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I like Slideshare's downtime note. "It will be back after some time." Is this better than setting false expectations? :)
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Eh. We'll like, have it up whenever. :) - Louis Gray
"Go to bed, we have a guy working on it and he doesn't look confident. Keeps asking for coffee and an Allen Key" - Johnny
I like the honesty of it. Most of the time site managers don't know how long it'll take to fix something at first. A lot don't even know what the root problem is. Refreshing not to be told 'we'll be with you momentarily'. LOL @ Johnny - Molly
I know the feeling. - Rex Hammock
'Maintainence Whale' doesn't quite have a ring to it - Josh Haley
They get a government contract to hold/share data and they go down...the conspiracy theorists could have a field day on this one. :-) - Dan owns
At least they're honest, they just don't know :) - Dragos Ilinca
We were just deploying some bug-fixes. This usually takes a couple of minutes and I guess you were "lucky" to catch the site in those few minutes. :) - Ashwan
Thanks, Ashwan. I was very lucky. :) - Louis Gray
Joi Ito
Alex Schleber
Facebook Maps The Swine Flu Discussion Epidemic -
Facebook Maps The Swine Flu Discussion Epidemic
Michel Bauwens
Pirate Party is becoming a serious political force -
Geoffrey Bilder
The once and future e-book: on reading in the digital age - Ars Technica -
Brilliant. I've now read five or six books on my iPhone. This last holiday, practically my entire family was reading on iPhones or iPod Touches. The one who wasn't- was often reading newspapers on a laptop. - Geoffrey Bilder
He has some points & I have a Touch on which I'm beginning to read some e-books, but he mostly has an axe to grind. Not only does he use those wonderful words "inevitable" & "irrelevant" but he puts them in italics. Glad to know I'm not a consumer since I don't agree to the loss of liner notes, etc. & still buy far more CDs than downloads (order of magnitude or 2). But he is at least right about one thing ... I will die. - Mar₭ Liŋdŋer
I understand his frustrations, too, especially at the "industry," be it book publishers, device makers or Apple, and even somewhat at consumers. But the tone of his rhetoric is condescending; very little is inevitable; and his argument for lots of screen reading is pathetic. Reading hundreds of text messages a day, or even line after line of cataloging fields on my monitor are *not* the same thing as sustained reading of a complex argument. And, yes, Dorothea, you do a much better job at such things. - Mar₭ Liŋdŋer
I agree. I guess I'd say the same thing about his article as I do about some of Gorman's idiocies -- I agree with your final vision (as put forth in such-and-such) but I disagree with your way of arguing for it. - Mar₭ Liŋdŋer
I don't have time for the whole Ars Technica essay just yet, but from the first three pages, I'm on Mark's side. "Inevitable," new always beats old, somehow They are preventing the mass consumer acceptance... I would say this all sounds very 1990s, but in fact it also sounds very 1980s. If people prefer ebooks, ebooks will become dominant--but so far, that doesn't seem to be the case. - walt crawford
And if I've missed nuances in the later pages, apologies--I'll eventually take the time to read the whole thing (and add it to a C&I essay, probably). But since I already saw "inevitable" and "horses" in the first portion, I'm not likely to fall on my knees and say "Amen!" - walt crawford
Well, I will (when time permits) read the whole lengthy article, but hitting the usual stuff up front doesn't help. - walt crawford
But just because it's the usual stuff doesn't make it any less true. I do think the slide to electronic books is inevitable, and that we're just waiting to have the right interface and model hit us. The publishing industry is in worse shape than the recording industry was in the 90's, and see what, effectively, ONE good player in that space did to them. - Jason Griffey from twhirl
If I want to read a book, I pay $10-15 (or free at the library) and read. If I want to read an e-book, I have to pay a few hundred dollars for a reader... and then pay more for the book. I assume there are batteries to be paid for, as well. At this rate, that one book is becoming very expensive. Even if the reader were free, I still have to pay for the batteries (or the electricity for the charger) on a regular basis. Basically, I pay lots more for the book and I never finish paying for it. - bentley
(Yeah, I don't have a reader. Other expenses have higher priority.) - bentley
(also in a grouchy mood. I might delete my comments.) - bentley
bentley: Exactly the same complaints could be lodged against MP3 players...and clearly that hasn't stopped them from destroying all of our previous models of music consumption. - Jason Griffey from twhirl
Lots of people claim that the ease-of-transition from CD to digital helped the MP3 player take over, and that's true, but I think that underestimates the value to the consumer of piracy (let's not forget the lessons of Napster). Book piracy is _this_ close to being as brain-dead easy as Napster was. Let's see what happens then. - Jason Griffey
D0r0th34: I think textbooks are a totally different beast from "books." Or a subspecies. If textbook prices were substantially lower than print, then the investment in a reader makes economic sense. (And since I'm not a highlighter, lack of text wouldn't bother me.) Question: can you print from readers? (I'm thinking of large tables or graphics that don't fit legibly on one screen.) - bentley
Jason: I don't have an MP3 player, either. However, I was never a big buyer of music (except for a short Glenn Miller phase when I was 18 and bought every LP I could find), so I never had the CD habit. - bentley
