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Worst-kept secret is out: Alonso joins Ferrari -
Jeremiah Owyang
The Future of the Social Web: In Five Eras -
Interesting stuff...thanks for sharing - Hugo Guzman
Great info! I agree fish where the fish are :) - Peter du Toit (S.Africa)
Agree on the whole. I always find these categories a little artificial: Really "Forrester-speak". :) I think the recommendations are the most interesting. I'd make a separate post out of that. - Meryn Stol
You say it yourself: "What’s interesting isn’t this vision for the future, but what it holds in store for brands, " . I'd like these recommendations to be fleshed out with concrete first steps to take. Doesn't have to be more than links to relevant resources. - Meryn Stol
Meryn The recommendations are fleshed out in the actual reports. Our clients (brands) have access to see them. - Jeremiah Owyang
Hmm ok... Then I'll need to get the details elsewhere I guess. :) - Meryn Stol
There will be a give and take between communities and brands. The thing is, Facebook doesn't have a competitive alternative that users could go to. In my report, we suggest that active communities could define specs for products, and bid MULTIPLE companies to build it. - Jeremiah Owyang
good stuff Jeremiah, enjoyed and some good thought provokers there for the future - Richard Binhammer
Nice paper but really expensive for young people. $750 means $41 for page. - Alp
Great information, understanding the future's potential is more important than ever on the social web. - Maria Reyes-McDavis
Interesting, but very general and hard to apply. I see companies more as å provide of tools/stage for conversation, aka the gold rush mining vs selling tools - Anders Dahlberg
Alp, Many of Forrester's clients are large brands who have a subscription. We're still sharing a great deal on this blog, and have given the report to bloggers to cover, so there's value to be had there. - Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremiah (and the team), a great piece of work and, I imagine, a labour of both love and loathing at times! I have been very interested in this area as I have looked at the shift in skills to deliver social media activity changes from one of basic coding knowledge to much more human, interactive skills. - Paul Fabretti
Fantastic article! I found it SO intriguing that I've even printed it out! - J. D. Ebberly
"How Brands Should Prepare" is a great bit of information. Jeremiah, it would be nice (i'd be reading) if you expanded in future blog posts about the "How Brands Should Prepare". - frank barry
That's likely to be a research report I'm thinking about writing Frank - Jeremiah Owyang
Probably correct in assuming that most online social networks will neither spawn nor solidify to the point of being considered ‘affinity groups’ with the level of cohesion, unified budgetary authority or organized implementation capability of NGOs, churches, or employee aggregations. Even in the era of social commerce. I hope I’m wrong. - A Mitchell
Great post, understanding the future's potential is more important than ever on the social web. - Vladimír Hrouda
Just found this... great stuff! - Gerd Leonhard
"Twistory supports Thunderbird, Google Calendar, Apple's iCal, and any other application that supports feeds using the iCalendar format. This means you can even download your Twitter posts to Microsoft Outlook or any other Web service you use to keep yourself organized. The service stays on top of your Twitter feed and adds your new tweets instantly, so it's not a one-time export that you have to repeat every time you say something new." - LANjackal from Bookmarklet
Would be nice for it to not be web-based. Or rather: Would be nice if someone makes some sort of script equivalent that could be run to create an ical file or something. - Jalada
@jalada: It actually does that. Sign up and see, an iCal file is one of the output options - LANjackal from IM
however it's still web-based, e.g. Twistory are trawling my tweets, rather than something I'm running myself on my machine - Jalada from IM
Hmmm well I've added the calendar feed to GCal, but nothing's showing up. It's not working for me on this end :( - LANjackal
It's working now. Guess it took a while to import all my Tweets :) - LANjackal
Cool idea :) - Svartling
I had is for some months, but it laid a heavy load on the functioning of iCal. And I realized I never ever read them back or something. It was just cool it exists. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
Twistory archiving of your Twitter updates to e.g. GoogleCalendar is better than nothing, though I find that the lack of back-link to the original Twitter status, as well as any links in the tweet not being clickable from the pop-up view in GCal are a major drawback. I have been importing my tweets into Tumblr (via the RSS feed), and it solves those two issues, though it's definitely... more... - Alex Schleber
