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At the last @Dragoncon directors meeting before the convention in a bit less than 2 WEEKS!
RT @kbachelder: Listening to The Unique Geek (50 Days Of #DragonCon (Day 32) – Derek – Skeptics) @TheUniqueGeek @dcolanduno
New episode of @Skepticality! "The Elementary Remedy" with Thomas Goetz @tgoetz !
RT @LizSzabo: Many of Burzynski's tests "seem to me to be simply for generating extra revenue," oncologist says, via @usatoday
RT @SkepticsGuide: Mike Adams is a Dangerous Loon: Where do I even begin? Mike Adams, the self-proclaimed “healthranger” who runs...
RT @krelnik: Q&A with makers of @Checkdesk - an open-source toolkit for verification of news items on social media. via @jcstearns
RT @LaurieJWillberg: Anti #homeopathy skeptic propaganda being peddled to school kids? This needs to be exposed and expunged ASAP
New episode of Skepticality: 'Colliding Worlds' out now!
RT @JenLucPiquant: George Takei's TED Talk on American Democracy: "Why I love a country that once betrayed me."
Remember to support teaching of Evolution to kids!
Skepticality #234 - The Most Famous American You've Never Heard Of
RT @Authoright: What a catchy theme song and an even more fabulous interview! @AllenWoppert talks to @skepticality.
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Why the Moon landings could have never been faked...
RT @WhatsTheHarm: What's the harm in skipping a measles shot? US measles cases hit a 20-year high.
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