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Relieved to read Russia's foreign minister in the Guardian reassuring us nothing will be imposed om Ukraine #phew
Goodness - Peaches Geldof dead.
Leah Green on why she thinks she was right to turn the table on men by sexually harassing strangers in the street
RT @siafahage: New deal for fragile states needs time and political commitment to flourish #newdeal #g7+ #fragility via @guardian
RT @alexcobham: Did I mention how excited I am about the development potential of automatic tax information exchange?
RT @Scott_Gilmore: Interesting how people dedicated to making the world a better place, are reluctant to acknowledge that things are actually getting better.
RT @nils_gilman: More elements were discovered in Sweden, Germany, & the UK than in all other countries combined:
RT @Dan_E_Solo: All other days, we extract lessons from Rwanda's tragedy. Perhaps we can just take the day off, and dwell on its history.
RT @fp2p: Why good institutions must emerge from struggle btw citizens & states, by Lant Pritchett (discussing @bill_easterly)
Across Europe poverty for young people up but down for the elderly
Brave decision to create Vox around the concept of index cards #retrochic
Bad organisation at half marathon but Nick Clegg is on it. Finally understand why we have a deputy PM
. @ezraklein 's. Vox has launched with a hard hitting article about boarding trains
Now I am supposed to be cross about too many new homes being built in London. It's all too confusing
The kid - and her family - may be in for quite a shock when she wakes up to find her picture splashed over the world's media. #NotABugSplat
Maybe I am wrong of course. Use your own eyes to check! #NotABugSplat
Acc to @Jemima_Khan the #NotABugSplat girl's father Bismullah Khan was an "innocent tribesman" (dates dont match tho)
The photographer, Noor Behram, has shown his drone photos internationally under the title "Bug Splat" #NotABugSplat
If that's the case, the #NotABugSplat girl's family were hit by a drone on 21/08/09 - up to 21 people were killed
Think this is original of the photo used in Pakistan's #NotABugSplat campaign against drones
New Guardian homepage requires a LOT of scrolling to access content on my laptop. Now quicker to get to stuff on my (tiny) mobile screen.
RT @hyzaidi: Boorish and sad. MT @faizanlakhani Accord to reports, agry fans pelted stones at Yuvraj Singh’s home after India's defeat in 20 final.
RT @jimmurphymp: Here's undercover video filmed in giant Qatar worker's camp during our visit investigating World Cup workers rights.
Core inequality challenge is to help the top 1% keep up with the top 0.1% (have I got that right?) (via @JGreenDC)
BBC F1 radio commentators nattering on - miss the end of the grand prix. Oops.
Hamilton screwed?
Rowers in 'catastrophic' attempt to cross Atlantic couldn't even charge their iPads
Now Nigeria has Africa's biggest economy by some distance, time for it to brought into the G20?
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