Just to note: I have nothing against readers or MP3 players. I would love to have them. But I don't need them and other expenses keep coming up and taking priority. If I needed one, I'd get one. - bentley
I own a Sony Reader and I read ebooks in Palms and mobile phones some years ago. My eyesight isn't worse for that, I swear. I think it's the best solution for a compulsive reader, because it saves plenty of space in your shelves. More or less what iPods did with your mountains of cd's. - Jordi Soler
I've read hundreds of ebooks on a variety of handheld devices for over ten years. I haven't the slightest doubt that the technology is going to go mainstream once a critical mass of people figure it out. Ebooks and etexts provide many advantages over paper publications. - Sean McBride
@Jordi said "More or less what iPods did with your mountains of cd's." But my 2 iPods did not do anything to my mountains of CDs, thank you very much! I also agree that e-reading tech will go mainstream and that I'll read more things from such a device. - Mar₭ Liŋdŋer
@Mark Yes they did! They prevented them from growing even more... :) - Jordi Soler
Yes, they did that for a lot of people but not all; even if only me. I have acquired 100s of CDs since my 1st 30GB iPod and probably 50-60 since getting my Touch this summer. - Mar₭ Liŋdŋer
Busy working, but: Jason, fact is CDs still constitute the bulk of music purchases (I hate to use facts, but...). Many observers think crappy music bears most of the blame for declining RIAA revenues... Dorothea: I agree that textbooks would make sense for ebooks, and always have... - walt crawford
Walt, not sure where your fact is from, but iTunes is the largest music retailer in the US: So I don't actually think that the CD constitutes the majority of music purchases anymore. - Jason Griffey
Actually, I think Walt is right. iTunes made that claim on the basis of sales in January -February of 2008, but that only catapulted them to second place in the US behind Walmart, based on the information I could find. CD sales may be declining but digital music sales (that is to say, iTunes) has not yet tipped the balance. - Jill O'Neill
I've been reading "e-books" almost exclusively for the past 7-8 years, ever since I got one of the original PocketPCs. I read about 3-4 novels a month, every month. Now I'm reading using Stanza on an iPhone. - Dylan Damian
@Jordi: Yes! Not having to store a ton of read books is one of the great advantages. I know you could trade or sell them, but why even bother? read electronically and move on. Ideally, I would love to see a subscription service. - Dylan Damian
Great stream of ideas. I use Instapaper on my iphone and it ROCKS. I have stopped printing my 100+ pages per day, and am simply saving webpages via Instapaper now... great progress. Not quite 'books' but close - Gerd Leonhard
Forgive my Johnny-come-lately comments, but let's not get hung up on Siracusa's abuse of words like "inevitable." Because, obviously, what he is telling us is that this is largely a generational thing. We, the current collectively-tech-averse dinosaurs simply have to die out, and then most of our children, before something that sounds so revolutionary and revolting to our ears as reading e-books on handhelds will become the default method of text acquisition, i.e. reading. - ianf ⌘
Unless, of course, in the meantime we come up with better still Newer! Braver! Reading Methods™, direct braintextdump or something, what do I know. But cellulose-based publishing, books, mags, newsrags – those things will survive only as exclusive/ elite-market items. Why? If not else because that's what Gresham's Law <> is all about, and it seems to govern all trends in economy – so, as with money, "bad books [too, will] drive out the good." - ianf ⌘
Belatedly: Thanks, Jill. Jason: Being #1 at something doesn't give you a majority of the market, by a long shot. At least not in most markets. (By far the bulk of cars sold are *not* Toyotas, even if Toyota is the best-selling brand...and so on.) Several others: "I do X, therefor everybody's going to do X" is not a compelling argument. (Neither is kids abandoning books, frankly.) - walt crawford
@, you're missing the point by thinking in terms of short-term[sic!] progress. Forget analogy with cars, which we'd abandon in a minute, if there was any viable individual-transportation alternative in sight. But when it comes to books/ paper-based publishing, a paradigm shift is already under way whether we like it or not. Because there we do have a promise of cheaper/ more efficient/ less wasteful delivery of content on the observable horizon of human understanding. - ianf ⌘
Ianf: Did you read my comment at all? The only analogy with cars is that being the top brand does *not* equal having a majority of the market. As for paradigm shift, etc.,--if it happens, it happens. I do love the optimistic outlook, that people will always choose the more efficient/less wasteful methodology. - walt crawford
Walt, 'course I did, only parsed it differently (and, anyway, we should ban cars, and baseball, as fodder for analogy ;-)) As for my optimism, it's not "the people," but the market (and passage of time) that will decide. Simply put: printing/ packaging/ transporting/ delivering/ disposing of reams of paper filled with words most of which WILL NEVER BE READ is defensible only as long as there are no ready alternatives. Point? - ianf ⌘
PS. You may also care to read my latest future-news outlook diatribe @ <> – that feed is broken, or I'd already import it here in toto. - ianf ⌘
Ross Dawson
I have just joined the awesome crew of futurists writing on @futurefeed - see the current list at
Jonathan Marks
going through the great videos from LIFT-09. Interesting that Moore's law now no longer valid.
