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David Eaves
Re: Access to Information, Open Data and the Problem with Convergence -
"Hi Mark - I feel like you've altered the terms of the debate here. Your initial question wasn't about whether or not FOI and Open Data are siblings (they are). Or if they should be compared more (I think they should). It wasn't even if there is overlap (there is). The question was, Will they converge? That is a very different question. (One to which, apparently, the answer is obvious, and I got it wrong). Your concluding statement - "So I actually think FOI legislation and Open Government Data are siblings, which is why they need to be compared more" - implies I believe otherwise, when in reality my posts are about a) how the two systems support one another, and b) teasing out what makes them different. Implicit in such an analysis is that there is a great deal that makes them similar. Most notably, as I note early on, they share a common goal. As a result it feels like a lot of what I wrote has been misconstrued in your response. I never said that FOI has a uniquely burdensome..." - David Eaves