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Bill Austin
Keke Palmer is Broadway's first black Cinderella
Bluesun 2600
"Ebola: Several Britons across the UK quarantined at home after returning from West Africa" via World news
"Ebola: Several Britons across the UK quarantined at home after returning from West Africa" via World news
Intense News
U.S. general killed in attack in Afghanistan identified by U.S. officials as Maj. Gen. Harold Greene.
Intense News
Tour Buses Crash on Busy Times Square Street -
Tour Buses Crash on Busy Times Square Street
Woman Wearing Stolen Snake Crashes Prius Into Long Island Fire Station: Gothamist -
Woman Wearing Stolen Snake Crashes Prius Into Long Island Fire Station: Gothamist
"An Albany woman high on alcohol, life and maybe a little weed, crashed her Prius into a New Hyde Park firehouse last night while wearing a stolen python around her neck. And what did you do Monday night, nerds?" - rönin from Bookmarklet
The New York Times
Incomes and Outcomes: A New Report Argues Inequality Is Causing Slower Growth. Here's Why It Matters.
Bluesun 2600
"Photo" via sloth unleashed
"Photo" via sloth unleashed
Harvard Business
Morality and Competence Are Universal Concepts Among Humans
Washington Post
"The Wire" actor Anwan Glover stabbed inside a D.C. nightclub
این ورزشا خوبه :)) خانوم هم راحت هستند :ی - Fati
نرمش قهرمانانه - Mr.Shabgard
فاطی پس از فردا بیا از این ورزش ها کنیم :ی - Mahdi
تو بیا :)) - Fati
من که پایه ام :)) - Mahdi
نرمش قهرمانی جهان حتی :)) - Mahdi
منم که پایه ام کلا :ی بلیط بگیر سریع :ی - Fati
مهدی چند تا میری؟ فرض کن رمانتیک نباشه :ی - alifkr
٤٠ تا در حالت معمولی میرم اگر رومانتیک باشه تا ٦٠ تا هم جا دارم :)) - Mahdi
فاطی با پای پیاده میام که اجرش هم بیشتر باشه :)) - Mahdi
خوبه :)) - alifkr
من یه دونه میرم بعدش میوفتم روی طرف - alireza6211
آقا علیرضا ۶۲۱۱ ز نیرو بوده مرد را راستی :)) - Mahdi
مهدي خان كامنتتون ايهامم داره ها الان خخخخخخخخ - alireza6211 from iPhone
منظورم این بود که نرمش فراموش نشود جناب علیرضا٦٢١١ :)) - Mahdi
:)) - Mahdi
٤٠ تا در حالت معمولی میرم اگر رومانتیک باشه تا ٦٠ تا هم جا دارم :)) - Mahdi - گیص فرفرونҨҩ
فرض کنیم طرف رضا زاده باشه و بازو ش آسیب دیده باشه :))) - Dr.RoHo
گیص فرفرون Ҩҩ واقعا گفتم :)) - Mahdi
:) - Renkone
جناب دکترو رهو احتمالا باید داستان حسین فهمیده تکرار بشه :) - Mahdi
اینطوری سیکس پک میشم - alireza6211
این هم یکی از موثرترین روش هاست تضمینی :) - Mahdi
Bill Austin
Ebola doctor in Sierra Leone dies
So very sad. - Janet
درویش پارسی
Hope you like them - درویش پارسی
Cool So you had to be in London this - درویش پارسی
so you have Johny Cash.... don't worry :) - درویش پارسی
حالشو ببری دوست عزیز - درویش پارسی
:P من یک گوشه چشمم به شما مجذوب شده خیالت راحت - درویش پارسی
Hope you did enjoy it dude :) so far away from my point of origin, i take a pause to contemplate the footsteps that I've left behind me. time … of no consequence, in my heart the fire burns bright and true even though darkness threatens to surround me isolated and yet fearless i seek my comfort in the solitude that comes from this spiritual journey HOME… - درویش پارسی
+++ - نهال
من هر روز فارسی را در قلبم ۱۰۰۰ بار پاس میدارم دلم براش تنگ میشه و بعد زانو غم بغل میگیرم که چرا خونه نیستم ....گر از این منزل ویران به سوی خانه روم// دگر آن جا که روم عاقل و فرزانه روم - زین سفر گر به سلامت به وطن بازرسم // نذر کردم که هم از راه به میخانه روم ... - درویش پارسی
بعضی وقتا غصه ها را به هچ زبانی نمیشه نوشت - درویش پارسی
واقعا:( - نهال
مبر ز موی سپیدم گمان به عمر دراز جوان ز حادثه ای پیر میشود گاهی - درویش پارسی
100000000.... لایکس - پرنيا
;) - Renkone
:)) Darieh jan davtalabaneh khili mokhlesima - درویش پارسی
وای یعنی عاشقم :* - اسمارف لاکی
Someone like you....... - Rabbit
Monique Judge
It's my birthday!! 🎂
Happy HAPPY - WarLord
happy birthday :) - Pete : Team Marina
Happy Birthday!!! - Katy S from iPhone
Happy bday! - holly #ravingfangirl
Happy Birthday!!! - vicster: full-bodied
Happy Birthday! - Jessie
Happy birthday! - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Happy birthday :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
Happy birthday, gorgeous! :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Happy Birthday, Momo! - Bren from iPhone
Happy birthday! - Jed rocks the party.
