Re: Where Should You Credit Delta Air Lines Flights? -
"Worth noting that Minneapolis isn't as bad of a hub captive as it used to be, thanks to Sun Country. They now fly to probably 90% of the cities I visit, like SF, Vegas, NYC, etc." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: What’s in Store for 2015: A Few Predictions -
"My biggest concern with Slack in the non-business context you suggest is its inherently closed nature at present. I'd expect that to greatly impede discoverability and raise the barrier to new participants. That's fixable of course, but it's unclear whether Slack would make the needed changes." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Strata 2015: Reaching for the business user -
"Someone else did a little bit of that:" - Donnie Berkholz
Re: The Miracle of Minneapolis -
"Immigration is what made our country great in the first place. Look to the Germans around the 1850s-1860s and Nordics in the late 1800s. The rate of foreign-born residents is identical now to what it was when we gained our identity as a country." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Strata 2015: Reaching for the business user -
"I'd love to run some text analytics against the talk schedule and compare at some point. Problem is that the tagging/categorization is often pretty manual work, and a lot more grueling with the sheer number talks than <50 emails." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Do Airlines Have to Honor Mistake Fares? -
"Pricing often varies by country and currency. It's not at all atypical for people traveling to the Caribbean, for example, to check prices in the island currency vs US dollars and purchase same. Often it is cheaper by $100 or more. This is particularly true for inter-island flights. I'm free to purchase in whatever currency and theoretical sales city I desire, since I'm buying through the internet and not at a ticket counter. As for sales tax, that only applies if they have a local facility in your state. And if they don't collect, it's on the buyer to submit to the state. It's only illegal if you don't submit it yourself later." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Is FoundersCard Worth It? | The Points Guy -
"Silver Elite, fast-track to Gold" - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Is FoundersCard Worth It? | The Points Guy -
"Yep, just checked." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Is FoundersCard Worth It? | The Points Guy -
"At Starwood, they do. Haven't checked others." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Is FoundersCard Worth It? | The Points Guy -
"I've gotten fantastic value out of the hotel discounts in San Francisco, where rates go insane during conferences. I've stayed at the Four Seasons and at St Regis for around $400-$450/night when every nearby 4-star is $600-$800 or more. Definitely worth it for that alone." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Revisiting the 2014 Predictions -
"You could make a good argument for Netflix this year given their hire of Andrew Spyker, a highly visible enterprise user at IBM, to do almost exactly what you predicted." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: New Delta Arrivals Lounge at London Heathrow -
"How are you supposed to access it if you flew into T4 from MSP?" - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Reference architectures belong in code, not pointless PDFs -
"Simpler to convey, sure. But most of those describing reference architectures are interested in people actually implementing them, in which case working code is king." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: What are the Most Popular Open Source Licenses Today? -
"For some additional reading, I took a different look at this. I based it on projects created in each year rather than total projects in existence at a point in time. Makes the trend over time really obvious." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: GitHub’s vanishing acceleration -
"Two followups: (1) the student developer pack <https:"" pack="">, and (2) this paper on GitHub for collaborative education [pdf]:" - Donnie Berkholz
Re: How to Dispose of Your Expired Chase Sapphire Preferred Card -
"+1 on the tin snips" - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Go: the emerging language of cloud infrastructure -
Re: Open source biology -
"Big difference in cost between "DNA, after all" and purified protein. That's a multistep process requiring expensive reagents, equipment, and typically human involvement. You've gotta get the DNA into cells, grow them, isolate them, break them, isolate all protein, then specifically isolate your protein of interest (typically a complex protocol in its own right)." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Why PepsiCo CEO Indra K. Nooyi Can't Have It All -
"I feel like you are conflating consumers and creators. Tablets are near-useless for creating anything. They're great once you've made the money elsewhere / have time to blow." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Programming languages ranked by expressiveness -
"It would be very interesting to try to map equivalent development timeframes. You run into challenges of what "equivalent" means though. In the life of the language and its module ecosystem? In chronological time (external development methodologies)? In individual apps?" - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Go: the emerging language of cloud infrastructure -
Re: Free Drinks for TrueBlue Mosaic Members This Summer -
"Doesn't seem to be a policy but on Delta, I typically get a free drink coupon on my boarding pass if I don't get upgraded." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Travelers Forego 38 Million Trips to Avoid Hassles -
"Surveys are minefields, in terms of how you ask the question and what options you provide. In this case I think it's how the question is phrased — what are you most concerned about vs what has stopped you from buying tickets in the past? Sure I'm most concerned about delays, but I deal with them." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Why Are TPG Reader Meetups Only Open to Contest Winners? -
"I wouldn't want to go solely to talk to you, or TPG staff in general. I would go to spend time with a community of like-minded people and share tips, kvetch, etc. Your goal should be to bring together that community, not to serve as some sort of Greek god on a pedestal. Start up monthly meetups even when you aren't around, and attend them when you can." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings: June 2014 -
"Unsurprisingly Swift has much more conversational volume than usage at this point. But I find it interesting that it's already above 1,150 GitHub repos in the short time span since its announcement:" - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Delta Adds More Comfort to Transcontinental Economy Comfort -
"I actually got the Luvo wrap and water on a SFO-JFK transcon back on May 5, so seems like it was a soft launch." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Report from Gluecon: APIs and Docker -
"Funny you mentioned the cloud thing. Someone asked me the other day what cool developer companies are, and I had to respond that AWS was taken as granted at this point so people don't even think of it as cool anymore." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: How the Fund Raising Market Will Evolve in 2014 -
"From the data, I think it's also reasonable to conclude that A rounds are now smaller than the first ~40% of the data shown. That's roughly in concert with the assumption that startups will use the cloud and thus have lower capex, so certainly suggestive." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Oracle v Google could drive a new era of open-source APIs -
"The court's decision means specifically that the naming and structure of an API is itself copyrightable, without even resorting to how those APIs are implemented. So Google's clean-room implementation of code that fulfills an API can still violate Oracle's copyright purely because the entry points into that code are identical. In other words, what the functions and parameters are named, and how they're organized within libraries, is something that is sufficiently creative to be copyrightable and therefore can be licensed." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: The Worst Time of Year to Raise A Seed Round -
"One speculation would be that in Q1, investors think rationally and distribute smaller rounds across a larger pool of investments, while in Q4, investors start to make fewer, bigger bets with a similarly sized pool of money." - Donnie Berkholz
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