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David Eaves
Re: Open Government Consultation, Twitter Townhalls & Doing Advocacy Wrong -
"Hi Duff, Thank you for the comment. Let me start by answering your first question. I am not presently, nor have ever been paid by the Conservatives, Tony Clement or Treasury Board to consult on their Open Government initiatives. I have given talks to the government on technology, open innovation and public policy - most often with the Information Commissioner - which I list on my public speaking page. Second, none of what you write refutes what I posted in my piece. The meeting in which the commitments need to be presented was not the the one that took place, this meeting is happening in April, also in Brazil. I'm happy to let readers refer to both our pieces and draw their own conclusion, I've nothing to add there and believe I am factually correct. Democracy Watch - which has done a great deal of good advocacy work - was, in this instance, offside in its press release. The only other part of your comment that concerns me is the charge that I "...would applaud the federal..." - David Eaves