Happy birthday! - Corinne L
Happy Birthday! - Mo Kargas
Happy birthday!! I hope it's fabulous! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Happy Birthday, Monique. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Happiest Momo Day, dear friend!!! I'm so glad you were born! You pretty much rock and should keep rockin' it. Hard. I love you. I mean it. xoxox - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
Thank you everyone! - Monique Judge
happy bday superwoman - Steve C Team Marina
A very happy birthday to you! - Galadriel C. from Android
Happy birthday, Momo! - Anne Bouey
Happy birthday and many more, dear. - Hot Bubba. 114F Hot.
Happy birthday - mimsin
Happy birthday. <3 - Alix May
happy bday! - imabonehead
Happy birthday! - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Happy birthday! - Betsy from FFHound(roid)!
Happy Birthday Momo! xx - Melly - #TeamMarina
Thank you all! You are an amazing group of people, and I love you. 😍 😍 😍 - Monique Judge from Android
يه فيلم نشون مي داد يه دهاتيه بريك ميرقصيد مسخره بازي رو زمين خر غلط ميزد - alireza6211
لینکش رو داری ؟ - Mahdi
L to tha B
Pavlok: wristband zaps you if you skip the gym - Telegraph -
Pavlok: wristband zaps you if you skip the gym - Telegraph
Ha. - Stephen Mack
The one I wear zaps me if I skip dessert. - Louis Gray
Good plan, Louis! - L to tha B from Android
^^ Or fall asleep. - Micah
Sleep is unproductive and a waste of time, Micah. - Louis Gray
productivity robs me of time and is a waste of sleep. - Big Joe Silence
Cristo is my BFF. - Louis Gray
CNN Breaking News
Negotiators getting closer to temporary Israeli-Palestinian cease-fire, several diplomatic sources say.
Washington Post
Wikipedia is blocking anonymous edits from a Congressional IP address
ula$ ツ
Small Kids Are Safe With Big Dogs (22 pics) -
Small Kids Are Safe With Big Dogs (22 pics)
Small Kids Are Safe With Big Dogs (22 pics)
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Şu birinci fotoğraftaki bebe gibi ben tutamıyorum köpeği ;_; - yuvarlakkafa from Android
Coffee Around the World: How Turkish People Drink Coffee — Smart Coffee for Regular Joes | The Kitchn -
Coffee Around the World: How Turkish People Drink Coffee — Smart Coffee for Regular Joes | The Kitchn
Show all
Eivind really likes Turkish coffee. :) - Jenny H. from Android
I love Turkish coffee :) - Mahdi
I haven't tried it yet, but I'm looking forward to when I do. :) - Jenny H. from Android
I love it too - Shevonne from iPhone
The first cup of coffee I ever had was a Turkish coffee. Now I'm hooked. :) - Ken Morley
I LOVE Turkish coffee. - Bren from iPhone
Me, too. Especially with real turkish delight... with pistachio and such. - Brent Schaus
I've never tried the fortune reading, that sounds like fun. Bookmarked for future reference :) >> - Ken Morley
There's a Turkish proverb that coffee lovers adore to quote, especially if you're the type that likes to take your coffee black: "Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love." never heard of it. - akaşa
ahaha acayip - püsünklet
Ben de Türk Kahvesini severim. - طررا بارسلونوي from Android
ben de sporcunun zeki, çevik ve ahlaklısını severim - babeuf
History of coffee an article - طررا بارسلونوي from Android
bg bulgarca oluyomuş. - hia
ya, teyzem girit'ten kahve getirdi. bi acayip o.O suda çözülüyor o.O kavrulmuş kahve o.O - hia
Andrew C (✔)
NYC Approves Apartment Building With Separate Entrance for Poor People -
NYC Approves Apartment Building With Separate Entrance for Poor People
"It would be difficult to come with a more on-the-nose metaphor for New York City's income inequality problem than the new high-rise apartment building coming to 40 Riverside Boulevard, which will feature separate doors for regular, wealthy humans and whatever you call the scum that rents affordable housing." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
