Those scientists took, like, 47 seconds to celebrate touchdown, and they're back to sternly staring at displays. #CometLanding
The anxious face of trying to land one speck of dust on another, slightly larger speck from 500 million km away.
I'm not a big space guy, but it's fascinating to watch the live stream of the #CometLanding:
An indictment of Canada and freemium games: "All you do is collect and spend Canadough!"
Today I'm thinking of my Great Uncle Ross, who fought and died for our nation in World War II.
What is the Amazon Alexa, I mean Echo, really for?
On Star Trek, when Picard orders "tea, Earl Grey, hot", what is the name of the device that magically generates the cup of tea?
RT @Wil_Anderson: World's Worst Star Trek Spin-Off
I just supported Celebrating Climate Solutions on @ThunderclapIt: You should too!
Workshop: "How to Market Your Self-Published Book" on Nov. 22, from the wise folks at @PageTwoBooks
.@masseyhall's YouTube channel features beautiful black and white videos from recent music acts:
RT @R_Dart: This is what it was like to be alive in the 80s.
An 86 square foot apartment in Paris:
Hockey broadcast pet peeve: sticks never just 'break', they always 'explode'. It's a holdover from wooden sticks, I suspect.
.BlackFriday is a top-level domain? Appropriately, someone has registered http://Rebecca.BlackFriday.
This is the 'Kristen Schaal is a horse' of surreal viral videos: cc @leelefever
Next summer's Fringe Festival circuit will feature at least one great musical and two terrible musicals about Jian Ghomieshi.
When to pitch tech journalists, by @danaoshiro:
Nice #SnowFall journalism from @thisisfusion: The fancier the page design, the less likely it is to have a date.
I like to think the father named his Amazon Echo 'Alexa' after his one true love from college:
If I can't determine whether your launch video is satirical or not, something is wrong:
RT @jeffrock: The only “customer loyalty program” I want to be part of is the one where you treat me like a human and I come back.
If randomly dispensed from the ceiling as loose change, Zuckerberg's income would pile up at an inch every minute:
Pronoia: the delusion that everyone is conspiring to help you.
The eternal, looming fourth topic of every @slate gabfest is journalism itself.
RT @rands: Think of every meeting as an opportunity to figure out how to NOT have that meeting again.
RT @DJBentley: Look into the eyes of your great-great-great grandchild and explain why we did this
I wonder how much the World Meteorological Organization wants this #YVR designer's (14 tweets, 6 years old) Twitter handle: @WMO.
Sunset from my office. -
Sunset from my office.
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