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What NGOs can learn from free poppies:
I maintain a Pinterest board of remarkable web campaigns: Mostly, but not entirely from NGOs.
If you write posts on LinkedIn: do you republish stuff from your blog, or do you write original material for LinkedIn?
Mints are apparently the new gum: Gum sales are down 11% and mint sales are up 20% in the past 5 years.
RT @Momentum_UNFCCC: Skyfarm sounds like a sci-fi movie, but it's actually a concept design for urban farming:
We await the hero-inventors who can deliver us from the current purgatories of printers, projectors and conference calls.
I've always liked sites with full-screen video in the background, but they never really caught on, did they?
Live video game streaming holds no interest for me, but the mainstream media ought to be reporting on it more often:
Our view of Burg Maus on today's hike along the Rhine. @ Maus Castle
Nell Tiger Free is a remarkable name for a human.
The big question of the Commonwealth Games: (from @reddit)
This is the best personal essay I've read in years, from the New Yorker's recently-opened archives:
If you own a .guru domain, you'd better be using it ironically.
My entire data export from I, uh, did half of two of those things. cc @sillygwailo
RT @craiguito: I'm just a boy standing in front of a boy standing in front of a girl standing in front of a man. I'm in a queue basically
I bought this backpack from @GregoryPacks: It's got an unorthodox compartment structure, but it's working for me.
All the cli-fi you'll ever want to read: 60 books of dystopic climate change fiction.
Sunset over train tracks -
Sunset over train tracks
Sunset over train tracks @ Bonn Altstadt
How To Not Come Home From Your Next Vacation, And Start A Business Instead | Co.Exist | ideas impact -
"High and tight, mediocre cheese". Not instructions to your barber, but rather a bit of baseball history:
I often email stuff to myself. Too often, I sign off the email to myself with "Thanks, DB".
Having run conferences for People From The Internet for 10 years, this is not how you do that:
RT @NewYorker: 1. Our entire archive—dating back to 2007—is available, for free, through the fall.
RT @rebeccacoleman: Here are the apps teens actually love, in 5 charts:
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