>.< - Jenny H. from Android
Bill Austin
World's largest aquatic insect specimen found in China
Jennifer Dittrich
Thinking long-term, MLS in "preliminary discussions" over expansion franchise in Las Vegas | -
Thinking long-term, MLS in "preliminary discussions" over expansion franchise in Las Vegas |
"A spokesman for the initiative to bring an MLS franchise in Las Vegas certainly thinks so, telling soccer supporters recently that bringing a team to the city is “really, really possible” and adding that Las Vegas is on the league’s short list for a potential future franchise. The comments came after a recent visit to Las Vegas by league president and deputy commissioner Mark Abbott, who met with Mayor Carolyn Goodman and other city officials, toured downtown and got a sense of how MLS might work in Las Vegas. A league spokesman confirmed to on Monday that Las Vegas is in the picture for a future franchise, but there is no short list of future markets under consideration. “We are in preliminary discussions with a potential ownership group for an expansion team in Las Vegas,” the spokesman said. “Also, there is no short list of potential expansion cities. There are many cities interested in bringing a future MLS expansion team to their market."" - Jennifer Dittrich from Bookmarklet
The Vegas Slots? The Vegas Pawn Stars? - Spidra Webster
Initial reaction - I'd be surprised if they got a team before Sacramento or Minneapolis, given the massive ground support they both have. (Though, I still say that moving Chivas USA out of LA and up to Sacramento would serve the league well.) I figure that their stadium proposal itself is expensive enough that it may slow things down until they get some more solid branding in place. - Jennifer Dittrich
One reason major league sports have never been in Vegas is because tax payers won't approve the cost of building a stadium. There are also doubts over whether locals will reliably fill a stadium. They can't rely on drunk tourists, either. - Jenny H. from Android
درویش پارسی
Every minute I was there, I wanted to flee. I did not want to see this. Would I cut and run, or would I deal with the responsibility of being there with camera?
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Why photograph war? Is it possible to put an end to a form of human behavior which has existed throughout history by means of photography? The proportions of that notion seem ridiculously out of balance. Yet, that very idea has motivated me. For me, the strength of photography lies in its ability to evoke a sense of humanity. If war is an attempt to negate humanity, then photography can be perceived as the opposite of war and if it is used well it can be a powerful ingredient in the antidote to war. In a way, if an individual assumes the risk of placing himself in the middle of a war in order to communicate to the rest of the world what is happening, he is trying to negotiate for peace. Perhaps that is the reason why those in charge of perpetuating a war do not like to have photographers around. In the field where your experience is extremely immediate, what you see is not an image in the page of a magazine ten thousand miles away with the advertisements for Rolex watches on the next... more... - درویش پارسی
Koleksiyoner Ali
5:26 - Abba - Chiquitita.mp3 12 MB | 61682728 - Koleksiyoner Ali ""Chiquitita" (which roughly means "little girl" in Spanish) was the first single release from Swedish pop group ABBA's Voulez-Vous album, their sixth for Polar, and their fifth for Epic and Atlantic..." - Ali Yolcu
◄ 道 ► D/\\/|I|D  ッ
بوی کله پاچه که میاد آدم مست میشه، یاد وطن می افته ... به به .. به به