Is there another way to sort/search my own Friendfeed (or Twitter) by date? I have Friendfeed going to Twitter, then Twistory, then Google Calendar already, but it skips some days. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Loving this mash - Majento
Great,i try and share it - 阿石
Great, I wish emails can be sorted out this way. - TrafficBug
I've been using this for a while now and overall its pretty good, but then sometimes it just randomly stops working for a day or more. Probably a symptom of being a web-based product. - LuluGirl896 from Viigo
Google Calendar に反映されレ無い日がある。 - Mrs.Hiromi
I really like this. Been using it for quite awhile with GCal - Melanie Reed
really a nice idea - Ian Yang
Importing Tweets into GCal will be very useful. Now my public Calendar will be updated, as well as a hard copy synced to my iPhone calendar :) - CannonGod
Twitter for biz panel starting. @Zappos is greeted like a rock star. He discovered Twitter at #SXSW 07 to find the best parties #140conf
Robert Scoble
David Letterman teaches us all how to do an apology. Good show Dave! -
Between the insanity and outrage that is Letterman/Palin and DePass/Michelle Obama, it is amazing that our government is actually working to progress our country forward in any meaningful way. Oh wait, maybe our government isn't doing that so much. Bill Maher definitely said it best this week. - Joel Marcey
David didn't teach anyone how to do an apology. If he really did then he would have made an apology right away. Not 1 week after the fact under intense pressure. - Gavin
You're kidding right Robert? - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Gavin: if you are forced to do an apology, this is how to do it. Ed, no, I'm not. It was a good apology. Why wasn't it, other than it took a week? - Robert Scoble
Robert: He obviously isn't sorry because then he wouldn't have made a mock apology the next night and then a week later made a "sincere" apology. - Gavin
He didn't need to apologize, but of course, that's politics. - Dean Clark
I agree, the apology was good and sincere. However, people took it the wrong way from the start and should have trusted his description of it not being about the 14 y/o. It's weak to attack him about it - shows a lack of imagination from those attacking him... Many better things to go after :) - Sol Young
Dean: Of course he needed to apologize. His comments were distasteful and rude. If this was a show on FOX News everyone would be freaking out. But since its Letterman anything goes. His joke was disgusting! - Gavin
Gavin: most people who apologize are doing it because they are forced to. I remember saying "fuck" in class when I was in kindergarten. I was forced to apologize. I wasn't sorry. What did I do? I said "I'm sorry for saying fuck the other day." The teacher learned a lesson about that and so did I. There's a good way to apologize and a bad way. - Robert Scoble
Love her or HATE her, this was a lude, tired old insult at one's children. She's long out of the race. This personal. He hedged. And the writer of the article hedged even more. Can you imagine someone with 2,000,000 twitter followers ripping your [lovely, classy] wife? - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
People say things, they think about what they said sometimes, some laugh, say it louder, some say I was wrong...good for him. It takes strength to apologize no matter who you are! - Myrna
Robert: I wouldn't called an insincere apology a good apology. And definitely not after giving a mock apology first and then a "sincere" apology. - Gavin
And I don't care about Palin other than that she's human. In fact she rubs me the very wrong way. - Myrna
Ed: people make mistakes and if I were in front of TV cameras every evening I would make many many more mistakes. - Robert Scoble
Myrna: Would you want someone making sexually explicit jokes about your 14-year old daughter? - Gavin
I agree, Robert. He should've done it earlier. And, whether or not you (not you, personally, Robert) like Sarah Palin isn't the issue. Remember when NBC Correspondent David Shuster joked about the Clinton's "Pimping Out" Chelsea? Hillary responded aggressively and Shuster was forced to apologize. So there is precedent on something like this. - Curt Mercadante
Gavin: sometimes it takes a week for people to see the real harm they did. It was clear he wasn't talking about the 14-year-old, or at least he didn't think he was. The fact that he took a week to understand just how bad the perception of that was, is fine with me. It takes me a while for things to sink in too and for me to get the perspective I need to figure out I was wrong when I am. - Robert Scoble
Oh this is the best thing that could happen to Mrs Palin right now. She is milking this just to stay in the public. Her 15 minutes are fading. - PC Easy from twhirl
