bitching.
. @giles_fraser mystified by why HSBC shld worry about the bank account of a cheerleader for the Muslim Brotherhood
RT @SaraKhanInspire: Bigotry is bigotry whether it's religious or not. Something I wrote for the @Telegraph
Worst thing about the @JohnRentoul hit job on Max Hastings is the "NB Max isn't aware how much he hates Jews" line.
RT @JGreenDC: That supposed Obama/Netanyahu transcript reads a Hillary dinner table conversation as recounted by Ed Klein tbh
Sad to see @JohnRentoul basing incendiary accusation of antisemitism (worst ever in UK paper) on such feeble grounds
RT @davidfrum: I cast doubt on authenticity of a casualty photo from Gaza. This blogger says I was wrong. I’ll review & reply
"If she'd been killed on a street corner in this village, would you have come here? Who cares one woman is dead?"
The drawbacks of holding the World Cup in a slave labour camp
RT @anitamcnaught: @KarlreMarks I think I've found myself already in the Pedants' Revolt.. :-))
RT @KarlreMarks: If WWIII starts now, good luck trying to work out who's on whose side. And try not to mix 'who's' and 'whose'.
RT @shakirhusain: Smith & Wesson fined $ 2 mn for bribing security officials in Pakistan and Indonesia.
From the annals of ridiculous cricket commentary: "Alastair Cook could do with a Colin Blythe - the left arm-spinner who was killed in 1917"
"According to our users, looks and personality were the same thing"
RT @thomaswright08: Must read and thought provoking piece by @RichardGowan1 on how the EU uses nearby crises to absorb its threats
Pakistan's war in North Waziristan grinds on. No-one has much idea what's happening there.
Making up stuff and then using that to make economic decisions that wreck lives http://stumblingandmumbling.ty...
RT @shaunwalker7: Great pictures by @varlamov of Muslims praying in Moscow - a city of at least 1m Muslims and hardly any mosques:
RT @dlknowles: Build 1,500 flats on brownfield land right in the centre of London? Nah, screw that, say locals:
RT @mehreenzahra: Pakistani mob kills #Ahmadi woman, two grandkids after sectmember accused of posting blasphemous material on Facebook
Christians face oppression in... America? One of the more self-pitying ones thinks so because nasty Tweet.
Cook out five short of his century.
Add to list of things that Nick Clegg wants and has no hope of getting: Russia stripped of right to host World Cup
Squander money on laptops for poor kids, but God forbid we spend money on the technology/institutions to test whether they're learning.
Mercedes making it clear that Rosberg, not Hamilton, is the preferred driver?
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