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Toponymy is the study of place names: #TodayIlearned
Last week I spent 6 days walking through Cornwall:
Interestingly, the place and the retail chain named Lands End have their apostrophes in different spots.
Question: do you actually need to bath cats? We owned a cat for 15 years and never bathed it once.
Things I only ever say when entering a British hotel room: "Oooh, they've got a trouser press."
I just got a media release with the headline 'Sextortionists Targeting Teens'. I think that's a portmanteau too far, don't you?
RT @webofchange: Today we kick off #WOC2014 at Hollyhock with 120 inspiring and committed change agents. Let's get this party started!
RT @kpwerker: This is a pretty nifty way of funding a book on @kickstarter. Become an Intentional Exile by Julie Szabo & @dbarefoot
I like any infographic that concludes with the Earth being consumed by a swelling Sun:
Two band names I thought of today are already in use: Kernel Panic & Full Court Press
I was sorry to hear of Brian Hendricks' passing last week. I really enjoyed the film class I took with him at UVic:
We climbed up this gorge today. @ Deutsches Eck
Great new essay on how we show IM, SMS and the Internet in movies by @tonyszhou:
. @Agentic is hiring a Marketing Coordinator at the moment. They do excellent work, and you should go work for them:
Without my glasses, I figured this was for 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. @ Kessenich, 53129 Bonn
RT @FunSizeBytes: Police in Rialto, CA wore cameras: Complaints dropped 88%, use of force dropped 60% #Ferguson
A changeable day on the Rhine #gabfestweather @ UN-Campus(BONN)
An all-too-typical story of violating photo copyrights online:
If Saskatchewan ever gets an NHL team, it must be called the Regina Monologues.
RT @Mona: Edelman published a post on how brands can maximize Robin Williams tragedy. Proves why public loves PR people. Stay classy. (Not linking.)
Lonely coffee table @ UN-Campus(BONN)
My article from research on #climatechange orgs RT @hootsuite: How to win the Facebook engagement game:
I'm pretty sure I just thought of Taylor Dayne for the first time in 20 years.
"Despite Legalization, Colorado Teenagers Stubbornly Refuse to Smoke More Pot" #NotTheOnion
There are now 4.6 PR people for every journalist in the US. Not good news for truth or accountability:
RT @MobilisationLab: Winning Facebook engagement game. @dbarefoot & team analyze 1,000 NGO posts for you: #nptech
RT @AnnaKendrick47: O Captain! My Captain! Rise up and hear the bells. Rise up, for you the flag is flung, for you the bugle trills.
Don Taylor has been my favourite sports highlight guy for the last 25 years: #MaybeHisLeftBulin
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