Robert: I don't believe it took a week for it to sink in, he made fun of it the next day. When I first heard the jokes it wasn't clear to me that the jokes were aimed at Bristol. - Gavin
Letterman's apology was an apology, which is more than you get from most public persons these days, "i am sorry if i offended anyone" is not an apology, it is a pretend apology. Letterman said, " Well, my responsibility - I take full blame for that. I told a bad joke.....So I would like to apologize, especially to the two daughters involved, Bristol and Willow, and also to the Governor... more... - Nathan Eckenrode
Nathan: That's just smart PR. - Gavin
Gavin, of course I wouldn't like it and not about my son either. - Myrna
Myrna: So why are supporting Dave then? - Gavin
Gavin. doing the right thing is smart PR, but it is also doing the right thing. - Nathan Eckenrode
Gavin: because Dave apologized for being a jerk. The fact that you can't accept his apology says more about you than it says about Letterman. - Robert Scoble
Letterman was stupid. Palin's response was somewhat of a PR blunder. But the way some people have criticized Palin over this has a bit of a double-standard given the history of how people reacted to the Shuster-Chelsea Clinton remark. Imagine if Letterman had made the same joke about one of the Obama daughters while they were in NYC. All hell would've broken loose. Just a stupid situation. Made for the tabloids and, in the end, probably boosted Letterman's ratings. That being said, I agree with Robert. - Curt Mercadante
Nathan: bing! - Robert Scoble
The bigger issue here is the media and how they have an extreme anti-right bias! - Gavin
Andy: double bing! Personally I didn't know about the whole Letterman/Palin thing before I read the apology. I just liked the apology. It was perfectly done. If you are ever in the place where you need to give an apology for whatever reason you should come back here and study this piece by Letterman. - Robert Scoble
Agreed Robert. I make mistakes all the time. But I heartily subscribe to @BlairWarren's thesis: "An apology that is not made with the same level of enthusiasm as was the transgression is not an apology at all; it's an insult." - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Remember, people, that David Letterman is a comedian. It is his job to work on the edge of culture and society and press our buttons with social commentary. He's an artist. Do we ask playwrights to apologize for plays? Novelists to apologize for their books? Musicians to apologize for their scores? This doesn't mean we can't give comedians a rough time for things they say (it's a way society makes boundaries), but we need to remember that it's that its their job to make us uncomfortable. - Jason Miller
Gavin, I'm supporting the fact that he apologized especially if he can't stand her. Those are the times that apologies are the hardest. Try apologizing to someone who rubs you the wrong way. Lol, that's real growth imo. - Myrna
Ed: well, the audience applauded three times, so I'm pretty sure this played pretty well when he gave it. Jason: plus Letterman doesn't write his own jokes. That said, he screwed up by not knowing how this one would play to the audience. He knew he was playing with fire because he researched the age of the kid. Myrna: exactly. - Robert Scoble
Hmph- go figure - I emailed Dave & CBS last week and suggested he apologize . Was right thing to do. Unusual to applaud CBS but I do today - Crystal Clear
Glen: who is blaming Palin here? She isn't even part of the post here. I was focusing specifically on Letterman's apology which was ALL ABOUT HIM. - Robert Scoble
Jason - yes, but Imus was a comedian, too. Fired. I don't think Imus should've been fired. I don't think Letterman should be fired. I've heard worse jokes. Palin was right to be pissed. People are correct to note a double standard here. Case closed. If we called for everyone to be fired who made a lude remarks, none of us would have jobs. I certainly wouldn't. I'm not particularly a Letterman fan (Conan is way better), but I can just choose not to watch him and move on with my day. - Curt Mercadante
Glen: Oh, I see a couple of people talking about Palin and how she's using this for political gain. Yeah, so that probably is true too. - Robert Scoble
Sarah Palin will ALWAYS look like a deer staring into the headlights to me. She was in over head. What a slap in the face to intelligent women from either party. Were the republicans trying to win? I don't think that Ms.Palin would even know that she was being apologized to - Chris White
Heh, what's funny about this whole thread is I had no idea it would cause such a conversation and go into whether Palin was a good choice or not. We covered that enough last November and here I just wanted to talk about the fact that this was a good apology and it's one that, if I'm ever in need of an apology, I will look back on. - Robert Scoble
