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RT @BoardGaming_com: We review Doomtown: Reloaded by @alderac. Great theme, deep strategy & tons of replayability!
RT @Gomorragazette: Alex and I designed some play mats for @Gen_Con last night. I think they turned out well! #doomtown
RT @phirephoenix: I love parts of Reddit and recognize it's a vast heterogeneous site but when I say "fuck Reddit" this is what I mean:
RT @teacherdude: Israeli officer: I was right to shoot 13-year-old child via @guardian #Gaza
This is what I've been thinking all along.
RT @Leia_OSolo: Ζούμε στη χώρα που αν βλασφημίσεις καταδικάζεσαι ενώ αν κάνεις δουλεμπόριο αθωώνεσαι αλλά εντάξει σαν τον ελληνικό ήλιο δεν έχει.
RT @LieInZenith: Η #Gaza σήμερα. Όχι η Δρέσδη ή το Λονδίνο του 2ου Παγκόσμιου Πολέμου. Η Γάζα. σήμερα.
I dislike when people compare Israel with Nazi Germany. They are much more similar to how USA treated Native Americans. Genocide.
RT @democracynow: LIVE: "People thought they would be safe in a U.N. shelter. They were wrong." @sharifkouddous
Isreal claiming there was Hamas hiding behind every building they bombed is like shouting "Its coming right for us!"
RT @risinggalaxy: Ο εβραίος αναρχικός Ilan Shalif(77).Κάθε εβδομάδα συμμετέχει σε διαδηλώσεις ενάντια στην κατοχή της Παλαιστίνης
RT @RaniaKhalek: To Zionists crying "stop singling out Israel, look at Syria!": US doesn't unconditionally support Assad's butchery w/ $3.1 billion a year.
Did my bit to help France plan their release event for #Doomtown. Thanks to @Alderac for supporting @Run4Games. Let's hope it's clear sail.
RT @Vitamin__Deen: ...."and go where? Into the sea? " They are trapped, can't the world see this or they turning a blind eye. #Gaza
RT @lycourgus: "@yX__: Κου-κου-τσα!"
RT @ManinaF: Ένας πύραυλος έπεσε σε παιδική χαρά στη βόρεια Γάζα, σκοτώνοντας οκτώ παιδιά τι να πεις, τι;
Managed to stream my first game of Doomtown:Reloaded on OCTGN
RT @RT_com: Bee crisis silenced: Pesticide giants seek to kill report on agricultural chemicals impact
RT @octgn_official: If you have issue with OCTGN not launching, view this
RT @LibyanBentBladi: I still don't get why are Palestinians unhappy with the status quo? #BasicLogic
RT @RWWWB: Turkish Red Crescent sends medical supplies to Gaza It's on the way and will be protected this time around. 0,o
RT @MylesDyer: One of the most powerful news broadcasts I have ever seen: - Please watch & RETWEET!
RT @MylesDyer: One of the most powerful news broadcasts I have ever seen: - Please watch & RETWEET!
dbzer0 on Some trouble with OCTGN -
"The "see cards face down" should be fixed by your opponent restarting their PC. As for selecting the ICE when accessing HQ, I suspect some bad installation on your opponent? Ask him to reinstall ANR? It's weird." - Divided By Zer0
RT @MRN1SA: .@BowenBBC: I saw no evidence ... in Gaza of Israel’s accusation that Hamas uses Palestinians as human shields
An epic teaching game of #Doomtown:Reloaded. So many casualties :) this is just as I was m...
RT @StrangeAssembly: On Episode 142, Chris and lead designer Mark Wootton talk about #Doomtown Reloaded. #SaddleUp
RT @alderac: Our own Mark Wootton, driver of the wagon train that brought Doomtown back, sits down for two hours of Doomtown:...
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