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RT @pauljwpb: No saving it now. Heartbreaking for Eastbourne.
Alistair Cooks has scored 150 and counting this match and still @piersmorgan is bitching.
. @giles_fraser mystified by why HSBC shld worry about the bank account of a cheerleader for the Muslim Brotherhood
RT @SaraKhanInspire: Bigotry is bigotry whether it's religious or not. Something I wrote for the @Telegraph
Worst thing about the @JohnRentoul hit job on Max Hastings is the "NB Max isn't aware how much he hates Jews" line.
RT @JGreenDC: That supposed Obama/Netanyahu transcript reads a Hillary dinner table conversation as recounted by Ed Klein tbh
Sad to see @JohnRentoul basing incendiary accusation of antisemitism (worst ever in UK paper) on such feeble grounds
RT @davidfrum: I cast doubt on authenticity of a casualty photo from Gaza. This blogger says I was wrong. I’ll review & reply
"If she'd been killed on a street corner in this village, would you have come here? Who cares one woman is dead?"
The drawbacks of holding the World Cup in a slave labour camp
RT @anitamcnaught: @KarlreMarks I think I've found myself already in the Pedants' Revolt.. :-))
RT @KarlreMarks: If WWIII starts now, good luck trying to work out who's on whose side. And try not to mix 'who's' and 'whose'.
RT @shakirhusain: Smith & Wesson fined $ 2 mn for bribing security officials in Pakistan and Indonesia.
From the annals of ridiculous cricket commentary: "Alastair Cook could do with a Colin Blythe - the left arm-spinner who was killed in 1917"
"According to our users, looks and personality were the same thing"
RT @thomaswright08: Must read and thought provoking piece by @RichardGowan1 on how the EU uses nearby crises to absorb its threats
Pakistan's war in North Waziristan grinds on. No-one has much idea what's happening there.
Making up stuff and then using that to make economic decisions that wreck lives http://stumblingandmumbling.ty...
RT @shaunwalker7: Great pictures by @varlamov of Muslims praying in Moscow - a city of at least 1m Muslims and hardly any mosques:
RT @dlknowles: Build 1,500 flats on brownfield land right in the centre of London? Nah, screw that, say locals:
RT @mehreenzahra: Pakistani mob kills #Ahmadi woman, two grandkids after sectmember accused of posting blasphemous material on Facebook
Christians face oppression in... America? One of the more self-pitying ones thinks so because nasty Tweet.
Cook out five short of his century.
Add to list of things that Nick Clegg wants and has no hope of getting: Russia stripped of right to host World Cup
Squander money on laptops for poor kids, but God forbid we spend money on the technology/institutions to test whether they're learning.
Mercedes making it clear that Rosberg, not Hamilton, is the preferred driver?
Hamilton leads the Grand Prix. Hilarious. Started right at the back (well from the pit lane).
RT @JonBenjamin19: 14 year old Ghanaian, Abeiku Jackson, wins men's 100m butterfly heats in 1.01.4 at the Commonwealth Games
RT @TobyonTV: Here's the best moment of the #CommonwealthGames so far. #legacy
Australia win the Commonwealth marathon. Big shock.
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