Chris: are you the Chris White who used to hang out here and who deleted his friendfeed account? - Robert Scoble
Chris - whether or not you like or dislike Sarah Palin has little to do with this post. I'm not particularly a fan of Obama, but would ABSOLUTELY think a similar remark about his daughters was stupid and lude. I thought David Shuster's remark about Chelsea was stupid and lude. I thought Letterman's remark was stupid and lude. That's consistency. - Curt Mercadante
there is a really salient point in Letterman's apology about the perception being greater than the intent, and perhaps Sarah Palin herself suffers from being on the wrong end of the perceptions of the American people, but she hasn't really taken any actions that will change that perception. - Nathan Eckenrode
Curt: exactly. I actually resent Chris' attempt to take this back into political bickering. Let's focus on the apology and whether or not it was good. I think it was good, and I can see the point of several people here that it was late. Anything else? Onward... - Robert Scoble
Letterman lost me a long time ago. Politics aside. Entirely over-rated ... NOT funny? - Charlie Anzman
But Robert, I liked what Chris said because I'm always wondering every time I hear her speak, what do they find intelligent, interesting or anything about that woman especially as a role model in any way. - Myrna
Myrna: yeah, but that should be discussed in a separate thread. This one is all about Dave's apology and whether or not it was good. - Robert Scoble
Good has certain criteria for me, this one doesn't cut it because it was forced, he "had" to apologize. It was good if you look at the content. I think it was borderline tongue in cheek. Many suggested, the way it was worded, he thought the remarks, if made about the older daughter, would have been appropriate. - Sal DiStefano
i think that the timing of the apology came at the point where Letterman realized the actual harm he had committed, and then he sought to make immediate amends, not only with his sponsors but with the very people his comments hurt. - Nathan Eckenrode
You're right Robert. .I'm finished..said my piece..on to Iran.. - Myrna
Sal: name one apology that wasn't "forced." People don't apologize unless they are caught at something. - Robert Scoble
It is good that he FINALLY gave an appropriate apology. This is something he should have done at his first attempt of an apology. It's too bad though that he only realized what effects his jokes can have after he saw it being discussed on a nationwide news show and after a sponsor allegedly threatened to pull ads on his show. - Mark Powell
Oh Robert, I apologize if I offend someone and don't usually wait for someone to 'catch' me. But I'm a female lol - Myrna
Hey, I hear a lot of judgment on this thread. Do you? - Myrna
Myrna: if you offended someone you got caught. Otherwise how would you know you offended them? - Robert Scoble
I know if sometimes I go over the line before I close my mouth. Sometimes I think things and speak to fast. - Myrna
Intuition - Myrna
Myrna: yeah, that's one kind of getting caught. The voices in our own heads sometimes are our strongest critics, huh? - Robert Scoble
is not intuition developed through practice and studying the mistakes of the past? :-) - Nathan Eckenrode
Hmmm Nathan yes through practice but it comes from inside me not from studying anything. - Myrna
Robert: I disagree with the idea that everyone is forced to apologize. When someone realizes they have gone too far or crossed a line, they can choose to apologize. I just don't think he thought it was over the line. I do think he was referring to the older daughter. I think he thought she was fair game. I think there was some network pressure on him to do the apology. - Sal DiStefano
Robert, remember I told you a certain time and I was late? I felt 'not good' to say the least. I kind of apologized didn't I, if you remember. - Myrna
Here's the beauty of America - as opposed to what our brethren in Iran are experiencing right now. If you don't like Palin, change the channel. If you don't like Letterman, watch Conan. If you don't like Fox News, watch CNN. And on and on and on. - Curt Mercadante
Hey, don't we ever feel guilty? So that's part of intuition talking. - Myrna
right that is what i mean from inside of you, you can study memories of the past and how you felt when others did this that or the other thing and if you find yourself modeling one of the behaviors which made you feel in a bad way, your intuition reminds you that there is a line that you are about to cross or have crossed and even if another person does not catch you, you have caught your own actions and you are forced to apologize. am i off base here, have i over analyzed or am i close? - Nathan Eckenrode
Ok let me get this straight this whole conversation is about whether a apology was sincere and whether the timing was also sincere, am I right. - Kim Landwehr
