Only at the end of season 2. Wouldn’t mind seeing a Stark-Targaryen alliance if any Starks actually survive. Unlikely, it seems.
I really hate it when a work of fantastical fiction breaks my heart.
I can think of no non-snarky way to say this: Neil Diamond. Ugh.
Not sure if I’m a precision fetishist or a rhythm section junkie, but I listen to Maroon 5 even though I don’t care for their songwriting.
I give up. Where is the old man’s store that sells the same damned pair of shoes I bought last time?
RT @hwilson2009: “Very occasionally, if you pay really close attention, life doesn't suck.” ― Joss Whedon #Whedony
We’ve got three rather randy male ducks not too interested in consent. Little females are terrorized. :(
Apparently predators killed all 7 of our new hens last night. Left 4, took 3. Hens were little 2-month-olds.
Hello, Mars!
As Lefties, could we please focus on language that is ACTUALLY destructive instead of being the PC police? #liberal #progressive
Goddamned pair of Chinese geese are going to drive me to goosicide.
In case I’ve never said it before, “Ten Summoner’s Tales” (album from Sting) is a masterpiece. Just brilliant.
I am not equipped for this bullshit. Quick, give me a delusion I can cling to so I can pretend.
Big T-Storm cell to the west. Too dark for a good photo. Gonna ride it out in the attic. Sounds like a great idea to me.
Have I mentioned that I’m concerned that if given a time machine and a shotgun I would likely prevent the universe from happening?
I was really sweating this whole not-shaving-ever thing until beards came back in style. Really, really sweating it. Seriously. #not-srsly
In 5th grade history class, I demanded to know why there was no year zero. 27 years later, a satisfying answer:
The weather right now is way too nice to be Texas, but it doesn’t fool me. Texas = Satan’s sweaty crotch, and today he went commando.
Look, if you don’t want LOTR LARPing in the office, maybe you should write a faster C compiler.
Tonight’s pink and blue matte sky almost swallows the earth and us on it. A sliver of moon is wedged in its gullet.
Would having a PCRE pattern like {1-255} to indicate a range of numerals break the strictures of the finite state machine?
Unfortunately, socialism is an ideology, and capitalism is a religion. Not interested in either.
RT @WhirledRecord: *sees guy fall down stairs* "Haha, that idiot." *stubs toe on sofa* "Why me, God?"
Gotta find some ASCII art for the Flying Spaghetti Monster to put in comments over my many finite state machines.
Any wizards or alchemists out there who can heal a bum shoulder. Can pay in dragon scales or gold.
Also, Satan tempted me at the top of that ridge. Only promised me a “ground floor opportunity in a growth sector” but no health plan.
NYC trained me well. 18°F, but now I have fire. No snow, though. :(
Gwen is the badass girlfriend that Peter Parker *should* have.
How come I didn’t know this??? 1) Eat a baby. 2) Say “LOL, ROFLCOPTER”. 3) Laugh.
How come I didn’t know this??? 1) Eat a baby. 2) Say “LOL, ROFLCOPTER”. 3) Laugh.
Still the cosmic irony device (those you love will suffer) in “The Amazing Spider-Man”, but not lazy and insufferably juvenile.
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