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David Eaves
Re: The State of Open Data Licenses in Canada and where to go from here -
"Hi Rob, I actually don't think the OGL is the best option, it is only the best option for you as a group (see more below). That said, I've got a ton of respect for the work you are doing and know you want a common license as well (which is why it was great Ottawa didn't create its own license. I find the CIPPIC report problematic on at least one level. It is unclear to me why they are talking about Copyright for almost the first half of the document. Canadian law has already determined that you cannot copyright data or facts. All you can do is copyright the structure of data - if you choose to - which the cities don't need to do if they don't want to. Indeed on page 8 of the report they note that the PDDL "...only covers copyright for facts where the jurisdiction provides for such copyright protection." Canada is a jurisdiction where facts cannot be copyrighted - therefor talking about copyright law should not form part of the assessment. I'm very open to being told I'm wrong about..." - David Eaves