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Sex abusing MPs: we're too slow and too quick to prosecute
"Pakistan judge dismisses charges against baby" #'theatreoftheabsurd
RT @wburema: Case dismissed! 9 month old Musa Khan (sucking milk from his bottle) is free to go. in Lahore with @ShumailaJaffery
In the UK, we're *deeply* concerned by inequality and are also flirting with abolishing inheritance tax. Mad.
Amazed the Pakistan government allowed its textile industry to get blacklisted by Disney. Last thing the economy needs.
"The shadow of the past has become the shelter of the present." Reconciliation between Ireland and Britain.
Over boozy lunch, diplomats confirm to Guardian that Scottish independence is inevitable
RT @DougSaunders: MP says she committed electoral fraud because dyslexia
RT @Katulis: Why IMF reform matters for US leadership in the world - smart analysis by my @amprog colleague @MollyElginCossa
RT @OwensDamien: Contraception and sterilisation are not the same thing at all. There's a vas deferens between them.
Vox on a mission to bore us all to death
RT @hyzaidi: Pakistan's tallest woman seeks political asylum in the UK saying she is a big target: via @junaidashaikh
G20 increasingly vocally pissed off at US refusal to support IMF reform
Glen Greenwald heading home to pick up his Pulitzer?
RT @hugorifkind: Why I love the Spectator. Not many mags wld let one of their writers object to last week's cover on the letters page.
RT @vwyeth: Has someone prepared a matrix of all goals/targets proposed at #OWG10? #post2015 #globaldev
BBC radio asks Man U fans to phone in if they're relieved at only being spanked 3-1 by Bayern.
Must-read analysis of Hieronymus Bush's masterful manipulation of googled images
Today is Colombia's second National Day of Memory and Solidarity with the Victims
Odd for British-Pakistani Sajid Javid to be be described as a "Muslim Cabinet Minister" when he says "I do not practise any religion."
RT @laurencechandy: poverty traps are (thankfully) rare and solutions for breaking them demand a rethink
To tackle inequality, we need to have more wars
RT @owenbarder: The G-0.7 now consists of Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and the UK. #GoodCompany
RT @rivefuentes: MT @OECD Largest development aid donors by volume: USA, UK, Germany, Japan & France
Relieved to read Russia's foreign minister in the Guardian reassuring us nothing will be imposed om Ukraine #phew
Goodness - Peaches Geldof dead.
Leah Green on why she thinks she was right to turn the table on men by sexually harassing strangers in the street
RT @siafahage: New deal for fragile states needs time and political commitment to flourish #newdeal #g7+ #fragility via @guardian
RT @alexcobham: Did I mention how excited I am about the development potential of automatic tax information exchange?
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