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David Eaves
Re: And Now… Another Message on Open Innovation for Realtors -
"I also just notice that Ottawagirl works for Coldwellbanker (real estate company). Totally valid opinion, but also from the part of the industry that feels threatened by these moves. I'm not sure of BigCitylib's affiliation. I always find the reaction of realtors interesting. If the data and the service were not of value, then they'll die as people won't use them. So there is little need to worry. What's always more problematic is the defense: "We know what is best for the consumer..." It's a very valid perspective, but it is worth noting that realtors also have a vested stake in this debate, about 5% of the value of 90% of the homes sold in Canada... so they aren't just speaking on behalf of the consumer." - David Eaves