I think Robert brought up a good point which is, if you don't get caught, is there an apology. I think there can be. I have apologized to someone for something I said, which I thought might have offended them and they actually had no problem with it. So was the apology for them or myself? - Sal DiStefano
Kim perhaps it can be limited to those grounds, but it seems that there is sufficient area for this conversation to dig deeper into a greater realm than just the pop culture reference which initiated it. - Nathan Eckenrode
Mostly for yourself and a little for them Sal. When you apologize to some one you are disarming yourself and people feel you or they accept you or what you said, They love you! Unless you are an over apologizer. - Myrna
Just thinking that this entire discussion threat is the reason FriendFeed is so much better than Twitter. - Curt Mercadante
Sal: it was for the voices in your head that told you you were being a jerk. Kim: I'm just shocked that a stupid tweet kicked off such a conversation. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
Nathan, its a feeling inside. I don't know where it comes from. I'm not linear. I don't study. - Myrna
ah yes the Over Apologizer, drops "I'm sorry" into every open hat but never changes behavior. - Nathan Eckenrode
Nathan, how about conscience..that sounds good. - Myrna
It's those damn voices in my head!!! ;-) - Sal DiStefano
Myrna: i do not think that the development of intuition is something which occurs with a great deal of forethought and linear planning. - Nathan Eckenrode
Haha they're discussing this on Keith Olbermann right now. - Myrna
That was kind of my point, Robert, although I probably said it badly, it is just weird what can start a long thread, you never know - Kim Landwehr
We should start talking to twitter people about coming to FF about Iran in case twitter crashes. They get so scared. They're so addicted. They don't know they have a choice. I know Robert, this is off subject but I know you love this topic. - Myrna
Myrna: friendfeed is a lot closer to a talk show than most people realize. Kim, yeah, it is weird, huh? A piece of software running on my machine just posted a Word doc icon to my friendfeed. It got some comments too. Wacky! Myrna: I've been trying for 16 months to get people over here, it's not easy. - Robert Scoble
I was proposing a conjecture(ooh ooh special word of the day!!!) about what happens on atomic/spiritual/brain chemistry level to create the mechanism of intuition - Nathan Eckenrode
Myrna - I agree. It's taken me a long time to "see the light" ... mostly because most of my network is only on Twitter but only uses FF as a Twitterfeed. But the key point is that FF allows you to have these discussions in real-time right on the same screen without having to use a third-party app. or client. Don't need hashtags here.... - Curt Mercadante
Nathan, let's say intuition is beyond our 5 senses. - Myrna
Yes Curt..if they only knew... - Myrna
i agree with you completely Myrna - Nathan Eckenrode
Well, I remember when a friend kept telling me to stop with fb and use FF. It was beyond me. That was then, this is now. It takes time for people to change/understand/grow. - Myrna
Myrna: our brains are awesome pattern recognizers. How those patterns get put in our head we are not able to explain. Think about everything you see and how quickly you are able to recognize it. The glass on your table. Your monitor. Your printer. These are very difficult things for a computer, even the world's biggest ones, to do. Yet you can't explain how you learned all that. I see it with my baby son and how he learns. It's amazing and humbling. - Robert Scoble
Yup - Myrna
Robert is it is exactly because of my children that I have been able to see how the brain works on the everyday things that we take for granted at this stage. - Nathan Eckenrode
Letterman apology - great example! [edited: deleted silly inside joke] - Jannifer @wordsforliving
I agree with this post, "This whole situation is incredibly stupid and the mere fact that it has stirred up so much attention/controversy demonstrates how easily distracted our society can get. There are much bigger issues to tackle here, folks. This is DUMB. - Andy" - BEX
What do you mean Jannifer? - Myrna
His first 'apology' was a backhanded addition to the joke's originally unintentional error. I don't care whose daughter it was, he stated "Did I suggest that it was OK for her 14-year-old daughter to be having promiscuous sex? No." Seriously? This was the reaction to screwing up with a Palin joke about a kid getting knocked up in the midst of a ball game, like the slap-happiest slut of... more... - Jon Osterholm
Per Myrna's post, I'd still like to know what Jennifer meant. - Curt Mercadante
