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Debbie Biscieglia

Debbie Biscieglia

...a BOOMER who's 20 yrs behind GenX regarding shiny hope and optimism -mine's def tarnished- but 20 yrs ahead w/ tru-grit determination and altruism in tact..!
Just synched my Palm Pre w/ 2 get on with the biz of tweeting life...
On another note the holidays R coming...lot's of volunteer opportunities! Anyone have stories (good & bad) 2 share abt past events? I do...
I'll keep a blog up to answer questions and post longer updates, but my focus has shifted to right here at home...
getting ready to say "buh-bye" to an online marketing grandmother requires more care & my transcription work is piling up :-)
FYI: just spoke with PALM and they say they're working on a Voice Recognition "update" that will enable voice commands for the Pre...Yeah!
Its warming up in SoCal...approaching 80...crazy weather was raining & FREEZING 2 days ago...ok, bk 2 wk...Fulfilling day 2 all :-)
...does anyone have the BlueAnt V1 or Q1 headset?...and are U using it with your Pre? How's it working for you?
I already have a gazillion pics of my, i'm not single, but she's the only one around right now... ;-)
Just got a palm pre...WOW! Using Tweed 2 tweet...its gonna take a while 2 get my texting up 2 speed...Happy Wednesday 2 all :-)
@rescueink I don't have $$ but I have time and heart...r u in So Calif?...if not I am & want 2 do what U do. Please call me 9494292426 thx!
Here's a "feel good" for you...thank God we don't have 2 look 2 far 4 these... :-)
Twitter "Follow" Badge for your site/blog...
The next 30DC preseason lesson on twitter is now live >
Facts 2 know when considering MLM as a viable income option: 30 Typical MLM Misrepresentations.
5 Reasons Why Twitter Auto-Follow Is Bad Marketing - @johnreese
RT @IntentOne ...Watching The Future Of Food on Hulu:
RT @MarvinTowler: Knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world.~Einstein
RT @seobag: Google’s Matt Cutts Video Presentation On SEO
Fwd: Google Forced to Reveal Identity of Offensive Blogger - (via
Get the FACTS: Health Insurance Reform REALITY Check...
RT @maddowfans: RT @WillAtWork: I've just received confirmation that Rachel Maddow will be on NBC's Meet The Press this Sunday. #MTP
RT @BrendaFranzo Twitter tools you're going to love
RT @paulapoundstone: Meryl Streep dreams of appearing in COOKING WITH RHONDA
RT @paulapoundstone: Meryl Streep dreams of appearing in COOKING WITH RHONDA
RT @JWhite Great way to take look at your life and determine what's got to change http://patricia-theartistmuse.... (This works for the environment, too)
@MargalitWard My Pleasure! Keep the AWESOME content coming :-)
RT @LighterFootstep 3:28 PM Aug 7th from Tweetie
NONE of the college kids on Jeopardy knew the name of the tribe Geronimo came from...UNBELIEVABLE!!!
RT @MargalitWard: “Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.” - Desiderius Erasmus #quotes
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