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molecular evolution, bioinformatics, genomics, metagenomics, microbial diversity, Genomic Standards Consortium
Launch of the new BioSharing website -
NSF Data Management Plan Requirements -
Statement of Purpose - Draft, Oct 2010 -
Fairly succinct MIBBI/standards proceedings paper -
See also Nature Biotechnology: - Björn Brembs
Interesting poster abstract on attribution of re-used data -
Interesting -- how do data creators label their stuff? Do they create the kinds of titles found in text material -- or am I really just not thinking about this correctly? - Mickey Schafer
Off the top of my head, if titled at all, a data set would normally carry a short, or very short phrase summing up the nature of the study material and assay technique. Perhaps also a person/group/institute name. Probably little else. The establishment of a 'formal' labelling system for data sets is the real issue though -- the momentum being towards using the newly-retooled DOI... more... - Chris from twhirl
And the follow-through (which I should have mentioned as it is kind of the point); that those who weigh the worth of researchers should use identifiers (of data sets, and of people) to count data sharing and re-use to the benefit of the data producer (for example, share a data set, add a robust ID, count the fact that you shared it, count the number of times it is reused, add to your... more... - Chris from twhirl
@Chris So question is how to make this happen then? - Cameron Neylon
I wonder if the open ed resources folks have worked on this issue -- conceptually, there are similarities insofar as educators who share materials and whose materials are actually used ought to receive some credit for that. Where I work, attribution could be worked into the merit grid used to assess promotion and merit pay increases. But as far as I can tell, the environment still doesn't get the "open" concept, though we all make use of freely available material. - Mickey Schafer
I think at some point we need a meeting :) Seriously though, and for pragmatic reasons focusing solely on the UK, there needs (at the point that we think everything is stacked and ready) to be a meeting between funders, journals and a set of us geeks (including the BL for DataCite and someone for ORCID) to actually start planning. We'll need to have anticipated every single possible... more... - Chris from twhirl
Chris, you just wrote the proposal I had in mind more or less... - Cameron Neylon from Android
Cool, chatting rocks :) Seriously though, anything I can do to help, letters of support or whatever, just shout. - Chris from YouFeed
Would be good to chat to Amanda Collis at BBSRC about it while at the planning stage too. - Chris from YouFeed
BMC Research call for "Data Notes" and descriptions of community standards... -
Great RIN/NESTA report on data sharing -
Nature Precedings expands scope to take data policy related documents -
the latest list of planets - to share the data or not? -
Governance of communities - non-profit organizations -
Unlocking the Potential (of data) -
Computers to generate new hypotheses from existing data? -
Distributed-thinking projects -
Benefits and incentives for data sharing -
Biosharing meeting presentations available online -
The dark side of data sharing -
Data Sharing International Conference 2010 -
New members to BioSharing... -
Journals taking data sharing seriously: Dryad -
A minimum data sharing policy? -
Here is another data sharing project, that like the SAGE project, is focusing first on improving human health, through sharing of scientific data. The "Scientific... -
Getting scientific data out there for the public good -
M3 & BioSharing SIG at ISMB 2010 -
A survey of live blogging technology for covering scientific conferences -
A survey of live blogging technology for covering scientific conferences
The Panton Principles: Principles for Open Data in Science -
Fun blog post on why data sharing is a good thing -
Small world. :-) - Bill Hooker
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