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David Eaves
Re: The Future of Academic Research -
"Hi CJMacquarrie, Thank you for reading and commenting! Part of me agrees with you and part of me disagrees... I believe and should acknowledge there is a lot of variation around data publishing. Some disciplines have a culture (and technical issues resolved like agreed on data schemas) that mean more data is published and shared. Others, share less. So as a blanket statement, I agree there are a number of readers who may feel it doesn't reflect their experience. However, I still stand by the underlying point for two reasons. First, my suspicion is that as the combination of the competitiveness and likelihood of valuable patents in a field both increase, data sharing diminishes. For example I once met a grad student who marveled at how collaborative fruit fly researchers were with one another compared to their own research community focused on a human specific disease. Part of this is likely cultural, but part of it too, I believe, relates to the two variables described above...." - David Eaves