Kevin Morris
Sloan Bowman
A great read on the innovations of the future.
david cushman
RT @CJTarbett: Google sets up apps reseller programme:
Redefinability: Retaggr, Your Online Business Card [Review] -
Review: Retaggr acts as your online business card. - deepikaur from Bookmarklet
mathew ingram
Re: Do brands belong on Twitter? Yes and no -
"That's definitely a risk, Bernie -- but then, so is being on the Internet at all :-)" - mathew ingram
Ray Podder
Future of the Internet III: How the Experts See It -
Louis Gray
30 Different Uses for RSS -
A Mike Fruchter guest blog. - Robert Scoble
Good work, Mike! - Daniel J. Pritchett
None of my fellow writers are "guests". They have all the keys. - Louis Gray
Louis: it's really lame, though, that it says that "Louis Gray posted an entry" here in FriendFeed. I don't know how to fix that, though. - Robert Scoble
There is a way to select "this blog has multiple authors" and have it only pull in those that I write, but you'll see Mashable, TechCrunch etc. don't make any distinction. The alternative is that "guest" posts would not show up on my feed, but only on theirs, and that would lower the visibility. - Louis Gray
When you setup a blog in FF, there's an option to specify it's a multi-author blog, and indicate which author is you - Aaron B. Hockley from IM
Hey Mike welcome to the guest...err keys to Gray manner club. Great post btw. - Mark Krynsky
Louis: I guess I don't like it when people lend their name out on FriendFeed. It fools me and it really does piss me off. It pisses me off when TechCrunch does it, but at least there I don't have the expectation that Mike Arrington is doing all the posts. When you use your name on your blog, like you do, I expect that you wrote the content there. - Robert Scoble
Robert: That is why users need more settings to modify the incoming feed from people they subscribe to. Similar to imaginary friends, and more. - Rolf Schewe
Robert, by now you should know to check the author, regardless :) Mike, congrats on getting the keys to Louis' place. Great post as usual, quite a few I hadn't even thought of. - Tim Hoeck
Robert, as we have more writers on the site, that is one of the debates. Do I keep it with my name or get branded? We'll see. - Louis Gray
Tim: if I stay in China much longer I think I'm going to need the keys to Louis' blog. I can get to his, but can't get to mine! :-) - Robert Scoble
Louis: you should just change the name to "Louis Gray and Friends." - Robert Scoble
Scoble, when you are coming back to the states? - Mike Fruchter
Mike: next Tuesday. - Robert Scoble
@Scoble, That's excellent. We miss you, hurry up back. Leave the chicken feet behind :) - Mike Fruchter
I've never really thought about putting FF feeds into Google Reader, might give that a go, thanks Louis. - Kol Tregaskes
Actually, we (the Mashable writers) do use the multi-author feature of FF ... just Pete's account shows all the posts ... - Adam Ostrow
It would be really cool if you could comment and like within Google Reader. - Kol Tregaskes
Louis (or Mike), do you use RSS for your twitter line instead of the actual twitter software (s) out there? That would seem to get overwhelming veyr quickly, no? - Amani
I use TweetBeep to track specific keywords to my e-mail, and TweetScan to RSS, Amani. - Louis Gray
Louis Gray and Friends sounds wicked like a childrens show, for some reason I get an image of the Banana Splits and Yo Gabba Gabba! You could also make it like the Indie bands - Louis Gray and the Grayettes :) - Joe Dawson
Nice idea Joe, but I refuse to be called a Grayette. I do not have legs that people want to see in a skirt. - Rob Diana
Congrats Mike!!!!!!!!!!! wooo hooo!!!! :) BTW, I like Roberts suggestion of "Louis Gray and Friends"... nice - Susan Beebe
LOL - Mona Nomura
This post's style looks like Guy Kawasaki's one. - Igor Poltavskiy
Hmm...ok.... - The Fat Oracle
New "TechCrunch" on is a good idea. - Igor Poltavskiy
Great job Mike! - Corvida
Duude. 67 likes. - Daniel J. Pritchett
wayyyyy cool! - Gerd Leonhard
Jeremiah Owyang
New Blog Post Top 3 answers from Industry Analysts
TwitterThings: 6 Unusual Entities that Tweet ( )