Oh Myma / Curt - nothing - it was an inside joke - disregard! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Oh Sheesh.. no wonder this country is so fucked up with comments like this.... When someone says the words "knocked up" and "sarah Palin's Daughter" in the same sentence NO ONE but right wing nut jobs thinks the daughter in question is the 14 year old. The joke was about Bristol, Palin knows it, EVERYONE knows it. Palin just needed some outrage to continue her persecution complex world tour. - Jeff Jones
What, being forced into making an apology more comprehensive than the initial 'apology', more than is genuinely felt, because of advertisers and sponsors? That's a model for us all? Good show? - David Jones
Robert, here's why it wasn't a good apology. He still claims his intent has been misunderstood and the issue is an audience perception problem; that's not true. He still thinks it ok to have intended it to be about Bristol and yet he apologises to Bristol. On the one hand, joke would've been ok if about Bristol; on the other hand say sorry to Bristol - in the same breath. Pathetic. - David Jones
In a few years if he had made this joke about an 18 year old Obama daughter he would have been fired immediately. The double standard is crystal clear. It's ok to make obscene jokes about Republicans, especially female Republicans. - Sean OBrien
Alita Holly
RT @Feynix7: VERY COOL: #Twitter Reschedules Maintenance for #IranElection tweets: (via @TrendTracker)
Jesse Stay
Social Technology And You Podcast starts live in 30 mins - guest for tonight: @centernetworks aka Allen Stern:
Watch for the live chat - Jesse Stay
Mike Bracco
I think iStockphoto's fail octopus (or whatever it is), might beat out Twitter's fail whale. :)
Thomas Ward
i've seen similar headlines before... the article mentions that $3 million is a drop in the bucket for Dell, but i'm not sure it's that big :-D a decent quarter for Dell is $15 billion in sales. $15 billion / 90 days = ~ $166.666 million /day. divided by 24 hours in a day, Dell has sales of almost $7 million *per hour.* :-D so total (cumulative) sales through Twitter over the last couple of years (since 2007) is maybe 30 minutes of a single typical day on their web site - Karim
You know what? Given that it's money just sitting there on the table, and given that they're proving that Twitter can be a channel for revenue, I'm all for it. Good on ya, Dell. - Chris Brogan
yeah my point was "perspective," not "twitter sucks." Dell has a lot of sales & marketing -- web ads, print ads, mailed brochures, etc. i have no idea whether Twitter is a more or less efficient medium for sales as compared to, say, the email messages i get from our Dell sales rep. that's actually a more interesting question to me: given that Dell can email or tweet 600,000 people with nearly the same amount of effort, which results in more sales? - Karim
Brad Williamson
The Power of Twitter’s "Suggested User" List - -
The Power of Twitter’s "Suggested User" List -
"In the last few months it has plucked a few hundred users from a sea of more than 30 million and put them on its A-list, deeming them particularly worthy of being followed. In separating the wheat from the chaff, Twitter has become a kingmaker of sorts, conferring online stardom to a mix of writers, gadget geeks, political commentators and entrepreneurs. After being named to the “suggested user” list, Twitterers can gain more than 500,000 followers who get their brief updates via a cellphone or the Internet. A writer with an interest in comic books can become the expert on comic books; a political pundit with a radio show ends up having a greater audience online than on the air; and an actor like LaVar Burton, decades away from his glory days as a star of the TV drama “Roots,” has a personal audience of 635,000." - Brad Williamson from Bookmarklet
Join us in the "Media News And Analysis" group as we examine the world's main source of information and entertainment, The Media ;-) - Brad Williamson
Frame from such a *great movie, with Tony Curtis as the journalist villian?....title, please? - Marg Uerite
LeVar Burton was in Roots? I just know him as Geordi from Star Trek. - Laura Norvig
That's The Sweet Smell of Success: - j1m
The suggested user list is a CHEAP way to save Twitter's new users who will inevitably realize that the platform is brainless and boring. Not only that, but the list isn't going to make anyone enjoy Twitter on a heightened level, because the likelihood of the new user actually giving a damn about the suggested users that are offered is VERY slim. - Brad Williamson
Fast Company Magazine
World's First Floating Wind Turbine Installed, Ready for Testing -
World's First Floating Wind Turbine Installed, Ready for Testing
Fast Company Magazine
Nintendo Goes to School: DS Classroom Turns Handheld Console into Teaching Tool -
Nintendo Goes to School: DS Classroom Turns Handheld Console into Teaching Tool
Fast Company Magazine
Which Social Media Tools Should You Use? -
Which Social Media Tools Should You Use?
