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Someone compiled all the changes from Doomtown Classic to #Doomtown:Reloaded -
The #Doomtown:Reloaded rulebook s out now: Biggest change is casualties and 4x deckbuilding limit.What do you think?
RT @alderac: It's Doomtown: Reloaded rulebook day! Check out the PDF!
dbzer0 on [OCTGN] Did I actually lose this match? -
"Hm, fair enough. Then he might just have been a bit of a jerk. Personally I would have pointed out what a bad idea it is not to fight a Data Raven trace against Weyland ;) TBH, "Beg / Int" is not very clear :)" - Divided By Zer0
RT @RukasuFox: @stimhacked @hypomodern Glad the initial reaction is positive. The new double-elimination format is going to open up the meta. Play to win!
dbzer0 on [OCTGN] Did I actually lose this match? -
"Well the Data Raven automatically gives you a tag if you go through it so if you didn't clear that, you just kept it. Also if your opponent just gg'd and left, it prolly means he wasn't expecting a newbie player. Did you clearly inform you were still learning the game?" - Divided By Zer0
dbzer0 on The Auto-Revolver -
"Comparatively, yeah. A difficulty for a gadget (in the old doomtown) is the value that you had to exceed by pulling the top card of your deck and comparing its value + your skill to the difficulty. So if you had a Mad Scientist 2 and you pulled a 6 or higher from the top of your deck, you'd succeed for any gadget with difficulty 7 or lower." - Divided By Zer0
FF doesn't show at PAX East, has some other group run the tournament and they didn't give out the promos that were advertised -
Some German Facts (x-post from r/SCHLAND) -
Civilization: Beyond Earth Announcement trailer. -
I Served My Country. Then It Kicked Me Out. -- I was a veteran, a father and husband and a small-business owner. Then I was deported. -
dbzer0 on How I got involved in the design posse of Doomtown:Reloaded -
So the Grifters in #Doomtown were a eureka moment I had during design. What do you think of them?
RT @alderac: Learn about Grifters in Doomtown: Reloaded and how they can improve your chances in Gomorra.
RT @CoupleVs: New post on the new Grifter mechanic in #doomtown and how design impasses can lead to unexpected innovations.
2 days left for @loomio and only ~2500k remaining hit hit 100k goal!
dbzer0 on Talking in Gomorra -
"You meant "Grifter"? But yeah, in the old Doomtown you would choose your starting posse (which means a number of dudes that start in-play) after you saw the home of your opponent and you could change it between matches. but this is not your hand. This is just your starting dudes. You hand was 5 random cards from your deck after that." - Divided By Zer0
Driver mugged by passing motorcyclist -
DoomTown CCG is being Re-Releasd as DoomTown Reloaded. -
Questions of Spirit. -
FOX is Issuing Copyright Claims, Blocking Videos, and Closing Twitch Channels of Anyone Playing 'Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff' -
"Am I the only one who shuts down when I hear the words "White Privilege"?" [+44] -
The sheer manliness captured in this photo is mind-boggling. -
The sheer manliness captured in this photo is mind-boggling.
Tom Bergeron here. I'm tired of seeing all of the reposts of AFV gifs, so I'm rolling out some fresh OC from last week's show. -
I'm embarrassed to tell Women I record Video Games for a hobby so I lie about what I do. -
Parametric Wormhole -
Parametric Wormhole
The Locked Ideas -
Law professors demand cannabis legalization. Over 120 German professors of criminal law are supporting an initiative to legalize cannabis. They have called on the Bundestag to discuss the issue. Merkel's coalition is skeptical. -
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