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RT @elakdawalla: RT @NASA_EO @NASA: As seen on #Cosmos: Zircons & how to use them to tell the age of the Earth:
RT @mrzecker: Story I sent to #TOMBC on @skepticality today; listen @ 27:50. Thanks @Wendy91602 @SkepticallyPwnd & @SusanGerbic
RT @conradhackett: Say homosexuality is immoral Egypt 95% Indonesia 93 Turkey 78 Russia 72 India 67 China 61 Brazil 39 US 37 Spain 6
RT @michaelshermer: What actually caused the evolutionary transition from sea to land...
RT @BadScienceWatch: Un-vaccinated stay home: A Canadian School Is a Model for How U.S. Should Take on the Anti-Vax Movement - PolicyMic
RT @Lone_Deranger_: Congrats to @dcolanduno of @skepticality for Best Podcast Ockham at @QEDcon. Very much deserved. Also shoutout to @swoopy #qedcon
RT @SusanGerbic: @skepticality @OddsMustBeCrazy @krelnik and the winner for best podcast... Skepticality!
RT @krelnik: Shout out by @hemantmehta to my @skepticality podcast segment "Skepticism Past and Future" at #SkepTech Thanks!
RT @tonydunc: @krelnik @hemantmehta @skepticality been listening to it for 2 years.
RT @BadAstronomer: If you’re in a state with a congressperson on the House Sci Committee, keep this in mind during midterm elections:
RT @krelnik: Important! #Skeptics sign this petition asking @DarrellIssa to reign in cancer quack #Burzynski Please share.
RT @center4inquiry: Tell the US Senate to reject special privileges for religion!
RT @hill_charlotte: Fierce! Wikipedia founder @Jimmy_Wales responds to @Change petition:
RT @Kevin_Church: I've seriously been laughing at this for the last five minutes.
RT @BadAstronomer: More pain for the Australian Vaccination Network. #StoptheAVN
RT @krelnik: New @Skepticality podcast interviews @KarenStollznow & @InFaithandDoubt plus lots of segments including me!
RT @SciencePorn: If 666 is the most evil number in the world, then 25.8069 is the root of all evil.
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