Fast Company Magazine
The 10 Most Creative People In Sports... -
The 10 Most Creative People In Sports...
Fast Company Magazine
iPhone 3G S: Separating Truth from Fiction -
iPhone 3G S: Separating Truth from Fiction
Fast Company Magazine
EarthTronics' Home Wind Turbine Coming to Ace Hardware This Fall -
EarthTronics' Home Wind Turbine Coming to Ace Hardware This Fall
Leo Laporte loses it with Mike Arrington...seriously. -
Leo Laporte loses it with Mike Arrington...seriously.
update from Arrington: - Zee.
Pretty amazing - Dan owns
wow. I've never seen that side of Leo. - jbrotherlove
naa, no way Cristo. - Zee.
i've never seen Leo lose it like this before - Zee.
What Cristo said. - Anthony Citrano from BuddyFeed
I don't get Arrington's point. Many journalists/bloggers get free review units all the time, and Leo said he had to return his. *shrugs* Arrington is rapidly becoming the Mark Cuban of the tech world. - LANjackal
C'mon, even Arrington's Wikipedia entry says he's a troll: (I didn't do it). - Rob H.
can't stop watching Leo say "fuck you guys..." - Zee.
I laughed my as of. I mean holy shit man. - Matt Ruiz
Cristo: Arrington is quite frankly an asshole. I don't get why anyone reads TechCrunch or anything related to the site, I've blacklisted it from my news sources - LANjackal
@Cristo: I don't doubt that's the case. That's why I deliberately refrain from reading articles by bloggers who behave in that manner or are venomously biased. - LANjackal
@cristo: but Dvorak is smart, nice, and well-rounded. - Anthony Citrano from BuddyFeed
Leo Laporte has always been classy, even way back in the 90's when he was doing his tech radio show. That's why people listen to and respect him. The gillmor gang started out interesting like 5 years ago and quickly devolved into a sour morass of bitter tech journalists talking over each other, fighting, blathering and pontificating. They try to act as wise, old sages dispensing salient... more... - mike
That's weird, I mean sure Arrington is being an ass - every single pre-launch review you see was a "free Pre" there's no reason anyone would think otherwise, but why suddently turn things off after that? That said, I've never seen that show before. - Richard Lawler
Oops - accidentally deleted my comment. The jist was GG needs Leo (a professional broadcaster) more than it needs Arrington (a professional writer). That said, it looked a bit staged to me. - Martin Bryant
@J yep - Zee.
