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Re: Community Metrics: Comparing Ansible, Chef, Puppet and Salt -
" has a less-than-great but usable API to get at daily download stats per-version, so it's not an intractable problem. Default is the last 90 days, for which Chef shows 68,474 downloads for the 11.6.0 release. It's an interesting correlation with the ~5,000 Puppet+popcon users solely on Debian and around the same on Ubuntu ( — hard to say anything substantial without knowing more about the proportion of users that install/run popcon." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Have Any Tips For Avoiding Jet Lag? -
"I highly recommend the Jet Lag Rooster site, which provides a specific calendar of when to get light, avoid light, sleep, and (optionally) take melatonin." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Thursday Giveaway: Club Carlson Concierge Status and $500 Gift Cards -
"I'd go with the Park Suites in Manaus Brazil. As I'd probably travel there using frequent-flyer miles to grab a last-minute seat, the 48 hour room-availability guarantee would be very valuable." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: GitHub will hit 5 million users within a year -
"So far it's nailed my prediction of 4 million users to the month, and GitHub's on track to reach 5 million in late December, also as predicted." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Conway’s law but for software: Salesforce and SAP -
"Ironically everyone slaps something SQL-like on top as soon as they need broad adoption." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Conway’s law but for software: Salesforce and SAP -
"You may have nailed something there about losing focus — possibly because it wasn't the core object?" - Donnie Berkholz
Re: The U.S. Cities With the Most Leftover to Spend ... After Paying for Housing - Housing - The Atlantic Cities -
"Rochester shouldn't be a particular surprise because it's dominated by Mayo Clinic and (secondarily) IBM. Both of them provide lots of high-paying jobs, and it's a rather remote city with a consequently low cost of living." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Preview Of The New American Express Centurion Lounge Opening At Dallas / Fort Worth DFW International Airport -
"Apparently that recently changed. It didn't used to be that way though, you're right." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Why You Should Stop Fighting Distro Vendors -
"On the 3rd-party repo thing, sure. On the "provide a binary one time" thing, seriously?! I don't even know what to say. People want updates, especially security but also otherwise, and they don't want to give a crap about digging around the internet all day every day looking for anything that may have an update available." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Using Twitter to gauge the effectiveness of the VMworld keynote -
"Cheers man. We've been thinking along not-dissimilar lines ourselves." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Program Score Card: Sun Country UFly Rewards -
"Yeah, I'd love to see your write-up on the relaunched program that does include a true elite status." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Delta Medallion Qualifying Dollars Now Displayed on -
"You might've been caught by — "Certain specialty tickets, including but not limited to unpublished, consolidator, group/tour and opaque fare products will not count toward MQDs."" - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Delta Medallion Qualifying Dollars Now Displayed on -
"I generally buy LUT domestic fares and I'm above $9000 MQD for 55K miles. But yeah, could suck for international and partners beyond just the pure mileage runners." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Entrepreneurial technologists as another creative class -
"Sort of, yeah. And in fact Dreamweaver is how I got into code myself. But it's no longer good at building modern websites, which has a lot to do with Adobe's introduction of the Edge suite. So they need to rethink the process of designer->developer evolution for today's tech and their products of today. Given their current lineup of less monolithic tooling, that tends to mean more integration than internal features." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Help Me Plan My Last Minute Trip to New Orleans -
"Avenue is great." - Donnie Berkholz
Primers | Math ∩ Programming -
Re: Delta Makes International Business Class Awards More Expensive And No More Award Ticket Holds -
"Bummer. Guess last spring's redemption on US-Europe will be my last. I don't make enough miles to fund that plus a family vacation every year, at the new rates." - Donnie Berkholz
stack_overflow_statwing_screenshot -
Re: OSCON meetups: FLOSS lunch, RedMonk beers -
"Lunchers: Meet in the oscon lunch hall. I will try to grab a few tables near the path between the doors and the food. I'm wearing a white baseball cap." - Donnie Berkholz
OSCON meetups: FLOSS lunch, RedMonk beer -
Re: Interest withering in Java application servers -
"Instances of Spring TC are essentially nonexistent in Google Trends, Hacker News, and Stack Overflow." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Interest withering in Java application servers -
"Think of it like PaaS vs IaaS. Once you no longer have any interest in the underlying infrastructure because it has no relevance to how you develop, there's no longer any way for any of the options to differentiate. Instead the interest and value shift to the next layer up." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: How to Minimize Costs When Using Your Phone Internationally and Top Apps for Communicating Abroad -
"I find it very unusual that there was no mention of unlocked phones and quite cheap local SIMs mentioned in this post, as that's generally (by far) the cheapest way to go internationally." - Donnie Berkholz
Forecasting: principles and practice | An online textbook by Rob J Hyndman and George Athanasopoulos -
Re: Ranking Linux distributions, and the decline of the traditional distros -
"I'm not sure how to interpret that Wikipedia data since Linux Other is 100x higher than everything but Ubuntu, and Ubuntu is 60x higher than the next distro. I find the former confusing and am somewhat skeptical of the latter disparity. Do you have any idea what Other is supposed to represent?" - Donnie Berkholz
Get paid to write open-source software this summer -
Re: Programming languages ranked by expressiveness -
"The data I used is aggregated across all projects in each language on a monthly level -- it's just the data behind the graphs at and I got it directly from them. But yeah, even via the API you're stuck at a monthly level (at least for activity_facts and size_facts)." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: What does “expressiveness” via LOC per commit measure in practice? -
"The biggest problem with this approach is developers who don't take a sufficiently long-term view. If you don't bother learning the current standards in terms of languages, frameworks, methodologies, etc, you'll have an increasingly hard time finding work — or at least interesting work. You may also find yourself inadvertently excluded from some tech communities because you don't have enough in common to have a good discussion. You'll be losing productivity in many cases because you're writing in a language where it takes you 10x as long to get the same amount done." - Donnie Berkholz
Re: Quantifying the shift toward permissive licensing -
"For the relatively small number of multi-licensed projects (765 total out of close to 60,000), I preferred the more copyleft variant — Perl stuff is generally Artistic/GPL dual licensed." - Donnie Berkholz
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