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RT @SMUMustangAlum: I urge my followers to take the time to follow and read @Kasparov63 article On Puitin and the Lessons of 1938
Nasa-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for 'irreversible collapse'? |
RT @Kasparov63: Gays, ethnic groups, any "enemy" is useful for a dictator. Of course Putin picks those already minorities in danger. Typical of any bully.
RT @Kasparov63: Every dictator needs enemies, inside and out. FIfth column propaganda is 24/7 now in Russia. Anti-Western & anti-Semitic garbage too.
RT @qz: Why China’s nuclear energy ambitions are falling flat
RT @readmatter: Sometimes, we like to remind ourselves of the little things… like fact-checking: Why facts matter
RT @ProSyn: "Day Traders of Charity" - @edyson criticizes the emerging personal approach to solving systemic problems. #Watsi
RT @guy: 77 Facts That Sound Like Huge Lies But Are Actually Completely True Some of these are great!
RT @sciam: Carbon Trading with Chinese Characteristics
How to Save the Republican Party -- Commentary Magazine via @Diigo
NASA - A Window into Europa's Ocean Right at the Surface
Our Future Will Be Brighter Than You Think, but More Disruptive | LinkedIn
Via @zimbalist: Friedman "How can colleges charge $50k/yr if my kid can learn from free massive open online courses?"
RT @pkedrosky: World’s Wrongest Man Ventures Latest Prediction --
RT @duncanbrandon: The whole 'I need guns to protect against govt tyranny' debate is moot if govt can have a drone drop a hellfire missile down your chimney
RT @satishd: “@paulg: It's the Sugar, Folks.”
RT @davidfrum: Researchers have tallied all Nazi killing and concentration centers across Europe: some 42,500 in all.
RT @davyay: @Cmdr_Hadfield we found your space to-do list! Just one item left.
RT @Bill_Gross: "I was fired today. If you're wondering why, you haven't been paying attention." Andrew Mason, best resignation ever:
RT @Joi: Sorry, Nerds, But Obama Was Right About The Jedi Meld (And Metaphysics) | MIT Center for Civic Media via @civicMIT
RT @Blue_carolin: @enchantedloom We used Norns as an example of different species in Science class. Looking forward to Grandroids, you rule :D
RT @alexevansuk: Dear @BillGates do you think climate change is real (and human-caused)? Just interested.
RT @tracygrammer: today's mantra: try a little sweetness.
RT @mathewi: "The most important Google Glass experience is not the user experience – it’s the experience of everyone else"
Watching SpaceX Dragon launch. So glad US cutting space program to help people like me afford second homes by subsidizing our mortgages.
RT @brianstelter: Kickstarter is "phenomenally liberating for filmmakers," say the directors who used it to fund an Oscar-winner:
RT @IlvesToomas: Brilliant NYT piece on amazing cynicism of food companies marketing harmful, fattening junk food, esp. to children.
In my Hyatt Place hotel room today. Science fiction as prosaic fact.
RT @dweinberger: Yes & and that silence is copyrighted. True. RT @jvinopal: Didn't John Cage write on of those? [an all-cough opera]
RT @timoreilly: Great quote from Isaac Asimov about knowledge vs ignorance in American democracy
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