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RT @hyzaidi: If Scotland votes yes, will Scotland Yard also become independent? #ThingsPeopleInKarachiWantToKnow
RT @AngrySalmond: History has been made. Now we just need to wait for people to count it.
Post-voting #indyref poll matches my prediction - no wins 54-46 - but is utterly discredited because my predictions are always wrong.
RT @esargent184: Numbers are hard RT @burninggoats At least no matter what Scotland decides, they are giving it 110%. #CNN
RT @journodave: YouGov Final Poll: No 54 Yes 46 #indyref per @electionista
Just the 22 hacks on the Guardian's online #indyref team
RT @WarGit: I will now help you all kill time until the results start to come in by playing "Come Into The Garden, Maud" on a hurdy-gurdy.
EXCLUSIVE: If it's a no, Salmond to challenge Cameron to double or quits.
RT @AmbassadorPower: Recommended viewing => Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone speaking now at #UNSC session on #Ebola:
#indyref polls are now closed. Join every broadcaster for hours of talking about nothing.
RT @YouGov: YouGov will announce its final #IndyRef prediction at 22:30, based on recontacting voters today after they voted
RT @PRStoetzer: @davidsteven Nobody wanted to pay for one.
RT @martinenserink: Horrible news. MT @Reuters: 8 bodies, including 3 journalists, found after attack on #Ebola team in Guinea, says government spokesman
I'm sure this has been covered a bazillion times, but why's there no #indyref exit poll?
Unbearable video of a man who had a miraculous escape from an ISIS massacre (warning: very violent images)
Head of Buddha - third century - Ghandhara, Pakistan
Holiday. Finally.
"Mass evacuation of populations prior to military operations well-established Pakistani counterinsurgency doctrine"
RT @sdonnan: And that's it. Efforts to reach a compromise with #India fail at #WTO. Cue crisis...
At least 17 American cities have made it illegal to give homeless people food
The trendiest law in America may be a ban on sleeping in cars - in Palo Alto, a $1,000 fine or six months in jail
RT @FreeBenghazi: Firefighter stands in a shower of firefighting foam at Brega Oil Co. Flames from oil tank billow behind him #Libya
When Huddersfield ruled the British reggae scene
RT @tomgara: The more of these bumbling Western jihadis you see, the more "Four Lions" becomes the most prescient film of the last decade.
The @BritishCouncil has appointed Ciarán Devane, currently CEO of Macmillan Cancer Support, as its new CEO
RT @chris_mitch: Driverless cars in the UK? What if they speed, don't stop at lights, randomly change lanes, knock down cyclists? Oh wait. never mind.
Android is so intuitive. "Do you wan to store on sdcard0 or extsdcard?" What?
England thrash India in the test match.
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