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Anne Carr
"Black Friday" challenge: Donate 10% above what u spend this Friday to a charity. You'll create "Best Friday" for someone in need.
Rob Frankel
RT @mtlb: "Congressman Hannity: http://www.mediabistro.com/tvnewse..." <-- Somewhat frigid day in hell for that one.
Blogging Bistro
@kleclercq They should make an #adoption homestudy required curriculum for all high school students. Might help prevent teen pregnancy!
GMTA - Been saying that for years! - Dawn Rivers Baker
Anita Campbell
This Conversation is Making me Dizzy: http://blogs.openforum.com/2008...
Darren Rowse
I think it's quite amusing to watch internet marketing types jump on and hype up twitter as if it's the latest new thing.
Almost as amusing as mainstream media and those in the US Congress jumping on the twitter and blogging band wagon as if they discovered it. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
Oh geez...it's so ridiculous. There is a package or something for wordpress that I came across that will automatically tweet your new posts...OMFG! how awesome! It's gonna bring your LOADS of traffic! - Rahsheen
@unmarketing makes a good point. It will be the Internet marketing types who will totally screw up twitter by trying to monetize it. That is all we need on twitter is ads. - Grant Griffiths from twhirl
I'm not sure how internet marketers ALL got a bad name. There are crap ones and good ones. The good ones figure out how to actually keep good products and services around. - AJ Kohn
Just don't make the mistake of lumping all internet marketers together. There are some who understand the way Twitter works and don't abuse it at all, and then there are those who make the rest look bad. - David Risley
"Oh man this twitter is sooo HOT man you gotta try it out!" ha, ha! glad you could finally show up to "join the conversation" OMG did I just say that out loud?! - Susan Beebe
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