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Australia win the Commonwealth marathon. Big shock.
"Didn't heed the warning label on the pill bottle, got beat up by Muff Cabbage"
That moment when you accidentally press 'help' in Word and the world pauses while Microsoft searches for a new way to fail to help you.
RT @hyzaidi: Britain on Instagram vs. Britain in real life, rofl! In particular for @davidsteven @kamilashamsie and @umairjav
RT @sidin: Bangladesh is doing something right...
Commonwealth Games is a bit of an Anglosphere love-in so far.
RT @nigelgutgenug: “@craigmaclean5: Thanks so much for all the well wishes. It would appear my bum is trending!” Blame @davidsteven It is impressive…
In case you missed it, a Scot in his forties with a huge arse just won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games on a tandem.
When bad people do good surveys
RT @Ali_Abbas_Zaidi: Interesting graffiti spotted in Karachi - I shall hold back who did it, due to mullah/moral brigade alliance
Kudos to researchers who managed to torture their methodology to make China seem a paragon of energy efficiency
Lots of cyclists are being killed on London's roads so the police launched a crackdown on. .. cyclists
"The Council is a much feared entity. Its sole purpose is to hunt down Ahmedis in Pakistan."
RT @mohammedhanif: How to say shut up to a well connected man in Pakistan: BBC News - A country where liberal journalists risk death
I'm afraid I've caught poetry
RT @Bournemouthecho: Anyone have any issues with flooding? we've been sent this one of #Wimborne by James Marshall
57% of Republicans think Obama should be impeached and removed from office
RT @jamiesmart: I've only been copy editor for a glossy magazine for half an hour, and I've already improved our content by 500%
"Bollocks is NOT censored, even in headlines, and who the hell puts a hyphen in bellend?"
Tory MP wants astrology on the NHS (via @Claire_Phipps) - also fiddled expenses for astrology
People slag off GDP, but if only as much effort were put into gathering data for any other field of human endeavour.
RT @sanaa_cue: there are SO MANY brilliant journalists, academics & activists who speak on palestine - why must people turn to george galloway? seriously?
The story behind the failed Obama/Kerry Israel/Palestine peace process
RT @markweston19: The dirt road past our house is being repaired. 'The election campaign must be starting,' muses a neighbour.
National Football League - smoking a spliff is worse than beating your fiancée unconscious (via @joshuafoust)
The poor give more to charity, and their money tends to support the poor... and God.
The richest Americans don't give much to charity, and when they do they funnel their money to supporting the elite
RT @calestous: Richest Americans give 1.2% of their wealth to charity and thr poorest give 3.2% What's going on here?
A quarter of the world's booze is homemade, bootlegged, smuggled etc.
RT @geoffdabelko: As usual, @tomricks1 eloquently makes the pts that need to be made.
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