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رونوشت به افرا :دی - ◄ 道 ► D/\\/|I|D ッ
دستم بهت برسه ، خفه ات می کنم دیوید ! شک نکن ! :)) - Afra
جدا" حالم بد شد! آخه کله پاچه؟!!!! - Seety سیتی جون
اووووووووووووووف! بفرما #کلپچ :))))) - م. یوسف
آقا اين عكسا رو ميذاري آدم ديگه نمي تونه جلو خودشو بگيره - pooya
شخخخخم! مــــــــــــادر جــــــان! - م. یوسف
هوععععععع - I /-\li
این این :(( - م. یوسف
زشت ها - سمــــــاء
بالا - Mohammed troops
این است کلپچ ملی - استاد امیر سجاد
درود بر کله پاچه خوران مقیم خارج، حاجی میگن اونجا ارزونه یه دست واسه ما میتونی بیاری؟ - احسان خالی
منم عاشقشم البته نه وسط تابستون - مهد علیا
^ - Azade from Android
رونوشت به سیما :) - Mahdi
:)) - Dr.RoHo
:)) - Mahdi
این الان همون دختره است؟ - Ma'edeh
اصولا باید اینطوری باشه - Mahdi
سیما خانم حالا ببین کی غیبت داره :)) - Mahdi
من میام میبینم شما ها نیستین میرم خوب :دی - Sima
امان از دست این اختلاف ساعت :) - Mahdi
اما غیبت هات زیاده :)) - Mahdi
اره خوب درست میگی - Sima
خیلی جالب بود باز هم ممنون - Sima
خواهش میکنم. ناقابل بود :) - Mahdi
Сваты :) - Trip @ BY
1984 yapımı olan ''Kırmızılı Kadın'' filminin Stewie Wonder tarafından söylenmiş ödüllü şarkısı ''İ Just Called To Say İ Love You''
Love the song and the movie - Shevonne
ben türk versiyonuda severim... - efendi ebalis
1985 Atıf Yılmaz yapımı ''Aşık Oldum'' yerli versiyonudur..hatta orijinalinden daha komik ve eğlencelidir - DonnieMark
evet aşık oldum özellikle erdal özyağcılar'ın barda kör takliti yaptığı sahne yardırır. - efendi ebalis
Yerli versiyonunun barda gecen bi tokat sahnesi vardi! Hatta yukaridaki o barda gecen kor sahnesiyle ayniydi galiba? Ayrintisi kalmamis aklimda tek kalan sahne o olmus. - grizabella
Erdal Ozyagcilar'i dogru hatirliyorsun ama moulinrouge :) Sener Sen basrolde degil miydi bu arada? - grizabella
evet şener şendi - ekindnc
orijinal kırmızılı kadının gerçek ismi; Kelly LeBrock - DonnieMark
Lisedeki İngilizce şarkı sözü dikte - deşifre şarkılarımızdan biriydi :) - Acharad Sami
80'lerin ruhu işte.. - DonnieMark
Steven Perez
who would have imagined dita von teese baking cookies? but here she is with her "spiced mice butter cookies" recipe:
dita cookie.jpg
yok, halis muhlis ditacığım fırının önündeki :) şu linki de verelim hatta, hatırı kalmasın: - grizabella
kardes feed olarak, marilyn'den stuffing recipe: - grizabella
cok guzeller yemege kiyamam be..buttercookies rocks - elixir
@elixir facebook'ta bir arkadasimin kucuk kiziyla birliikte yaptigi kurabiyelerin resmini gorup, "kuyrugunu neden yaptinız, noodle mi?" diye sorunca ogrendim ben de tarifin dita'nin oldugunu :) onlarinki biraz daha az cici duruyordu gerci, kiyip yemesi daha kolay gibiydi. - grizabella
gündüz dita von teyze, gece dita von teese. (ahhh vurmayın! birileri yazacaktı nasılsa :P) - grizabella
niye, fare diye mi? - grizabella
ben de benzer hisler icindeyim. belki cok cok sevimli olusa. resimdekiler ciciş mesela. ama kuyrugunu her halukarda yemem. - grizabella
oyy yazik ona be! :) - grizabella
Ah, this is easier to get when compared to cazzocuore ;) (though now I know what that one meant as well) - grizabella
we have a somewhat similar one among turkish friendfeeders, so when mario explained the word, it felt quite familiar :) - grizabella
up! - grizabella
oh hi there. want a mouse cookie? :) - grizabella
:) - Derrick
eskiden resimlere tıklıyınca açılıyormuş. - hia
acilmiyor mu simdi? - grizabella
açılıyor, yeni yüklenen resimler iniyor ya direkt. - hia
ondan kurtulmak icin hokus pokus yapan bi link olacak, bulup atayim sana :) - grizabella
hop hop! - grizabella
aaa hakkaten! fark etmemistim daha once. - grizabella
hop! - grizabella
bunu alanlar sunu da alti kontenjanindan: - grizabella
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