@mike: embarrassment requires self-awareness. - Anthony Citrano from BuddyFeed
Sorry Leo, but you just fed the trolls. Entertainment at its finest. - Shannon
Are we going to find out a week from now this is like the MTV movie awards ala Eminem and Bruno, that it was all staged? - Laura Zickus
Laura, it definitely wasn't staged. I can tell you that Steve & Tina Gillmor were shocked, and then Steve furious that his show was cut off without his say-so. What bothers me about the whole thing is that the one who didn't do anything (steve) ends up looking like an asshole in the aftermath, inviting the Twit community to a free-for-all at his expense. He's a big boy, can defend himself, but it's undeserved and does a disservice to his work. - Karoli
His perception was that his integrity of an honest review was questioned since he had a special hi tech unit for 7 day review. When a person is honest and their integrity is questioned it's extremely insulting. Whether the person intended it or not. From what I've seen Leo Laporte is genuine and authentic as well as transparent. Hopefully this gets resolved in the best possible way for both of them. - James Stratford
I was watching Leo's stream for hours leading up to this. Unless they palnned it the day before, which seems unlikely, it wasn't staged. Even if I hadn't been watching I would have a hard time thinking it was staged. Leo hasn't ever done a stunt like that before so why would he start now? - jccalhoun
way to go Leo. - Alan Le
Both parts of the show are here: - Jack
We each live under our own little rocks. I'm sure everybody involved in pretty much any field can name three or four or six people in that field who *everybody* MUST have heard of. Who you have or haven't heard of is a pretty lame way to keep score. - Ken Sheppardson
Leo is the man! - Bradley Goetsch
Wow, totally shocking. Leo is nomally so calm, this is really baffling; out of character moment. Leo really lost it there ... Oops! That was majorly ackward - Susan Beebe
It's obvious this thing is going too far when Arrington's wikipedia page gets hacked with the 'troll' bit. - George Hall (Australia) from BuddyFeed
Wikipedia defacer and clueless pottymouth added yesterday's video and a comment to this (stub class) bio. It was reverted by bots. - "Note: This page has been semi-protected so that only established users can edit it. " - (edit) I think the pottymouth was some other anonymous troll, my mistake. The first was just a... more... - Richard Walker
Mike Bracco
Why Netbooks Suck - interesting take on why the middle ground that netbooks reside (the "zone of suck") in will lead to their eventual demise. Not saying I agree but interesting take... -
Why Netbooks Suck - interesting take on why the middle ground that netbooks reside (the "zone of suck") in will lead to their eventual demise. Not saying I agree but interesting take...
I came to this article from an article this week on CrunchGear - - Mike Bracco
I've been saying this since the whole netbook concept appeared on the scene, good find :) - LANjackal
LANjackel: It gets even worse when you consider the version of Windows 7 that is going to be shipping with most netbooks - check out my post here - - Mike Bracco
@Mike: Since you're a self-confessed Apple fanboy, the only reply I'll make to that is that I won't be getting a netbook anyway so whatever OS MS decides to offer for that device class is moot to me *shrugs* - LANjackal
Amen - Jack
Fast Company Magazine
The Most Creative People In Business: Top 25 -
The Most Creative People In Business: Top 25
Fast Company Magazine
A Peak Inside a Saudi Prince's $485 Million Flying Palace -
A Peak Inside a Saudi Prince's $485 Million Flying Palace
Fast Company Magazine
The Case Against Twitter, By The Numbers -
The Case Against Twitter, By The Numbers
The retort comments to this "The Case Against Twitter" post make a really good point that these problems are being overstated. The case against the case against Twitter, so to speak.. :) - Alex Schleber
Brad Williamson
"New York's Metro commuter tabloid picked up that Harvard Business School study about how people use Twitter for today's front page. "Study: Twitter's close to completely useless," the headline reads. The real problem, however, is how "completely useless" this newspaper is. Because the study they cite had already been on the Web (and Twitter) for four days before it met Metro's printing press." - Brad Williamson from Bookmarklet
NOTE: If you like this article, make sure to join the "Media News And Analysis" group... - Brad Williamson
Sharon McPherson
St. Louis Cardinals manager, Tony La Russa, Sues Twitter Over Impostor -- MLB FanHouse -
St. Louis Cardinals manager, Tony La Russa, Sues Twitter Over Impostor  -- MLB FanHouse
"Sadly, it's not an incredibly uncommon occurrence for some loser, who has nothing better to do in their life, to create faux Myspace, Facebook or Twitter accounts of public figures. Why in God's name someone would ever waste their own personal time to do this is absolutely beyond me, but it happens. Something else that happens frequently these days: lawsuits." - Sharon McPherson from Bookmarklet
This could set a crazy precedent... - Frankie Warren
Family Friendly
Xbox Unveils Entertainment Experiences That Put Everyone Center Stage - PR Newswire (press release) -
Family Friendly
Xbox unveils new entertainment experiences - Geekzone -
Family Friendly
E3: Nintendo says it's not finished innovating yet - -
Family Friendly
Theater owners behind on 3-D projectors - The Associated Press -
Family Friendly
Sony latest to demo videogame motion-sensing controller - AFP -
Family Friendly
Xbox 360 Shows 'Project Natal' Controller-Free Gaming; Adds TV ... - -
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