Dave Wallace
Bicycle Design for People with Disabilities | Future Technology -
Jeremiah Owyang
Devlin Dunsmore
Your Data With Destiny: interesting article based around reworking the social network advertising model to provide recommendations instead of just ads...very good read. -
Cathy Brooks
DRM Of Any Kind Will Always Lose -
amen to that - Gerd Leonhard
Guy Kawasaki
Apple Rumor: New Macbooks Already Shipping to Stores
"aggressive entry-level price point" Hm. 12" Netbook killer? - Rodfather
Mark Krynsky
Nice Custom Lifestream Just add Pipes and Code
Half of Europe's Youth Go Online For TV and Movies - MarketWatch -
Europe's younger generation is leading the way in adoption of web TV services, according to research to be released by Strategy Analytics at this year's IBC convention in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Strategy Analytics survey of 2500 European broadband users shows that nearly 50% of under 25s from the five major Europe markets are now regularly streaming TV shows or movies from broadcaster websites. - Zee. from Bookmarklet
Will the future of Online Media mainly be a market of Ad funded cr*p? -
Will the future of Online Media mainly be a market of Ad funded cr*p?
Every Satellite Tracked In Realtime Via Google Earth -
Jason Goldberg
Clipped on socialmedian: 10 Most Fascinating Savants in the World -
Jeremiah Owyang
I've been listening to a lot of the For Immediate Release podcast series, I get smarter every time I do. Are you a fan?
I just subscribed, so we'll see! - DJ Lein
Definitely - I started listening in college in 2006 and it completely changed my perspective and career path - Allie Osmar from Alert Thingy
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
The ladies might not be but I'm impressed but I am, I'd like more images of that guy's costume. - Toby Graham
Hmmm... 2nd pic, EPIC FAIL for charm, but WIN for geekiness! :D - Ron
Dave Winer
Just gave $100 to Obama.
I'll match your donation to McCain - David Ward
I gave $100 too. - Robert Scoble
Dave, I don't necessarily agree with everything you post (and I hide a lot of it) but I really, really appreciate and respect that you back up your textual passion with your pocketbook. Not a whole lot of people can say that they do. - Akiva
I'll raise u 100 x's 2 that I won at a poker tournament. - adolfo foronda
I've donated $75 so far. Will probably do more this month. - Graham English
$100 to Obama as well. He's raised $8 million in 24 hours after Palin and expected to hit $10 million before McCain takes the stage. The republicans: raised $1 million in the last 24 hrs - Grant Gochnauer
I stopped giving directly to candidates when I found they spent all my money soliciting me for more money. I wanted a better use of my money. PAC's seem to do a better job of using my money. - Roland Smith from twhirl
Can't quite do a hundred, but I did donate to Obama today. - Cheryl Rice
I gave $100 immediately after Palin's speech and then another $50 this morning. I am 25 years old and this is all that I can give but I felt it needed to be done. - Johan
My goal is $500 plus my time with the South Florida campaign - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
Dave your wasted you money. - Ernie Oporto
I already donated but I still haven't received my special edition Obama-Biden car magnet. - ~C4Chaos
I personally wouldn't give any of them any money as they already have a lot more than me :) - Ian May
I gave $120. The donation page had a $120 selection button, no $100 button. :-) - Steve Garfield from twhirl
I agree with Akiva. I am not an Obama guy, but I always respect the fact somebody backs up their opinion with their money. - David Risley
Sarah Palin has energized the Democratic base like crazy! :) Really. She's scaring the hell out of many people. - Sean McBride
@Sean McBride: Palin has also energized the "elite" media - - ~C4Chaos
Chaos - normally I don't much like Roger Simon, but this is beautiful. :) - Sean McBride
me too - don loeb
planning to. Waiting for megafail from mcain/palin. Oh, wait. - John LeMasney
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